Top 10+ Best feminized Seeds You Need 2024

Best feminized Seeds: Feminized cannabis seeds are the best if you want to shoot up the success rate of your weed cultivation journey.

Of course, feminized cannabis seeds will produce only female plants and yield more.

It is why growers love feminized seeds.

If you ask me which one is my favorite feminized seed, then it’s the white widow. Check it on ILGM.

So, in today’s guide, we will check out the 15 best-feminized seeds of 2024 that ensure you get the highest yield.

Let’s get straight into it:

Best Feminized Seeds Of 2024


Let’s have a look at this year’s best-feminized seeds:

#15. Agent Orange – For Experienced Growers

#15. Agent Orange Feminized Seeds – For Experienced Growers

THC: up to 19%

Effects: uplifting mood, energizing

Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks

Did you ever think of getting an energizing start to your day?

Have Agent Orange in your stash!

Originally bred by TGA Genetics between Jack The Ripper and Orange Velvet, Agent Orange is a sweet yet tangy flavored feminized strain that you can’t miss in 2022 to have.

Further, this mood-elevating feminized strain has all you need to kick start your day.

With up to 19% THC, get a euphoric buzz that will give you instant happiness and a mood boost.

Also, as you intake the first puff, intense aroma and sweet flavors will bless your taste buds. Thanks to the enriched terpenes.

The euphoric ride’s cheerfulness will give you the best weed experience ever.

However, growing Agent Orange might be tricky for novices.

Because Agent Orange is slightly sensitive to the diseases, only experienced hands can care for them, while novices might struggle to get the most out of it.

However, the best part is that Agent Orange flowers within just 8 to 9 weeks and produces immense yield to enjoy for several weeks.

With up to 19 ounces yield per plant outdoors and 16 ounces indoors, you get your invested time 100% worth it.

Therefore, if you are an experienced cannabis grower, you must have Agent Orange in your garden; it will give you one of the best smoking experiences.

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#14. Master Kush – High THC Feminized Seeds

#14. Master Kush Feminized Seeds – High THC Feminized Seeds

THC: up to 24%

Effects: an instant rush of euphoria, relaxed

Flowering Time: 7 to 9 weeks

You need a relaxing evening after working tirelessly all day.

It is where the Master Kush feminized seeds come into play.

The Master Kush marijuana seeds grow into beautiful flowers that fetch up to 18% THC content to deliver an uplifting high.

Smokers report that Master Kush delivers a firm high that bursts the stress and makes you relaxed at the end.

Coming to the flavor profile then, Master Kush possesses the classic taste of earthiness and a bit citrusy note that fills your mouth with joy after the exhale.

Further, the growing difficulty for the strain is moderate.

Therefore, even novice growers can make the most out of it if they do certain things right, like giving the right temperature during a crucial time and maintaining humidity.

However, if you grow these female plants well, it will reward you with high-yield marijuana buds. Up to 17 ounces yield is what you can expect from this beauty.

Additionally, the short flowering time of up to 9 weeks makes this beauty thrive fast and prepares for the harvest earlier.

Overall, Master Kush is for classic marijuana lovers who want to get marijuana seeds that deliver high yield, fast euphoria, and yields more to fill up all of their jars.

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#13. Green Crack – Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Stress

#13. Green Crack Feminized Seeds – Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Stress

THC: up to 22%

Effects: energetic, euphoric, stress-bursting

Flowering Time: up to 10 weeks

Stress is very common nowadays.

From the first date to the office cubicle, it is everywhere. Now, beat this stress with Green Crack!

The feminized cannabis seeds of Green Crack produce buds that are enriched with tasty terpenes that can make your taste buds dance and stress fade away.

On top of that, the THC content of up to 22% is enough to make any weed lover get on a euphoric roller-coaster ride.

Further, stoners report that it helps them retain focus and stay stress-free. However, it is a potent weed.

You can feel a rush of energetic high along with the mental buzz. Therefore, newbies better start slow with it.

Hence, with a great package of taste and high, Green Crack has become one of the best-feminized cannabis seeds on our list.

The fast feminized weed seeds of Green Crack allow you to get harvested within just 10 weeks, so you don’t have to wait for a longer time.

The yield is decent, and it will be worth investing your money and time.

One thing to be noted here is that Green Crack female plants are tall, so indoor growers are ready to showcase their skills while cultivating this beauty indoors.

