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If we have to say something about, we would just say:

“ILGM is the king of ALL seed banks.”

If you research online seed banks, you will notice that all the reviews would be great and highly rated by customers. Though the quality of ILGM seeds is of utmost importance, maturity, discretion, exceptional customer service, and user privacy are the three main elements that make I Love Growing Marijuana expand the business to the next level.

Here’s what the mission of ILGM states:

At ILGM, we make our mission to ensure our customers are happy, growing healthy plants, and have the knowledge it takes to grow the best marijuana in any condition.”

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Seed Bank Review – 2022 Update

ILoveGrowingMarijuana - ILGM Seed Bank Review

If you are a die-hard marijuana fan but don’t know where to start or who to ask, ILGM is the best place for you. Whatever questions you might have, the customer service team will be there to assist you every step of the way. Apart from that, you can even take part in the ILGM forum to discuss your concerns with other cannabis experts or ILGM staff members.

We always buy our seeds from this seed bank. You can find the best and high-quality seeds in their online store. Additionally, they have excellent customer service and a Support Forum. They have written extensive guides on topics like the beginner’s guide for the growing process, indoors and outdoors cannabis growing guide, medical marijuana advice, plant care articles, and many more.

Another great thing about them is the ILGM Discount Codes. You can find so many different offers on their online store. Overall, if you are looking for a one-stop cannabis solution to satisfy all your needs, then is the perfect seed bank to buy your seeds online.

We have made a very broad (ILGM) review to help you understand the products, customer service, trust, legitimacy, user reviews, fast shipping, germination guarantee, price, deals, and much more. After reading this post, we are sure that you will fall in love with the I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) vendor.

ILGM: A Brief Review

Here are some of the most salutary features of the ILGM seed bank that make it the most valuable asset in the marijuana industry.

  • A reliable name in the industry
  • Marijuana growing enthusiast Robert Bergman, with 25 years of experience, is the founder of ILGM seed bank
  • More than 10,000 strains in the ILGM database, offering mix packs, strains for beginners, low/high THC and CBD strains, and many more
  • high-quality cannabis seeds from ILGM with germination guarantee
  • Generous refund policy for missing or damaged seeds from ILGM
  • Offers free and fast shipping to the USA
  • Offers free shipping to Australia if the order is above the US $150 (otherwise US $25 shipping fee)
  • Apart from all U.S. states and Australia, they don’t ship to any other countries.
  • Stealth and discreet packaging
  • Reliable and stealth shipping – most packages will be at your doorstep on schedule.
  • The responsive and excellent customer service team
  • ‘Buy 10 get 10 free seeds’ offer, coupon codes, discounts, loyalty/reward programs
  • Useful informational guides on the blog
  • Various modes of payment acknowledged
  • Positive customer reviews with 4.7-star average rating on Trustpilot
  • ILGM Forum for discussions and ILGM Blog to learn and read new things on marijuana grow kit and grow bible, and much more
  • Easy to use website with useful product filters

Is The ILGM Seed Bank Legit?

Let’s talk about the reputation of the ILGM seed bank without biased analysis and prejudiced review.

We have seen that customers worldwide have been favoring I Love Growing Marijuana and praising Robert Bergman for their top-notch offerings. ILGM offers a strain selection filter to look for your preferred high-quality seeds or mix packs with three different strains. They also offer fast shipping, a range of payment options, grow kit and guides, discreet packaging, germination guarantee, and many more attributes.

We have had a fabulous and satisfying experience of doing business with this seed bank. ILGM offers professional and attentive customer service, and most importantly, provides a germination guarantee. Have a look at some of the customer reviews.

ILGM customer reviews and ratings

So far (as of January 2022) on Trustpilot, ILGM Seed Bank has received 4.7-star ratings. Customers give more than 16,000 ILGM reviews, and 85% of them have given this vendor a 5-Star rating. Only 3% of ILGM reviews have bad ratings on Trustpilot, and that too, we believe, must be due to the mistakes of users’ misunderstandings or lack of prior information on things like delivery, germination, or payment issues.

Even Reseller Ratings has given ILGM seed bank a rating of 4.99 stars out of 5.

Really impressive review and rating, don’t you think?

ILGM Seed Bank is unquestionably the most trusted marijuana seed bank with excellent customer service on the internet right now. If you’re still confused with trusting this seed bank, have a glance at this ILGM review from a customer:

Buzzard … Last year was my first time ordering seeds and I had them from ILGM in about 10 days. This year when I ordered I knew there was a problem when they hadn’t arrived by the third week. I contacted Claire at ILGM and she suggested I wait 30 working days, then we would take the next step. So at the 30 working day point, I contacted her again and she said they would send a new batch of seeds out ASAP. I had the second shipment within 10 days.

So, I was very impatient about waiting as I didn’t want to miss my window to get my seeds planted outdoors. But I think Claire did a great job and I appreciate how fast she got the second batch sent out. I don’t know if the first batch was confiscated by customs or not … I never received anything in the mail from customs. Please don’t give up on ILGM … they’ll do their best to make sure you get the seeds.


History of

About ILGM and Robert BergmanILGM was founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman. Although he had been growing marijuana for many years before he started a blog, slowly and steadily, the blog turned into a great online store of the very best marijuana strain seeds.

During the ’90s, he was growing marijuana in small rooms in Amsterdam. After that, his interest grew, and Robert started developing commercial marijuana growing operations in big grow rooms. He possesses a great amount of knowledge and understating of cannabis breeding. With more than 25 years of experience under his belt, ILGM helps thousands of new marijuana growers understand the process and provide them with the highest seed quality.

Currently, you can easily buy your favorite seeds online as they offer some of the most popular strains in the market, including White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, Durban Poison, AK 47, Cannatonic, Super Skunk, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, mix pack, and many different strains with the highest quality seeds.

