Top 10 Best American Seed Banks Review

It’s great to have all of you here reading this useful piece of review on the Best American Seed Banks. It can be a tricky process to choose the best seed bank to buy your marijuana seeds. The seed is an essential and basic unit for cannabis. A seed of cannabis ensures that more cannabis can continue growing.

Seeds of most plants are easy to acquire, but you often can’t understand whether it’s a female or a male seed. You may not know what kind of final product you will get after growing. Thus, seed banks provide you some assurance about all such things.

If you are in a quest to search the best online place to buy marijuana seeds in the USA, there’s a considerable amount of survey and knowledge provided in this post to assist you in sorting out the best seed bank.

When we think of the best seed bank that ships to the USA, the only seed bank that comes into our mind is ILGM Seed bank. In our opinion, it’s the most reliable and trustworthy seed bank among all. Visit Official website:

If you are planning to purchase marijuana seeds, you have to make sure that you get the most exceptional crop and high-quality seeds that can grow into a lovely plant. Altogether, you might want to read this review to verify that you buy your seeds from a trustworthy and genuine vendor.

Best American Seed Banks in 2020

Here, we have listed the top 10 best American Seed Banks to help you purchase marijuana seeds online. Read this useful article of the best American seed banks of 2020 to explore all the required details.

Many popular and the best American Seed Banks are there for you to choose for your growing needs. Therefore, along with reading this review, you can also visit their store or explore their websites to purchase your desired bundle of marijuana seeds.

If you prefer to buy cannabis seeds online, you will get your pack at your doorstep with safe and quick shipment from top American seed banks. Look no further if you are wondering which American seed bank is the best for you in terms of quality, safety, and fulfilling your growing needs.

In this article, we have evaluated and rated the Best American Seed Banks, covering the 7 top-rated seed banks in the USA and the best 3 seed banks that ship to the USA. Here you’ll get all necessary information on every best American seed bank, including choice of seeds, guarantee, delivery, shipping, modes of payment, and advantage.

This essential American seed bank review guide is an excellent place to boost your growing desire if you are planning to order some of your favorite marijuana seeds online.

#1 – ILGM Seed Bank

Folks working with ILGM have more than 20 years of involvement with growing marijuana and selling the seeds. They are specialists with regards to cannabis seeds business. The company was established in 2012 when a lot of individuals met up and began selling cannabis seeds and helped different cultivators all around the world.

At the point when you think you found a brand with quality seeds, their client service ends up being the most exceedingly awful. Or on the other hand, when you feel an organization has all the strains you’ll ever need, they might destroy your dreams with the transportation service. But, that is not the case with this seed bank.

Here, we’re going to discuss a brand “I Love Growing Marijuana” (ILGM). It’s an organization for individuals who love developing weed plants.

You can explore the ILGM Seed Bank’s website by the below-given link:

All the more explicitly, we’ll inform you concerning the company’s starting, its involvement in seeds, and, above all, the customer service.

So, let’s settle down and read along.

They have 500 supportive articles and 200 itemized weed develop guides accessible for you, which will help you a ton during the way toward growing your cannabis plant at home.

The seed bank sells 100 various types of strains, so there are sufficient taste and qualities for everybody.

The transportation from this bank is trustworthy if you are ordering from the US and Europe. You can anticipate that the conveyance should take around 10 to 15 days. What’s impressive is that they will send you free seeds for no cost, if your order doesn’t reach you. You can pay with a Mastercard, bitcoin, or cash orders.


It is one of the leading ten seed banks on the planet. The company gives you a germination guarantee, and if your cannabis seeds don’t grow, they will provide you with another set of seeds for nothing.

The website is in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch for reaching people across the borders. Along these lines, regardless of what language you talk, you can, in any case, look at the ‘how to develop’ guides and purchase seeds from them.

If you might want to look at the strains, at that point, you can go to their Youtube channel, where they will give all of you the complete information on various strains.

