Top 10+ Best Pollen Press Of 2024

Are you looking for the top-rated and high-quality pollen press? Explore this fantastic rundown on the best pollen press of 2024.

Smoking marijuana turns out to be the most popular method to get high. When you grow your favorite strains, you want to make the best out of every yield.

After grinding your weed, you might wonder about what to do with your ground herb or kief that gathers in the grinder screen. So, let’s understand how a pollen press facilitates us to convert that fine resin residue into a solid disc of trichomes.

Pollen Press: What is it and What Does it Do?


To crush the buds, most users prefer using a grinder. Plus, when you use a grinder with a screen, it makes it easy for you to collect leftover trichomes.

While many beginners wonder what to do with those valuable trichomes, experienced stoners collect them until they gather a decent amount of loose materials. Why? Because that leftover cannabis kief can be used to make something beautiful— hash puck (or pellet or coin)

Hashish is a valuable form of cannabis that can make you incredibly high. When you press the dried resin of cannabis flowers long and strong enough, the pressed trichomes turn into a coin-shaped cake called hashish pucks.

If you want to make your stash of hash, you need to use a pollen press tool. Pollen press is a simple tool. You can fill your raw cannabis into the press tube, apply pressure, keep it pressed for some time, and your pie of kief hash is ready to use.

Are you getting tempted to make your pucks out of your weed leftovers? Have a glance at the review of the top 11 best pollen press in the market.

Top 11 Best Pollen Press 2024 Reviews

The best pollen presses of 2024 are reviewed and rated here. Do you wish to make excellent kief discs from your weed pollen? I have prepared this exclusive guide after hours of research comparing different models.

#11 – Dulytek Hammer Pre-Press Pollen – Impressive Quality & Quick Cleanup

Dulytek® Hammer Style pollen press is the most delicate piece of tool to make pucks. The pollen is wholly made up of stainless steel material. You can buy this product in two sizes:

  • Large (22mm diameter and 5g material)
  • X-Large (30mm diameter and 7g material)

The rosin pressing in this pollen is effortless, and the filter bag blowouts are minimal to get you better yields.

Apart from that, the food-grade steel ensures that your hash will not have any harmful content in it. Surprisingly, you will also receive a wooden dowel and a plastic funnel that can be used to fill the herb of push the coin out of the chamber.

It’s a small but valuable purchase that you can carry around anywhere you go. Many users have given this puck press positive ratings. Overall, this pollen press tool is worth a try.

#10 – Metal Kief Press – Compact Stainless Steel Kief Press

It’s another excellent steel kief press in our rundown. As the brand claims, you can make your loose leaf marijuana into hash coins faster and way more effectively.

The flat cap press has enough pressure ratio inside a good-length piston to make hash cakes. However, clean your tool after each lot of 10 pucks you make.

The steel pollen press can convert the cannabis leftovers from a herb grinder into 1.5-inch hash pellets. Moreover, you can also use the piston to store hash pucks for a long time.

On top of that, rest assured that the kief you get will contend terpenes and cannabinoids to get you pure taste and effects. Finally, you can also have your name or logo on the device if you ask for it.

#9 – PollenMaster 150 – Trim Your Flowers, Leaves, & Stems Quickly

PollenMaster is a popular name in the pollen press industry for quality material, 1-year warranty, and made in USA products. Most pollen presses work manually with bags, water, or ice, but not this one.

You can simply load your leaves, flowers, and stems into the chamber, and the motor will take 15 minutes to get you ultimate quality sticky hash pellets. The pollen machine works on 110V and 3A.

Besides, you will get a 150 micron (regular) screen with this model. However, you can surf the website and purchase Fine (125mc) and coarse (185mc) screens.

Along with your purchase, you will get an instruction manual. Convert your loose leaf cannabis into better hash pucks with this automatic pollen press.

Luckily, this brand sells many high-quality things like pre-cut and pre-folded parchment paper made in the USA. The parchment paper is grease-proof paper.