And, if grown well, prepare for swimming in buds with up to 20 ounces yield.

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#12. Ak-47 – Easy To Grow Cannabis Seeds

#12. Ak-47 Feminized Seeds – Easy To Grow Cannabis Seeds

THC: up to 20%

Effects: euphoric, happy, relaxed, uplifted

Flowering Time: up to 9 weeks

Want an easy-to-grow strain?


Want one of the feminized cannabis strains that can give you a kick start for your weed cultivation journey?

Get Ak-47 feminized cannabis seeds.

Ak-47 marijuana seeds are one of the renowned cannabis seed strains among weed lovers.

Unlike the name, it is an easy cannabis strain that can fit any newbie grower’s skills.

If you grow this cannabis beauty well in a controlled environment, you get rewarded with up to 18 ounces of yield.

Additionally, the strain fetches a short flowering time of around 7 to 9 weeks. You can quickly get results if you provide this lady with the right climate conditions.

Ak-47 marijuana strain fetches an earthy, spicy aroma with a sweet taste. Therefore, once you taste this weed, you want more of it!

No doubt why this one of the popular feminized seeds has won several awards, including the Cannabis Cup.

Therefore, if you want the best cannabis seeds to start your weed gardening journey – Ak-47 female marijuana seeds can be the best companion to your garden.

However, this strain is a little sensitive to mold. Therefore, you need to take care of it during crucial stages of growth.

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#11. Pure Indica – 100% Indica Strain For Indica Lovers

#11. Pure Indica Feminized Seeds- 100% Indica Strain For Indica Lovers

THC: up to 19%

Effects: happy, relaxing

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Growing cannabis of Indica strain has its perks and benefits.

And, what else will be better to cultivate other than 100% Indica feminized weed strain?

Pure Indica strain produces short cannabis plants to fit in the limited space. Therefore, indoor cannabis growers love this beauty the most.

On top of that, the terpene of this beauty is excellent.

With an earthy, fruity, and sweet blend, you get one of the best puffing experiences ever.

The THC level in Pure Indica is around 20%, so the effects of this Indica beauty are strong.

As you puff it once, you get the instant rush of euphoria taking hold of your body to make you feel happy, giggly, and relaxed in the end.

Therefore, stoners report that Pure Indica may be beneficial for stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness symptoms.

The best part?

One of the best parts I loved the most with Pure Indica is that it produces compact feminized plants that perfectly fit into the limited space.

And, with a short flowering time of just 8 weeks, you get results faster. However, you get an average yield.

Therefore, if you want one of the 100% Indica feminized strains which can flower faster and yield decently, then you must try this Pure Indica weed from the ILGM seed bank.

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#10. Durban Poison – 100% Sativa Landrace Weed Strain

#10. Durban Poison Feminized Seeds – 100% Sativa Landrace Weed Strain

THC: up to 20%

Effects: uplifted, euphoric, sleepy, relaxed

Flowering Time: 7 to 9 weeks

Now, a strain for Sativa lovers.

Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa dominant weed strain from South Africa.

The feminized cannabis seeds of Durban Poison produce flowers that are potent enough to make anyone feel sleepy.

Also, the landrace genetics of this strain makes it a potent weed better reserved for experienced smokers.

With THC up to 20%, the female cannabis seeds of Durban Poison produce potent buds that can get you on a roller coaster ride of high with just one joint.

On top of that, the cheesy, sweet, and earthy flavor profile makes this strain delicious – and perfect for the evening sessions with your homies.

Make sure that you puff this weed in the later part of your day after finishing your work, as it can easily make you feel sleepy and lethargic.

Additionally, the effects of the Durban Poison may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

With that said, you can grow this beauty in under 9 weeks with the right climate conditions. It flowers quickly to produce up to 18 ounces of yield per plant.

However, it can grow indoors as well as outdoors.

Therefore, you can make this beauty thrive anywhere to produce desired results though it grows best in outdoor conditions when a bright sun is available.

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#9. Chocolope – A Chocolaty Strain

#9. Chocolope Feminized Seeds – A Chocolaty Strain

THC: around 20%

Effects: creative, energetic, happy, uplifted

Flowering Time: 10 weeks

Want a chocolatey marijuana strain?

Grow Chocolope feminized cannabis seeds.