Visit Official website:

#2 – MSNL Seed Banks

MSNL is outstanding among other online seed banks that ships to the USA region; they are individuals’ preferred choice when purchasing cannabis seeds online.

This Netherlands-based company takes somewhere between 6 to 20 days to deliver the seeds in the USA.

Here you can explore the MSNL Seed Banks’s official website:

The company has won such a significant number of awards for its seeds’ strain genetics and germination ratio. You don’t need to stress over quality parameters at all when requesting your seeds from MSNL.

In the company, specialists grow marijuana seeds to achieve a germination proportion of over 90%. They undergo thorough testing with manual testing, along with quality control elements.

The company has ensured safe and quick delivery, which will ensure that you will get your seed regardless of the situation. The firm may utilize another item bundle to conceal marijuana seeds inside it.


The seed bank will give you many free seeds with each request. For the most part, individuals get like five free seeds with each standard request. If you are a business producer and request a major parcel, at that point, you will most probably get a large number of free seeds too.

As the organization has been running since 1999, they have the ability in all the strains of marijuana; they will give you an immense decision of various types of cannabis strains. To look at their entire portfolio, you can visit their official website.

Visit Official website:

#3 – Crop King Seed Bank

Crop King Seed Bank is different from the other banks with not only the quality of its seeds but also with the originality in their branding and website browsing experience. The company has more than 100 stores in Canada. Whether you’re looking for the strains or need to learn about a specific one, it’s all there on the seed bank’s website.

If we have to rate the best marijuana seed bank that ships to USA, Crop King Seed Bank is the one you should prefer as it provides top-grade seeds in the USA and Canada. Since 2012, Crop King has been selling the best-quality marijuana seeds.

You can surf the Crop King Seed Bank’s website by the following link:

To order your seeds online, you have to pay $10 shipping charge. The seeds may take a week or two to reach you. Moreover, you don’t have to stress on the delivery method as it will reach you in a well-packed manner. The charge for regular worldwide shipping is $10. If you prefer express shipping, the costs would be $30. And, for Australia and New Zealand customers, the express shipping charge would be $60.

Crop King Seeds even gives a good germination guarantee. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your delivery will be quick and safe.

Crop King Seed Bank accepts payments via Visa & Mastercard, Cash via snail mail (US and Canada), E-Transfer (Canada only), Moneygram, and Bitcoin. You have to deal with US Dollar if you are ordering your seeds outside of Canada. 

Crop King Seed Bank has a lrage seeds portfolio that can provide CBDFeminized, Auto Flowering SeedsMedicinal Strains, or Regular seeds. They have an extent variety of strains that may not be simple to find in other stores.

To note down some of the most famous strains from the Crop King, they are — Purple Kush, Sour Diesel, Blueberry, Train Wreck, Green Crack, and Northern Lights. You can live chat from the company’s website to sort out your queries. 


The seeds offered by the Crop King have around 80% germination ratio. If your seeds don’t get germinated, the company will replace it without any extra cost.

You may find some excellent details on the website, such as the ‘status of strains’ that can be seen near to its seed name. There are also labels mentioning the availability of the strains you are looking to buy. 

With our thorough research in determining the best seed banks that ships to the USA, we highly recommend the Crop King Seed Bank as it’s one of the most loved and trustworthy Cannabis Seed Bank.

Visit Official website:

#4 – i49 Seed Bank

This seed bank has a wide assortment of marijuana strains for both outside and indoor growing. You can purchase either regular, CBD, feminized, or auto flower marijuana strains. Both the specialists and the beginners will doubtlessly discover something reasonable in their online cannabis store.

We love the sample pack the company offers. This pack is for those individuals who need to have a go at something new. Thus, you won’t have the option to think about what sort of marijuana seeds you are getting. You should hang tight for it to develop and astonish you.

