9+ Tips To Get Rid Of Weed Smoker Lips! [DON’T MISS THIS]

Weed smoker lips are common but unwelcome and don’t look good. So, how can you get rid of weed-smoker lips? Here are 9+ tips for you! However, there are several things that you can do to get rid of black lips due to smoking weed. However, the solution method varies according to many factors, which

Weed Smells Like Cat Pee? Here’s What To Do!

Does your weed smell like cat pee? Don’t worry! We have the possible reasons for those weird smells. Also, what can you do if your weed smells like cat pee? So, for all of that and more, let’s dive straight into it. Why Your Weed Smells Like Cat Pee: 4 Reasons There are hundreds of

Does Taking A Shower Take Away Your High? This Is What Stoners Say!

Are you wondering if taking a shower takes away your high? Don’t worry! Now, you have come to the perfect place to know the answer. Whether taking a shower takes away your high or puts you in a deep tripping mode, we’ll figure out everything today. So, for all of that and more, let’s begin.

Fake Moon Rock Weed? This Is How To Identify!

Fake moon rock weed can ruin your whole mood. Especially when you have invested a good amount of money in it. Therefore, it is a must for you to know what exactly moon rock weed is and how to identify the fake one. Well, worry not! We are here to help. Today, let’s dive deep

What Are Stars Of Death Edibles? All You Need To Know!

Stars of Death are highly potent marijuana edibles. However, these are popularized by the stand-up comedian and podcast host Joey Diaz. Due to their extreme potency, Stars of Death edibles became immensely popular among the cannabis community. Therefore, today, we’ll explore exactly how potent Stars of Death edibles are and if you can buy Stars

Why Isn’t My Cart Hitting? Here’s The Fix!

I know it’s frustrating when the vape cart isn’t hitting. However, there could be several reasons a vape cart does not hit. And therefore, today, we’ll discuss all those possible reasons why your new or old vape cart may not be hitting. Also, we’ll be finding the solution for the same as well so that

Why Does My Mouth Taste Like Weed? Explained Everything! [MUST READ]

If you are wondering why does my mouth tastes like weed, then you are not alone! Several people have reported online getting a taste of weed in their mouth. However, there are two scenarios for this situation to happen: We’ll look into the possible reasons for both of these scenarios today. So, let’s get started,

What Is A Blinker Hit? Don’t Miss This!

Do you want to know what is a blinker hit? Worry not! You have come to the right place. If you choose to vape weed, you might use a vaping pen instead of smoking traditionally. You can hold it in your hand and inhale vape as the device produces it by heating the substance (in

23 Coolest Easy Trippy Painting Ideas For 2023

With these easy trippy painting ideas, explore your creative side. Being a stoner is fun, while tripping painting is way more fun as it is one of the most prevalent visual trends in design, popular culture, and media advertising. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into it! How To Make Trippy Art? Before

White Spots On Cannabis Leaves? This Might Be The Cause!

White spots on cannabis leaves indicate that your crop is in trouble. However, there are several reasons why white spots appear on weed leaves. It can be due to spider mites, thrips, powdery mildew spores, and many more. If not treated on time, these issues can lead to infestation and may even kill your plant.