12 Best Dispensary For Edibles! [Check No. 1]

Want to get the best weed edibles in 2024?

Want to know the best dispensary for edibles?

If you said yes, then look no further! I have got you covered.

I love weed gummies, and I’m sure you will love them too if you buy them from Wccannabis.

Wccannabis is Canada’s top dispensary for edibles and other cannabis products; get your hands on the top and premium cannabis products now if you want to skip through the detailed stuff below.

However, if you are patient enough to find the perfect dispensary for getting the best edibles of your choice, then be with me; I will take you through this best journey!

All of Canada’s best dispensaries are picked up here for you, which sell only high-quality cannabis products such as CBD edibles, chocolate gummies, and other forms of cannabis.

Let’s find the perfect one for you:

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Edibles?


In short, there are a lot of places where you can buy marijuana edibles.

Offline stores, downtown shops, and online websites.

But here’s the catch:

Not all places are legit and provide quality products!

Well, that’s the truth. You can’t even trust some online websites, too (which are damn catchy and attractive!).

However, the good part is you have come to the right place, and I will suggest only 100% legit, reliable, and quality dispensaries throughout the country from where you can get your hands on the best cannabis edibles or other products.

Trust me; you will thank me later!

So, with the help of my weed-lover team members, I have prepared a list of 2024’s top and best 12 weed dispensaries to buy edibles right now!


Let’s get started:

Most reliable Weed Dispensaries For Premium Edibles

Here are some of the most reliable dispensaries for edibles. You can trust these guys with closed eyes!

#12. The Good Cannabis Company – Get Free Delivery

Get high-quality marijuana edibles and other weed products at reasonable rates.

The Good Cannabis Company is known for its products and free delivery on the same day with a points and reward system with every purchase.

Their Cloud Buster THC 10 Kin Slips and Sour Gummies are one of the best products under edibles.

However, apart from this, you must check out their top-of-the-range weed flowers, which are just fantastic!

The best part?

If you are buying from their range of delivery, you will get the delivery of your order without any additional cost.

At the same time, it is a drawback for people residing far away from the shop.


  • Free delivery + pickup option
  • Variety of edibles and other products
  • High-quality products
  • Friendly staff
  • Excellent buying experience


  • Same day delivery option is available in a limited location

Overall The Good Cannabis Company is a great option to have some mouth-watering edibles.

Every time you purchase something from their shop, you get reward points for discounts on the next order. So, it’s all a win-win experience!

Visit The Good Cannabis Co. Dispensary Now!

#11. THC Canada – Free Delivery On All Orders Above $50

Started by a cannabis entrepreneur – THC Canada is one of the top-quality marijuana products sellers in the industry.

Get top-quality edibles, concentrates, flowers, vape cartridges, accessories, and more in one place.

The affordable price range for the products makes your purchase even more budget-friendly than the other dispensaries.

However, the premium quality edibles and flowers are expensive here.

Coming to the quality of edibles at THC Canada, then it is excellent. You get some original flavored top-notch weed edibles that are worth trying.

For instance, Dabble Berry Live Hash Rosin has around 65% THC reserved for pro-marijuana users.


  • Get same-day delivery for free
  • 200+ high-quality products
  • Top-of-the-line edibles
  • Excellent website
  • Reliable store


  • Premium products are expensive

In short, THC Canada has a great selection of products and consistent quality. If you want to try some premium edibles, THC Canada is for you!

Visit THC Canada Dispensary Now!

#10. Culture Cannabis – Get Fresh Products

Established in Ottawa, Culture Cannabis has a fresh lineup of marijuana products. The store is highly reputed and trusted by more than 20,000+ customers.

Thanks to the quality of service at Culture Cannabis.

You can quickly order through a simple call or text and get the delivery of your favourite marijuana product within 1-2 hours, the same day! Isn’t it amazing?

On top of that, top-notch customer service is all that you need at this store. With helpful and knowledgeable staff, get on one of the most comfortable shopping journeys.

