10 Best Hash MoM Canada In 2024

The never-ending debate about the best hash MoM Canada is still up for discussion. Many cannabis users and cannabis enthusiasts battle, making a point on what the best hash is.

To end this debate, our team gladly spooned out some of the best hash from those that are just “good.” So, expect that you wouldn’t see bad-quality products and hash options in this list!

The best hash MoM in my book is West Coast Cannabis. They have an exquisitely wide variety of regular hash, wholesale hash to premium hash and exotic ones, too. As some type of glimpse, you can purchase premium Moroccan Hash and Red Lebanese Hash from them.

Understanding MoM (Mail Order Marijuana)


Understanding MoM

Mail-order marijuana, more commonly known and referred to as MoM, is a type of business, service, or shop that offers marijuana products (cannabis products) without you having to visit a physical dispensary in Canada.

What you see is what you get — they distribute and give you all the derivations and extractions from the cannabis plant right to your doorstep!

The majority of mail-order marijuana products have a huge inventory, leaving you with nothing but the best and highest quality of products available in the Canadian market today.

So, if you want to buy weed online and you don’t want to exert more effort on that, try a service from an online dispensary in Canada!

What is a Hash?

What is a Hash

Hash is a shorter term for hashish, which is a type of concentrate that has been extracted from cannabis plants. They’re typically made from cannabis plants’ resin.

Production of hash is made in a lot of different ways, but the general way how it’s produced is by drying the resin, and then pressing it into small blocks, and then smoking them.

Resin, in case you didn’t know, is the live ingredient of the cannabis plant, as it is the one that has the highest and richest THC content.

Hash is not weed, and vice versa, simply because the hash is a concentrate or an extract that came from a particular part of the plant, whereas weed is typically derived from the flowers or buds of the marijuana plant.

11 Best Hash MoM Canada — And Why They’re the Best

Discussing what the best hash MoM is, is a never-ending debate. Factors affecting it vary depending on a couple of situations. For one, people think about getting what they need at an affordable price; others look for excellent customer service, while some want free gifts!

Out of all those different factors, these 9 MoM Canada-based stores are what I consider the best in terms of offering the best hash products from a wide classification of cannabis plants.

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

If you buy weed online and don’t know which online dispensary Canada to trust and go for, I would suggest going with West Coast Cannabis. My take on this Canadian MoM is so great because not only do they offer bulk marijuana at the cheapest price, but they also have cannabis concentrates, cannabis edibles, as well as a wide library of cannabis products to choose from!

Part of the reasons why I consider them one of the best places to buy weed online is the fact that they hold certain promotions and discounts to their customers. You can get free weed, discounts on half-ounce, QP, and half-pound orders, and many more!

What Should You Get From West Coast Cannabis?

Ketama Gold (West Coast)

Out of the premium hash options, you can get from West Coast Cannabis, and I would say that part of, if not the best hash you can buy from them would be the Ketama Gold Moroccan Hash.

The color of this hash is brown (almost black hash) and has a strong oil scent and content. You can get an energetic effect from it, causing you to experience a nostalgic and euphoric high.


  • West Coast Cannabis offers the best and highest quality products
  • They have excellent customer service
  • Fast shipping means fast delivery


  • They’re not offering stealth or discreet shipping (although they package it like other products)
  • Their payment method offers are only a few — it’s limited

The Grow House Online: Runner-Up

The Grow House

The Grow House Online is a dispensary known to offer the best quality of products while giving you the best value for what you’ll be paying for. In terms of hash and concentrates, they’re famous because of their ability to offer different strains, which also vary depending on the effects that you are looking for.

They might not have the biggest menu for the hash, but the quality of their products will definitely be something you don’t want to miss.

Their offers range from shatter, wax, live resin, distillates, and even HTFSE hash, too!

What Should You Get From The Grow House Online?

Montreal Black Hash (Grow House)

The most popular hash they’re offering is their locally-grown Montreal Black Hash. Having a potency of 23.71% THC, you can never go wrong in choosing this black hash! It is the category of hash you want that will melt away pain, stress, and anxiety!

