Top 10 Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to USA Very FAST #1 is our Fav.

Buying marijuana seeds online has become very easy these days. But what if you fall into the trap? There are many illicit seed banks in the market to cheat you. Don’t worry! we got your back!

Different countries have their own marijuana laws, and if you reside in the USA and want to buy marijuana seeds, it’s tricky.

Here, in this article, we have listed the top 10 best online seed banks that also ship to the USA with stealth shipping to save you from the spying eyes.

Let’s get started!

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Top 10 Best Online Cannabis Seed Banks in 2021

Check out this brief table showing all the seed banks we have chosen to review today:

Seed BankOriginPayment Methods  
I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) - Editor's ChoiceAmsterdam, The NetherlandsCash
Credit Card
Crop King SeedsVancouver, CanadaVisa, MasterCard
Interac E-Transfers (Canada only)
MSNL Seed Bank London, Unite KingdomCredit or Debit card
Bank wire
Seedsman Barcelona, SpainBitcoin
Debit/Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Money Order
Cash and Check
True North Toronto, CanadaCredit / Debit Card
International Money Order (USD or CAD only)
Bank Transfer
E-Transfer (Canada Only)
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Quebec Cannabis Seeds Quebec, CanadaVisa and Master Card
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) Amsterdam, The NetherlandsBank/SEPA
Credit Card
Growers Choice Seeds Barcelona, SpainMail
Interac e Transfer (Canada Only)
Zelle (USA Only)
ACH Electronic Checks (USA Only)
Seed Supreme United KingdomBitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
Cash by Mail
Nirvana Seeds The NetherlandsBank Transfer
Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies
Credit Card

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGMI Love Growing Marijuana, popularly known as ILGM, is one of our top-evaluated seed banks in the 2021 list because of its high-quality seeds supported by germination guarantee, top-notch customer service, and super fast shipping to the USA.

They offer a generally large assortment of cannabis strains, attractive discounts, and free growing guides.

We had a quick look at the About Us page, and it says that Robert Bergman established this organization in 2012. From growing in small local setups in and around Amsterdam to trying out his hand at industrial-sized plantations, he’s done it all!

He has been passionate about growing marijuana for more than 25 years and chose to blog about his experiences to encourage the lives of other fellow enthusiasts and newbies.

The ILGM blog became so famous that Bergman preferred to transform it into a seed bank by joining hands with some of the country’s top breeders.

The ILGM’s mission is simple: to help make growing the good stuff as easy as possible. For everyone!

With 25 years of experience, ILGM guarantees that anybody will have the opportunity to grow using their seeds. And if the cannabis seed fail to grow, they are ready to give your money back. No questions asked!

Full discretion is one of the many plus points of I Love Growing Marijuana that has made it possible for this company to grow so large.

If you’re a beginner, this is the place for you! Their customer support is available every minute of every day, and you can even join their forum discussions to talk with other users and staff.

Visit Official website:



Crop King Seeds

Crop KingIf you’ve been looking for a reliable seed bank for high-quality seeds, you might be thinking about giving Crop King a try. With more than fourteen years in the marijuana industry, Crop King seeds is the best compared to other online marijuana seed banks.

Crop King offers potent and high-quality seeds. This will be a good choice for buying seeds if you’re looking to start up your own new enterprise.

They consistently deliver quality products professionally, and it’s evident that they really think about the customers’ satisfaction. Crop King considers every order unique and tries to keep their promise.

They even have their own customer guarantee, stating that they will always stand by their product since they hand-pick the seeds. Not only that, the experts inspect and test the seeds to ensure that they are refined and efficient.

This seed bank also has a shipping guarantee that ensures that if your order fails to show up, they will resend the seeds until it reaches you. That by itself is ground enough for a good review.

Crop King Seeds is a highly trusted, respectable seed bank that stands behind its high-quality product. They deliver worldwide and accept many different types of payment for the buyer’s convenience.

If you reside in Canada, Crop King Seeds is probably the best choice you can have!

Visit Official website:



MSNL Seed Bank

MSNLMSNL is one of the best seed banks to use. They offer low-priced seeds and fast shipping to the US, Canada, and Europe. They also include some free seeds with every order!

MSNL Seed Bank was established in 1999. It takes pride in itself for being one of the original seed banks with more than 20 years in the industry.

The team at MSNL rigorously tests every cannabis seed and strain to ensure quality, viability, and consistency. Marijuana-Seeds.NL lives up to their promise, and seeds are generally of remarkably high quality.