You can surf the i49 Seed Bank’s website by following link:

The company has 7+ long years of involvement with the cannabis culture. It is a dependable accomplice, and it centers around the seeds with a low range.

i49 does exceptionally well in the seed sector; this is likewise a purpose behind us to suggest i49 profoundly. Utilizing a phony name is regular in the online cannabis and CBD oil business since individuals would prefer not to face the challenge of stumbling into difficulty.

Yet, you can never be disappointed as only the sender will send the bundle; nobody else. If you utilize a phony name, they won’t take responsibility. The company doesn’t assume responsibility for individuals who utilize false names, stir up requests, and afterward, attempt to get free items.

It is a sensibly new undertaking to sell marijuana seeds on the web. The organizers of this seed bank are associated with profound cannabis culture roots and know a great deal about it.

It expects to give the most fabulous marijuana seeds to all the clients, alongside excellent and amicable client support and quicker conveyance timings.

The company gives you the ensured delivery; wherein, if your package is lost or doesn’t reach, at that point, the company will send another one without charging anything! You should pay about $20 for standard delivery.

The bundle that you will get won’t have any marijuana-related data or signs outwardly. Even though this seed bank is new, it has made its name as a standout among other seed banks.

You can pay this seed bank with Mastercards, PayPal, wire transfer, cash, money orders, or bitcoins.

The company guarantees that its dedicated clients have a germination proportion of 95%. If your seeds don’t grow in any way, at that time, the company will give you a new pack of seeds for nothing.

The organization displays reasonable costs with the best quality seeds. Sometimes, the seed bank also offers some deals. The company provides its seeds approximately 30% cheaper than most other seed banks.

The value of i49 is excellent, and the assortment is additionally magnificent. Since its cost is now entirely reasonable, we propose distinguishing it with other seed banks, and you will take note of that its bundles are altogether affordable.

When you spend to buy seeds, you will get two extra seeds for nothing (only for cash orders). If you are purchasing it with Bitcoin, you even get three extra seeds.

The seed bank has a vast product portfolio having CBD seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. The quality is high since they center around just seeds. A ton of other seed providers offers any item they can get their hands on, such as oils weed cookies.

i49 just spotlights on the seeds. They likewise enthusiastically suggest that after a request, you can plant your seeds as long as within three years.


The company provides incredible quality feminized seeds, which they transport worldwide. This seed bank also has the policy to destroy the seeds which are old and do not contain proper germination ratio.

It is additionally a critical issue with other seed providers as they hold the seeds excessively long. The best types of cannabis are clinical cannabis, which is useful for individuals with less sleep or body pain.

We can conclude that the company has acquired phenomenal client satisfaction. The lifetime of its seeds is exceptionally high; it usually develops seeds that last for two and a half to three years.

You can have almost every payment method to pay for your seeds. You can rest assured that your seed delivery will be discrete. We recommend i49 for high-quality seeds and top-notch service.

Visit Official website:

#5 – Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds is one of the best seed banks for those who want Stardawg Stud Males. Greenpoint examines how effectively marijuana plants grow and provide you accordingly so that you can happily grow your plants.

Are you searching for top-quality cannabis genetics at a moderate cost? Greenpoint Seeds has an excellent choice of world-class cannabis strains and genetics to browse. The Greenpoint Seeds seed bank is US-based, and they transport their seeds from their base in Colorado, USA.

You can explore Greenpoint Seeds’s website by below given link:

We can sincerely say that these folks have a considerable amount of upbeat clients. It is definitely not a traditional seed bank that provides a wide range of breeders, yet they deliver the best strains as the US-based seed bank.

Greenpoint Seeds is notable for its Stardawg stud. It quits selling Stardawg BX’s (back-crosses) consistently after JJ-NYC made a declaration about Stardawg in a meeting with High Times. Greenpoint Seeds no longer sells Star Dawg BX cannabis seeds as an ordinary item of their stock.