Usually, this is the hash category experts give to people with these issues!


  • Their website and the team of operators are extremely reliable
  • You can’t go wrong in choosing fresh weed from their menu
  • They have top deals, massive discounts, and unbelievable promotional offers


  • They don’t accept debit cards, only E-Interac Transfers
  • As of the moment, there’s no free delivery option

Cheeba’s: Best Canadian MoM With Big Hash Variety


Are you looking for new strains to add to your list? Or do you want a blend of magic mushrooms in your stash and have access to other cannabis products that are high quality?

Cheeba’s is considered one of the best MoM Canada that offers top quality products at the best and lowest prices. They have a selection of different strains (new and old) and are widely considered as one of the online dispensaries that offer good hash for a good buck.

Be sure to add Cheeba’s to your bookmark because, every once in a while, they offer promotions that can get you free weed!

What Should You Get From Cheebas?

Hindu Kush Hash

Cheeba’s has 300+ hash selections to choose from, but based on what I got from them, I consider their Hindu Kush hash to be the best. It’s almost always sold out because their Hindu Kush — taken from Tegridy Farms, is unlike any other.

It gives off a wild and calming aroma with a subtly sweet and earthy taste, perfect for relieving stress and pain.


  • Cheeba’s offers decent reward points for their users
  • Other than the hash, they also offer good prices for magic mushrooms, the best edibles, and other weed products
  • All of their products have descriptions, which include the many benefits of the products as well as the effects they will have when you use and consume them


  • They only accept E-Transfer as their form of payment
  • All their products are only available in Canada — they can’t be delivered outside the country

BC Weed Edible: Best Hash Online With Bulk Pricing

BC Weed Edibles

Vancouver Island is one of the regions that is somehow separated from the mainland. Nevertheless, it’s also home to one of the best online dispensaries you can find in the country — BC Weed Edible.

BC Weed Edible is an online dispensary in Canada popular for its prompt shipping. Although they do not deliver on the same day to some cities in Vancouver, the maximum would be 1 to 2 business days.

Basing it on my experience, their customer service is legit. They were able to help me find what I was looking for. Besides that, BC Weed Edible also has a big lineup of cannabis concentrates, shrooms or magic mushrooms, flowers, cannabis edibles, and many other products you think you need!

What Should You Get From BC Weed Edible?

Afghani Hash (BC Weed Edible)

BC Weed Edible is known for its acceptance and capacity to offer Afghani hash. And I’m not just talking about the typical 4A Afghani Hash; and they also have the ever-famous Pineapple Express Afghani Hash! They might not have a huge menu for hashish, but you can be sure that their products are top quality and extremely potent!


  • BC Weed Edible is one of the online dispensaries that guarantee privacy and confidentiality when it comes to your orders
  • If you think you have problems with your orders, you can cancel, edit, or change your orders
  • The availability of same-day express shipping in several areas in Vancouver is large. You just have to ask their operator or customer service specialists


  • They don’t offer same-day shipping to various cities adjacent to Vancouver Island
  • Their products are top-quality, but that isn’t the best price you can get them for — you’ll be better off purchasing from them in bulk or wholesale
  • They have limited payment methods they accept (only E-transfer)

Speed Greens: Best Dispensary in Canada With a Huge Selection

Speed Greens

When it comes to weed online, Speed Greens is the online dispensary that can give you a large menu when it comes to cannabis product selection. Upon looking at their website, you’ll notice how effortful they are in giving their users the experience they won’t experience from other online dispensaries.

Known for offering some of the industry’s most popular strains, Speed Greens also takes pride in the usual giving of a free gift, whether it’s a weed, edibles, concentrates, extracts, accessories, hash, or others!

Speed Greens can be the online dispensary that you can fully trust, whether you can’t decide on a variation of a cannabis product, if you’re not sure what to purchase, or if you don’t know how to purchase it!

What Should You Get From Speed Greens?

Moroccan Hash (Speed Greens)

Out of the many MoM Canada selections you have for Moroccan hash, Speed Greens will be what I would recommend if you want to choose between premium hash and cheap hash.