Chocolope feminized marijuana strain has that delicious chocolaty and coffee-like flavor profile that attracts smokers the most.

However, you also get hints of sweet, vanilla, and spicy blend as you inhale the smoke of it.

Therefore, concerning chocolaty taste, Chocolope feminized cannabis seeds are the best to grow this time.

The best part?

Chocolope is an easy strain to grow.

That means even novice growers can make the most out of it.

With just 10 weeks of flowering time, prepare this tasty strain for the harvest. And the yield of this beauty is very high.

However, you must take care of this plant during the sensitive growth stages to protect against mildew and molds.

Further, apart from the taste and perfect growth profile, you get a high THC in this delicious weed.

Around 20% THC in this chocolatey weed is enough to make you feel uplifted, happy, energetic, and creative.

Even smokers report that Chocolope strain may be helpful in symptoms of stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Overall, the Chocolope feminized strain is one of the mouth-watering marijuana strains with a quick flowering time and high yields.

If you want a delicious strain to keep in your stash and puff any time you feel low, buy the feminized version of Chocolope right now!

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#8. Blue Dream – A Beautiful Feminized Strain

#8. Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds – A Beautiful Feminized Strain

THC: up to 21%

Effects: sedative, relaxing

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Do you want to grow female plants that can catch everyone’s eye?

Grow Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds!

This blue beauty has an appearance that catches everyone’s eye. With a bright green core and little blue hues, it makes every eye stick to it.

However, to grow Blue Dream and to get those little blue hues, you need to grow this marijuana strain in a controlled environment.

Also, the plant size of Blue Dream is tall, and therefore, it takes around 9 weeks to get ready for the harvest completely.

The yield of this feminized strain is very high (around 21 ounces per square meter).

Further, the Blue Dream is one of the feminized seed strains with a fruity berry and sweet taste.

Therefore, stoners into fruity weeds love Blue Dream.

Also, this top-shelf marijuana strain has been one of the most popular feminized cannabis seeds in 2022.

Coming to the effects, then Blue Dream is moderately potent.

The high it delivers is calming and relaxing; therefore, stoners even use this weed during the day.

However, the major catch is its taste, which gives an immense delicious taste while puffing.

In short, Blue Dream is one of the best-feminized cannabis seeds that packs beautiful taste and appearance with a high yield.

And, it is why Blue Dream must be your next strain in the cultivation project.

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#7. Candy Kush – Strain For Pain Relief

#7. Candy Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Strain For Pain Relief

THC: up to 18%

Effects: relaxed, uplifted, happy

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Candy Kush is one of the Indica dominant marijuana strains that can make your tiring evening bright. Thanks to its uplifting effects.

Candy Kush possesses around 18% THC level, which holds the potential to burst your all-day work stress and fly high into the sky.

Perfect for evening sessions, Candy Kush gives a relaxing high that all marijuana lovers love.

Stoners always keep Candy Kush in their stash for evening chill vibes with their homies.

Further, the female marijuana plants of this strain produce buds that have a delicious sweet berry taste.

You also get sweet and earthy undertones, which is perfect for some good smoking sessions.

When growing, the average plant size doesn’t bother you to make the feminized plants fit into the limited space.

Within 9 weeks of the flowering phase, get a high yield of up to 17 ounces per square meter.

However, Candy Kush is one of those feminized strains that love to grow indoors, and if you grow it in near-to-ideal grow conditions, then get ready to get more output from your garden.

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#6. Tropicana Cookies – A Unique Feminized Seed Strain

#6. Tropicana Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds – A Unique Feminized Seed Strain

THC: up to 20%

Effects: euphoric, happy, and uplifted

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

A cross between Tangie and legendary Girl Scout Cookies has resulted in Tropicana Cookies’ marijuana strain.

And, if you want to switch your focus mode, you might want to try Tropicana Cookies because this cannabis strain fetches a refreshing mental buzz that can burst the stress.

With around 20% THC content, Tropicana Cookies is something new on the table.

With one puff, it gives a mental buzz of refreshment and happy vibes.

You get more social, giggly, and focused. Therefore, it is perfect for projects in which you might have been procrastinating before.

Additionally, the taste profile of Tropicana Cookies aligns around the fruity side with little hints of something like a baked cookie.

Also, you can feel tones of pine and earthiness.

Due to its happy effects and mood-elevating taste, it is perfect when you are feeling low or not like working.

