10+ Highest THC Cannabis Strains of 2024

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the dominant and psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. It is responsible for producing the euphoric and mind-altering high associated with marijuana — the more THC, the stronger the buzz! Explore some of the best highest THC cannabis strains in this article.

Different strains of marijuana possess different amounts of THC, thanks to their unique genetics. As genetics has gotten more refined through careful cross-breeding, some cutting-edge cannabis strains presently contain incredibly high THC levels. It has numerous people wondering which is the strongest weed strain.

Highest THC Strains: Introduction


Are you looking to test your tolerance with something that is slightly more powerful? Or perhaps assess a more strongest strain to help deal with more obstinate medical issues?

In any case, we have got you covered. Many reputable seed banks, such as ILGM, MSNL, Crop King Seeds, have a comprehensive seed catalog that includes an extensive range of high THC strains for producing the kinds of plants that sneak up quickly.

Though high THC strains have always existed, they’re more quickly available and consistent than ever. A variety of factors adds to THC levels in some random cannabis strain, including its phenotype, growing conditions, seed quality, and more.

The above-listed seed banks go to the additional mile to guarantee phenomenal quality and value for your money – high THC seeds you can trust.

Let’s see which are the highest THC strains?

What are the highest THC strains?

If someone has ever talked or smoked with one of the older users from his or her inner circle, the person would have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “in my time, marijuana was not this strong!” You can still find these types of ‘high-time’ stories around you.

Numerous cannabis growers breeding cannabis in the older days mostly restricted THC to 10%, although it wasn’t always the case. In many cases, the reported numbers would often originate from police departments, district attorney offices, or similar authoritative agencies, indicating the high concentration of the cannabis they confiscated.

Since restricted weed was perhaps the most significant issue during the ‘war on drugs‘ and people brought it from Mexico, most of the weed police seized was of low quality and almost always tested below 10% THC content.

What are the benefits of selecting high THC strains?

Intense mood-altering and medically beneficial strains, such as the strongest THC and highest CBD strains on our list, are significant to cannabis users for various reasons.

First, they offer users more bang for their buck, saving money in the long run. More intense strains also suggest you have to use fewer flowers to accomplish your desired effects. Finally, intense strains can save you time, allowing you to get the same impact with a fraction of the effort.

As the plant has improved to turn out to be more desirable to humans, thereby securing its survival, various strains with exceptionally high concentrations of THC content have risen reputations as some of the strongest cannabis on earth.

Top 10 Highest THC Cannabis Strains

If you’re in search of a strain to blow your mind with cerebral euphoria or help reduce obstinate medical symptoms, look at one of the high THC marijuana strains in this list.

#1 – Bruce Banner by ILGM

bruce banner cannabis strain

There’s a good reason why Bruce Banner got its name after the Hulk. The THC levels of Bruce Banner #3’s can reach as high as 29%.

Numerous users accept this to be the strongest marijuana strain around. This 80/20 Sativa-dominant hybrid makes an uproarious introduction with immediate waves of cerebral and physical euphoria before settling into a pleasant full-body relaxation.

This powerhouse strain is a cross between classical Indica OG Kush and delicious Sativa Strawberry Diesel. The final product is not just a delight for the senses but was also named to High Times’ ‘World’s Strongest Strains’ list more than once.

#2 – Ghost Train Haze

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Ghost Train Haze is a strain with an 80/20 Sativa-dominant strain that holds 27% THC concentration. How intense is it? High Times magazine declared it ‘the most strong strain on the earth’ in 2012. Ghost Train Haze could be the highest THC strain on the earth now.

Thanks to its high THC levels and its Sativa genetics, this strain produces a super stimulating, energizing, euphoric, and uplifting high. If you’re feeling down, there’s no better shot in the arm! But if you are inclined to anxiety or distrustfulness, it might be best to skip this one.

#3 – Hindu Kush

hindu kush cannabis strain

The Hindu Kush is a close relative of the Afghan Kush, as the two of them originate from the same mountain range. It is possible that the Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush mix at many points; maybe that’s why they are so very similar.

This strain has excellent genetics because it needed to get used to growing high up in the mountains. Moreover, it has got numerous trichomes that add unique flavors and colors to it.

Late testing has shown that Hindu Kush can go as high as 23% THC content, although it is traditionally tested anywhere between 15% and 20% concentration.