Speed Greens has the gold-seal premium Moroccan hash, and the MTV hash. So don’t mistake the latter for being cheap and low-quality, because it isn’t. It’s just that the Moroccan premium hash is 4A-rated and is what a lot of experts and cannabis enthusiasts get for themselves.

Savor the effects of the Moroccan hash and enjoy a smooth smoke without thinking about the price you paid for.


  • They have stealth or discreet shipping guaranteed
  • Both chat and email supports are responsive, and their operators are highly knowledgeable
  • The website is easy to understand, and they have a huge menu of products to choose from


  • There is a minimum order of $40 before you check out
  • Products you purchase won’t have the particular type (indica, sativa, or hybrid)
  • Their payment options are limited and inflexible

SupHerbs: Best Calgary Same-Day Weed Online Delivery


SupHerbs is Calgary’s choice when it comes to the weed or cannabis they want without setting foot outside your home! They are one of the best hash services online in Canada — especially if you are in Calgary because they can deliver it in under 2 hours!

As a pretty new mail-order marijuana service, you won’t expect them to have top-quality products that are unexpectedly cheap and potent at the same time!

You can purchase everything from weed, vape, pre-rolls, cannabis concentrates, moonrocks, magic mushrooms, and many more! In SupHerbs, you’ll be able to find products such as high-THC strains, the best edibles, cheap and affordable weed without rummaging through the site!

What Should You Get From SupHerbs?

Gelato Cake (SupHerbs)

SupHerbs is known as an MoM that offers exclusively good deals when it comes to their shatter. They actually have a Mystery Shatter Bundle that you can purchase according to how heavy you want them to be!

I remember getting a Gelato Cake and a Black Cherry OG shatter from that bundle, and it was great for the value I paid for.

Apart from these, you can also buy other strains of shatter like Lemon Skunk, Super Pink, Sherbet, and many more!


  • Wherever you are in Calgary, you will be able to get your orders in under 2 hours
  • Almost every day, they offer special discounts and promos to users and customers
  • You’ll have the chance to choose your own free gift! It could be rolling papers, grinders, rolling trays, and more!


  • Their customer service is slower than most dispensaries
  • Their hash and concentrates selection is smaller than other MoMs listed

Herb Approach: MoM Canada With Fast Shipping

Herb Approach

Herb approach is one of the best hash MoM in Canada that guarantees fast shipping, fast response time, and urgent customer care and customer service without ripping you off completely.

Known as an online dispensary in Canada that specializes in mail-order marijuana, you can buy weed online! I’m not just talking about the typical weed you purchase, and I’m talking about high-quality products that are famous and popular in the market today!

Herb Approach is the perfect MoM Canada that provides service, quality, trust, security, and compliance all in one basket! You wouldn’t have any problems purchasing premium hash from them because it will most likely be included!

What Should You Get From Herb Approach?

Camel Afghani Hash (Herb Approach)

Herb Approach is one of the online dispensaries that offer a wide range of Afghani hash to clients and customers. They have the Camel Afghani hash, the gold-seal hash, and the Mazar-I-Sharif Hash. Usually, the gold-seal hash is out of stock because of its consistent quality. Nevertheless, it is the perfect MoM to get a gold-seal hash regardless of the quality you are looking for.


  • Herb Approach’s product selection is vast and exceptionally wide
  • The majority of the concentrates, weed edibles, as well as other types of cannabis products, are affordable
  • Their live chat functionality is working, and you can get immediate and urgent help
  • They’re offering lifetime memberships with discounts and promotions for medical and medicinal products


  • You’ll find that many products are out of stock
  • There is a requirement to order at least $100-worth of products
  • Cryptocurrency (BitCoin) and E-transfer are the only methods of payment they accept

Ontario Cannabis Store: Canada’s One-Stop Shop For Popular Strains

Ontario Cannabis Store

The Ontario Cannabis Store, more commonly referred to as the OCS, is one of the flagship stores of Ontario, Canada, as they service cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis experts nationwide.

They’re known as one of the best mail-order marijuana service providers because of the wide array of products they have. In their arsenal, they’re offering balanced vapes, flowers, and edibles — you can also take your pick in their new strains and products, high-THC products, as well as their sets of new cultivars, too!

