Top 7 Best Weed Delivery Oshawa In 2024

Weed Delivery Oshawa: If you are looking for weed delivery in Oshawa and cannot get the best online dispensary listings for some reason, this guide is the perfect fit for you! Over the years of living in the country, I found the best cannabis dispensaries with different types of offers.

So, in this guide, I will be more than happy to help you by listing down the best weed delivery service in Oshawa.

Out of all the different options, you can buy weed online; West Coast Cannabis is the best weed shop I consider. Besides the fact that they operate and service the whole of Canada, they are also reliable in terms of their delivery services, they have a vast product selection, and their 20,000+ Google Reviews are dependable!

You’ll find out more about how qualified they are in the latter part of this article!

Most Reliable & Best Weed Delivery Oshawa


Regardless of how long I’ve been a cannabis enthusiast, there’s no way of me negating what you feel and what you consider the best. It could be because of the fact that it’s same-day weed delivery, the quality of products, constant weed deals, or any other feature.

But I look at it holistically; I consider everything from the marijuana products they’re offering and their delivery services to the knowledge of their operators and their business hours (we like those that open late).

So, here’s our take on the list of the best weed delivery in Oshawa!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis is what I consider the best for cannabis delivery in Oshawa because of its unrelenting service and the huge selection of products they have.

Across the entire province of Ontario — even across the entire country, West Coast Cannabis was able to provide premium mail-order weed they can get without experiencing mishaps and problems with shipping, delays, and even customer service!

Don’t worry about social distancing procedures and other COVID-19-related protocols because you can get your cannabis products right at your doorstep!


  • They have intricately detailed weed delivery procedures
  • The range of quality products you can buy from the store is vast — you can buy cannabis flowers, cannabis edibles, different weed strains, disposable vape pens, and many more
  • They offer a ton of promotional offers and discounts to their valued members


  • They offer same-day delivery, but only for orders made before 1:00 PM EST. All orders after will be sent the next day.
  • There are instances where rewards and points don’t show up.
  • They do not accept credit card payments, only Interac E-transfers and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

The Grow House Online: Runner-Up

The Grow House Online

The Grow House Online dispensary comes second in the best dispensary shops on my list. I consider them my go-to for all recreational use of cannabis, and every time I search for popular products that haven’t been out in the market noticeably yet.

Their website is easy-to-use — you browse for the cannabis products you want to purchase, place the order, and then set it out for delivery to your desired address!

Like the thousands of customers who trust The Grow House Online for their weed!


  • Their free delivery service is what captures many customers.
  • You can search for many products in their weed store and certain types of accessories.
  • They have reliable delivery services and flexible hours of operation.


  • They have a lot of unpurchased, underperforming items.
  • Their age verification process takes a bit longer than usual compared to other sites.

Farmer’s Link: Best Same-Day Weed Delivery

Farmer’s Link

Upon opening their website, you’ll notice that they market and advertise their products quite beautifully by highlighting their weed options and products.

Farmer’s Link is one of the fastest-growing weed boutiques because of the versatility of its shop. Unlike other cannabis store locations you’ve dealt with, their Mississauga last call is at 9:00 PM EST, while their Cambridge & Guelph last calls fall at 1:00 PM EST.

Where else would you be able to find a cannabis store that has an average delivery time of 60 to 90 minutes? Buy weed without having the usual headaches you get from other shops and stores!


  • Their website is classy and is easy-to-understand
  • You can purchase cannabis edibles, vape pens, cannabis concentrates, and many other products
  • Overall, their pricing is decent


  • Their customer service is not that qualified
  • Their same-day weed delivery only applies to certain cities

Compassion Medicals: Best Weed Dispensary With a Large Selection of Goods

Compassion Medicals

If you’re looking for weed delivery in Oshawa that can cater to all your needs, that can offer same-day cannabis delivery, and that has a huge menu of goods and products, Compassion Medicals is the best when it comes to that.

This same-day weed delivery in Oshawa works tirelessly in giving their customers a break. They promote their 3-step process in getting and purchasing products from them — you simply have to select your products, submit your order (and pay), and then wait for your delivery!

In the Durham region, all orders placed will arrive around an hour!