Coming to the cultivation profile of the strain, then it is beautiful. It thrives beautifully in similar Mediterranean climate conditions.

Also, it can thrive easily, even in indoor growing conditions.

The flowering phase lasts 7 to 10 weeks, depending on the climate.

And, if you provide this lady the full attention, get ready to swim in weed buds with up to 18 ounces per plant yield outdoors.

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#5. Critical Mass CBD – High CBD Feminized Seed Strain

#5. Critical Mass CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds – High CBD Feminized Seed Strain

THC: 8-9%

CBD: 8-9%

Effects: relaxed, happy

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Want 1:1 ratio marijuana strains?

Start with Critical Mass CBD.

Specially bred for the medical weed patients looking for high CBD content, Critical Mass CBD has around a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD that leads to perfect euphoric cum medicinal effects.

However, this marijuana strain is not completely out of THC cannabinoids. Rather, it has some THC, which may show its effects when puffed.

Although the effects are mostly happy and relaxing.

Therefore, stoners who don’t want an extreme weed love to puff this weed strain.

The best part?

Critical Mass CBD feminized cannabis seeds are perfect for growing indoors with around 8 weeks of the flowering phase.

Therefore, you can get quick results even while growing it indoors.

And, the average plant size will not bother you as much.

If you grow this beauty well, prepare to harvest around 14 to 17 ounces of yield per square meter.

Moreover, when puffed, Critical Mass CBD leaves an earthy, spicy, and sweet blend of taste and flavor on your mouth, which is just amazing.

In short, buy these high CBD feminized cannabis seeds if you want a THC-CBD combination in your next weed plant.

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#4. Sour Diesel – A Must-Try Feminized Strain

#4. Sour Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds – A Must-Try Feminized Strain

THC: up to 20%

Effects: energetic, euphoric

Flowering Time: 10 weeks

Do you want to feel a rush of energy as you puff a joint?

Also, do you want a classic sour and diesel weed flavored?

Puff Sour Diesel!

This must-try feminized seed strain is one of the popular choices among stoners for getting an energetic high of weed.

Don’t fall for around 20% THC; it is much stronger than that.

And above that, it delivers the classic diesel-like aroma and tastes that give you a unique taste of marijuana if you are not into ‘fruity’ weeds.

Therefore, once you puff Sour Diesel, you feel like flying high into cloud nine. Thanks to the strong euphoria.

While your taste buds dance on the notes of classic weed taste.

Further, if you Sour Diesel feminized cannabis seeds into the ground, they get ready for harvest in under 9 to 10 weeks. That means you don’t need to wait for long.

And, if you grow this lady carefully, it can make weed buds rain!

With around 16 ounces yield per square meter, these feminized cannabis seeds are worth growing more than regular marijuana seeds.

In short, Sour Diesel is for you if you are not into fruity weeds and want strong yet high-yield female cannabis seeds.

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#3. G13 – A Strong Feminized Strain

#3. G13 Feminized Cannabis Seeds – A Strong Feminized Strain

THC: up to 24%

Effects: relaxed, sleepy, hungry, and euphoric

Flowering Time: 11 weeks

Stoners love extreme potency.

And, G13 cannabis seeds are the seeds that can make you taste how the ‘high’ potency feels.

With an unknown origin, G13 feminized cannabis seeds produce strong female plants. The buds produced are potent, filled with terpenes, and contain high THC content of up to 24%.

That said, G13 is reserved for experienced stoners pushing their THC tolerance limits.

However, try this potent weed at your risk because it can make you feel stuck in one place if you are sensitive to high THC.

Above that, the earthy, herbal, spicy aroma and taste profile deliver a perfect puffing session.

Due to its potency, you can use G13 for sleeplessness, chronic pain, and anxiety. However, get a medical prescription before using any weed for your medical condition.

Further, grow G13 feminized cannabis seeds easily without expert skills as it thrives easily in most climate conditions.

Within 11 weeks of flowering, G13 gets ready to produce a ‘high’ yield. And, with average plant height, it should fit even in limited space.

Overall, the G13 strain is for those stoners who want to buy feminized cannabis seeds of extreme potency. Novice smokers should avoid this potent weed or start slow while puffing.