Their product categories are so vast that you can purchase the best hash you may not be able to find in other dispensaries and shops. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) doesn’t also leave you out in terms of knowledge, as they have tutorials and sets of guides to teach you the basics of cannabis products, the roots of where your cannabis came from, etc.

What Should You Get From Ontario Cannabis Store?

Blonde Hash (OCS)

The OCS is most famous for its blonde hash, which is almost similar to the gold-seal hash in terms of color; it just appears a little darker. Their blonde hash is a win-win situation for you since it has a 29 to 37% THC rating with 0 to 5% CBD. It has a rating of very strong in the terminology of OCS, and it’ll absolutely give you the upbeat, energized feeling you are looking for.


  • All their products contain some type of description to help you navigate to what you are looking for
  • Their menu is massive — you will definitely find the extracts, concentrates, and products you need from them
  • The replenishment of their stocks is fast
  • You can use a credit card to purchase


  • You’d need to show your ID if you select express or same-day shipping as your shipping method
  • The get-go of their products is fast; you might see that the products you’re looking for are always out of stock

Evergreen Cannabis: Best Online Dispensary That Offers Free Gifts


When you check Evergreen Cannabis’ website at first glance, you’ll not immediately think that it’s a dispensary because of how professionally and exclusively the website is made.

But that’s where things come at a straight turn. Evergreen Cannabis is one of the leading online dispensaries in the country, offering medical and medicinal cannabis to patients and people who need it. So, even though that’s the case, their product selection is not limited to that!

They also cater to the needs of cannabis users and enthusiasts or those that consume cannabis for recreational use. Evergreen Cannabis is so vast that its products range from regular vapes, pre-rolls, oils, capsules, and other gear you need!

What Should You Get From Evergreen Medicinal?

Lebanese Hash (EverGreen)

And while Evergreen Cannabis is not known for premium hash products, their organic Lebanese hash and OS hash indica are two (2) of the most popular classifications of hash in the entire province.

The majority of their products are always in stock; it’s seldom that you’ll see their hash selection out of stock because, as I’ve mentioned, it’s not their strongest link.


  • OCS has 40+ strains of curated cannabis available for purchase
  • They have staff and team members that have 30+ years of experience in the cannabis industry
  • You can contact them via their social media channels


  • Same-day delivery and shipping aren’t available for locations outside Ontario
  • Customer service may take too long to respond

Ganja Express: Best Value Hash Online in Canada

Ganja Express

Last but most certainly not least in this list is Ganja Express. Claiming as Canada’s top MoM and online dispensary, you can take advantage of their vast menu of options in choosing the products you want! Akin to many other online dispensaries, you can purchase everything from flowers, concentrates, extracts, edibles, and even accessories!

Ganja Express’s website is filled with specific information to help you get the specific product you are looking for. You can categorize it according to type, you can filter it according to your budget, and many more!

If you’re looking for concentrates, it’s even classified and categorized differently, too!

What Should You Get From Ganja Express?

Ganja Express (Afghani Hash)

Ganja Express is what many people consider their go-to if they’re trying to find Afghani hash, but they’re on a budget. Taking their Afghani hash between the Russian border and the Hindu Kush, you’ll get nothing but the most legitimate and most authentic hashish you can ever find.

You can buy it in the form of hash balls or as slabs — it’ll still depend on what your preferences are.


  • Their cutoff is lenient — if you pay and order before 11:00 A.M. PST, it will be shipped the same day. All orders later than 11 will be shipped the following day
  • All product images you see are real and are taken using a D-SLR camera
  • Placing the order is a walk in the park; you don’t have to toggle and juggle through different processes


  • Orders below $99 will have a $23 shipping fee. $99 and above orders are going to have free delivery via Canada Post
  • Their website is sometimes slow in terms of loading

These are the top and best MoM services you can take advantage of in Canada. So, whether you are looking for budget hash, premium hash, or if you have a specific hash in mind, try checking these websites out! I would recommend going with West Coast Cannabis because of the exceptionally large menu they have when it comes to extracts and concentrates!

