Top 10+ Best Dispensaries In Toronto 2024

Cannabis has been legal in Canada. Thanks to the latest legislation updates.

Since the legalization, there has been a sharp surge in cannabis dispensaries across the country.

However, today we will discuss some legal and Most Trusted Dispensaries In Toronto where you can buy high-quality marijuana-derived products and have great weed.

The list consists of all the top brands, sellers, or dispensaries you can visit in Toronto or even buy online.

If you ask for the most positively rated and favorite dispensary, then Wccannabis remains at the top of the 2024 list.

However, there’s more to dig out.

Let’s get started:

Reliable Dispensaries In Toronto


Here are the most trusted cannabis dispensaries in Toronto!

#11. Canna Cabana – 100+ Stores Throughout Canada

Most Trusted Dispensaries In Toronto

Canna Cabana is a popular cannabis store in Toronto.

The store consists of almost every cannabis product that you may need.

From Indica flowers, Sativa flowers, concentrates, bongs, dab rigs, extracts, edibles, beverages pre-rolls and various accessories. Canna Cabana has got them all!

You can also shop by their brands. Some popular brands that Canna Cabana has in their inventory are Good Supply, Stewart Farms, Bzam and more.

Therefore, the store has premium products in its inventory, and the quality of flowers is just amazing. Though the pricing of the products is a bit high.

The best part:

Canna Cabana has a super-friendly staff that improves your overall experience.


  • Premium marijuana products
  • Find almost everything related to marijuana
  • 100+ locations throughout the country
  • Large community
  • Sign up newsletter for the lowest price guaranteed


  • Products are a bit pricey

Overall, Canna Cabana is one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Toronto.

The company has a large community of cannabis lovers and 100+ weed shops. The services and high-quality goods make it one of the best options to have your weed sesh.

Visit Canna Cabana Now!

#10. Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique – Best Priced Marijuana Dispensary In Toronto

With a mission to provide the “best legal cannabis retail experience in the country,” Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique is one of the top dispensaries in Canada with a great selection of products.

Green Merchant has covered you whether you need top-of-the-line topicals, flowers, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, or even premium accessories!

The best part about their store is that they have one of the most reasonable prices ever on the store’s various products.

That means, along with a great selection, the company has great pricing as well. On top of that, you can avail 15% off on the next purchase after signing up for the VIP program.


  • Top-shelf marijuana products
  • Price match guarantee
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Curbside pickups and in-store purchase
  • Reasonable pricing


  • N/A

The online and physical store of Green Merchant has an impressive look that creates a great impression.

Also, the friendly service and helpful staff make your experience the best at the store.

Go for Green Merchant if you want a great selection of weed and its derivatives and a super friendly staff experience.

Visit Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique Now!

#9. The Green Closet – Price Match Guarantee

Based in downtown Toronto, The Green Closet is one of the affordable cannabis stores if you want to get your hands on top-shelf cannabis flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, and other derivatives.

Cannabis users find the Green Closet an affordable yet premium cannabis retailer store where you can find your favourite cannabis stuff.

Also, the price at the store is amazingly affordable, and they guarantee it. So that means the store will match the price if you get lower rates!

Isn’t it amazing?

However, you don’t get any additional discounts or offers as the Green Closet already put rates after giving you some discounts.


  • High-quality goods
  • In-store pickup or shop online
  • Highly affordable and price match guarantee


  • No additional discounts or offers

The Green Closet is the store you should consider if you want a better cannabis experience than the other dispensaries.

From providing premium marijuana products to selling them at affordable rates with a price match guarantee, you can trust this reliable and high-quality Toronto dispensary.

Visit The Green Closet Now!

#8. Bonnefire – Order Delivery Within 2 Hours

Relatively new but one of the quality cannabis stores.

Established in 2019, Bonnefire takes pride in keeping top-shelf weed products in its inventory.

Bonnefire has multiple locations for weed products; however, the one in Toronto has a great selection of products, giving you access to multiple weed stuff at once.

However, I found their flowers’ pricing is too high compared to other marijuana dispensaries in Canada.

Still, the store makes a special place in our list to be called one of the premium dispensaries for marijuana needs.

The best part?

Choose your products according to the brand. The Bonnefire has got A to Z brands in its stock.

Also, you get a smooth website interface that works especially to make your UI experience smoother. You get to find your favourite stuff easily.


