Best Cannabis Social Networks Worth Your Time in 2024

In recent days, Cannabis has gotten legal status in many regions, and different countries around the globe. There’s nothing unexpected that there has been a blast of cannabis-themed social networks on the internet. 

best cannabis social networks on the internet

As there is a significant number of cannabis-related businesses opening up each day, they have been going to specific cannabis business social networks to advance their brands, strains, and products and to connect to potential customers and partners. 

Sadly, there is still a disgrace associated with cannabis use and its business because the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has placed marijuana in a ‘Schedule 1 drug’ category. It’s the reason why individuals and organizations have developed specific online social networks, platforms, and communities where individuals who love marijuana and where individuals in the cannabis business can connect openly without limitations or restrictions. 

Best Cannabis Social Networks in 2024


Even though the cannabis business has seen some significant headway in the last couple of years, it’s still a long way from getting acknowledged by massive social media networks, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Many social media organizations avoid Cannabis because of its confusing legal status in the market. In some parts of the USA and Europe, it is legal for clinical and recreational purposes. In different locales, it’s a prohibited substance. Subsequently, the leading social media platforms limit cannabis substances to shield themselves from legal issues. 

Cannabis social networks are and will keep on going. It’s the leading safe spot for weed lovers and brands to distribute content and socialize. These platforms help cannabis enthusiasts learn more about the plant and the business, and they assist businesses with connecting with more potential clients. 

If you are looking to advance your own cannabis business, or are searching for contacts with trustworthy business owners, the best spot to explore is the specific online social networks for Cannabis.

Here are the Top 10 Online Best Cannabis Social Networks in 2024 for newbie users as well as for growers, vendors, and business owners. 

#1 – 420 Magazine

As 420 Magazine was initially a website for a magazine, there’s a forum section where you can socialize with cannabis business people. Because it’s very well known, there’s a great deal of considerable activity going on here. Along with that, you can also ask your queries and get solutions from experts. 

Here’s the official website:

You’ll find sheets of cannabis growth methodologies and conversations. And because Cannabis is firmly linked with politics nowadays, there is a great deal of political talk about weed here. Thus, policies, new laws, and regulations are the primary points on this network. 

It’s an old-school printing outlet for various media, but it has an online approach as well with an available forum area that functions as a social media network. Head here to participate in some actual point by point conversation about growing methods and techniques. 

It’s also a spot where you can dive into political conversations about weed, remembering for the most recent legalizations, laws, regulations, and policies that may influence your business or your enjoyment. With thousands of dynamic individuals, you ought to have the option to get questions replied and make some great connections. 

Although these forums at the renowned 420 Magazine are not, in fact, a social network as we probably are aware of it, this community is perhaps the ideal way for cannabis lovers and cannabis business owners to connect. 

The forum remembers a broad scope of points and conversations for different issues in which the thousands of enrolled and dynamic individuals take an interest every day. 

Subjects are extending from growing, utilizing, conversations of different strains, to policies, and legal issues identified with Cannabis. 

Although this is a magazine website, its forums are a superb open door for cannabis businesses to connect to potential clients and vice versa. 

#2 – MJLink

MJLink has more than 3 million users each month! It connects business owners and Cannabis social media lovers with each other.

Who shows up on MJLink? It is another site for experts, so we hope to make connections with merchants, advertisers, growers, lawyers, product makers, and a broad scope of different cannabis business people. 

Here’s the official website:

Regardless of how you’re connected to the cannabis business expertly, this social network is quickly turning out to be one where you need to have a nearness. 

When you make a profile, you’re ready for networking through videos, news feeds, and directory index listing. The couple of WeedLife and MJLink also claims the HempTalk forum, to expand its boundary much further. 

MJLink is one of the newest specific cannabis business social networks and registries. It is fundamentally the same as LinkedIn and is explicitly planned for business owners and experts in the marijuana business. 

MJLink is an extraordinary way to connect to different cannabis experts, including makers, growers, vendors, dealers, and legal advisors. 

It’s the cannabis social network for a business that everyone in the business of Cannabis should join. Not just will you have the option to connect to potential clients, but you will also have the opportunity to connect to others in the business.

