9 Best Dispensaries in Vancouver In 2024

Looking for the best dispensaries in Vancouver can be pretty complex, especially since there are tons of options to choose from. In this guide, though, I’ll be giving you the best of the best in the city.

Cannabis enthusiasts, smokers, and tokers — brace yourselves and buckle up! I’m about to give you the list of excellent-quality weed dispensaries in Vancouver to satisfy your needs!

For years, I have considered West Coast Cannabis the best Vancouver dispensary. This is because of their huge selection of products, from concentrates, edibles, oils, topicals, and many other cannabis products!

Check the Official website: https://wccannabis.co/

Do Weed Dispensaries in Vancouver Sell Cannabis Products

Yes, in fact, that’s what actually gives them their name and label as a cannabis dispensary. Most of the time, these cannabis dispensaries would have a wide library of CBD products you can choose from.

Though each dispensary is different in terms of the brands and patrons, they have.

As a member of the community, I pride myself on knowing and understanding what goes around various local dispensaries. So, here are a few of the factors that make a dispensary a good match for the community of the cannabis industry.

What Makes a Good Cannabis Dispensary?


What Makes a Good Cannabis Dispensary

There are multiple factors at play that make good cannabis stores. Apart from the fact that you’re already friends with the staff members, you ought to try looking for a few things for you to measure whether your stay in a dispensary will be worthwhile or not.

In my experience, though, I look for a few signs before I perform the final judgment.

Design and Aesthetics or Overall Ambiance 

The first thing you will notice when you walk up to cannabis stores is the overall ambiance. Certain elements make up a good overall ambiance, and these are usually:

  • Lighting (Natural Light vs. Artificial Light)
  • Interior Design
  • Retail Product Placement
  • Music

DID YOU KNOW: About 95% of customers said that the appearance and overall ambiance greatly affect their decision in choosing where to buy cannabis products and paraphernalia.

Extensive Menu

The second thing I usually cross off my list would be the offers. When I talk about offers, I don’t always look at how much a certain price is — but how extensive the cannabis products they have is.

If they have what I am looking for and the other dispensary doesn’t have it, it’s an automatic green flag.

Staff Members

Who else would you communicate with but the staff members? I always look for friendly staff members who would greet me and be of service when I walk in. Apart from that, I somehow test their knowledge of certain products to gauge whether they know what they are talking about or not.

I’ve had the best treatment in West Coast Cannabis, and I can’t tell you how delighted I was whenever I entered and exited their store.

Price Points

Of course, not all cannabis dispensaries would offer the same prices for their products. This is because some stores are in partnership with several brands and manufacturers. Therefore, they’re able to offer it at lower prices compared to the high prices of other dispensaries. 

Purchase Processes 

Nowadays, the mode of payment is crucial. Let’s try and stray from a fair price for now and talk about payment methods.

Imagine a dispensary that only has cash as the form of payment they accept. This could be fine for some customers, but I guarantee that the majority of customers wouldn’t be delighted with this kind of setup.

Now, for me, these are what dictate who the top dispensary is. You could have other ways of telling, but those are what I think are the top things to look out for.

9 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver

If you live in the city of Vancouver and you’re trying to look for a local dispensary that offers reasonable prices, wide cannabis varieties, as well as a great service, then this guide is for you.

I’ve listed down nine (9) of the best cannabis dispensaries in the city that aren’t only great cannabis stores but also legal in the eyes of the Canadian government.

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis
Address: Online service; servicing the whole of Vancouver, BC

In all my years of using cannabis, I’ve never come across a city cannabis dispensary as versatile and as flexible as West Coast Cannabis. Operating online, they serve not only Vancouver, BC, but also Alberta, Montreal, Ontario, Quebec, Ottawa, and even Toronto!

You can select weed accessories, cannabis products, and even pet CND products, too! Order online, and you don’t need to drive up to Downtown Vancouver for your stuff! Wherever you are in the Vancouver area, or whether you’re secluded in North Vancouver, West Coast Cannabis will be more than happy to deliver your products!