The product selection shows Culture Cannabis has almost all marijuana edibles, flowers, and other varieties.

Also, the store has a wholesale section where you can buy marijuana products in bulk at affordable rates.


  • One of the best cannabis shops in Ottawa
  • Highly reputable store
  • Fresh and high-quality products
  • Trusted by 20,000+ customers
  • Top-notch customer service


  • Same-day delivery applies to Ottawa customers only

Culture Cannabis is a must-try store due to its high-quality products and same-day delivery policy.

Although the company’s one of the best customer support works as the cherry on the top!

Visit Culture Cannabis Dispensary Now!

#9. Evergreen Cannabis Store – Get Products On Sale

Evergreen Cannabis Store is Vancouver’s first retail cannabis store. The menu at this store features one of the finest edibles you can have in your stash.

Get Indica, Sativa, Hybrid flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and even seeds.

The best part of buying marijuana products from Evergreen Cannabis Store is that you will find tons of varieties at stores regarding marijuana edibles.

Want to try the kief of premium weed?

Just check out the menu at Evergreen Store!


  • A lot of varieties of edibles
  • Shipping and delivery services are available
  • Affordable store


  • No guaranteed delivery option

If you are a marijuana fan and want to give a shot at one of the premium and finest edibles, then the Evergreen store has many options for you at the best quality.

Try their Dabble Berry Live Has Rosin and judge by yourself!

Visit Evergreen Cannabis Dispensary Now!

#8. Canna Cabana – Lowest Price Guaranteed

Canna Cabana is one of the fewest dispensaries offering the lowest guaranteed price deals at the store.

They will match the price if you get a price lower than theirs.

The best part?

You will get almost everything you can look for in a marijuana dispensary.

Whether you need flowers, cartridges, extracts, edibles or drinks, or even accessories, Canna Cabana has your back!

On top of that, get your products at several stores located throughout the region.

Canna Cabana has over 100+ locations across Canada!

Also, get regular deals, discounts, and offers in the store. Get up to 70% off on accessories and the finest quality products at Canna Cabana without putting pressure on your budget.


  • 100+ locations across Canada
  • Price match guarantee
  • Large selection of products


  • You need to sign up and join the Canna Club for the latest offers

Whether a pro-marijuana user or a newbie, Canna Cabana has everything for you under budget.

And with the price match guarantee, you can be assured that you will get the lowest price ever!

Visit Canna Cabana Dispensary Now!

#7. Get Kush – Free Gifts With All Orders

Who doesn’t love gifts? Especially when you are buying something online.

And Get Kush online Canada dispensary has cracked the game!

Get gifts with every order. The best part is that you can pick your gifts.

The store also features top-notch marijuana edibles variety, flowers, concentrates, and much more.

In short, Get Kush is one of the premium stores.

On top of that, the store has a free express post, guaranteed delivery, and tons of discounts.

From just signing up, you can access up to 5% off on the entire order and 2.5-4% cashback, too. However, the store features up to 40% discounts during the sale.


  • Large product selection
  • High-quality products
  • Gifts with every order
  • Multiple offers and deals
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • Not shipping to BC addresses

If you want a lot of offers, deals, discounts, and savings, then Get Kush is the perfect store you can look for.

From offering discounts, cashback, and jaw-dropping affordable deals, Get Kush is one of the must-visit online dispensaries in Canada.

Additionally, Get Kush has services that will make your online shopping experience much better!

Visit Get Kush Dispensary Now!

#6. THC Centre – Premium Cannabis Products

Want to level up your edible game with intense THC products?

Visit THC Centre!

Get edibles with as high THC as the sky and launch yourself into space.

With intense THC edibles, you will have one of the best experiences (however, ensure you are tolerable to the high THC).

Further, the wide range of products allows you to get all your weed products here in one place.

From flower to vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and even beverages, get yourself the finest quality and high THC edibles from THC Centre.