#4 – Grandaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple strain

It is one of the mood-altering and most potent marijuana with pure-Indica weed genes. It has a bit of grape and berry flavor, which gets the second aspect of its name.

If grown and dried correctly, this strain can also have beautiful purple strands and hairs. It is effortless to develop and grows best in the indoor setting.

American Grandaddy Purple tested for more than 20 percent THC content several times, and several times just below, the average came at a conventional 17.5 percent.

#5 – Afghan Kush from Crop King Seeds


It’s not that we love Kush cannabis so much, but they are some of the highest THC strains in the cannabis portfolio. Besides, Afghan Kush is an Indica strain that has been mainstream for some time now, as it has roots in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

Afghan Kush has been tested left and right, with many results from 16 percent to more than 25 percent THC concentration. Moreover, Afghan Kush is exceptionally easy to grow both indoors and outside, as it is resistant to mold and buildup, and has enormous yields compared to its size.

#6 – Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies GSC

It is another strain that turned out to be almost exclusively grown in California. It is a blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison because of its strong genetics and high-THC contents. As with OG kush, there are many different types of GSC strain that register various measures of THC level. However, Girl Scout Cookies had at an average 19 percent THC content in Washington State’s test.

Different results showed a more significant presence of THC, approximately 25 percent to 28 percent. It has an Indica strain’s features, but its effects are more like a Sativa as it leaves users happy and energetic.

#7 – Chemdawg

chemdawg cannabis strain

ChemDawg’s superior genetics are a mystery, with numerous breeders claiming to have contributed to its creation. Many accept its legacy begins from Eastern Asia (Thai and Nepalese) landraces. This strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with THC levels regularly reaching 20% or higher.

At the Colorado Cannabis Cup, this strain came in at nearly 32% THC. Buds of ChemDawg are usually sticky because of a high convergence of resin. ChemDawg’s name comes from the strain’s strong, diesel fuel-like scent and similarly sharply astringent flavor.

Also known as ChemDawg, this old school strain give parent genetics to various respected strains, including OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The relaxed, mood-lifting effects make sure to draw you out of any funk and get you moving day and night.

#8 – Critical Kush

critical kush cannabis strain

This 90/10 Indica strain is a cross between legendary strains OG Kush and Critical Mass. The final product is one of those Indica that gives you a couch lock with over 25% THC ratio.

This Kush strain produces a relaxing and euphoric body high joined by gentle cerebral euphoria. Due to its Indica genetics and high-THC levels, this strain has gotten a favorite among medical marijuana patients.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a strain to treat your medical condition or only looking to take the edge off, you can’t go wrong with Critical Kush! You can grab this potent marijuana strain at your favorite dispensary. Check their online menus to see what’s available.

#9 – Super Silver Haze

super silver haze

After cross-breeding staple strains like Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk, the Super Silver Haze strain came to light. It is among the most popular Sativa strains among cannabis users, with THC levels consistently hovering around 20%.

The strain got its name mainly because of its sticky cover of trichomes and boasted a relentless body high, which complements its imaginative and energizing properties. Some users have described the flavor as a piney undertone that seamlessly blends with citrusy and sweet notes.

Simultaneously, others have described Super Silver Haze as having a sharp and rather cheesy tang to it. Discovered first in Amsterdam in the last part of the 90s, it offers a strong yet allows users to maintain a sharp focus.

#10 – Trainwreck (fem) by ILGM

Trainwreck strain ILGM

Trainwreck is an exhilarating Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of weed that offers an energizing, uplifting, and euphoric high suitable for daytime use. The THC levels of Trainwreck peaks at 25% and will hit you just like a train, causing strong cerebral effects that often lead to laughter and energized inventiveness.

Trainwreck comes from crossing two pure landrace Sativa (Mexican, Thai), and a powerful landrace Indica (Afghani). Its bright green nugs are piney with citrusy scent and lemony fragrance. You can rest assured that this one is one of the highest-THC cannabis strains to smoke.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! – some of the highest THC weed strains.

Whenever you need to enjoy a profound and engaging conversation with someone, need higher fixation levels for an upcoming test, or need to chill and let loose, give these power-packed THC strains a try to take your high to the next level.

While pure or hybrid cannabis varieties all contain THC and CBD, they change in terms of strength, resulting in different effects. How people respond to certain types of weed also depends on their natural body chemistry, so physiological effects to consuming or inhaling it might differ.

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