Top 10+ Best Strains for Female Arousal 2024

Satisfaction remains one of the shrouded mysteries of the world. So, knowing the best strains for female arousal is more than important, especially if you want to work a way around it.

Men, listen up! In this guide, you will get to know the best strains for arousal in females. You will discover the secrets to getting into the zone, ensuring that your woman feels satisfied!

The Do Si Dos strain remains to be the winner in this battle. Do Si Dos tops the list compared to all the different cannabis strains you can choose from. Thanks to terpenes linalool, caryophyllene, and limonene, it can improve and reinforce a woman’s sex drive dramatically.

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How Some Cannabis Strains Improve Sexual Arousal


Just like what many studies suggest, the measurement and identification of how different consumption methods of cannabis improve sexual activity.

Tons of anecdotal evidence about cannabis science points towards improving sexual desire in many different ways. To help you understand it further, it plays a crucial role in terms of the endocannabinoid system or ECS of the human body.

This system is actually found in a ton of different areas in and around the body. For example, one research and finalized study suggest that some weed strains help increase blood flow and sensitivity or produce an endocannabinoid (2-AG), which plays an important role in sex or libido.

NOTE: 2-AG is an endocannabinoid that’s produced when a person finishes an orgasm via masturbation.

Cannabis ingested or consumed in any way (whether it passes through the digestive system or if it gets straight to your bodily system) can have effects on your sex drive.

Male Arousal vs. Female Arousal

Medical Cannabis Consultant and Primary Care Doctor at the Massachusetts General Hospital Chelsea HealthCare Center, Dr. Peter Grinspoon said that whether you use indica or sativa strains before sex, at low doses, can add up to the libido.

At low doses, cannabis helps libido, but at high doses, it often isn’t as effective. [Adding or consuming the incorrect dose can lead to anxiety and paranoia, as well as impede an orgasm].”

As different as they may seem, arousal in females is pretty much the same in males. So there’s a fine line between how they’re different, but in terms of how either enjoys sex, it’s the same.

However, many believe that there are specific strains that are more so for the purpose of male arousal than female and vice versa. For example, how particular cannabis strains affect your inner urges could be particular in terms of gender, but the way they work is the same.

Can Potent Strains Negatively Affect Your Sex Life?

Now, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum and discuss several studies and research that point toward cannabis having a negative impact on your libido or your hots.

There have been reports where women experienced vaginal dryness in conjunction with skin and hair dryness after ingesting cannabis. Moreover, studies on animals have shown that CB1 receptor stimulation causes erectile dysfunction as well as a delay in ejaculation time and the debilitation of male orgasm.

You’ll still find an awful lot of open strings about the medicinal properties of cannabis for your sexual experience, but, according to people who have used it or those who are experts about it, they’ve had more positives than negatives concerning their sexual desire.

11 Best Strains For Female Arousal This 2024

Now, let’s get to the fun part! In this list are what’s considered by many cannabis users, cannabis experts, and long-time enthusiasts the best strains to improve the sexual experience!

NOTE: This is not, and never will be, medical advice. The strains in this list simply are the strains that have been rated and known as the best weed strains best for your sexual encounter.

Do Si Dos: Editor’s Choice

The best weed, or the one that tops the list of the best strains for sex, is none other than Do Si Dos. It’s an indica-dominant strain that has THC levels that can plateau as high as 30%.

It has a sweet, creamy, natural smell, and this savory and earthy taste is similar to a cookie. Made by crossing Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), this GSC phenotype is the perfect strain to stimulate arousal for women.

NOTE: Because of its fast-acting terpenes, it is one of the best cannabis strains for male orgasms and sex drive, too!

Sour Diesel: Runner-Up

This ever-famous sativa strain that sprouted from Super Skunk and Chemdawg comes next after Do Si Dos in the best strains for sex for women β€” and actually even for men.

It gives the perfect balance of full-body relaxation while keeping you sharp and energized. Oftentimes, medical marijuana users select the Sour Diesel as their go-to strain if they’re looking to alleviate stress, depression, and pain.

The Sour Diesel packs a powerful pungent scent and flavor profile that will definitely leave a mark on you after using it.

Its primary and most dominant terpenes include Camphene, D-Limonene, Myrcene, and Alpha-Pinene.

Granddaddy Purple: Best Balanced Hybrid Strain For Mellow Effects

Many cannabis users and experts report that the Granddaddy Purple had varying effects on them and their bodies. However, when it came to sexual urges β€” many were fairly common.

The Granddaddy Purple has this euphoria-inducing myrcene, also considered one of its most potent terpenes. This cannabis strain is straight from crossing and breeding Skunk, Afghanistan Kush, and Mendo Purps.

It is one of the most popular indica strains, having about 17% 0f indica. You’ll enjoy it because of its tropical flavor, but also how it will sedate you from head to toe, reducing anxiety and heightening your feeling of being relaxed, calm, and sexually stimulated.

Wedding Cake: Best Pre-Sex Strain

Out in the industry, there are also cannabis strains for pre-sex or strains that are perfect if you are looking for something to get your gears starting. One of the best weed strains β€” if not truly the best β€” would be the Wedding Cake.

The Wedding Cake is most famous for its ability to ease and treat chronic pain, as well as relieve muscle spasms, but part of its most notable side effects would be the feeling of intense arousal, thanks to its primary terpenes, which include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

You can try and shop for many different strains for sex initiation, but the Wedding Cake packs all of those in. A cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, this indica-dominant strain will leave you wanting more because of its earthy, peppery, and natural scents and tastes.

Purple Punch: Best Strain For Uplifting Effects

You would think that this strain is like liquor, but, in reality, it’s not. Unlike the usual “punch,” the Purple Punch strain is one of the most sedating varieties that are bred from the Granddaddy Purple.