Order smoothly on the website and pay with ease. Get same-day delivery or curbside pickup.


  • Premium store
  • High-quality products
  • Delivery service available


  • $25 additional delivery fee for orders <$80.

THC Centre specializes in offering top-notch THC products at reasonable pricing.

The store also features a delivery service, making you easily get high-quality THC products.

Visit THC Centre Dispensary Now!

#5. Spiritleaf – One Of The Best Dispensaries For In-Store Purchases

Spiritleaf has 13 different locations where they can make you have one of the best marijuana-derived edibles, accessories, and overall a great experience.

Get a premium grinder for your weed or premium edible that can give you a blasting experience!

Purchase with confidence at Spiritleaf because they ensure their products and quality are of top quality.

And it is why Spiritleaf is one of the most popular dispensaries.

Further, the store has also got some decent deals to offer. For example, you can sign up for their e-mail for the latest offers, news, and collection.

Also, get points with every purchase at the Spiritleaf store and get the most out of your investment.

The best part is that Spiritleaf does not compromise on the customer experience and tries to give its best.

Therefore, you can expect a better experience than the other regional novice dispensaries.

Check their online store now!


  • Impressive products
  • Excellent staff
  • Fantastic website
  • Premium quality accessories
  • Highly reputed store


  • No home delivery

Spiritleaf can be a great companion for buyers looking for a one-time investment to get long-term benefits.

And with Spiritleaf marijuana products and accessories, you can be sure of that!

Visit Spiritleaf Dispensary Now!

#4. Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique – Dispensary With A Great Community

With 5+ locations in Canada, Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique dispensary is one of the favorites of marijuana lovers.

Thanks to their happy community and customer base.

And this is the best part of this dispensary: it makes you participate in multiple events where you can vibe with like-minded people.

Coming to the product range then, Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique has a sweet spot for making a great collection of premium products with great customer service and experience.

You get top-of-the-line edibles at Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique.

Whether you love dark chocolate, peanuts, blueberry, cola, cream, or anything else, you will get almost every flavor at this store.

Also, some of the products are on sale here, which makes you have some products at a very cheap rate during that duration. Make sure to check their sales out.


  • Get your product in 10 minutes
  • Variety of marijuana edibles
  • Brands and specials available
  • 10% off on ounce bags
  • Accessories are also available


  • Curbside pickup and in-store purchases only

Consider this cannabis dispensary for the overall best experience for in-store purchases.

The store has multiple offers, including sales and discounts, apart from its great product line, making every marijuana lover fall for it!

Visit Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique Dispensary Now!

#3. Grow House – Consistent Quality Products

Most weed lovers might already know this name – Grow House!

Grow House is one of the most popular dispensaries in Canada, known for its top range of marijuana edibles and cannabis products for medical purposes.

However, the store has an average rating at Trustpilot due to average customer service, but customers are more likely to be happy with the quality of products here.

The Grow House has a variety of products, including cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, vape oils, accessories, and much more.

Even the pricing of the products at the Grow House is quite reasonable.

The only concern about the store is its delivery delays and unresponsive customer service. It is why the store has a very poor rating at the Trustpilot.

Nevertheless, the previous customers are quite happy with the product quality.

Further, the website of the Grow House is quite amazing. It is smooth, and navigation becomes very easy when shopping online at the virtual store.

Summing up everything, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons:


  • Top-range of marijuana edibles and products
  • Popular dispensary
  • Excellent website
  • Discreet packaging and delivery
  • Return and refund policy available


  • Limited payment options
  • Delivery delays

Buy marijuana products from the Grow House if you want consistent quality.

Besides having multiple varieties and reasonable pricing, Grow House can also deliver packages discreetly.

However, you might have to be more patient with your order here.

Visit Grow House Dispensary Now!

#2. 1922 Cannabis – 100% Licensed Retail Shop

Based in Toronto, 192, Cannabis is a legal, reliable, and licensed store from where you can buy marijuana edibles or get them delivered to your doorstep in Toronto.

