Top 10 Innovative Cannabis Products in 2024

When it comes to marijuana, as a cannabis connoisseur, the biggest question isn’t whether the business is growing, but which cannabis products are growing the fastest. Don’t worry! We have collected a list of our top 10 innovative cannabis products for you to help you make a better choice.

While we understand the fact that smoking isn’t for everyone, you no longer have to be bothered about the odor of marijuana or inhaling smoke!

There are now actually hundreds of products having cannabis, and with the enormous stream of new products that are hitting the shelves every now and then, you may say we are pretty spoiled for the option at the moment!

So whether you like getting high with some marijuana edibles or availing from CBD’s potent qualities in soap and bath liquids – you can get ample of cannabis-infused ANYTHING in 2024 !

In our top 10 innovative cannabis products list, we are going to take a look at the variety of each product that you can get your hands on this calendar year!

Each category of the products listed below has several other options to choose from.

Let’s explore this world of marijuana!

Vista [Crimson/Gray] Vaping Pen


Top 10 Cannabis ProductsVista is one of the most attractive oil vaping pens you can buy. With the all-new Vista series vape pen battery, sleek, and elegant design, This is the pen you might be craving for.

Vista vaping pen debuts with many latest design factors that you’ve come to anticipate from Vessel.

A larger, high-quality battery rules this collection. It highlights a uniquely designed, sweeping collar that not only gives the necessary protection for the cartridge but required visibility to what’s inside.

It is also available in Black, Teal/Seafoam, Crimson/Gray, and Olive/Gray color combinations. Get yours NOW!


  • A guarded, cartridge drop-in design
  • Suits most 510 thread cartridges (included cartridge is non-functional and for marketing purposes only)
  • Driven by a high-quality 320mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core
  • 3-LEDs showing the battery life and control settings
  • Three power or voltage settings (Low 2.8V, Medium 3.2V, High 3.6V)
  • Cooperative with Base Charger and Rover Cases

Tranquil – CBD Vape Juice

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsGet ready for your taste buds to pop with the smacks of summer all year round and your Endocannabinoid system in superior condition with Tranquil by Savage CBD.

While the title may be Zen-like, this flavor blast will keep your tongue dancing for days on end as it brings touches of the tropics to your Cannabidiol regimen.

CBD vape juice has been one of the most pleasant ways of using CBD on the go. Tranquil is the less pricey way to visit the beach. Infused with mangos, coconuts, and blood orange, this is the tropical vape you have been anticipating to try!

Tranquil by Savage CBD is accessible in 3 different sizes 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg, and it’s 100% THC free. Each 30ml glass bottle comes with an easy-to-use pipette to make loading your tank as smooth as an island breeze.


  • High-quality, premium product
  • Third-party lab tested and responsibly sourced product
  • Savage CBD has been highlighted by Buzzfeed, Forbes, Yahoo, etc.
  • Free shipping on the orders throughout the USA
  • GMO-free product

DaVinci Miqcro

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsWith the MIQCRO, DaVinci has taken the loose weed vaporizer to the next level. The smallest premium vaporizer around, the DaVinci Miqro delivers quality vaping with you anywhere you go.

The DaVinci Miqcro is a tiny, sleek, and advanced loose leaf vaporizer made to fit your lifestyle. The brand offers all of the essence, quality, and accuracy that DaVinci is known for into the tiniest premium vaporizer on the market today. 

The Miqcro is an ideal choice for the micro-doser or light user.

Raise your bar even higher with Miqcro! Everything you want is included inside your package. You can get more out of your Miqcro with its extra accessories.

Here is what they offer you for your new “HIGH”: USB Charging Cable, Accessory Kit, Extended Mouthpiece, MIQRO Glove, Grinder Coin, Carry Can XL, Extra 18350 Battery, Carrying Case.