It has a smell of grapes, tart Kool-Aid, and a taste close to that of blueberry muffins; it will seep down your system and give you that inducing feeling of being calm, relaxed, and subtly dizzy without

Having caryophyllene as its most dominant terpene, it’s also partnered up with pinene and limonene, giving that kick in arousal. The sedative nature of this particular strain will sensitize your skin, give you an enhanced feeling to the touch, and many more!

Green Crack: Best Strain For a Buzz of Energy

There are tons of proof that cannabis relieves pain, and Green Crack is one of the many varieties of it! Having a low THC level, plateauing at only 17%, will boost and produce a feeling of euphoria with a buzz of energy, concealing the pain that you are feeling.

In addition to pain relief, Green Crack has also been reported by many users to have an intense shock of sexual arousal. Both men and women left positive feedback about Green Crack, which helped them last longer in bed.

The uplifting effects of this particular sativa-dominant strain will keep you focused, and energetic, and will impart talkativeness into your overall social activity.

Strawberry Cough: Best Weed For a Pleasurable Orgasm

This highly potent sativa strain is most popular and famous for the way it provokes a “smoker’s cough” when smoked. Cannabis research suggests that high-profile terpenes such as limonene and caryophyllene like these are effective in giving that uplifting, euphoric, but calm and relaxed feeling.

It helps in opening your mind more while keeping you relaxed at many different times. Known as a cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze, the Strawberry Cough strain is one of the best and most effective marijuana strains used for its energetic, talkative, and escalation in sexual urges.

Strawberry Cough can give you this tantalizingly sweet, berry-like flavor and aroma, leaving you wanting more!

Atomic Northern Lights: Best Strain to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

If you’re looking for straightforward, indica-dominant hybrid strains for sex, the Northern Lights is something that you can bank and count on. It is a hybrid strain that’s been crossed between the ever-famous Afghani landrace and Thai Haze, giving its highly piney, spicy, and peppery taste and flavorful aroma.

Taking pride in its 20% THC content, which is between 14% and 24% (with a very low CBD content), the thick, dense, and popcorn-like flowers.

When you light it, you’ll be surprised at the cloud-like smoke it produces.

Some of the most usual effects it has include pain relief, relaxation, sleepiness, and extreme sedation, perfect for increased sexual tension.

Bubblegum Kush: The Perfect Strain For a Longer Sexual Experience

When I first tried using the Bubblegum Kush, it gave a euphoric type of head buzz, increasing skin sensitivity to the maximum. Popular for extending the longevity of both parties, the responsiveness to touch brings people closer to orgasmic responses triggered in the brain, flowing down to the body.

This indica-dominant strain might make you feel sleepy, relaxed, and dizzy, but it will extend your sexual experience as you’ve never experienced before.

It has a spicy, somewhat type of herbal flavor to it with the scent and aroma of flowers with a dash of sweetness. This particular cannabis strain has about 0% CBD with 16% THC.

Amnesia Haze: Best Strain For a Body-Warming Euphoria

If you’ve been following the cannabis industry for quite some time now, or if you have been an enthusiast or a user for more than 3 years, then you’ve probably heard of Amnesia Haze already.

This particular strain is a heavy sativa-dominant hybrid strain with an 80/20 ratio of sativa-to-indica. Known for treating migraines, headaches, and physical pain, as well as alleviating ADHD symptoms, depression, and stress, it will truly induce the relaxation and sedation you’re looking for.

The “sedative” feeling adds up to the increased sexual tension you might be experiencing or couldn’t be experiencing yet. It’s also responsible for heightening the sensitivity of your skin to the touch, air, and even sensation.

It’s a strain comprised of 1% CBG and 19% THC.

ACDC: Best Strain to Increase Libido

Last and most definitely not least in this list is the ACDC strain. This CBD-dominant strain is a Cannatonic phenotype and is known to have little-to-no intoxicating and high effects, but effective in keeping users relaxed, focused, energetic, and tranquil all around.

Having about 1% THC and 13% CBD, dominated by the myrcene terpene, followed by other terpenes such as caryophyllene and pinene, it will beat out all other strains in terms of increasing libido β€” you don’t even need any type of initial set-up for increased sexual tension!

These are the 11 most used and most popular strains for sex in both men’s and women’s arousal! Remember that this is not professional advice, but this has been taken and experienced by many cannabis users, enthusiasts, and experts.


Female arousal can be a mystery, but once you know the best marijuana strains for sex, it will never be a problem! To help you even further, here are some of the most asked questions about choosing the best strains for sexual pleasure!

Is Weed Good For Sex?

Yes, the demographic of the people who indulged in cannabis use before sex and said that they felt better and more aroused was substantially more than those who didn’t. Also, based on other studies, there were people who said that different strains had different effects on their sexual urges.

Which Terpenes Cause Arousal?

The terpenes that had the most reports of having the most arousal are linalool, limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. Cannabis categories had these terpenes as primary and had the most feedback about having the best feeling for sex.

Is Indica or Sativa Better For Sexual Urge?

Neither β€” let me explain.

Whether you smoke indica or sativa β€” or if you’re dealing with indica-dominant hybrid strains or sativa ones, the indicator of whether or not your cannabis will help out with sexual tensions would be the primary terpenes.

What is Ocimene Good For?

Ocimene is a monoterpene, usually identified as Beta-Ocimene, and is typically used in therapeutic and medicinal situations because of the fact that it has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Final Verdict

Not sure how you can optimize the sexual function of your or your partner’s body? Do Si Dos can be a straight answer, but if it doesn’t fit you well, you can try out other strains for sex in this list!

Remember, finding the best strains for female arousal could be challenging, but with this list, you don’t have to go through that challenge any longer!

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