MSNL Seed Bank is basically a seed breeder that produces all of the seeds they sell in their seed shop independently. This is one of the reasons why MSNL has a unique assortment of strains. It is more than you will typically find from a seed bank that grows 100% of its supply.

Another huge plus for MSNL is that they ship worldwide. It suggests that you can take advantage of their brilliant products and customer service regardless of where you live.

One remarkable thing about shopping for MSNL seeds above other brands is that the organization has sales and promotions running just pretty much all the time.

There’s no compelling reason to chase down an MSNL coupon code or enter an MSNL promo code at checkout; the promotions are waiting for you on their site!

Visit Official website:




SeedsmanSeedsman is the Amazon of seed banks, with a huge selection of quality strains at low prices. They also have lots of fantastic promotions and offers to get free seeds.

This seed bank has been selling cannabis seeds online since 2003, and according to cannabis lovers, it is among the best seed banks in the business.

Seedsman is a legit seed bank. They don’t just sell the seeds that they breed themselves; they also curate and sell weed seeds from other breeders.

You can contact the Seedsman customer service team by telephone during business hours or email anytime. This 24/7 customer service is one of their excellent features that we liked.

Before you reach them, though, you should check their Support Center, where you might find the answer to your query. Here, you can access information on many fundamental problems and specialized issues, such as shipping, order status, payment, promotions, returns and refunds, security and safety, and more.

Seedsman Seed Bank is an excellent choice for customers who wish to purchase a brand of seeds that is not available in their area.

Before you get disappointed that your favorite seed breeder won’t ship to you, check out Seedsman first.

Visit Official Website:



True North Seed Bank

True NorthTrue North Seed Bank is a reseller, mainly from Toronto, Canada. They don’t breed any of their own weed seeds, but they work with many of the best seed producers to distribute their seeds worldwide through the True North shop.

When it was first established, True North seed bank officially sold just medical marijuana seeds because of the laws in Canada at that time.

With marijuana now completely legal in the Great White North, recreational customers can drop the assumption and purchase seeds to enjoy.

True North stocks its seeds from a variety of breeders. Experts estimated that they offer seeds from at least half of all the notable brands of seed breeders.

Of course, they have Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids, and you can shop by their relative THC or CBD content as you wish.

True North Seed Bank regularly offers sales and promotions available for its buyers. They often have some strains on sale at a discounted price or special promotions for seeds from individual breeders.

In addition to their other offers, True North seed bank also offers a promotion that gives you free seeds with each order that you place with them. The more you spend on each order, the more free seed samples you become eligible for.

Visit Official website:



Quebec Cannabis Seeds

QCSQuebec Cannabis Seeds features some of the world’s best cannabis strains for sale. QCS has been in the cannabis market for more than 15 years.

Quality is what they stand for. Strains and breeds that are resistant against diseases and pests is something this seed bank values most.

You can reach them for the best quality seeds that are resistant to specific diseases. Although Quebec cannabis seeds think that keeping the strains most local, the hybrid strains are better resistant against many pests.

QCS rigorously tests every seed they post online themselves first. They firmly accept that all the countries will legalize cannabis in the coming years.

The seed bank offers specials every week; they usually provide around 15-20% discount on their specials offers. This is, however, not the cheapest seed bank in the world.

They believe in quality and do not sell their strains at low prices. The special deals are refreshed every week, and they provide the best hybrids on that page.

Quebec cannabis seeds ship globally with stealth shipping. So you do not have to worry about any postponement or cease packages.

Visit Official website:



Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)

AMSAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been in the industry since 1993. Since then, it has been shipping high-quality marijuana seeds to almost every country all over the world.

This online marijuana seeds bank offers cannabis seeds straight from Amsterdam. One of the fewest original Dutch Amsterdam cannabis seeds banks that ships anywhere in the world.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offers a complete range of indoor, outdoor, and indoor/outdoor seeds as well as their own feminized marijuana seeds commodity.

They offer various payment methods such as cash transfer, credit card, and Bitcoin. International shipping and quality range of seeds they sell make them one of the most favorite seed banks among the US, Canadian and Australian growers, and European growers.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds get a great deal of positive reviews and feedback from their customers like high germination rate and success of delivery.

Overall, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provide a guaranteed choice when it comes to seed banks. Apart from the fact that it comes with a wide range of options on strains, more than 100 available strains, guaranteed delivery, worldwide shipping, and high-quality customer service, the website is also very easy to navigate.

This is advantageous even for those who have visited the website for the first run through. They also provide other available information, such as a growing guide, blog, and additional info that indeed can help you. This is the best place for beginners.

