8 Bulk MOM Canada 2023

The cannabis industry is filled with jargon, but do you know what Bulk MoM Canada means? Knowing and understanding some of these industry-specific terms and terminologies is key to getting the best weed deals you can!

Today, I will not only discuss what bulk MoM Canada means, but I’ll also give you a glimpse of the best places where you can buy weed online wholesale!

If you ask me about the most reliable and the best bulk MOM in Canada, it’s West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary.

In years of being an enthusiast of a wide range of cannabis products, West Coast Cannabis has been my strongest and best option regarding bulk orders of everything cannabis-related. They have an awesome lineup that you’ll surely be thrilled to check out, too!

What Does MoM Mean?


Unless you’ve been deeply immersed in the cannabis industry, you’ll have a full idea of what an MoM is. MoM, short for Mail Order Marijuana, is the type of marijuana or cannabis ordering service where the products are displayed, ordered, and delivered, all using the website of the dispensary in Canada.

In other words, MoM is an online service of cannabis products, where you don’t have to set foot outside your home to buy weed.

Bulk Weed (MoMs) vs. Regular MoMs

During the start, when mail-order marijuana had been popping in, and out of the market, online dispensaries offered retail cannabis products to customers. What this meant was a few products at a time.

To cite a concrete example, customers can place an order for retailed bulk concentrates, CBD oil, as well as different strains for a good price. Over time, this transformed into a whole new different level of selling — they started selling wholesale cannabis.

The primary difference between Bulk MoM Canada from regular MoM Canada would be the quantity of weed and cannabis.

Wholesale or bulk MoM businesses usually grow their own weed out and seldom purchase from other sellers. Regular MoMs, on the other hand, get most, if not all, of their weed from sellers or other wholesale dispensary producers.

What Makes a Good Bulk MoM in Canada?

There are a couple of factors that make a good online dispensary or a good wholesale or bulk MoM in particular. Now, you could be seeing all these weed deals in the market, but what exactly are the things you should consider before you buy bulk weed online?

Rates and Prices

Let us not be hypocrites and admit that part of the priorities we try and look for when choosing a shop or a boutique is the price. Generally, bulk dispensaries would have cheaper rates and prices than regular MoMs and dispensaries.

However, there is still competition in the field and industry of wholesale dispensaries. So try to look for great deals on different quantities — not just like the first option that pops in mind or that you see.

Customer Service

In every industry, customer service is a serious business. Many BC bud direct wholesalers and distributors offer exceptionally good pricing for their products but don’t have good quality customer service.

There are times when the cheapest option you have for choosing is not the best bulk MoM to consider.

NOTE: You can test their customer service by checking and seeing whether their operators or representatives respond urgently and properly.

Mix Match Discounts

Just because it’s called “bulk weed” doesn’t mean that all products you need to purchase are the same. In fact, you can get a mix match of various products that are in the same category.

For instance, you can get and purchase a combination of different AAAA strains and/or hybrid strains from bulk MoMs, so long as they’re offering it!

Product Quality

Of course, lastly, the best bulk MoM service would have exceptional product quality under their belts. You can’t tag a wholesale dispensary in Canada as “one of the best” if the quality of their products is far lower and weaker than the average.

Besides wholesale pricing, all these other factors make up whether your serious hard-earned money will go to the wholesaler that can give you the best value or not.

8 Best Bulk MoM Canada

You’ll have different stores and shops for your bulk options in the country. And while many industry experts have their own take on it, here are the bulk online dispensaries I consider the best!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

If there is a G.O.A.T in the wholesale dispensary league, I must say that it’s West Coast Cannabis. You’ll be able to find a ton of other wholesale dispensaries out in the market, but you’ll definitely love doing business with West Coast Cannabis.

Their bulk weed is sufficient and is actually easy to get and acquire. West coast Cannabis is an online dispensary that can be your go-to for retail and wholesale weed supply.

You can mix match packs and orders, so you can be versatile and flexible on the strains you can try!