Treats-N-Chem is vivid and matches its appearance with strength (testing at 30% THC), this is perhaps the most well known and the Greenpoint’s most popular item ever!

Greenpoint Seeds has a little, however compelling choice of Stardawg crosses. The costs are reasonable, and there is quite often a deal going on. You can get your pack of seeds at no extra cost if you utilize its Reverse Auctions.

These Reverse Auctions have no stores and still run nonstop. Some of the time, it can take a couple of days to receive an answer from them, yet the seller himself takes all messages, and the help he offers is the best we have seen.

Greenpoint Seeds just packs the most favorable seeds, so you don’t need to stress over getting little white duds in any of your packs. Transportation is attentive and quick generally. At times, particularly after enormous deals and occasions, requests can get sponsored up, and you may need to hold up a couple of additional days.

Is it true that you are searching for first-class cannabis genetics at a conservative cost? Greenpoint Seeds has plenty of strains and qualities to choose from that will light anybody’s advantage. Their seeds and conditions are totally reproduced in the United States.

The seed bank is US-based, and it delivers every one of its seeds from its administrative center in the USA. There’s something to offer for any nursery out there, regardless of your capacity level. The company currently gives seeds from a couple of their favored individual reproducers in the business!

Apart from that, you should keep your eyes open because the stock is continually turning, and fresh seeds are available continuously from Greenpoint Seeds and different reproducers as well.

You can purchase your cannabis seeds online from the best seed bank in the USA. You can pay them for your seeds right away with your credit or debit card.

This seed bank supports a bunch of payment options. Discreet payment and delivery options guarantee your security, and its computerized control board keeps your confirmation during delivery.


Greenpoint Seeds expects to be your favored cannabis seed bank online by offering premium cannabis seeds set up by a couple of the country’s top raisers.

You can pick dependent on pressure type, seed type, flavor, or breeder, and look at its discounted rate choices for even much better offers.

Greenpoint likewise uses tactful charging and delivery choices to ensure your bundles make it to its destination each time. Its seed tracking system lets you scan your seeds’ place consistently, and also, their client care specialists are always anxious to help if you come across any inquiry or issue.

Visit Official website:

#6 – James Bean Company

James Bean Company is a seed bank that has been around for a long while now. Although not as old and set up the same number of other seed banks that we have checked on, for example, Crop King Seeds and so on, which have been around for a longer time. The JBC seed bank has finished just about seven years in this business sector as it began at some point in 2013.

The company professes to work with a little gathering of ‘demonstrated and energetic’ growers who breed the seeds for them. The company calls these raisers ‘genetic craftsmen‘, which is a severe idiosyncratic term.

The James Bean Company offers cultivators with unique options and has become a name that is trusted by a few people throughout the years. All through this James Bean Company survey, we will investigate everything that you have to know about the JBC seed bank alongside all the distinctions, for example, payment modes, reliability, and so forth.

You can explore the James Bean Company’s website by following link:

James Bean Company began to help cultivators in perusing the saturated cannabis genetic market. Whether you are a beginner or a professional grower, you can rely upon JBC to give particular strain-specific development reports for the best reproducers on the commercial center.
With plenty of strains available, JBC highly esteems working with a little group of value growers, instead of other companies that manage genetics from any gathering announcing to be reproducers. JBC has experience handling strains from various families of reproducers.

What you have to recollect about JBC Seed Bank (James Bean Company) is that when you need to grow marijuana, the primary thing that you need is a seed.
Seeds are fundamental for producers, and one frequently thinks, which is a suitable spot to get it. There are a few choices accessible on the web, yet with regards to purchasing something like seeds on the internet – who do you trust? Simple answer: James Bean Company

JBC is one such name that you should look at when you are anticipating buying seeds to grow marijuana plants.

Directly from the James Bean Company, it offers you more than 50 years of joined experience in this astounding business. The company knows that genetics matters to grow a healthy plant. JBC sets its expertise to work for you by providing a top to bottom grow report on the strains of your choice.