The application process is entirely easy; it wouldn’t even take you longer than 10 minutes to order your cannabis!

The Grow House Online: Runner-Up

Grow House
Address: Online service; servicing the whole of Vancouver, BC

Similar to West Coast Cannabis, The Grow House is a dispensary that services the entire city of Vancouver. Their product line is extremely versatile, as you can purchase magic mushrooms, edibles, flower strains, concentrates, creams and topicals, and many more!

I also did try out their customer service team, and I was greeted by friendly staff who were willing to help me from the first to the last steps!

You can never go wrong in choosing The Grow House for your cannabis needs!

NOTE: BC-grown product orders that go over $150 will be FREE SHIPPING on your FIRST PURCHASE!

Village Bloomery Cannabis Dispensary: Most Innovative Vancouver Dispensary

Village Bloomery
Address: 1540 W 2nd Ave #206, Vancouver, BC; online servicing the whole of Vancouver, BC

Village Bloomery believes that a person needs assistance in choosing their CBD products. They are, in fact, considered by many as the most innovative dispensary in Vancouver, BC.

When I entered the shop, I was greeted by staff members. And I must say, they have extremely knowledgeable staff who helped me with what I needed. They explained and discussed certain cannabis plants and different flower strains, as well as their effects.

The Village Bloomery is the best dispensary for me in the case of knowledge and expertise. Whatever question I had — may it be online or in person, they were intellectually answered by staff members.

You can visit the Official Village Bloomery shop in British Columbia, or you can opt to purchase from them online!

Evergreen Cannabis Society: Most Knowledgeable Dispensary

Address: 2868 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC; online servicing the whole of Vancouver, BC

Following the ever-famous Village Bloomery would, of course, be Evergreen Cannabis.

In my experience, I’ve never seen a dispensary in Canada, even a website that contained all the answers to the questions I have — and even more.

The Evergreen Cannabis Society, who is partnered with the Portland Hotel Society, is actually a business that’s assisting people in the Vancouver Community. They help people with physical, mental, and psychological challenges, as well as those that need housing and social support.

Many people consider the Evergreen Cannabis Society the best dispensary in Vancouver, BC, because of this. But hey, they’re offering pretty good deals and products, too!

Buddha Barn: Fastest-Shipping Dispensary Vancouver

Buddha Barn

Address: 2179 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC; online servicing the whole of Vancouver, bc

Buddha barn is what many people consider the fastest and most-urgent weed distributor in the whole city. Their industry experience is impeccable; that’s why customers keep on coming back.

The minimalistic design of their Vancouver, BC dispensary will make you feel like you’re only dealing with top-grade cannabis.

Buddha Barn has been famous because of the cannabis varieties they have, as well as weed accessories, superb dry herb vaporizers,

THC Canada: Best Dispensary With Wide Selection of Different Strains

THC Canada
Address: 6416 MAIN STREET VANCOUVER, BC; online servicing the whole of Vancouver, BC

THC Canada labels and prides itself as the most legendary cannabis store in Vancouver, BC, because of the continuous innovation and new surprises they have for their patrons.

One of the reasons why people consider them the best dispensary is because of the versatility of their offers. They don’t just offer your usual marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, and CBD oils. They have cape pens and cartridges, pre-rolls, apparel, and many more!

As of writing, their supply of cannabis roots and seeds is out of stock, but hey, they’re always open to inquiries and questions! Don’t worry, they’ll reach you wherever you are in Vancouver, BC!

City Cannabis Co. (Vancouver Dispensary): Most Beautiful Interior Design

City Cannabis
Address: Multiple Addresses; Online Servicing the Whole of Vancouver, BC

City Cannabis dispensary lives up to its name as a “city dispensary” because of the fact that they’re scattered all over Vancouver, BC.

