Marijuana Seeds

A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Seeds

This guide will be all about the things you need to know about marijuana strains. We’ll discuss what a marijuana strain is, its types and categories, uses and functionalities, and many more!

Whatever fundamental information you need to know about weed strains, this weed strains 101 articles got you covered!

Weed Strains 101
What is a Marijuana Strain

Types of Marijuana Seeds

There are a few different types of marijuana seeds in the market – there are regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds. Let’s take a look at each of them and find out how they differ from one another.

Regular Seeds
They’re the most regular and natural form of cannabis seeds. They have both male and female seeds in the pack and are delivered in such a way that they are “natural.”

Feminized Seeds
These are seeds that have been cultured to grow female plants predominantly. Regular seeds have 50/50 chance of growing female seeds, but, feminized seeds have bigger chances of sprouting females.

Autoflower Seeds
Lastly, these seeds are the type of seeds that have been produced by crossing ruderalis with either indica or sativa. Nicknamed “the queens of speed,” they flower and bloom on their own regardless of the amount of light they get.

What is a Marijuana Strain

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds can be bought and purchased from seed banks. Like other plants and species, cannabis plants are available from licensed and authorized distributors of cannabis seeds, which can be seen everywhere!

Buy Seeds From ILGM
ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana has been one of the best and top-rated seed banks in the country. With hundreds of different seeds and seed types available, it’s hard to not include them in any list regarding marijuana seeds.

Buy Seeds From Canadian Seed Banks
Several Canadian seed banks are currently topping lists today. They’ve been labeled and included in the best list mainly due to the huge selection they have, as well as availability and price range. These seed banks are:

  • ILGM
  • Cropking Seeds
  • Seed City
  • Seedsman
  • Rocket Seeds

Buy Seeds From American Seed Banks
Akin to Canadian seed banks, there are also American seed banks you can trust and rely on as well when it comes to quality seeds.

Different Types of Weed

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Now, if you think that you’ll need a bit of hocus pocus in purchasing marijuana seeds, think again! All you have to do is to choose the seed bank you’ll want to work with, and check the payment methods and processes they accept.

Only a few select seed banks accept Paypal as a form of payment. Check and see if the seed bank you’re dealing with is accepting Paypal!

Interac E-Transfers
Most seed banks have this option as their go-to for payment. Because it’s direct, real-time, and oftentimes only accessible by people within the country, it’s convenient for both parties.

Credit Card
Like E-Transfers, authorized seed banks would accept major credit cards.

Seed banks’ form of decentralized payment – Bitcoin. Other than being hidden, it’s also real-time, fast, and is accessible only be people who really have business in these types of industries.

Medical Purpose Weed Strain

Store Marijuana Seeds

Storing marijuana seeds is something that you also need to take note of, especially if it’s your first-time. So, here are a couple of the most important questions revolving around the storing and the safekeeping of marijuana seeds under your belt!

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?
Cannabis seeds are actually convenient to store, making it favorable in certain situations and instances. According to experts, marijuana seeds can last within the first three (3) years after getting them fresh.

Where to Store Marijuana Seeds?
If you have no plans of planting them any time soon, you can keep and store your cannabis seeds in room temperature, no problem. However, if you really want to preserve them for years, putting them inside the freezer will be your best bet.

The lower the temperature where they’re at, the slower they decline. Some experts say that they were able to keep their seeds for over a decade just by placing them inside the freezer!

Weed Strain Comparison

How to Grow Marijuana From Seeds?

Growing and cultivating your marijuana from their seed-structure is literally like how we outlined it above. We know that you could have specific questions regarding several processes, and here’s what we have for you!

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds?
Germinating marijuana seeds is the process of pulling the plant out of existence from its enclosure in the seeds. Different plant types have different ways of germination, but, in germinating cannabis seeds, the best way would be to place the seeds on a paper towel inside a narrow container, spraying it with room-temperature, lukewarm water.

The trick is to ensure that the napkin stays moist but not soaked.

What will happen is water will penetrate and enter the coating of the seed, causing the interior to plump and the seed to sprout. When it does, it’s time to transfer it to a different grow medium.

What is the Best Strain of Weed

What Are Some of the Best Weed Seeds?

The market is filled with suggestions when it comes to the best weed seeds. Honestly, the best ones would usually be the ones you’ll find the most benefit from. Currently, the best feminized marijuana seeds in the country are:

  • White Widow
  • AK-47
  • Blue Dream
  • White Widow
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • OG Kush Haze
  • Blue Cookies
  • Northern Light Automatic

NOTE: These are all based on the number of purchases and sales they got within the year, as well as the feedback growers and cultivators had regarding them.

What are the Best Seed Banks?

There will never be a shortage of seed banks in the market, especially since most states are now legalizing cannabis. However, some of the most popular and best ones based on trust, customer loyalty, feedback, and product variety are:

  • ILGM
  • CropKing Seeds
  • MSNL
  • Herbies Seeds