They have a ton of options, both for bulk ounces, wholesale pricing, and even other cannabis and hemp-derived products and accessories.


  • Their wholesale dispensary prices can extremely give value to your money
  • They have some of the best and premium quality weed you can buy online
  • Their delivery is not limited to a single province in Canada; they operate nationwide


  • The payment methods they have are limited
  • Shipping and packaging aren’t insured — they claim that they wouldn’t be liable
  • They do not have stealth shipping

The Grow House Online: Runner-Up

The Grow House

Coming in at 2nd place is The Grow House Online Dispensary, and whenever I am in need of medical marijuana, this online dispensary in Canada is to the rescue.

Claiming and labeling themselves as a “trusted source,” The Grow House Online Dispensary is one of the best wholesale dispensaries because of varying factors, such as their take on some of the lowest prices, quality of service and products, and the vast selection of cannabis-related and derived products they have and offer.

All their products are grown, nurtured, and cultivated in British Columbia, including some of their indica-dominant hybrid strains and concentrates.


  • One of the best bulk MoMs because they offer FREE delivery for orders above $150 (For your first purchase ONLY)
  • You can purchase products half a pound, full pound, and even quarter pounds
  • They have premium-quality strains and buds that are high-quality and extremely potent


  • Their customer service quality is not that great
  • Payment options and methods are also limited

Haute Health: Best Bulk MoM That Offers Cheap Ounces

Haute Health

If what you’re after are exceptionally cheap ounces — I’m talking about rates reaching up to 50% off, Haute Health is the perfect online dispensary of wholesale marijuana for you.

For both retail and wholesale buyers, Haute Health is offering extensive loyalty and VIP programs to help you get and capture the best deals possible!

Get a free coupon code for your entire order on cannabis sold by the gram, shatter, concentrates, and other variations of weed in either bulk or wholesale!

Enjoy your mix-match of products for a half-ounce, a quarter pound, a half pound, or whatever measurement you need at the best and most valuable rates and prices!


  • Their website is easy to navigate and browse through
  • They have a comprehensive FAQ page for all questions and concerns you might have
  • You won’t have a shortage of discounts — you can get a promo code for most of your orders
  • All of the product photos in their menu are real and are taken using a professional camera


  • Compared to other bulk dispensary services, Haute Health’s price range is slightly above average
  • They have wholesale BC bud offers but only in particular cities in the province, unlike other online dispensaries that have flexible and versatile ranges

BudLyft: Best AAAA Weed Bulk


BudLyft is one of the pioneers of wholesale mail-order marijuana in Canada. In fact, they were originally a blog (magazine type) dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts.

Over time, they transfigured and became an online dispensary with a lot of different products and offers to choose from.

I consider them the best bulk MoM company as they’re able to provide high-quality BC bud, cheap BC bud, as well as other hemp and cannabis-derived products like hash, edibles, oils, and many others!

Get bulk weed without experiencing a headache in terms of quality, packaging, prices, and delivery.


  • Their website is straightforward and has been ranked high by Chronic Beaver in terms of AAAA weed
  • They have a daily coupon code or freebie for specific orders (retail and wholesale)
  • BudLyft is scattered all throughout Canada, and you can purchase from them wherever you are


  • To get free delivery, your order needs to be $149+
  • Their customer service is only available until 9:00 PM EST
  • Most of their quarter pounds (QP) cost a bit more than other bulk weed providers in the country

The Canna Society: Competitive Weed Deals

Canna Society

The Canna Society is the most innovative and most interactive online dispensary Canada ever. Releasing reward programs like earning $15 for each review, getting exclusive deals for half a pound, QP, or other bulk purchases, and many more!

During the early months of me being a cannabis enthusiast, I never really considered them as a website I would consider a “go-to,” simply because of their offers. Over the years, though, I learned that most of what they offer, especially in buying bulk weed, are those that offer the best value.

I was able to get largely enticing deals on half-pound, quarter-pound, and even full-pound orders, a mix-match of a wide variety of items and strains, as well as other products and accessories!