MJLink has a partnership with WeedLife, and together the two cannabis social networks pull in over 3 million users each month. It is a genuine number when it comes to marijuana enthusiasts and businesses. 

Besides, it is alright for all cannabis business owners who had been rejected sign-up at Google or Facebook. So, it’s helpful for those who need to publicize their products to a focused crowd. 

#3 – GrassCity Forum

It’s one of the oldest Cannabis social networks on the internet. The platform has started in 2000 and now contains over 650K+ traffic, more than 20 million posts, and above 2 million impressions each month! 

Isn’t it an enormous amount of traffic to socialize!?

At first, it started as an online marijuana forum for marijuana growers, but it has expanded exponentially into an entire goliath marijuana social forum on the web. At this moment, you’ll find everything that cannabis enthusiasts couldn’t want anything more than to talk about from legalization, growing marijuana, utilization strategies, and drifting cannabis news. 

Here’s the official website:

Besides, you’ll find local dispensaries recorded on the forum. You’re never going to pass up anything in the Grasscity forum. With the strings to “tokin tools,” it’s an ideal platform to join. 

Grasscity forum is an enthusiastic platform where similarly invested people meet up to share ideas and information. 

If you’ve been taking Cannabis and taking part in online conversations for any time, odds are you’ve presumably unearthed this forum. It is one of the oldest cannabis social media networks on the web. 

Special Attraction of GrassCity Forum

The forum has a staple of everything identified with Cannabis. There is a long time of conversations, connections, and knowledge here. 

It at first began as an online forum where marijuana growers can learn from one another. Here, individuals can learn about the best-growing methods, read Cannabis grow guides, and simply get first-rate information about the weed growing procedure. 

However, with cannabis’ growing notoriety, the forum has added more highlights and areas to suit the ever-broadening topic. It has predominantly made it one of the most significant cannabis forums on the web. 

At this moment, you’ll find everything from growing information to legalization forms/data to utilization techniques and day by day news things on Cannabis. And if you’re searching for a local dispensary, it may be on this forum. Simply look at the local dispensary area for whatever you need.

#4 – CannaSos

These days, it’s one of the fastest-growing cannabis social networks on the internet. As it’s useful for private users and businesses, the website includes a noteworthy library of cannabis strains, products, and reviews. 

CannaSOS is also a spot where you can find FAQs about weed and new companions. They have a quickly growing community of marijuana users hoping to connect on the web. You can join gatherings and connect with experts in specific subjects. 

Here’s the official website:

As of this moment, CannaSOS scores more than 400,000 absolute guests from month to month, and they have an enormous number of devotees on their social media channels. The best thing about this cannabis business social network is that you can review database with thousands of cannabis strains with insights concerning every assortment, cannabinoid proportions, effects, aromas, and more. 

With more than 400,000 month to month guests, this social media network is an incredible spot for the module. One of the huge draws at CannaSOS is its database that gives far-reaching information on actually thousands of cannabis strains and concentrates, total with the data you’re searching for about THC substance and more. One can also use the data for social media showcasing on its internal presentation network. 

You can also connect with experts in the cannabis business to get questions replied on specialty subjects about growing and selling. Notwithstanding this data, CannaSOS is also an extraordinary way to find reviews for cannabis products. 

5 – High There 

If smoking pot is a fundamental factor of a satisfaction for you, go for High There for exciting information. 

Great connections regularly share a ton of general interests. There are a ton of new apps and websites that opened up on this concept. High-There is an app that has utilized this knowledge and applied it. High-There permits smokers to connect over a common interest, and perhaps a date. 

Here’s the official website:

Along with the standard inquiries around age, sex, and sexual inclination, High-There’s sign-up process also asks a progression of issues identified with smoking pot. These incorporate “how would you like to expend marijuana?” and “how is your vitality level on marijuana?”. You can also top off your other energizing activities.

High-There profiles ask for an email, so you don’t have to have a Facebook profile. Each time you use the app, you can pick what you want to do, visiting, remaining in, or going out. It can assist you with coordinating individuals who are interested in a similar sort of interaction as you are.

What makes people love HIGH-THERE?

High-There has many users that all share one interest in smoking weed. For a generally new app, there is a great deal of assortment in the users, and you don’t come up short on alternatives. A large portion of the users appear to be quite youthful, but that may be the factor from an app that is identified with weed. 