Are There Different Types of Hash?

In today’s market, hashish or hash is sold in quite many different forms, and yes, these forms largely differ from one another.

The most common types and classifications of hash include:


Probably the simplest and easiest form of concentrate or extract is kief. Kief is a byproduct of grinding weed, and it typically appears in dust form. In case you want to know further, kief is the dust or the particles collected at the lowest and bottom-most part of the grinder, collecting resin.

Finger Hash

Finger hash, otherwise known as Indian charas, is another form of concentrate or hash that is traditional and does not usually require any technology. Finger hash is made from the rubbing of fresh buds between the palms or buds of the hand — and thus the term finger hash.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is another type of hash and known as the most popular one before the use of solvents; they are typically made from ice, water, and bags — the weed is agitated with the ice and water to extract all trichomes from it. After that, it’s filtered through the micron bags.

Marijuana Rosin

If you’re one of those cannabis enthusiasts that have been in the industry for years, then you know what rosin is. Experts consider and view it as the fastest and easiest type of hash to extract as it opens up and introduces the substances pretty clearly. Marijuana rosin is extracted by placing your bud inside a parchment paper and then pressing it using two (2) hot plates. The oily substance produced is the rosin.

Honey Oil or Hash Oil

This is type of hash where the use of solvent is first introduced. Hash or honey oil is made from a solvent, and it is done by evaporating it out of the mixture. What happens would be the buds are soaked in alcohol or acetone, extracting the THC material from the plant material. After so, it’s cooked, allowing the alcohol to evaporate. You’ll be left with a honey-coloured, highly potent wax substance.

Butane (BHO)

BHO, short for Butane Hash Oil, is a hash product that is closely similar to honey or hash oil. But instead of acetone or alcohol, the solvent is butane. It follows the same process; however, instead of cooking it, it’s blasted through high pressure, removing the solvent from the mixture.

Cannabis Distillate

Last and most certainly not least is cannabis distillate. You might often find and see this product from an online dispensary, but do you know what this is exactly? Distillates are also categorized as a solvent-based extraction procedure, and the process is quite complex compared to others. The extraction process of distillates is presented in different stages because distillates have 99.9% of cannabinoid concentration.

These are the different types and classifications of hash that you ought to know. Being aware of this not only prepares you for what you are about to purchase but also helps you get to what you really want and need!


Finding the best and most premium product is not a walk in the park. Although it does not require you to be completely knowledgeable, you need to understand craft growers on how they come up with new strains, as well as how their processes are. To help you, here are some of the FAQs about finding the best hash MoM in Canada!

Is There Hash in Canada?

Yes! In fact, Canada is the country that is slowly starting to adopt bubble hash and many other types of hash more than flowers because of how concentrated and potent they are.

What is the Best Quality of Hash Online?

Right now, what’s known as the best and highest quality hash is none other than the Moroccan hash. The reason for this is that it is considered one of the cleanest and most traditional types of hash you can get today. This premium hash is even better than Lebanese hash, according to some cannabis users.

Bubble Hash vs. Regular Hash

Both bubble hash and regular hash are made from the same component in a cannabis plant. The difference that they have is in terms of how they’re extracted. Bubble hash is made from a combination of ice water, bags, and screens — and they’re agitated. Regular hash is made from mechanical or traditional separation and compression processes.

Where is the Best Hash From?

Many cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis users say and consider that Afghanistan is a country that is the best when it comes to hashish; this is because their country is considered the top producer of opium.

What is the Most Potent Hash?

The best hash — or the most potent hash is considered crystalline. It has been known that crystalline has 99.9% THC. Other concentrates, such as ice hash and rosin, have THC levels ranging from 50 to 80%.

The Bottom Line

Getting to the bottom of what the best hash MoM Canada could be challenging, especially if you are a stranger to hash and all its varieties. Nevertheless, here is the list of the best and highest quality hash online — as well as the perfect mail-order marijuana service you can get them from!

If you think you know more that isn’t on this list, don’t hesitate to leave it down in the comments below!

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