The store has top-quality flowers, edibles, vapes, beverages, and accessories to make your weed sessions smooth and enjoyable.

Their Mango Sativa (Gelatin Free), Chocolate Cup, and Soft Chews (Vegan) are top-of-the-line products that one must try at least once.

The store’s website is quite good, making finding your required item easy. Just filter according to your required marijuana stuff and get it within a few seconds in front of you.

Also, checking out and paying for the order is easy and hassle-free. You can even buy without fully signing in to the store.


  • 100% legal and licensed retail shop
  • Reputed and working for many years
  • Delivery service available
  • Fantastic website
  • Free delivery for the community


  • Fewer sales and discounts
  • Delivery to Toronto areas only

1922 Cannabis is one of the great recommendations that many weed lovers give. It has everything from a wide variety of products to quick delivery services.

However, the easy checkout and helpful staff work as cherries on the top!

Visit 1922 Cannabis Dispensary Now!

#1. Wccannabis (Overall Best) – Editor’s Choice

Wccannabis is the best dispensary for marijuana edibles.

Whether you need a dark chocolate edible cookie, milk chocolate, pastry, candies, chocolate, drinks, specific CBD edibles, or even snacks for evening sessions, Wccannabis has all of them in one place!

The best part?

You get the lowest price guaranteed at the store while all the cannabis edibles and cannabis-infused products are ensured for the quality check through their team members.

Wccananbis is one of the best dispensaries to deliver the best quality products throughout Canada.

Whether THC or CBD edibles, pre-rolls, smoking accessories, concentrate, cannabis-infused sweet gummies, flower-produced products, or even Indica and Sativa strains, get all your weed needs at Wccannabis.

Coming to the services section, then, Wccannabis delivers orders countrywide.

Place orders quickly and get your order shipped within 24 working hours. However, delivery time may vary according to your location.

Still, in most cases, customers get orders within 7 to 15 working days maximum.


  • Top-notch marijuana edibles and other products
  • Wide range of products
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free shipping for orders above $150
  • Reputed online dispensary in Canada for years
  • 5-Star excellent rating at Trustpilot (from 1600+ reviews)


  • Limited payment options

Overall, Wccannabis is Canada’s #1 and favorite dispensary for the best quality edibles and other marijuana derivatives.

Buy at affordable rates with confidence in the quality and trust of this reputed brand.

Visit Wccannabis Dispensary Now!


What are the best dispensaries’ edibles?

The tastiest and most potent edibles are Cherry Jelly Bombs, Mix and Match 10, Ganja Bears, and Milk Chocolate Bar, which one must try out for the best experience.

What’s the strongest mg for edibles?

50mg to 100mg of THC is the strongest in the market. Therefore, these are not recommended for novices or newbies.
Only experienced people with high tolerance to THC are suggested to try it out. However, even experienced users get overwhelmed sometimes.
Therefore, one must start very slow with this potent edible.

What is the best dispensary brand?

Wccannabis is the top brand on our list, providing the best cannabis products with the most competitive prices in 2024.
Also, the store has multiple products in its inventory, making it a one-stop destination for marijuana lovers.

What are the best edibles in Oregon?

THC Gummies multi-pack, Laughing Monkey, and Bag of Cocks Sour 4 x 60mg THC are some of the most popular edibles.

What strengths should I buy for edibles?

It all depends upon your THC tolerance level.
You can use the mild option of 10mg to 15mg of THC if you have limited to no THC tolerance.
However, the 15-30mg THC option is great for moderate users; above that THC level, edibles become too strong. Therefore, users with high tolerance should opt for the last option.

Get Your Edibles Now!

Finally, now you know the top dispensaries for buying edibles in Canada. Wccannabis is the top dispensary with a number one position in terms of quality and quantity.

Even the services at the store are brilliant and on expectations.

Also, the other dispensaries are there to give you what you may need.

Now it is your turn. Go and grab your favorite edibles from your favorite store!

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