Furthermore, PollenMaster-150 is the smallest pollen press, and you can also buy other PollenMaster’s models that are 500, 1500, and 4500. Overall, the brand is reputable, and you can never go wrong with any of these pollen presses.

#8 – Jack Puck Press 2 Ton Round – Make 4″x6″ Brick With 8 Ton Hydraulic Jack 

Do you feel like hash pucks are kiddish and want to go for something bigger? The Jack Puck brick press is your go-to option.

Jack Puck is a renowned name in the market that crafts the best pollen press out there. This 2-ton round brick press makes a 2.75″ diameter puck from your ground loose-leaf marijuana.

First of all, it’s an innovative press tool. It comes with a dismountable mold. Besides, you can warm up the material in the oven to improve the efficacy.

Apart from that, the 2-ton hydraulic jack in this brick press is lightweight. Plus, the 4.5″x 4.5″x 11.5″ dimension makes it easy for you to carry it around.

Furthermore, handle pollen press with ease as the round shape also helps you maintain and clean the press without any fuss. You can easily remove stuck pellets from the chamber.

The brand offers same-day dispatch and 2-day shipping time to Oregon, California, and Washington.

Overall, it’s one of the best pollen presses in the market, and you can buy it without second thoughts to make high-quality pucks.

#7 – Magnetic Pollen Press H Handle – Customizable Compression With Magnetic Fasteners

The Magnetic Pollen Press with an H-shaped handle is another great contestant in our review of the best pollen press. It comes with four thermoplastic dowels of different sizes. Therefore, it will be easy for stoners to customize the compression.

The convenience of two 4″ handles makes it easy to press. On top of that, the magnetic handles make sure that the grip remains firm.

The impressive thing about this pollen press is the magnetic handles that help you patting, pushing, and opening either side effortlessly.

You can use an oil-soaked cloth or paper towel to clean the machine after each use. Further, this tool includes two aluminum end caps with magnets and an aluminum barrel made from a CNC machine.

Finally, the feature of two handles is the top perk of this press. It’s one of the only hash makers that comes with two magnetic handles. Get this tool right away and make an excellent solid block for your fun sessions.

#6 – G-Leaf 5.5″ T Press Tool – Heavy Duty Pollen Press

G-Leaf is a famous company in the field of manufacturing robust pollen press. A precision CNC machine is used to make this T-bar pollen press. On that note, it’s different from other pollen presses.

First of all, the diameter of this pollen press is 1.6 inches. Plus, the height of this tool is 5 inches. Further, this press comes with a Tincture Cap.

The heavy-duty metal brass cylinder of this pollen presser also looks stunning and robust. This T-bar pollen press works significantly to convert your plant material into a great press hash.

Moreover, you can use lubricating oil to get the best output of your pucks. However, make sure to run the machine a few times and clean it well before the first time use. Overall, it’s the finest T-press tool on a budget.

#5 – Eco Farm Rosin Press KP1 – Lightweight Heat Press Machine

The Eco Farm Rosin Press machine is a revolutionary press machine that includes double-heating solid aluminum plates.

Apart from that, this pollen press has a temperature controller situated at the front side of the press. And yes, a convenient handle is also available to add the portability perk.

The pressing force of this tool is up to 4 tons. Plus, you can increase the temperature by up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat press machine is very convenient and lightweight to carry as it weighs only 9.5kg. On top of that, you will have various Voltage options (120v-240v) and plug outlet options (USA, UK, AU, EU).

Handle pollen press conveniently as the KP-1 model of Eco Farm comes with functional tools like a hot pressing table, a handle, a temperature control table, and a pressure relief valve.

Just wrap your flowers in baking paper, place them on a heating plate, squeeze the plates with a handle, wait for oil, and get your paste using the collection tool. It’s that easy!

#4 – Pollen Press Aluminum “T-Press” Handle – Easy to Use Aluminum Pollen

Many pollen press tools are hard to use, but not this one. It’s a premium pollen press made with high-grade aluminum. The easy-to-use T-bar shaft works well with a single dowel.