Visit Official website:



Growers Choice Seeds

Growers ChoiceGrowers Choice is a seed bank from California. It comprises a team of medical experts and horticultural with more than 20 years of industry experience, making this organization one of the oldest seed banks around.

According to the About Us page of the website, the primary aim of Growers Choice is to offer their clients with the highest quality cannabis seeds produced using the best genetics in the industry. Growers Choice Seeds is one of those seed banks with ‘something in store ‘ for every grower.

Moreover, it has branches in the USA, and it also ships to the USA a lot faster, which is a plus point for many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts in the USA.

One thing that we liked the most about Growers Choice Seeds is their seed germination guarantee. It is designed to give potential buyers more confidence in buying from them, since they guarantee a germination pace of 90% or more, or else they will replace the seeds for free.

Growers Choice offers many different options for seeds for its customers, with auto-flowering, feminized, and high CBD varieties all being available for purchase.

The customer reviews that Growers Choice receives are usually of an exceptionally high standard, with many buyers rating the organization highly for its high-quality strains and brilliant germination rates.

Also, strain-specific reviews and feedback can be found legitimately on the website—saving customers time to find important information from outsider review websites.

Visit Official website:



Seed Supreme

SeedSupremeSeedSupreme Seedbank is one of most trusted seed banks for great-value, high THC, regular, feminized, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

You’ll find the most humid and stickiest pot strains available from around the world with legacy landrace breeds, potent hybrids, and classic Dutch genetics all available at SeedSupreme.

SeedSupreme has a vast selection of seeds sourced from many different seed breeders in the same way as other seed banks and resellers out there.

One of the most attractive things SeedSupreme does in its navigation bar that not a ton of other seed banks do is it allows the visitors to search for medical strains by symptoms or conditions, and there is a comprehensive list.

Just by hovering over the text, you can see that there are medical marijuana strains available to help treat ADHD, Alzheimers, arthritis, asthma, bipolar disorder, Seizures, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, and many more!

There are many sales, discounts, and promotions on offer at any one time over at SeedSupreme seeds. There are even a lot of free seeds with every order offers that are ongoing.

As far as other sales and discounts go, SeedSupreme has been known to offer a discount of as much as 25% just for paying with Bitcoin, which is a win-win situation for many cannabis seed buyers.

Looking around at some online reviews, it’s easy to puzzle over whether SeedSupreme is a legit organization or a scam. Fortunately, SeedSupreme is not a scam.

It’s a legit organization, and even though there are a ton of negative SeedSupreme reviews, there are significantly more satisfied customers with no complaints.

Visit Official website:



Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana ShopNirvana Seeds is based in Amsterdam. It has a reputation for being amazingly beginner-friendly and providing good seeds at an affordable price.

Nirvana has all kinds of marijuana seeds that you need – you name it, and they have it. They have medical marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, feminized marijuana seeds. They also have regular cannabis and indoor and outdoor seeds.

Nirvana Seeds makes sure that they continue to provide the best marijuana seeds to their customers by providing a strict breeding regimen. They always test every group of their seeds to check their germination rates are sufficient.

All of the plants under the consideration of Nirvana are grown organically because they accept that organically grown cannabis provides a superior product. Their seeds are also hand-selected to ensure that what they are delivering to their devoted customers is the best.

Nirvana seed bank has proven on numerous occasions over their many years of being in business that they are a trustworthy, legitimate seed bank that delivers good seeds and cares about their customers’ satisfaction.

Nirvana Seeds is an excellent choice for the cannabis enthusiast that needs to reduce expenses in 2021. They offer great seeds that are available for really low prices and the growing supplies you have to get a good yield out of them.

Visit Official website:



The Parameters to Pick the Best Online Seed Bank

Today, if you search on Google for the best online marijuana seed banks, you’ll have plenty of options.

How are you going to make sure that you will get high-quality seeds from a reliable seed bank? You might want to read what we have to say below.

We have compiled a small list of things that you might want to consider before going off to the internet and buying your marijuana seeds from a seed bank.

Type of a Strain

This is very important. If you are not sure what kind of marijuana you want, then you might get in trouble afterward. Make up your mind on whether you want regular seeds or feminized marijuana seeds.

If you are going to grow cannabis at home and want to be sure to maintain the best genetics of a marijuana strain, you should buy regular seeds.

On the other hand, if you want to grow only the female plants in your growing area, then go for the feminized seeds.

Make sure you filter out the marijuana seeds based on other things like Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid to make the selection process easy.