You can find them in Cambie St., Vancouver, BC, Yonge St., Toronto, ON, and Robson St., Vancouver, BC, and you can also take advantage of their online store for your marijuana needs!

City Cannabis stores have been famous for their exquisite design and style of the stores, beating most dispensaries in Vancouver, BC — let alone the whole of Canada.

They use reclaimed wood and natural lighting, and they constantly improve their interior to match trends!

Slowly, their reach are expanding, and soon, they’ll have stores all over Canada to help suffice your marijuana needs.

NOTE: On Christmas Day, they're open, unlike other dispensaries you may have found!

KushKlub: Cheapest and Most Affordable Dispensary

Address: 1735 Commercial dr., VANCOUVER, BC; online servicing the whole of Vancouver, BC

Located in Commercial Drive, Vancouver, KushKlub is one of the dispensaries you never thought you’d needed. They offer fair prices for all their products, and you wouldn’t even feel that you’re purchasing marijuana when you work with them!

They’re shrouded by massive deals they offer to their marijuana-lover community. And what I loved about it was the fact that everything was on sale, almost 90% of the entire time!

It’s definitely one of the go-to dispensaries I consider in Canada because they were able to offer everything, literally everything I need.

I knew right when I read community forums and reviews from customers — they were absolutely phenomenal.

Muse Cannabis Dispensary: Most Accessible and Elegant Dispensary

Address: Multiple addresses in VANCOUVER, BC; online service is only for advanced orders

Vancouver is the place to be if you’re looking for the Muse Dispensary brand. You’ll see multiple stores in Granville St., Dollarton Village, and Denman St.

I consider them the best dispensary — in Vancouver because of how easily accessible almost all their stores are. They’re not hiding in plain sight — you’ll be able to find them in coffee shops and cafes!

They started as a family-run business, and that is what the case is until now! Muse takes pride on the best and highest quality of cannabis brands without compromising experience and customer service.

Slowly, they’re branching out to other parts of Canada in order to serve customers better.

One opportunity, though, would be the fact that they don’t offer online deliveries. They’re a family-run business, but ordering online will only direct you to the closest branch, where stocks for what you’re looking for are available.

You will have to go in-store to purchase.

Not to worry, though; since Muse is the largest in-person dispensary on our list, you’ll definitely be able to get whatever it is you’re looking for. That is why I labeled them as the most elegant and accessible in Vancouver.

Dispensary selection might be tough, but let me guess, these nine (9) were more than what you came for, right?

So, if you are in Canada — in Vancouver, to be exact, and you’re trying to look for a place where you can get the best quality of marijuana, here are nine (9) different options you can choose from.


If you feel like you have a couple more questions you need to ask, don’t worry, I got you! I’ve collated the most frequently asked questions about the best Vancouver dispensary, and here they are!

How Many Dispensaries Are in BC?

As of writing, BC is home to 375 privately licensed cannabis dispensaries. You’ll find them in various areas.

Do Dispensaries Deliver BC?

Yes, they do! CRS or cannabis retail store licensees and employees are the only ones authorized to deliver non-medical cannabis to consumers. In fact, a dispensary in Vancouver would always recommend purchasing it online versus in-store!

What Are the Best Edibles in Canada?

Canada is the place to be if you are looking for weed and edibles. According to several customers and communities, the top and best edibles in the country are:

THC Dark Chocolate Bar by Bhang.
Penelope Chocolate by Tweed.
Sea Salt & Caramel Milk Chocolate by Aurora Drift.
Carpe Melon THC Gummies by Chowie Wowie.
Salted Caramel Balanced by Foray.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re in need of marijuana, weed, or cannabis because of chronic pain, anxiety, or any other medical condition and you’re trying to find the best dispensaries in Vancouver; we’re more than happy that this guide will be of much assistance to you.

No need to scour the internet to find them — check the stores one by one to see where you’re nearest or go directly to West Coast Cannabis, so you don’t have to go in-store!

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