Is Weed Legal in Missouri?

I know that you have at least once asked, is weed legal in Missouri? The Show-Me State is one of the most common and most popular states in the country, and that’s why it’s just right to know whether marijuana or cannabis is allowed in it or not! 

Like many other states, Missouri’s cannabis journey has actually been one hell of a roller-coaster ride, and that’s what we’ll be discussing here! We will find out whether Missouri is one of those 420-friendly states for your own and other people’s safety, too! 

Missouri’s State-Level Cannabis Journey 


Missouri’s State-Level Cannabis Journey

It’s an understatement to say that Missouri’s decision as regards cannabis has greatly been influenced by other states – because it has gone through ups and downs! Like its sister and brother-states, Missouri underwent complete and total changes with its cannabis allowance and legalization

So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and check up on the MO cannabis timeline! 

Partial Decriminalization 

Out of the many states in the country, Missouri was just part of the few that had a partial decriminalization in 2014. In case you’re unsure what this means, partial decriminalization was an act that reduced penalties for a few cannabis offenses, particularly jail time for the first-time offenders of up to 10 grams. 

Via the Senate Bill (SB) 491, the penalties and fines have been greatly reduced. Furthermore, this helped eliminate the probation or ban for third-time drug felony convictions. 

This, however, received a few criticizations and has not taken effect until the year 2017. 

NOTE: Just because penalties and fines have been reduced does not mean that it was totally decriminalized. The possession of small amounts of cannabis was still treated as a misdemeanor. 

Legalization of CBD Oil 

Legalization of CBD Oil

In the same year SB 491 was enacted, CBD Oil has also been legalized. House Bill (HB) 2238 or the Missouri Medical Marijuana Bill was signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon. This was the act that fully legalized the use of cannabidiol or CBD oil in treating and curing seizures. 

What this legislation puts in place is the Department of Agriculture to cultivate and grow hemp for research and development purposes, as well as allow extracts to treat and cure a particular set of people diagnosed with epilepsy. 

The year after, in February 2015, Missouri issued several licenses to two (2) non-profit organizations to grow and cultivate the specific cannabis products that would be the primary plant where oil can be extracted from. 

Those were the roots of marijuana in MO. In case you’re looking for the traces of medical and recreational cannabis legalization, we’ll now discuss it below! 

Legal Or Not: Is Weed Legal in Missouri? 

We will now get to the question you’ve all been itching to have answers to – and we promise not to give you insufficient information about it! For you to have a better and clearer understanding of it, let’s discuss it in a separate way – we’ll tackle medical cannabis and recreational cannabis side-by-side! 

Medical Cannabis 

The legalization of medical cannabis in the Show-Me State started and was initiated back in 2018 when the Amendment 2 received approved votes of 66%. According to this measure, the state shall allow the use and consumption of medical marijuana to qualified and authorized patients. 

Amendment 2 allowed qualified medical marijuana patients to grow and cultivate a total of six (6) plants in their household and buy a particular amount of cannabis per month.  The amount shall be determined by state regulators and the occupying physician, which will typically be at least four (4) ounces. 

While this was the case, the official start of the sales of medical cannabis in Missouri started on the 17th of October 2020, allowing 192 licensed dispensaries to be operational. 

Recreational Cannabis 

Recreational Cannabis

That’s it for medical cannabis – but, what about recreational? Would residents and consumers be able to purchase cannabis in Missouri even if they don’t have a medical marijuana card? 

Good news – on the 9th of August 2022, Jay Ashcroft, which is the Secretary of the State, made the announcement that by November of last year, an initiative ballot would be released, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in the state. 

Known and designated as Amendment 3, the initiative talks about how recreational cannabis will be accepted and legalized in MO. Although retail licenses will be approved by the 6th of February 2023 the earliest, residents and consumers in the state can look forward do this date! 

What’s Allowed in Missouri’s Recreational Cannabis 

Like other states, the Show-Me State has a few different regulations in line for the consumers and users to abide by when it comes to consuming, possessing, and cultivating cannabis. 