  • Premium products
  • Get delivery within 2 hours of order placed
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Large selection
  • Reputable store


  • High price

Get your hands on some unique yet high-quality marijuana that will be 100% worth buying. From flowers to concentrates and much more, the Bonnefire has got everything for you.

Also, get a blazing-fast delivery within 2 hours!

Visit Bonnefire Now!

#7. Wonderland Cannabis – 15% Off On First Order

Voted as one of the top marijuana dispensaries in Toronto by Leafly and Weedmaps, Wonderland Cannabis is another reliable option for some great weed products.

Established in 2020, the dispensary has grown rapidly and has been popular. Thanks to the high-quality products that it has.

Also, you get the best service at Wonderland Cannabis.

Place your order and get free express delivery from the brand within 90 minutes.

Additionally, it is one of the few marijuana stores that offer you some discounts. Get up to 15% off on placing your first order after signing up for the newsletter.

Above that, you get frequent offers and deals from the brand that makes your purchase even more affordable.


  • Top-voted dispensary in Toronto
  • High quality marijuana derivatives
  • Frequent offers,d discounts, and deals
  • 90 minutes free express devlleruy
  • Decent customer support


  • Offer available for the first time order only

Buyers who love buying stuff online with discounts will love Wonderland Cannabis.

The store has a large inventory and regular deals, making the deal pocket-friendly, while the 90-minutes fast delivery works as a cherry on top.

Visit Wonderland Cannabis Now!

#6. Canvas Cannabis – Daily Discounts

Want your buy from your favourite brand?

Visit Canvas Cannabis!

The store has got A to Z brands in its inventory. From flower, vape, pre-rolls, and vaporizers to edibles, concentrates, and almost everything you get from the popular brands.

That means you are an experienced user or a new you will find an impressive line-up of products from popular brands.

Also, you get daily discounts and store-specific offers that you can check on their official website.


  • A to Z brands
  • Premium products
  • Daily discounts
  • All accessories at one store
  • Impressive website


  • Delivery option not available

Canvas Cannabis is a premium store where you find all the brands, affordable prices, and an impressive website to scroll on.

If you want top-of-the-line products,n don’t miss Canvas Cannabis!

Visit Canvas Cannabis Now!

#5. The Hunny Pot – Store With A Return/Refund Policy

One of the rare stores that provide you with a return or refund policy, The Hunny Pot is dedicated to providing one of the most premium experiences to its buyers.

Get your hands on one of the most premium marijuana products; if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it according to t their policies.

Many dispensaries even don’t have this policy.

Also, the store has been the first legal cannabis store in Toronto since 2019.

And since then, the brand has been proudly selling the top-notch weed stuff to marijuana lovers in the region.

Apart from the quality products, the store also has a knowledgeable staff that helps its customers with the purchase or ordering questions.


  • One of the first legal stores in Toronto
  • High-quality cannabis products
  • Large Inventory


  • Delivery service is available to a few stores

The Hunny Pot is a reliable option when you are looking for a legal marijuana dispensary in Toronto.

You get one of the best experiences with consistent quality and excellent service.

Visit The Hunny Pot Now!

#4. Havok Smoke – Buy Premium Accessories At Low Price

With premium weed, you need premium accessories to use them. And for that, Havok Smoke has got you covered.

Based in North York, Havok Smoke is a 100% licensed and legal store selling some top-of-the-line marijuana products.

Whether you need a bong, vaporizer, or anything else to have a premium weed session, Havok Smoke gets you everything at a low price.

However, they are available only for in-store shopping, so no online orders are taken.

Moreover, the store is also taking its inventory further by adding premium weed stuff soon.

Until then, you can contact the company’s backend team through phone numbers if you have any concerns. The friendly staff is always for helping customers.


  • Premium accessories for premium weed
  • Order online
  • Top rated brands


  • Accessories only store

Get a beautiful bong for your potent weed, and have a beautiful evening with your homies.

You need a top-shelf marijuana accessory from various brands to have some great marijuana sessions, which Havok Smoke will help you do!

Visit Havok Smoke Now!

#3. Green Port – Get Same Day Delivery

Don’t feel comfortable visiting the cannabis store?

Get one of the finest weed products at your doorstep. Even with the same-day delivery!

Sounds interesting?