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#2. Zkittlez – The Runner Up

#2. Zkittlez Feminized Cannabis Seeds – The Runner Up

THC: up to 23%

Effects: euphoric, uplifted, sleepy, and relaxed

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Most stoners run after the taste once they get the perfect THC content in a weed.

And, what if you can get both?

Zkittlez marijuana seeds can make you achieve both – the perfect mouth-blessing taste and a powerful high.

The bonus part: it produces a high yield!

With Indica and Sativa genetics (70% Indica, 30% Sativa), Zkittlez remains one of the most popular feminized seeds.

Thanks to the perfect features that it packs in itself.

Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds can produce female plants that produce weed buds of extreme potency with up to 23% THC content.

Once puffed, get ready to be shot into another galaxy where you will swim over the pleasure ocean while watching your stress and anxiety fade away.

On top of that, the Fruity and peppery taste gives you one of the best weed tastes on your tongue.

Even due to potency, medical marijuana patients seek help from this marijuana strain for the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, cultivating Zkittlez is easy and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the strain has a short flowering time of around 9 weeks.

If grown well, Zkittlez can produce up to 13 ounces of yield indoors and up to 17 ounces outdoors.

Overall, get Zkittlez feminized marijuana seeds if you love the fruity taste, powerful high, and a yield that gives you stock of several weeks’ smoke sessions.

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#1. White Widow – Editor’s Choice

#1. White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Editor’s Choice

THC: up to 19%

Effects: euphoric, happy, relaxed, and uplifted

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

If you ask me for the #1 feminized marijuana seed strain in 2024, then I would name – it the legendary White Widow.

The perfectly balanced features of this cannabis strain make it a perfect choice for anyone from novice to pro-cannabis growers.

White Widow is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that fetches around 20% THC to deliver a powerful high.

Most stoners report feeling a powerful punch of euphoria like never before.

On top of that, the terpene profile of White Widow gives you a mouth-watering taste of an earthy, herbal, and sweet blend of taste.

It is why even medical marijuana patients opt for White Widow for various medical symptoms like chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Furthermore, White Widow is an easy-to-grow strain. It can be grown in most climates and even with beginner cultivation skills.

Whether you grow White Widow indoors or outdoors, you get this beauty ready in 9 weeks of flowering time with around 18 ounces of yield per square meter.

It is why it is overall one of the best-feminized cannabis seeds of 2024.

No doubt, this strain has claimed the prestigious Cannabis Cup award.

Overall, from the 1990s to 2022, the popularity of White Widow has remained the same among weed lovers.

Therefore, it is why no weed growing journey completes without growing White Widow. Hence, treated as one of the best-feminized marijuana seeds.

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FAQs About Feminized Cannabis Seeds

What are the highest yielding feminized seeds?

White Widow is one of the highest-yielding feminized cannabis seeds. It can thrive indoors and outdoors as well.
The outdoor plants of White Widow can produce buds up to 21 ounces per plant, while indoors, it produces up to 18 ounces. Hence, White Widow can make weed buds rain.

Are feminized seeds better than autoflower seeds?

If you are looking for only female cannabis plants to enhance the yield of your garden, then, yes, feminized cannabis seeds are better than autoflower seeds.
However, growing cannabis plants with autoflower seeds have its perks.

What is a fast feminized seed?

Fast feminized cannabis seeds are weed seeds that have a quick flowering phase. They can flower in a short space of time.
Therefore, growers with limited space opt for fast feminized cannabis seeds to achieve results.

Is it worth buying feminized seeds?

100% – if you are looking for only female cannabis plants in your garden and don’t want the male plants.
Especially if you are a grower on a large scale, then feminized marijuana seeds are your best companion.

Can feminized cannabis seeds turn into male plants?

There is little chance that a feminized seed will turn into a male plant, as most of the plants that feminized cannabis seeds produce are females.

Get Your Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

Every grower wants to grow only female cannabis seeds and avoid male plants for maximum output.

Also, feminized seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors or thrive even by manipulating the light cycle in different conditions.

Therefore, you now know the 15 best-feminized marijuana seeds that result much better than any other marijuana strain.

Hence, it is your turn now. Go and start growing cannabis with these only female cannabis seeds.

Make sure to buy these seeds from high-quality sources like ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana), Botany Farms, and Crop King Seeds.

Even you can read our guide on choosing the best seed banks that ship to the USA in 2024.

Happy Growing!

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