JBC manages a couple of the absolute best raisers in the market to bring you state-of-the-art strain-explicit assistance that focuses on regular, feminized, and auto-flower strains.

All growers in the James Bean Business family unit are the real experts and produce a portion of the absolute best genetic around.

With times changing for this brilliantly accommodating and incredible smelling plant, the information you get from its top to bottom Strain Particular Grow Reports will, without a doubt, be extremely valuable.

The transportation and exchange policy is up to the mark. The delivery approach is very restricted as JBC seed bank ships to just Canada and the USA. There are only two alternatives to pick your nation when you settle up with their site.

The return policy is somewhat disappointing. However, they do have a workaround. While James Bean Company claims to dispatch every one of their items as ‘souvenirs,’ they don’t have a return policy. They do have the alternative to give store credits, so disappointed individuals can arrange a substitution once again. It is a relief for the buyers yet a long way from being the ideal arrangement.

It is the weakest point that we ran over during our James Bean Company survey. The company doesn’t offer you numerous choices for payment. You can decide to pay with Cash on Mail, Money Orders, or you can mail the company with your request number and recommend your favored payment method. And, the company will organize something to set everything straight.

It is a weak practice where you have to send a mail and afterward sit tight for somebody from JBC seed bank to answer to you, and later, you make the payment through the links that they give to you.


Buying from the James Bean Company (JBC Seeds) is a privilege and trustworthy decision for those cultivators who are anticipating purchasing seeds on the web. The James Bean Company isn’t on the highest point of the table like what we’d call Crop King Seed; however, the company is as yet an ideal option for the individuals who need to purchase seeds from them.

They need a little more as far as payment alternatives concern. On the contrary, their advancements, credit strategy, and incredible seed quality give them a remarkable bit of space in the business sector!

Visit Official website:

#7 – Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune works with more than 100 unique growers, so their decision is pervasive. Inside every classification of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering, you will discover captivating strains. Neptune Seed Bank offers some of the best genetics at the most reduced cost.

Here’s the website for the Neptune Seed Bank:

Neptune Seed Bank encourages the Top Cannabis Seed Breeders from around the globe. Neptune Seed Bank is among the most reliable seed bank in North America, serving clients around the world. The company looks to be your go-to seeds agent, with extending strains of cannabis seeds.

The company gives earnest gratitude to their skilled seed raisers who bring new and energizing strains of cannabis seed stock to them. Their science and aptitude make their store what it is today. This seed bank is keen on its bits of knowledge and its endeavors to carry quality and assortment to its community.

If you are in the market to purchase cannabis seeds, this seed bank invites you to its website and genuinely plans to make that venture a lovely one.

You can always ask questions to the company if you come across any doubt. You can rest assured because your communication with the company will be classified.

The company’s primary goal is to provide its customer base with quality genetics, dispatched rapidly, and at the minimal cost. Neptune Seed Bank brings the best reproducers and the most favorable strains to you with bunches of freebies.

Neptune Seed Bank just works with reproducers that have gained a reputation for creating quality and are at the highest point of their game. They do this with the intention that they can ensure the class to the client.

The company doesn’t work with back yard raisers or any seed houses that solitary produces original strains. Every one of their reproducers has balanced out genetics that produces results a great many ages.

They have standard ideas on their site, as well – and have a dedicated page for some things that you can get at a lowered cost.


Whether you are searching for standard strains or the more obscure, it’s well worth plunging into Neptune Seeds’ site and finding what their captivating scope of value raisers bring to the table.

Continuously dependable delivery and heaps of great freebies, Neptune has a broad determination of raisers, remarkable specials, and promotions as well.

Taking everything into account, if you are searching for a US-based seed bank that delivers some genuine seeds such as HSO, GeistGrow, In House Genetics, and Dungeons Vault Genetics, you should visit Neptune Seed Bank at least once.