The selling purpose of the app is how it has made a social event space for a broadly shared interest. It tends to be frightening to go out on the town and not know how that individual feels about smoking pot. High-There ensures that you just connect with individuals who share this interest and can wipe out, in any event, one awkward and cumbersome piece of dating. 

High-There doesn’t constrain the utilization of a Facebook profile. You can utilize any name and picture you use. It permits you to remain unknown, but it also permits individuals to imagine they are somebody else. High-There empowers users to message different users without greeting. It allows you to make somebody notice you with a fast joke, but it also could mean a ton of unwanted messages from individuals. 

#6 – Duby

Once upon a time when Cannabis was illegal everywhere, Duby began as a social media platform where it was ok for weed lovers to post and connect without agonizing over getting in a tough situation. 

Here’s the official website:

Presently it has transformed from an online forum to an app that connects a vast number of cannabis fans. With a bit of Instagram and Tinder, it got the spotlight in numerous predominant press. 

We know that animation, graphics, stories, and videos make it simple for users to socialize, connect, and find relevant interests. And while Duby’s not that much essential as a business social network, there are a lot of chances for cannabis-themed businesses to advertise their products and connect with customers. 

For any individual who smokes, tokes, or adores marijuana, this is the best social network platform. It’s an app that is accessible on both the android and iOS platforms. 

In this way, check the Google Play Store and Apple Store for the app. Making an account on the platform isn’t working at present. But, you will still have the option to connect with different users by utilizing the app. 

Specialty of Duby

And if you’re hoping to date a kindred smoker or user, this is an incredible app to find them. It’s a blend of Twitter, Tinder, and Instagram. Just, it’s for canna lovers. 

It is the reason you’ll find a wide range of activities like videos and stories. You can also query users through their photos and choose if you like them or not. For profiles you need, simply click “put out.” 

And for those you don’t, simply click “pass.” The truth is, although it’s a genuinely vast social network with a tolerable number of users, it still needs some work. But, if you need an incredible social networking app for cannabis users, this is where to check. 

#7 – LeafWire

The expert vibe of this cannabis business network is what has many contrasting it with LinkedIn. One of its essential objectives is to connect investors to cannabis-related businesses, consequently assisting with prodding the growth of this $25 billion industry. If you’re a business owner searching for investors — or vice versa — LeafWire needs to connect you. 

Here’s the official website:

Until as of late, it has been difficult for cannabis-related businesses to draw in speculation interest, in part of because of the disgrace and related vulnerability connected to the market. 

As legalization spreads and that disgrace blurs, numerous potential investors understand the growth capability of the business — but they don’t have the foggiest idea of how to connect to companies searching for financing. LeafWire makes that connection. 

Besides, like LinkedIn, LeafWire helps the cannabis business bosses find qualified representatives. It fills in as a networking center to get callings the field together to examine patterns, procedures, and the most recent news in both the clinical and recreational marijuana specialties. 

Social chatter isn’t the objective at LeafWire with the goal that new users can enlist just as licensed investors or as experts in the business. Those searching for work can make a beeline for the LeafWire commercial center to list their services.

#8 – WeedLife

WeedLife network has just been around since 2013 but as a segment of the WeedLife Network. The network contains over 40 different websites. However, this platform is worth enrolling for some of the best Cannabis social experience. Through its news feed, you can explore the most recent info from weed-related businesses. You can also explore other users’ photos and videos and connect with other individuals in conversation forums. 

Here’s the official website:

With fan pages, social media showcasing abilities and gatherings permit weed fans in connecting over shared interests. WeedLife gives social media networking principally to shoppers, but increasing quantities of businesses are showing up there because that is where the clients are. You’ll need to pick between an individual and a business profile before you begin. 

Business users can elevate their products and list their dispensaries in its catalog. You can also tout your most recent promotions. 

The website is user-accommodating, as is the versatile app, which permits cannabis users to connect with locals and find close by dispensaries when they’re voyaging. 

WeedLife gives social networking essentially to shoppers, but increasing quantities of businesses are showing up there because that is where the clients are. You’ll need to pick between an individual and a business profile before you begin. Business users are permitted to elevate their products and to list their dispensaries in the WeedLife index. You can also tout your most recent promotions. 