The Reputation of Seed bank

If you go out to buy virtually anything, the first thing you will look for is the vendor’s reputation, right?

Buying marijuana seeds online requires the same thing. It would be best if you look at marijuana-related forums and reviews sites like Trustpilot to check out the reviews and ratings of the seed bank from where you are going to buy the seeds.

Some things to look out for other than the reviews are when the seed bank is selling cannabis seeds from. All of the best cannabis seed banks operate and have experience of more than a decade.

If a seed bank runs for 10+ years, that means they survived for so long in the market because people trust it and are willing to do business with them.

Strain Collection

The best seed banks have a collection for different kinds of marijuana seeds. You should be able to see Indica, Sativa, Autoflowering, Hybrid, and other types of strains in their store.

Although some of the seed banks in the world have a limited number of strains as they themselves breed them and keep complete quality control.

These types of seed banks are an exception, and you should lean towards them more if you find your strain there because of the simple fact that they breed their own strains.

Another thing to look out for in a strain is its ability and medicinal properties. Some strains are developed to tackle a certain type of mental or physical ailments. So, research about strains and their medical effects to make choosing easier.

Shipping Service

We recommend you to pick the seed bank that offers the best services when it comes to shipping. Choose the source that guarantees, fast, and trackable deliveries. You need to check first that the seed bank you selected must ship to your country.

They must have stealth parcel service available to keep your marijuana seeds hidden and away from spying eyes.

Payment Methods

This is also an essential factor in choosing the best and reliable online cannabis seed bank.

Having a wide variety of payment options will give you a lot of freedom when paying for your seeds. Many people need an anonymous payment option like cash or Bitcoin, and on the other hand, many people prefer to use their debit and credit cards.

Depending upon your preferred payment method, you should check out their payments page to see if they have the payment option available.

Customer Support

Last but not least. Customer service is an essential factor in determining whether a seed bank is good or bad.

As with all other businesses, running the best online seed bank means providing the customers with quality after-sales service and customer support.

You can check online reviews sites and forums to see what people have to say about your chosen seed bank’s customer support.

Here is a quick list of questions to ask yourself before choosing the best seed bank:

  • Does the seed bank ship to your country?
  • What kind of offers, promotions, and discounts do they offer?
  • Are the prices fair?
  • Are they consistent with their orders?
  • Do they offer replacement/refund for non-germinating seeds?

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Disclaimer: Please note that this section is not intended as legal advice.

In this section, we will list out all the questions asked by a beginner marijuana grower. Although, if you cannot find the right answer, you can always contact us through email or the comments section anytime.

Q.1 What are the different payment methods that I can use to pay for my marijuana seeds order?

A. All of the best seed banks have the following payment options available:


This is a very old method of payment but still used by many top seed banks. This is one of the most secure ways to pay for your order, although it might take the seed bank some time to process your order.


As PayPal does not allow transactions dealing with marijuana, most of the seed banks do not have these payment options. So, it would be very rare to see a seed bank offering this payment option.

Bank transfer or Wire

This is one of the most used payment methods to buy marijuana seeds. You can send money directly from your bank account to the seed bank’s bank account, as simple as that. This method is fast, secure and a lot of the seed banks actually insist on using it.

Debit or Credit Cards

You might already use this payment method in your day to day life. It is one of the most used payment options in the world. People regularly use their cards to pay the best seed banks, and there seem to be minimal problems occurring.


If you are after an anonymous payment option, this is the ideal option for you. If you pay with cash, then there will not be any record of you paying for marijuana seeds. Handy, eh? Although sending cash in an envelope is risky and slow, it can be a great option for you if you need anonymity.


This is the best method of payment for those who want secrecy. It is secure, anonymous, and very safe. You will see that most of the seed banks on the market will love to get the payment in bitcoins. In fact, some of them will even give you discounts if you pay with bitcoin.

Q.2 So, which is the best payment method according to you?

A. We just love the Bitcoin payment system; it is very secure, safe, and takes minutes literally. The biggest advantage here is the anonymity it offers. And as the icing on the cake, you even get discounts in some seed banks if you use this payment method.

Q.3 What will the transaction on my bank statement show after ordering marijuana seeds online?

A. All of the seed banks are careful as to what their customer’s bank transactions show. You don’t have to worry about anything when you pay seed banks. Your statement will not include words like Seeds, Marijuana, Weed, or Cannabis.

Most of the seed bank transactions show a non-marijuana related text in the transactions. For more information on this, you can contact the seed bank beforehand to ask them what is going to show up in your bank statement.

Q.4 Is paying online safe?