  • They offer some of the newest and highest-quality and highest value of homegrown BC bud
  • They are equipped with highly-experienced and knowledgeable operators
  • The Canna Society is able to offer phenomenal weed deals by the pound


  • Their cut-off time for same-day delivery is 10 AM EST, which is pretty early compared to other weed dispensaries
  • The payment methods they’re accepting, and practicing are limited

The High Club: Excellent Customer Service

Quality in every aspect is what The High Club is all about. They’re known and considered by many enthusiasts and experts as their go-to for bulk (usually a half-pound) orders because of their intricate attention to detail.

This online dispensary is so skilled and experienced that they’ll help you choose products according to the effects and potency you’re looking for!

Akin to all other online dispensary options you have, The High Club has a full range of strains, products, and accessories you can choose from.

You won’t be able to find another online dispensary as qualified, sophisticated, and yet cheap and affordable as them.


  • They have regular promos, discounts, and gift cards available to their buyers and clients
  • The High Club is in close partnerships with licensed and authenticated growers in and out of BC
  • Their customer service team is legitimately knowledgeable about what they’re selling and offering


  • There are counterfeit and fake websites of The High Club, offering cheaper rates for half-pound orders and products — always check if it’s TheHighClub.biz
  • They do not have a live chat option, and you’ll have to get in touch with them via email

CannaWholesalers: Best Dispensary Offering Wholesale BC


From their name alone, you’d already know that they are focused on wholesale top-shelf cannabis sativa, indica, as well as hybrid strains.

Being one of the biggest wholesale dispensary shops and options with 80+ production and cultivation facilities, you can expect to get the finest cannabis you can get in Canada without the need to set foot outside your home.

Should you need half a pound of AA to AAAA cannabis, quarter pounds, or even in particular ounces, CannaWholesalers is ready to give you superb quality of the cannabis you are looking for!


  • They have vast product options ranging from
  • All orders above $149 have FREE shipping
  • Excellent customer service, and all operators are skilled and knowledgeable


  • They have same-day delivery, but only in a few selected areas
  • Website delay is common since a lot of people are accessing and purchasing from them

Low Price Bud Direct: Best Bulk Weed Deals

Low Price Bud

There’s no other wholesale dispensary with many offers other than Low Price Bud. Instead, they’re comprised of a team that has 15+ years of experience in the cannabis industry, guaranteeing excellence in terms of guiding and navigating you through the best bulk options you can get.

Low Price Bud Co is a company that has a ton of offers from bulk concentrates, edibles, vapes, pens, capsules, extracts, and many more!

Indulge in fast shipping, get AAAA strains in large quantities without regretting the prices you paid for them!


  • You can get extensively low rates and prices even for high-quality AAAA weed and strains
  • They have vapes, pre-rolls, and edibles, along with different bundle deals too
  • Same-day delivery in a vast area across the entire country


  • There are instances where the tracking number you’ll be given would not show up on the tracker
  • They have, and they offer more products wholesale compared to retail — they’re not the perfect retail or regular MoM

Cross-check it if you want, but you’ll also find some feedback about these shops on Chronic Beaver, and you’ll find the same insights about them!


Should you still have a few missing pieces for your questions to be answered, here are a few of the most-asked questions about bulk dispensary services in Canada.

Is Buying Weed Online Legal in Canada?

Yes, the selling, distributing, and purchasing of weed and other cannabis-derived products have been legalized in Canada. Whether it is for recreational or medical uses, you can order and buy weed online.

Are There Dispensaries That Sell Pounds?

Yes, in the cannabis market, you’ll find quality cannabis sold in a number of options and large quantities. However, the most common would be in half pounds, multiple ounces, and often, a quarter pound.

The Bottom Line

You could be shuffling through many different shops, stores, and dispensaries, but could you get to where you can get the best bulk MoM? Canada is a big place, and nowadays, it’s getting a lot easier to buy weed online.

Get premium wholesale cannabis without burning a hole through your pocket!

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