The website is user-friendly, as is the versatile app. It permits users to connect with locals and find close by dispensaries. 


It is one of the first cannabis-based social networks, which started in 2013. Its prominence snowballed, as marijuana enthusiasts spread the news to their companions and in different forums. 

Here’s the official website:

Today, the MassRoots website and portable app have over a million connected users. It makes it the ideal social media to find new clients if you are in the cannabis business. 

On this platform, users can rate the product and review the medias such as videos, photos, and other content. Users can also post their reviews on various Marijuana strains and products. It’s an online platform where weed lovers can find the best-controlled dispensaries in a specific zone. 

It also has all the information regarding Cannabis. You can find details on growing, different strains, the newest products, and any info classified with it. 

The users can rate and review the wide assortment of strains recorded on the forum. It is a fantastic way for businesses to advance their new and best strains. 

It is perhaps the best platform for businesses to list the dispensaries. Also, it assists with investigating the examination of clients and check the commitment of the users. 

What makes it an exceptional platform?

The organization behind MassRoots is mulling over expanding it into a blockchain, and use Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. Aside from the digital currency, users can win film tickets, celebration passages, and different honors with the rewards earned from their online purchases. 

MassRoots has an exceptional understanding of the security. It’s the reason may users are registering on the platform throughout the globe. 

MassRoots, one of the first and proceeding with useful apps, helped Apple alter its perspective. Planning to support the legalization of Cannabis, it advances the financial, wellbeing, and social advantages of marijuana use. The app tries to manufacture a community that engages buyers and suppliers. They will likely “build up the main innovation for buyers and businesses in the rising cannabis industry.” 

Freely claimed, MassRoots offers a platform for users to post about their understanding and different preferences. Individuals can suggest strains and dispensaries.


Smoke Network is the premier decentralized cannabis social network. It utilizes the power of the blockchain technology. The makers of built up this network. They had increased more than 500,000 fans on Facebook. Nevertheless, the page was suspended for no reason. 

Here’s the official website:

It is what incited the owners of the organization to go to blockchain and find support to advance their business. As the leading social media platform fueled on the blockchain, Smoke Network has a ton to live up. The group behind Smoke Network isn’t new to this. 

The Smoke Network’s users can post and utilize their profiles with no control or limitations. It has a significant effect in the USA, where Cannabis is legal in the District of Columbia and 29 states. However, it is still viewed as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA, alongside heroin and LSD.

The website offers digital currency named Smoke Coins for the cooperation of its users as a component of the prizes pool. It is shared among the dynamic members. 

It is also a spot where businesses can unreservedly connect to their clients. They can publicize and advance their products regardless of whether they are for clinical or for recreational use. 

For what reason do you need Cannabis Socialism? 

Weed has always been a shared experience. As a prevented material, users sometimes gather in the shadows. As it’s relatively uncommon and costly, they pass the information around confidentially. And as we know that it’s a psychedelic, effective, and enhanced experience, the pot-smokers would need someone to listen to their fantasy stories!

Social media is governed and fueled by the people that is trying to make marijuana legal. These ten hot and trendy cannabis social networks are driving innovations to help cannabis’ social world. 

You might be searching for a cannabis business contacts or a social network for it. Moreover, you may need to make more close-to-home connections. As anyone might expect, more than a couple of cannabis-specific social networks have grown up. Subsequently, to help those in the cannabis business and others connect both expertly and socially. 

Final Verdict 

In this dynamic post for Cannabis lovers, we have discussed the top 10 best cannabis social networks online for businesses and individuals. 

Individuals love connecting with similarly fueled people on the web. Its what has made the possibility of the ‘ Cannabis Social Network.’ There are thousands of new social networks springing up each day, so they have been getting more and more attention over time. 

There are currently a few mainstream cannabis social networks that permit you to connect with individual users, growers, cannabis authorities, vendors, people in the cannabis business, and similarly interested people. 

Regardless of whether you are in a Cannabis business hoping to showcase your seeds’ portfolio, or a pot-smoker hoping to join a community, these are probably the best social networks for marijuana enthusiasts to share, care, explore, and enjoy Online Socialism over Cannabis.

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