  • Fully digital temperature control
  • On-demand Boost Mode
  • 100% ceramic zirconia airpath and chamber
  • Replaceable 18350 battery
  • Precision modes for specific temperature heating
  • Pre Programmed Smart Path cycles
  • Adjustable oven size 
  • Superior flavor and vapor production

Make & Mary Rosemary Lavender Roll-on CBD Oil

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsHeadaches, cramps, and joint problems can harmfully affect your daily wellness. With this aromatic Roll-On, available in rosemary lavender and turmeric ginger flavors, Make & Mary’s calming peaceful formula elevates wellness through full-spectrum CBD.

Rosemary is an outstanding brain and nerve tonic and arouses, while lavender stabilizes and relaxes the senses. This blend helps to relieve arthritic strain, headaches, and muscle soreness while having a comforting and soothing effect on your body.

Keep this handy CBD roll-on in your purse to enjoy this soothing combination of organic rosemary and lavender with the favorable traits of CBD oil and skin-loving Vitamin E on the go.

The combined benefit of 150 MG of Full Spectrum CBD extracts helps in reducing inflammation, tension, stress, headache, and joint pains.


  • Contains no THC
  • 10 mL black UV glass bottle with rollerball
  • For topical use only (do not ingest)
  • Vegan and Leaping Bunny certified
  • Made with hemp and natural all-organic aromatics
  • Independently third-party tested product

Brewbudz Sativa Infused Garden of Eden Black Tea Pods

Your morning just got a whole lot delicious!

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsCannabiniers offers Brewbudz, the world’s first Flower-Based-Edible produced in a registered 100% compostable single-brew pod. Cannabis users can now feel their favorite coffee & tea, infused with cannabis, offering the same great flavor and comfort of a single-brew product in an environmentally beneficial platform.

Their 100% compostable pod is compatible with all K-Cup® and K-Cup® 2.0 style brewers and is meant to return to the land – not a landfill.

Once brewed, Brewbudz gives a cannabis-infused drink that is virtually absent of weed smell and taste while giving the entourage effect in a secure, natural, lifestyle integrated way, signifying a healthy choice.

Brewbudz offers a high-quality beverage experience that blends rapid onset with sustained delivery, absent of any visible marijuana usage signs.

Because of its unique features, it has secured the place in our top 10 innovative cannabis products!


  • Indica and Sativa based sections
  • 100% compostable single-brew pod
  • No unpleasant smell

Mission Farms CBD Joint and Muscle Gels

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsThe CBD Joint and Muscle Gel by Mission Farms offers the one-two punch of quick relief from the icy-hot feeling followed by a lasting decline in discomfort and inflammation from our full-spectrum CBD.

Whether you are a sportsman looking for fast retrieval from your workouts, an average-joe wishing to reduce normal aches and discomforts, or grown-up seeking aid from arthritis’s pain and inflammation — this Joint and Muscle Gel will turn your pain into peace!

The cooling impact of the gel desensitizes your nerves then the warming effect eases your muscles. The award-winning, full-spectrum CBD then comes in the picture, easing discomfort and inflammation for hours to come.

It is is available in 3 sizes as following:

  1. 4 oz. Jar with 300mg CBD
  2. 4 oz. Pump Bottle with 300mg CBD
  3. 8 oz. Pump Bottle with 600mg CBD

The key ingredients that ease your nerves include Peppermint, Whole Hemp Extract, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Grapefruit Peel, Spearmint, and Pine Needle Essential Oil, and many other essentials.

Levo II Oil Infuser

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsMake infusing easy and simple with the Levo II, the perfect product for infusing oil and butter with everything from fruits to herbs. The Levo II will be a welcome bonus to your kitchen counter with connectivity to the LEVO app, three separate cycles, and safe dishwasher parts.

This unique product will make your infusion process smooth with an abundance of enhanced features and innovative new technology. Now you can make herbs with the comfort with a new Dry and Activate cycles, enabling you to discover the full potency of your herbal ingredients before you infuse.

We think Levo is an absolute must-have. Why? The reason is simple – you can utilize it for just about any recipe out there. If you’re tossing a party for your buddies, you can make some cannabis pasta, weed brownies, or a cannabis pie in minutes!