You can effortlessly insert the dowel into the press to simply press your kief to make pucks. The height of this pollen press is 5-inch, and the diameter is 1 inch.

Furthermore, this aluminum pollen press with one T-press handle is a convenient tool to compress plant material and make rock-solid pucks.

Along with that, this pollen press by Green Goddess Supply is worth every penny if you want to make high-quality hash pellets from cannabis raw material.

Finally, The compressed kief by a T-bar design hand press makes the finest flat object. Besides, it’s available at an affordable price too.

#3 – RosinBomb Rocket Rosin Press – Powerful, Affordable, & Fully Electronic

Compress unrefined hash with this fully electric resin press that’s made from solid stainless steel. This machine offers 100% solventless extraction.

Moreover, this convenient stainless steel pollen press has numerous benefits. First of all, it comes with state-of-the-art innovative technology. Plus, the small size impresses me much as you can carry it around easily.

Further, this machine can apply 1500 lbs of pressure. Impressively, the operation is quiet to use, and you won’t hear any sound. Besides, the height of this press is 10 inches, and its weight is 13 pounds.

You can press up to 5 grams of herb using this straightforward electronic tool. All you need to do is just press a few buttons, and the kief press will make top-quality rosin.

The portability, durability, and effectiveness of this press are rock-solid nonetheless. Your marijuana stash’s shelf life will remain high even after you apply pressure to it.

#2 – Kannastör Kief Press – Aluminum Pollen Press for Making Two Discs at a Time

The Kannastor Kief Press is crafted from 61/60 Anodized Food Grade Aluminum. It’s my favorite cheapest kief press among all models.

The one thing I love about this kief press is that it comes with a triple dowel system. Consequently, it allows us to make two discs at once!

The heat tolerance of this kief press is 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can use this tool endlessly without having to bother about its quality.

Use the pin plate insert on the end caps to handle the kief press with ease to make it work. Then, fix the end cap at the tube’s bottom, fill your kief, insert the 2nd pin, and fix the 2nd cap.

After that, turn both caps simultaneously, keep your herb inside it for 8 hours, and open the caps and extract your puck.

This press is available in two sizes: 14mm and 19mm.

In addition, you can also choose the color of the end caps that come in silver and matte black. Plus, the food-grade aluminum allows you to keep the quality of your botanical extracts intact.

#1 – Grindhouse Stainless Steel Pollen T-Press – Editor’s Choice for Fantastic Hash

Grindhouse T-press is my top pick in this pollen press review. It’s a stainless steel pollen press for durability and quality.

This kief press tool is a quick and convenient tool to convert your pollen into top-class hash coins. Even though this robust press is made out of steel, it is heat-resistant.

This T-style press comes in three sizes:

  • Small (6-inch and 16mm diameter)
  • Medium (6 inches and 42mm diameter)
  • Large (6.25 inches and 42mm diameter)

To use, fill the cylinder with your pollen and press the rod to make a hash puck.

This Grindhouse T-press stainless steel pollen is made to last longer. Grab this super easy pollen press now and convert your loose hash into potent pucks.

Grindhouse is famous for offering high-grade equipment. On that note, this Grindhouse hammer style press is one of the best, durable, and portable pollen presses in the market.

How to Make Hash With Pollen Presses?

You can make top-quality hashish by various methods. But we will talk about how to use a pollen press to make hash coins.

It’s effortless and safe to use these tools, so you don’t need to worry about other complex methods. This guide will show you how to make hashish with a pollen press in 5 easy steps.

Step-1: Gather trichomes or leftover materials from your herb grinder —

When you grind your herb, the leftover cannabis materials will be there at the bottom. You can collect that to convert it into hashish coins.

Step-2: Assemble a pollen press —

You may have a T-bar press, H-handle press, or any other tool you need to assemble before the first use. For that, you need to remove an end cap and a pin to fill the herb.

Step-3: Fill the pollen chamber with raw material —

Fill the same amount of raw marijuana material into the pollen tube mentioned in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. You can use a plastic knife, a dowel, or anything useful to fill the pollen chamber.