We need to make your next procurement of marijuana seeds to be remarkable. So, talking about Neptune Seed Bank, it has gathered a fabulous assortment of genetically improved marijuana seeds intended to make your journey into cannabis seeds energizing, instructive, and in every case brimming with new additions.

Visit Official website:

#8 – Exotic Genetics

The Exotic Genetix is the seed bank situated in the USA that began in 2008. It has a product offering containing more than 78 unique kinds of marijuana seeds and strains.

The Exotic Genetix has many strains loved in cannabis worlds such as Grease Monkey, Mr. Clean, Black Mamba, and others. The company continues to create more and more new varieties and achieves recognition in the cannabis world community.

You can visit the Exotic Genetics website from the following link:

The organization produces top-quality cannabis. It has a full scope of seeds that likewise has clinical worth. Regardless of you are an accomplished or novice grower, you will always find what you need.

The Exotic Genetix Cookies & Cream took the 1st place Non-Solvent Hash, and Scozdragon took the 1st place for best glass.

With regards to quality cannabis, everything starts with a quality seed made by a breeder.

Having gained various awards since its start in 2008, Exotic Genetix is famous for its steady quality. Other striking strains incorporate Kimbo Kush, Trap Star, and Lemon Meringue.

The company used to simply force clinical cannabis to leave Washington before recreational marijuana came around. It would go from state-to-state and adhere to their clinical standards and would join with farmers to create their seeds in various states. The company still utilizes these practices in legitimate states.

Washington State requires a list of any pesticides you utilized when you sell that bundled item in a retail location. According to law, the seller needs to reveal it.


Here you’ll see that Exotic Genetix doesn’t utilize pesticides or items that are going to hurt you. If it uses anything, it would be natural and applied right off the bat, so it doesn’t linger.

There are conventional, natural pesticides out there that aren’t hurtful to people. Notwithstanding, it’s critical to recall there are additionally natural pesticides that have half-experience that aren’t beneficial for you.

In any case, now, the company envision that no pesticide use will be essential. The company agrees that there’s no motivation to require that stuff in the first place.

This seed breeder of this company has already won several awards in the 2016 High Times Medical Cannabis County Fair in Clio, Michigan.

Exotic Genetix won Best Indica for their strain, Tina. It has also won the Best Hybrid for Cookies and Cream at the 2017 High Times SoCal Harvest Cannabis Cup.

Visit Official website:

#9 – Seeds For Me

The Seeds For Me has been providing medical marijuana seeds to patients for years. And even today, you can find the company involved in almost every segment of the seed industry. It has been a trusted US-based cannabis seed bank for a long time.

The company’s expansive seed collection encompasses a wide range of seed varieties from many new and distinguished world-class breeders that have demonstrated, and continue to practice, the highest professional breeding standards. A few of the brands are exclusive to Seeds For Me!

You can visit the Seeds For Me company’s website from this link:

In the company’s aim for inclusiveness, it seeks breeders from curious people who have graciously cultivated, tested, and stabilized these seed varieties.

Some of the people who run Seeds For Me depend on the medicine for a variety of ailments and chronic health issues, so the company also takes care of them in this quest. Thus, the company assures you for responsible and ethical business practices in all aspects of its concerted endeavor.

Seeds For Me delivers its marijuana seeds to all 50 states in the USA. Besides, it also ships to Canada and the United Kingdom. The seed bank accepts payments from all major debit cards, credit cards, Google pay, Amazon gift cards, Square Cash, cash, and many cryptocurrencies.

Seeds For Me Seed bank is the organic consequence of the evolution of its extensive journey within the cannabis business. The company has been working with longtime medical marijuana growers, and it claims to be incredibly passionate about plants.

The seed bank’s passion and pure admiration for plants, especially in cannabis, quickly led it to begin its own cannabis breeding efforts. Seeds For Me started almost a decade ago as it sought to hybridize for plant traits that the company, as well as other medical patients, found to be useful for their health challenges.