  • 3 Settings, 1 Machine: Dry and Activate herbs before you Infuse
  • Wifi connectivity with the LEVO app makes it easy to set your infusions and monitor progress
  • The new ceramic coated, slanted reservoir
  • Power Pod included along with our re-engineered silicone stirrer
  • No solvents, additives, or emulsifiers needed
  • Complete control over your ingredients & strength
  • The steeping method doesn’t aerate ingredients, increasing shelf life

Leaf Plug and Plant Grow System

The moderate regulations on marijuana haven’t stopped innovation!

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsLeaf, a TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Battlefield organization, is commencing the revolution with its automatic “Plug N’ Plant” home growing system. This product is a 4′ x 2′ box that will implement two plants, which will produce between 4-5 ounces of cannabis.

The Leaf is much more than merely a mini grow house. The system will control everything that your plants require to grow, including light, ventilation, nutrient levels, and pH of the soil.

You can control and monitor the process on your mobile phone with a live stream camera without worrying about the growth of your plants.


  • App-controlled door lock
  • Odor preventing active carbon filter
  • Five-part LEAF nutrient line
  • Air temperature and humidity control
  • Water temperature control
  • Water tank pump for easy water extraction + filling
  • City water + sewage connection for automatic water tank changes (optional)

Lean Green Wizard Cone Filling Machine

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsThe Lean Green Wizard™ is a robust and mean cone filling machine that lets you pack pre-rolls without touching anything. The innovative 4-piece grinder and movable loading tray offer secure transfer and loading of your favorite legal smoking weed. 

The wizard stands tall over all other cone loaders; none of the other cone-filling machines out there in the cannabis market can match the durability and simplicity of the Lean Green Wizard™ package.

So, elevate your pre-roll routine and experience the magical powers of the LGW!

How to work with LGW:

Grind it
Place the bud into the top of the premium grinder, then use the detachable screen/basket to transfer your freshly ground weed.

Load it
Inject your preferred brand of the pre-rolled cone. One side of the stand is for one 1/4″, and the other side is for king size cones.

Pack it
After securely putting the removable top-loading tray back on the stand, use the funnel and the wand to load and pack the empty cone.

Twist it and enjoy it!


  • Comes with high-quality four-piece grinder
  • Fits one ¼ “or king-size pre-rolled cones
  • Adjustable loading tray with funnel
  • Manufactured from engineering-grade plastic
  • Wand included for easy filling & packing
  • Reusable foam insert box for storage

Futurola Super Shredder

Top 10 Cannabis ProductsDesigned for speed and competence, the Futurola Super Shredder is capable of shredding through and separating the stems from three pounds of cannabis in just seven seconds!

Isn’t it amazing?

This product is designed with a plexiglass lid with a magnetic closure to guard the product inside the shredder. This high-performance commercial pot grinder is made from food-grade stainless steel, making it effortless to clean and maintain.

A detachable pin permits flower loading into the pot grinder quickly and easily, and the Plexiglas lid keeps your flower safe with its built-in magnetic closure. This weed shredder even highlights a digital timer, making it comfortable to track your pre-rolled joint output.


  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital timer
  • Food-grade stainless steel #304 barrel
  • Plexiglas lid with magnetic closure
  • Removable pin for loading + unloading

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Top 10 Cannabis ProductsWeedmaps is your guide to the weed world. Find and examine products and brands, and locate dispensaries, deliveries, deals, and doctors near you. You can also learn about marijuana news and stay up-to-date with the latest business and cultural news.

Last Thoughts

Marijuana is making quite a lot of waves across many industries the world over. Many more nations are in the process of legalizing its usage. Therefore, business growth in this industry is inevitable. However, regulation is eminent to avoid inadequate business systems, manage its use, and collect government taxes. 

While some of the above-listed products will indeed leave you feeling a bit buzzy and euphoric, others have been invented simply to help relieve the pains and stresses of everyday life.

So whatever your case is, with the medicinal advantages of marijuana being potent in all of them, we feel these distinct products are no doubt some of the most attractive new alternatives out there on the market right now!

Make sure you have a word with your doctor before using any cannabis-infused beauty and skincare products or cannabis edibles.

We hope our top ten innovative cannabis products list will be useful when you think of experimenting with something unique related to cannabis next time!

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