  • Only adults who are 21 years old and above are allowed to purchase 
  • A maximum of three (3) ounces of cannabis will be allowed 
  • Cultivation will be allowed but only for a maximum of six (6) flowering cannabis plants and six non-flowering plants (six (6) clones are allowed for people, but they would have to pay an annual fee of $100)
  • A tax of 3% will be imposed by the government for funds 
  • A 6% sales tax will be imposed by the licensed dispensaries in Missouri 
  • Tax revenue division between providing substance abuse treatment, healthcare for veterans, funding the public defender system, and expunging cannabis-related non-violent offenses 

These are the laws and regulations set in place by the government when the legalization of Missouri takes a full turn next month. 

Fees, Offenses, and Penalties of Cannabis in Missouri 

Fees, Offenses, and Penalties of Cannabis in Missouri

It is imperative to note that the official sales and distribution of recreational cannabis by dispensaries will be allowed on the 3rd of February. Therefore, whoever has cannabis today would still be ineligible for it. 

In addition, Missouri also has a set of laws about possession, cultivation, and sales or delivery (distribution) of cannabis in the state. These will be for people who would fail to abide by the given standard by the state. 

Cannabis Possession 

Offense or Amount of Marijuana Penalty ImprisonmentMaximum Fine 
3 oz and less (12/8/22)No PenaltyNo ImprisonmentNo Fine 
10 grams or less (first offense)MisdemeanorNo Imprisonment$500
10 grams or less (second offense)Misdemeanor1 year$2,000
10 grams or more up to 35 gramsMisdemeanor1 year$2,000
35 grams or more up to 30 kilograms Felony7 years$10,000

Sale or Delivery 

The sale or delivery refers to the exchange of marijuana products with something that has value (e.g., unlicensed selling or distribution of cannabis) 

Offense or Amount of Marijuana Penalty ImprisonmentMaximum Fine 
35 grams or lessFelony4 years$10,000
35 grams to 30 kilogramsFelony3 years to 10 years$10,000
Selling or distributing to a minorFelony3 years to 15 yearsTwice the profit
Distribution near school, recreational park or public housingFelony10 years to 30 years or lifeTwice the profit


Lastly, cultivation or growing refers to the act of growing cannabis plants within your household or within a private property that you own. Like in many other states, Missouri allows consumers to plant up to six (6) matured plants in every household but anything over that will ensue to fines and penalties

Offense or Amount of Marijuana Penalty ImprisonmentMaximum Fine 
35 grams or lessFelony4 years$10,000
35 grams to 30 kilogramsFelony3 years to 10 years$10,000
Distribution near school, recreational park or public housingFelony10 years to 30 years or lifeTwice the profit

These are the corresponding fines, penalties, and offenses that you could possibly have if you do not abide by the laws and regulations set by the state. 


Feel like you still have a ton of questions? Don’t worry – we got you! We’ve listed some of the most asked questions about Missouri’s state-level cannabis rules and regulations so you don’t have to! 

Is It Legal to Smoke Weed in Missouri? 

As of writing, it is still illegal to carry, consume, and possess marijuana in the state as recreational sales will begin and commence on February 2023 the earliest. 

Does Missouri Have Recreational Dispensaries? 

Not yet. The sales of recreational marijuana in the state will start on the 6th of February 2023. 

How Much Weed Can You Have in Missouri Without a Medical Card? 

Since December 8th of 2022, Missouri residents and consumers will be allowed to possess and carry up to three (3) ounces of marijuana. However, being caught with one before the start of the official sales day may still result in fees and penalties. 

Final Thoughts 

So, do you now have an answer to the question, is weed legal in Missouri? Are you now satisfied with what you’ve learned about the Show-Me State’s cannabis perspective? Knowing and understanding a state’s laws is imperative as it can make or break your stay in the state. 

Who wants to get arrested for having cannabis while you’re on a vacation, right? 

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