10 Reason Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

If you’re NOT one of the people who constantly give reasons out on why marijuana should be legal, we’ve prepared an article that would outline certain factors affecting it. When we say “legal,” we mean the recreational type of legal with varying rules and conditions. Taking it into perspective, many people oppose the legalization of

Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

The never-ending debate about why marijuana should be illegal has fueled the anger of users, as well as people who believe in it versus those who want it to be listed as illicit. But have you ever considered its impact to the economy? How do you think it can help the government out? Before we

What Is PPFD For Flowering?

What Is PPFD For Flowering

Whenever you buy grow lights for your plants, you must have come across terms like PPFD, PAR, DLI, and Wattage. These are the terms that you need to understand carefully. Otherwise, you may have poor-quality grow lights, leading to average yield and poor growth of the plants overall. So, what is it exactly, PPFD? And

Over Ripe Buds – When To Harvest Perfectly Ripe Buds?

Over Ripe Buds_When To Harvest Perfectly Ripe Buds

You grow cannabis buds for these two things: But before you can enjoy a mouth-watering taste and get ready to ride the weed’s roller-coaster high ride, you need to harvest your cannabis plants at a perfect time. The perfect time is when they have peaked their cannabinoids, potency, and flavonoids. Let me explain: You need

How Much Does A Weed Plant Yield Indoor?

How Much Does A Weed Plant Yield Indoor

No one can exactly say how much a cannabis plant will yield! But here’s the catch: You can estimate this. However, the right answer to this question: how much cannabis plants will yield indoors depends on numerous factors. Therefore, it is the reason that you can’t exactly predict how much you can harvest with indoor

Rust Spots On Leaves During Flowering [Causes And Fixes]

Rust Spots On Leaves During Flowering

Do your cannabis plant’s leaves have a rust color? Are you observing something unusual with your cannabis plant? Then it may be something serious! If you spot rust color on your cannabis plant, it indicates that you must do something to save them. However, there could be single or multiple reasons for having rust spots

11 Reasons Your Cannabis Leaves Curling Up [Get Instant Solution!]

11 Reasons Your Cannabis Leaves Curling Up

Some of the most common causes for the curling or clawing of cannabis leaves are overwatering, nitrogen toxicity, temperature, bad soil, etc. But mostly, newbies find it hard to diagnose. Cannabis leaf curling is an issue that can occur to anyone growing it, irrespective of expertise. Therefore, cannabis leaves curling, or “the claw,” is one

How to put out a blunt and Save it later

How to put out a blunt and Save it later

Being a weeder, you must master the skill – How to put out a blunt correctly and saving it for later. There are several easy methods that you can learn through this blog and make your joint reusable. Believe me! This 10 minutes investment in this article can save you a huge sum of money.

Can you smoke wet weed? 4 Easy Methods to dry your weed

smoke wet weed

Nothing is more heavenly than whiffing a few puffs of your favorite weed after a long tiring day. But wet weed can ruin your enjoyment. How can you smoke wet weed? Is there any way to do so? Or methods to dry wet weed? All you can find in this blog. Let’s agree! Smoking wet

How much weed does one plant yield? How to maximize yield?

How much weed does one plant yield

Does every grower want to know how much weed one plant yields? Especially if you have just now started growing marijuana plants. We would say that it depends on various factors. Do you want to know all about growing weed plants and their yields? Spend a few minutes with this worthy read! Cannabis grower has