Buy Weed Online in India – A Complete Guide of Cannabis in India 2023

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India is one of the oldest countries to start consuming Cannabis in its different forms. The main reason is that they have somehow intertwined marijuana into their spiritual lives.

Indians from old ages have connected their roots to cannabis culture. Other names of marijuana in India are Bhang, Ganja, and charas. Although there is a very small difference in these terms, which we will discuss later in this post.

In this article, we will talk about a lot of different things like how to buy weed online in India, the history of Cannabis in India, the Seeds of India, Legal laws and regulations regarding Cannabis in India and much more.

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Buy Weed Online in India – A Complete Guide of Marijuana in India 2020

History of Marijuana in India

We are going to say something which will blow your mind now! Marijuana and its forms are mentioned in Indian Texts, which are older than 1000 CE.

Mind-blowing, right?

These guys found and used cannabis way before everyone else. In India, many of the text mentions the word ‘Bhang’ which means Cannabis in English.

Technically, Bhang is a drink that is consumed in India, but more on that later on.

The Vedas, which are thousands of year-old texts of Hindu people, mention Cannabis quite a lot. They say it’s an elixir.

But wait, let’s talk about the history that is not thousands of years old but more recent. Portuguese botanist, when he visited India around 1510 or after, wrote about how Indian people use marijuana in their daily lives.

Especially, those people who are on a spiritual path used Cannabis as a way to connect to the divine.

Even during the British colonial rule in India, the British took the opportunity of taxing marijuana after they saw that a large part of the population consumed it.

Cannabis, in all of its forms, was a regular thing in ancient India. But after the British invaded India, they tried to criminalize the usage of Cannabis in the years 1838, 1871, and 1877 but were pushed off by the local Indian population.

So, what changed?

Somewhere around the 50s and 60s, the USA started its fight against narcotic drugs and pushed around a whole lot of countries to ban and criminalize all narcotic products.

This was the first time when India decided that they are going to criminalize marijuana usage. In 1961, although not wanting to ban marijuana, the Indian government decided to ban some parts of the cannabis plant from releasing pressure from the USA.

Indian Cannabis Law

For the first time, in 1961, India banned Cannabis. This included only the flowering and fruits of the plant. The ban included only the buds from which resin was not extracted.

This meant that the seeds and the leaf of the marijuana plants were still legal.

But why did they leave out the seeds and leaf? The reason for that is ‘Bhang‘. So, what is Bhang?

Throughout India, on the occasion of the Holi festival, everyone makes a drink called Bhang. It is essentially made from the seeds and the leaf of the marijuana plant.

Bhang shops were very famous all over India at that time, which remained untouched because of half ban on marijuana, i.e., only the flower.

Buy Weed Online in India

People could still make Bhang and drink it. Even in 2023, there are bhang shops in many of the Indian states, which are surprisingly operated by the government.

In 1985, India officially created and enforced a new NDPS law.

This was the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

According to this act, the definition of Cannabis was stated as below:

  • One part of Cannabis is called charas. This is made from the resin that the plant gives off. It is also called hashish oil as well.
  • The second part of the marijuana plant was called ganja. This is the flower or the fruits of the marijuana plant, which in modern terms, means the buds of weed.

Both of the things mentioned above are not legal. Any mixture of the above two items is also illegal in India.

No one can produce buds or resin of marijuana plants legally. But, the seeds and the leaves of the cannabis plant are still technically legal as per the definition given by the Law.

After this act, many of states also started making laws about the consumption and sale of Bhang. Some banned it completely, and some of states allowed only government shops to sell it.

For example, the state of Odisha in India made weed consumption legal. You could just sit around in your house comfortably and smoke marijuana, and no one will bat an eye. This is the only place in India where smoking buds is legal.

The state of Uttarakhand allowed people to grow hemp to export it. There are other states as well, which are looking to legalize the production of hemp in recent times.

Therefore, technically, you can still buy weed online in India as long as it’s the seeds. And we will show you a way to buy cannabis weed seeds in India.

Punishment for consumption/production of marijuana in India

If you are caught with marijuana buds or resin or any other material which is made from these parts of the plant, then you are going to be in trouble in India.