A. Paying online is very easy and secure, given you are doing it from a safe website. So, what do we mean by a safe website?

When paying at a seed bank, always check the SSL symbol (looks like a green lock) near the address bar. This SSL security logo means that your payment information is encrypted and secured from cyber theft. As long as the SSL logo appears on the address bar of your browser, you can be sure that the current website is secured and safe.

Q.5 Where do I get marijuana seed if I live in the USA?

A. Well, you can pick up those small packets of seeds you find on the sidewalk XD. Or you can go to a store if your state has legalized the sale and use of marijuana.

Although we think the best way to buy the seed in the USA would be to buy it from the best online seed banks that ship to the USA. We have listed only the seed banks that ship to the USA in this post. Go above and choose any seed bank you like and buy the weed seeds.

Q.6 What is going to happen if my seed parcel is confiscated?

A. If you happen to live in the USA, if your parcel gets intercepted by the authorities, they will discard the marijuana seeds from your parcel and post all the other things to you.

They will also send a note with the parcel that they have removed and discarded the seeds from your package.

Q.7 What to do if my parcel is confiscated by the authorities?

A. If your parcel happens to be intercepted by the authorities, you should immediately tell this to your seed bank and show them the letter that you got from your parcel. If the evidence of confiscation is good, the seed bank will most probably send another parcel for free.

Q.8 Is it necessary to register with the seed bank to purchase seeds?

A. Well, this depends on the particular seed bank. A lot of the best online seed banks offer guest checkout where you can order marijuana seed without signing up.

Q.9 Should I tell anyone about my marijuana growing plan?

A. If you are in a place where growing and using marijuana is legal, then, by all means, beat the drum!

But if you are in a place where this is not the case, then KEEP THE SECRET TO YOURSELF!

Most of the people who get caught, get caught because of their bragging! Do not even tell your best friend about it. If you tell your friend, then it will not take time for them to say it to their friend and so on…

And soon, you might get in trouble.

Q.10 Can I sell marijuana seeds within the USA?


In the USA, one can get in a lot of trouble if they are caught selling or sending marijuana seeds within the USA. Even the state which has legalized marijuana cannot do that. This is the reason that you don’t get to see marijuana seeds banks from the USA.

However, you can always order seeds from seed banks that are outside the USA, this way even if the parcel is caught, and you won’t get in trouble.

Disclaimer: Know your countries laws and regulations before purchasing marijuana seeds online. Many seed banks sell cannabis seeds as collectibles, souvenirs, or for scientific study purposes. Germination of seeds in conflict with your federal and local laws is strictly prohibited. We do not advocate breaking any laws.

Q.11 What marijuana strain should I choose if I am a beginner grower?

A. Well, you might want to check out the growing difficulty levels of the strain that you like, but if you ask us, we would recommend the following marijuana strains for beginners:

  • Jack Herer Cannabis Strain– Powerful Medicinal Marijuana
  • Bergman’s Gold Leaf Strain– Robert Bergman’s (ILGM Seed bank) own strain!
  • White Widow Cannabis Strain– The Most Famous Marijuana Strain
  • Gorilla Glue Weed Strain– High THC Strain Since 2013
  • Which are the best online seed banks, according to you?

Although there are a lot of seed banks that we think are worthy of high titles, but if you ask us to choose only one, we would without a blink, we would go to Seed bank.

This is by far the most reliable, quick, and good quality seed bank that we have seen in all these years.

Q.12 What are some of the things that bad seed banks do?

A. It is easy to spot a bad seed bank by noticing stuff like:

  • No reply to your emails or calls.
  • Selling non-authentic marijuana seeds.
  • If they send you old/cracked seeds.
  • No SSL encryption in their payment services.
  • Inconsistency in the quality and delivery time of seeds.
  • No refund when you get bad seeds.

Make sure you order a small number of seeds the first time, so you can gauge if the seed bank is worth purchasing from next time or not.

Q.13 What are the characteristics of the best online seed banks?

A. The followings are the qualities of a good seed bank:

  • They have SSL security on their websites for your protection.
  • Contain pages for legal information, privacy policy, and terms and conditions.
  • Always delivers on time and has the consistency of high-quality seeds in all orders.
  • Provide stealth shipping and germination guarantees.
  • Always replies to emails and calls quickly.
  • Has a lot of official professional breeders listed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, all of the best online seed banks that ship to the USA are listed in this post are really good when it comes to the quality of seeds and germination success ratios.

If you love growing cannabis, try buying from one of the above-listed seed banks and you won’t regret your decision.

Happy Hunting!

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