However, the seed bank breeds not only for the medicine but also to produce more reliable and excellent plants.

As time passes by, the company gets more and more demand for its seeds, which inspired them to start a seed bank online. They offer not only their brand, but also seeds from some of the world’s best breeders.

Today, the seed bank continues to add more seed brands, so that it may provide you with wonderful, unique, and fresh seed varieties that harmonize with your own healing.


The Seeds For Me provides the best value among many of its competitor seed banks. Moreover, it also provides a safe, affordable, and reliable option to overseas seed banks.

What comes as a surprise is that the company set a new cannabis industry standard for extensive seed variety information and photo documentation.

Along with that, this seed bank sets the highest measures for customer service by preserving and improving customer satisfaction. The company also delivers top-quality seeds that surely meet or exceed your expectations. We recommend buying seeds from Seeds For Me as the company is one of the best in the world.

Visit Official website:

#10 – Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA. It delivers all the seeds from the state of California. The company has nearly 20 years of experience, especially in breeding and selling marijuana seeds. Knowledge and experience are like a jewel, which is the primary reason that this seed bank is among the best online seed banks in the world.

You can surf the Growers Choice Seeds official website from the following link:

The seed bank has more than 40 various marijuana strains available in its store. You will also find some new strains regularly as the company intends to keep a wide variety of options for its beloved customers.

From the Growers Choice online store, you can purchase Feminized, high THC, high CBD, auto-flowering, and many various kinds of seeds.

If you want to make sure that your seeds are the best in genetics and quality, choosing from this seed bank is an excellent selection. The company even ships cannabis seeds to other countries.

You can also visit the company’s official site to find much information on marijuana seeds and growing practice. What more? The seed bank is gaining popularity in many different online platforms.

Growers Choice seeds bank provides a 90% germination ratio to its customers. All you need to do is follow its germination guide. If you need to make sure that your plants grow healthy, we recommend you to read this guide to achieve an excellent germination ratio with your marijuana seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds bank provides you free delivery if you purchase more than $500. The delivery charge is $9.95 in the USA, and your package may take from 7 to 10 days to arrive at your doorstep.

Although, if you want your seeds in Canada, you will have to wait for one to two weeks. Additionally, you have to pay $14.95 as shipping cost.
Other than that, $30 is the cost for international deliveries, and it may take up to 25 days to reach your destination. Besides, you can opt for a discreet delivery service without paying anything, which is something uncommon among the seed banks.

To pay for your seeds, you can opt for different options such as debit or credit cards, e-transfer, cash, Zelle, and bitcoin.


All the seeds this seed bank delivers are hand-picked by expert growers. They inspect and test it to ensure high quality. That’s one of the traits that its customers will acknowledge.

The company’s customer service is excellent as the department sorts out its customers’ issues quickly and efficiently.

As per many online reviews of Growers Choice on different websites, we have noticed that it has mostly positive responses from all over the world.

Visit Official website:

Final Verdict

Buying cannabis seeds can be a little pricey. For the same reason, you might want to make sure that you are purchasing your pack of joy from a trusted seller that isn’t going to rip you off in terms of quality or delivery.

Our top ten list of American seed banks is a great place to begin if you are looking for a reliable marijuana seed supplier. Crop King Seed Bank is based in Canada, but obviously our top priority to order your seeds online due to their top-quality seeds, delivery, and overall customer satisfaction.

Whether you need your cannabis just for relaxation or for soothing your medical ailments, you’ll find numerous kinds of seeds on the company’s website.

All of these seed banks’ websites contain a ton of useful information on the type of seeds, their difference, effects, growing methods, and much more interesting stuff for beginners as well as advanced growers. So, snap out of your day-dreaming, order your favorite seeds now, and keep growing!

Are you interested to explore and read about some of the best high CBD strains? Click here to read the amazing article on top 10 Extreme Medicinal Marijuana.

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