  • Even a little bit of the substance will get you 10,000 rupees fine, along with six months jail time.
  • If you are caught with a little more than a few grams, you can face ten years of prison along with 100,000 rupees fine.
  • More than 1 kilo of marijuana buds is considered a big crime because they will automatically lock you up as a seller of marijuana. This will get you 10 to 20 years of jail and up to 200,000 Rupees fine.

If you step in the red zone, you might want to read up and understand the laws of each state and local government carefully.

One should always be aware of the laws and punishments of the local place before getting into these things.

Usage of marijuana in India

Although smoking marijuana buds is banned and a punishable offense, Cannabis is smoked in huge quantities in India.

According to some reports, in the year 2018, a massive 38.3 tons of marijuana was smoked in just New Delhi, which is the capital city of India.

That is just mind-boggling, right?

Even though it is illegal, people are just going away from smoking it in huge quantities. This should be a big indication to the government of India to look into the legalization of marijuana and earn tax from it.

Someone made a top 10 list of marijuana-smoking cities, and both New Delhi and Bombay made it to those lists. They are competing with the cannabis-legal countries in terms of the quantity of Cannabis smoked.

For sure, thousands of people, if not millions, buy weed online in India. The numbers speak for themselves.

The fine line of all this data indicates that India is not quite enforcing the Law regarding the usage of marijuana. The government should just legalize it, tax it, and earn profit from a population of 1.3 billion people.

Legalization drive for marijuana in India

Although so many people buy weed online in India, it is still an offense. If the authorities wanted, you could get in trouble.

As marijuana is getting legal in more and more countries now, we could hope that one day even India will legalize its usage.

But wait!

What are the advantages of legalizing marijuana in India?

  • The first and foremost advantage is that the native tribes on India who grow marijuana from centuries now will get a means of earning more money and living well.
  • The government of India can tax marijuana and generate a huge income and use it for the betterment of the country.
  • Legalizing Cannabis in India will boost the number of people who buy weed online in India and will generate direct and indirect employment opportunities.
  • All of the people who want to follow their spiritual path with the help of marijuana will be free to practice a way of life that is in no way harmful to others.
  • Medicinal marijuana can treat so many different kinds of metal and physical ailments. It will be helpful for thousands of people from day one.
  • Legalization would stop innocent people from going to prison for possessing a natural plant that does not harm anyone in any way.
  • Stop all the criminal activities done by the mafia in smuggling marijuana.
  • The quality of Cannabis is surely going to go up very much because of legalization.
  • Very distrustful mixing and adulteration of chemicals in natural marijuana will stop.
A lot of pros, right!

The criminalization of marijuana started because of the pressure of the USA government. But now the USA has taken a U-turn and started legalizing Cannabis in many of its states.

So why should India not go back to its cultural roots of marijuana usage in their lies as was done from centuries?

Recently a bunch of people have started The Great Legalization Movement in India. They have started a burning debate about legalizing marijuana in India.

A few prominent politicians of India have also show support for this cause. Let’s hope that India jumps back to its roots of marijuana usage. It’s high time for curbing all the illegal activities done by people in the name of marijuana. Let’s stop the mafia, and let’s stop people from chemically adulterating the natural marijuana in the name of ‘Extra synthetic High’.

Good news!

According to a news report in 2019, the Government of India is allowing scientists to research on marijuana. The Narcotic department of India has allowed research and development on CBD and THC.

They are growing to grow marijuana in a scientific way to see how it can help people as medicine. Even the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine is working to find the benefits of marijuana consumption for patients.

There are clinical trials being done, which is an indication that the government is not completely blind to the medicinal values of Cannabis.

How to buy weed online in India

Although the seeds are completely legal as per the definition of the word Cannabis in the NDPS law, one should always read about the local laws before buying weed online in India.

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      “The sale and consumption of bhang is permitted under law in India due to the NDPS Act’s definition of cannabis. While the NDPS Act prohibits the sale and production of cannabis resin and flowers, the use of seeds and leaves is allowed.”

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