  • They have mega sales and discounts for a wide variety of their products
  • Their cannabis store is properly designed, and they have a blog section, too, for extra knowledge and trivia
  • Every Wednesday, they have a promotional offer called COMPASSION POINTS


  • Their 1-hour delivery only applies to Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa, Newcastle, Courtice, Brooklin, Bowmanville, Ajax, and neighboring areas.
  • A lot of times, the products on their website are out of stock because of how fast their orders are

Sessions Cannabis: Best Cannabis Delivery With Many Locations


Many smokers and tokers often like a two-way type of service, and that is what Sessions Cannabis is for! What’s meant by that is to have an online dispensary, as well as physical spots, too!

The benefit of having a combination of weed delivery and a physical location is that customers will have varying options on how they can get their weed.

So, whether or not a weed shop offers same-day delivery or not, they wouldn’t need to wait!


  • Their services cater to both canna-seurs and canna-curious customers
  • They have multiple stores and regions where you can get your products from
  • Their same-day weed delivery in Oshawa runs until 7:00 PM EST


  • You can buy weed from their online dispensary, but the options and choices you have might not be a lot, depending on the location
  • On their cities page, different locations in Ontario have different operating hours
  • The quality of their client experience is somehow less than the average

Alpha Cannabis: Best Richmond Hill Cannabis Delivery Services

Alpha Cannabis

Richmond Hill is arguably one of the busiest and most active areas in Toronto, which is the reason why business in that particular region is booming.

Alpha Cannabis, an online dispensary, is Richmond Hill’s most trusted, guaranteeing a FREE delivery with a $50 minimum purchase! So, if you are looking for edibles, concentrates, accessories, and other cannabis products, you can get them from Alpha Cannabis!

They deliver to other areas, too, such as Vaughan, North York, Markham, and even Green River, but you’ll have to clarify with them if they offer same-day weed delivery or if there are fees for it.


  • Their menu is vast, and they sell different categories of their products
  • Alpha Cannabis is family-owned; you’ll have a warm and friendly experience with them
  • They sometimes offer deals on a few-select buds


  • Their store hours are limited, and their cut-0ffs are strict
  • Sometimes, their website is slow-loading

Gas Dank: Most Lenient Mail Order Wed in Oshawa

Gas Dank

Last but most definitely not least in this list of the best same-day weed delivery Oshawa is Gas Dank. Gas Dank is a premium store in Canada (particularly in Oshawa, Ontario) that offers same-day delivery service.

They’re popular not only because of how they are as a shop but also because of the reputation they have built in their time in the industry.

With their goal of being the best dispensary in Canada is what they hold on to, they thrive also to provide premium quality service and products to growers, cannabis enthusiasts, cannabis connoisseurs, and all other categories of cannabis consumers.

Gas Dank is your dispensary for a fast, reliable, and unrelenting customer experience.


  • They use Canada Post for their shipping and delivery, so orders can easily be traced and tracked
  • Bulk and wholesale orders are also accepted; they sell different types of strains and concentrates, too
  • Their affiliate program is considered the highest in the industry


  • Not the best place if you’re looking for edibles because its product category is few
  • They are an excellent shop for medical and recreational marijuana products for people in Canada

Canada is a big country, and it is home to a ton of different shops and dispensaries. But, if you simply want the best weed delivery in Oshawa, Canada, refer to any of the ones we listed here!


If you still have a couple of questions about how cannabis delivery in Oshawa works, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about it!

What Does Same Day Weed Delivery Service Mean?

Same-day weed delivery service simply means that the weed or cannabis you order on a particular day will be delivered to you on that same day.

Do Mail Order Cannabis Stores in Oshawa Deliver on Weekends?

Yes, the majority of online dispensary businesses in Oshawa deliver on weekends; the same goes for other well-known cities and locations like Toronto, Ajax, Markham, Mitchell Corners, and many more!

Do Oshawa Dispensaries Transport Weed Edibles?

Yes, dispensaries in and around Oshawa transport and distribute weed edibles to the regions they cover.

Final Words

Don’t worry about far-off shops when buying weed any longer! Instead, have your cannabis flower, vape, concentrate, edibles, or even raw strains delivered right at your door!

Stay safe, protected, and stress-free by taking advantage of cannabis delivery services in Oshawa!

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