Step-4: Apply pressure with end caps —

Use a pollen press by applying the pressure by an end cap. You can also use a wrench but do it carefully as it might damage the pollen.

Step-5: Wait for some time, and your hash puck is ready —

After pressing the material in the kief press tube, wait for 6-8 hours as specified by the press manufacturers. Meanwhile, you can lose pressure and apply more pressure again after every 2 hours to get the best kief coin.

That’s it!

Making hashish cakes is as easy as grinding buds. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. Depending on the manual and hydraulic form of presses, there might be different processes to push and pull the caps. Finally, you can take the puck out by using a collector if it comes with the kit.

The Bottom Line on Pollen Press:

This review of the best pollen press in the market reveals some of the best tools to furnish top-class pellets. Order your favorite pollen press that suits your requirements and convenience.

Pollen presses come in various sizes and features. If you need small coins, you can use portable and pocket-friendly presses. However, you can also go for professional-grade presses if you want hash bricks.

Finally, it’s equally essential to store your pucks in a cool place where sunlight can’t reach them. Try any of these kief press tools and see how it works for you.

FAQs on Pollen Press:

What is a pollen press? 

A pollen press is a small tool that is used to compress weed buds or kief to make hard coin-shaped hashish disks (or pucks/pellets). Pollens are made with heavy-duty materials, and they work by hydronic technology or by applying manual pressure. 

How to use a pollen press to make a hash puck?

When you gather trichomes from cannabis plants after grinding your buds, you can collect that stash, fill into a main hollow outer chamber, and press it to make a solid block of kief. It’s easy to convert your potent powdery tiny resin glands into solid pucks. 

How should I choose the perfect pollen press?

It’s essential to check the quality parameters of a pollen press you want to buy. You can go for stainless steel design or a heavy-duty aluminum body. Plus, hammer press, electric, and hydraulic form pollen pressers are available for different techniques.

Other features can also be helpful, like a portable ashtray, air cushion or air pockets, grip bar, rubber mallet, and overall machinery and control conditions.

Besides, you need to choose between manually pressing and hydraulic technology for pressing. Finally, check the dimension and amount of weed you can press at a time. Some presses make a 5-inch brick while some furnish a slim coin of kief.

What can I do with kief?

You can use kief (or hash after pressing) to sprinkle it on your blunts or bowl, make high-potency moonrocks, or add it into your bowl of cannabutter or other edibles. Many hardcore stoners prefer to smoke the kief disc or use it orally. Not just it, you can do a lot more than that to make good use of it. 

What is the function of a pollen press?

A kief press, also known as a pollen press, is a device used to compress the powdered trichomes (small, hair-like projections from the flower bud) of cannabis (or another medicinal plant) flower called kief or pollen, into a solid “hashish” or “hash.”

Is there CBD in kief?

The cannabis plant is coated with sticky glands called trichomes, which contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other chemicals. When these trichomes dry and fall off the plant, they make kief. Kief is often darker than trichomes, varying from gold to brown.

Should I use the bubble hash?

A prepress is a great way to help fill the bag’s interior uniformly and minimize gaps between the bubble hash and the rosin bag’s borders. After you’ve worked the bag with your hands, use a prepress mold to compact the material even more and ensure it’s uniformly distributed throughout the rosin bag.

Is the hash smelly?

 Hashish is a highly concentrated distilled version of marijuana. The cannabis plant’s crushed resin is used to make Hashish. Hashish smoke has an earthy flavor with undertones of flames and ash, comparable to marijuana smoke.

What exactly is a raw pollen press?

The Raw 3-Piece Pollen Press makes it simple to produce discs from your favorite herbs. The firm cake produces a heavenly vapor that you won’t soon forget. Raw used aircraft-grade aluminum to manufacture their game-changing press. The inside plugs are made of a composite material.

Is it preferable to smoke hash or bud?

When compared to marijuana, the hash is more solid and concentrated. It has pretty high THC levels. Therefore it depends on your taste.

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