Green Port is one of the reliable and reputed dispensaries in Toronto that you must check out. Especially those who are looking to get weed stuff at their home.

The store has almost everything for you. Topicals, flowers, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, and whatnot!

The best part about buying from Green Port is that they greatly categorize products.

For instance, you can choose the stuff according to your activity, effects, and format.

Want to get high on the next concert you’ve booked?

Select the concert category and get amazing marijuana products that can give you a blasting experience!


  • Usable categorization
  • Same day delivery
  • Top-notch weed products
  • Affordable deals
  • Reputable store


  • Few reviews available

Get a wide range of marijuana products delivered the same day from Green Port. From pre-rolls and flowers to everything you can ask for at a reasonable price!

Visit Green Port Now!

#2. The Grow House – Fresh Cannabis Products

The Grow House Online

Want to get some fresh, quality weed products that can make your weed sesh extremely fantastic?

Visit Grow House!

Get fresh and high THC edibles, flowers, concentrates, and more in one place.

That is why Grow House is among the most reputable and popular dispensaries in Canada among experienced users.

Also, the easy-to-navigate website allows you to quickly search for your desired products, which is an edge for this online store.

However, the customer service is a bit slow at Grow House. Therefore, there is some space for improvement here.

The response time can vary between 24 to 48 hours for your queries.


  • Great selection of dried flowers, pre-roll, and other products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reputable cannabis shop
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Discreet packaging and delivery


  • Average customer service
  • Average reviews on Trustpilot

Grow House is a great option if you want a fine selection of premium cannabis. The store has made it available at affordable rates for you.

Visit The Grow House Now!

#1. Wccannabis (Overall Best) – Editor’s Choice

Buy weed online from the #1 MOM cannabis dispensary in Canada – Wccannabis!

From AAAA+ grade cannabis to lowest priced concentrates, edibles, vape pens, accessories, medical CBD, and topicals, find almost everything at Wccannabis.

Thanks to their wide range of cannabis products.

On top of that, get free shipping when you order online above $150. Also, place your order quickly through Interac-e-transfer and bitcoin.

You can keep your information safe with the online store through quick and secure payment.

The best part?

You get 24 hours response time during business hours. Above that, chat support is always there to pick up your queries.

That means Wccannabis has your back to help you whenever you get stuck somewhere regarding your order.

Coming to the shipping and delivery services, then it is decent. After successful payment, your order gets shipped fast.

However, delivery time may vary depending on your location.


  • High-quality cannabis store
  • Free shipping on orders above $150
  • Online chat support every day
  • Excellent customer service
  • Huge discounts, free pre-rolls, daily and weekly sales
  • Low price
  • 4.8/5.0 rating at Trustpilot from 1600+ reviews


  • N/A

Overall, Wccannabis is the best marijuana dispensary for weed lovers in Toronto.

The company has everything from top-shelf cannabis flowers to concentrates, pre-rolls, CBD, edibles, vaping, pet health, and almost everything.

However, their excellent customer service and regular sales, discounts, and cheap prices are cherries on top that you should not miss at all!

Visit Wccannabis Now!

FAQs About Cannabis Dispensaries In Toronto

Where can I get medical marijuana?

You can get medical marijuana in two ways: from clinical dispensaries

Is weed legal in Toronto?

As of the 2018 legislation update in Canada, buying, possessing, and using weed is legal in the country.
However, you need to confirm with the local authorities the specific guidelines related to marijuana. In short, weed is legal in Canada.

At which age can one buy weed online in Toronto?

You must be of 19 years of age or older to buy weed in Toronto or Canada. However, some provinces or regions may have more limitations, which you must confirm with the local authorities.

Is it legal to be high in public in Canada?

You can possess up to 30 grams of legal dried cannabis in the country. However, smoking weed in public spaces like public transport remains illegal.

Can you be high in public in Toronto?

No, public consumption of weed in the form of smoking or other ways remains banned under the law in public transport, near schools or universities.


Finally, now, you know the top marijuana dispensaries in Toronto. I hope now you can get some top-notch dried flowers, pre-rolls, and concentrates for your need.

However, Wccannabis has won the race for being Canada’s #1 cannabis dispensary.

Also, if you think we have missed any deserving dispensary to mention in this list, you can tell us in the comments below.

Till then, happy shopping!

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