ILGM Online Store Website

ILGM company detailsILGM operates with three different sites online; one is for blogging, another is a support forum, and the other is to search and buy seeds.

And this link will redirect you to the ILGM website to buy high-quality seeds:

Here’s the URL of the ILGM blog that you can visit to get proper information on marijuana growing guides and the latest news:

If you’re looking forward to growing cannabis seeds on your own, you might need a bit of expert advice, especially if you’re growing for the first time. So, here’s the link to the ILGM Guides to help you for the same:

Finally, if you need to ask for customer service or need guidance from expert cannabis users worldwide, or just you need to participate in the ILGM Grow Support Forum, feel free to visit:

The first thing you will notice is that the layout of the website is really cool, clutter-free, and attractive.

The main menu has the following tabs for you to navigate towards what you are looking for easily:


You can see from the menu that the ILGM has everything that you would need to know about growing marijuana on your own. If you go to their Cannabis Shop Homepage, it will show you the most selling strains along with all the latest promotions and offers.

There is also a great filter system on their seeds page by which you can filter the ILGM seeds by categories of your choice. Have a look at the filter category on the product page.


  • Seed Variety Packs
  • Complete Grow Kits
  • All Deals
  • Most Popular


  • Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflowering Seeds
  • Fast Flowering Seeds
  • Beginner Seeds


  • High THC
  • Medium THC
  • Low THC
  • High CBD


  • High Yield
  • Tall Plant
  • Average Plant
  • Small Plant


  • Indica Dominant
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Hybrid


  • Indoors
  • Continental Climate
  • Temperate Climate
  • Steppe Climate
  • Mediterranean Climate
  • Sunny Climate
  • Cool Climate
  • Outdoors
  • Mold Resistant


  • Award Winners

Remember (or don’t!) that the previous URL of the official ILGM was:

But now, when you try to open that link, you will automatically be redirected to, which is sweet and simple to remember. You don’t need to do anything about that; this is just for your kind information.

However, remember that the official emails will still be sent from the addresses. So always make sure you get the legit email by verifying the given email domain.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

ILGM seed quality

ILGM has partnered with top breeders in the marijuana market to connect their readers and customers with the best seeds on the market. As a result, all the customers swear by the quality of the seeds provided by this seed bank.

Various genetics and compounds make up a particular strain. To choose the high-quality weed, you have to realize what those elements are, and that is where lab testing comes in. Every single weed seed goes through lab testing to see if the specific strain seed is up to the standard. Lab testing ascertains the quality of terpenes and cannabinoids in the strain. It lets you realize that the cannabis you’re consuming is safe.

For any cannabis you purchase from a legal vendor, you must ask for lab testing to ascertain both the terpenes and cannabinoids are safe to consume. It also examines whether the strain holds unsafe fungicides, pesticides, or harmful chemicals. Lab testing lets you recognize what’s in your strain. It can assist you in choosing which strains to try.

The seeds that you get from ILGM will be of very high quality, and consequently, you would need to pay a little extra compared to other seed banks. But believe us, it’s worth every penny!

Each seed has been bred by their experts and stored for sale. After getting an order, the ILGM quality control team makes sure that the customers only receive nothing but high-quality seeds.

Not all seed banks provide lab-tested seeds, so always ask for the same before ordering your favorite seeds. Strains Variety

Some people need medical assistance from medical marijuana, while some fancying for relaxation and euphoric buzz to enjoy recreational activities. At ILGM, you can rest assured that whatever you need, they can provide the most popular seeds at your doorstep.

At the time of writing this post (as of January 2022), more than 10,000 different types of marijuana strains are available on the ILGM’s online store; most of them are hybrid strains (a cross between Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis).

These strains include Feminized, Regular, Autoflower, and Medical marijuana. Amongst these 10,000 strains, you can filter for low/high THC strains, low/high CBD strains, mix pack with three different strains, highest yielding strains, indoor or outdoor strains, easy to grow strains, and many different strains.

The following are the best-selling cannabis strains right now on ILGM online store with a germination guarantee.

ILGM has all of the great strains that are used by most cannabis growers and consumers in the world. Even Bergman’s Gold Leaf strain is there in the list. Bergman’s Gold Leaf marijuana strain is Robert Bergman’s favorite strain cultivated by himself. Moreover, Bergman’s Gold Leaf is 60% Indica-dominant strain with up to 21% THC content. Furthermore, they also offer mix packs, low/high THC and CBD strains, strains for beginners, and many more best seed varieties with excellent seed quality.

White Widow is among the best-selling strain of all time in the feminized seeds category. Although you won’t find a unique strain selection like some of the other seedbanks provide, we are sure this online seed bank keeps the most selling and the best cannabis strains in their online store.

Apart from that, ILGM customers can also avail of a ‘buy 10 get 10 free’ offer on some strains like White Widow. So when you buy 10 seeds, they offer free, additional 10 seeds regardless of your payment method. Extra 10 seeds mean you can grow another plant for free with those seeds. Suffice to say, strain selection with ILGM is effortless and quick. Besides, whether you buy mix packs or other ILGM seeds, they will be at your doorstep with free and fast shipping and a delivery guarantee, that too with stealth shipping so you can stay anonymous.

The beginner growers generally have no idea about what things to buy to grow marijuana at home indoors, so for those people, sells complete grow kit in their online shop.

Buy those sets to get fertilizers, Plant protector liquids, and marijuana mix packs, all in one package. So, when the parcel arrives, all you will need to make is your own organic super soil and find a place to grow your marijuana indoors at home.

Detailed Information on Every Cannabis Strain on the ILGM Website

ILGM has a huge collection of posts on their BLOG.

Who doesn’t love reading about their favorite marijuana strain, right?

This blog consists of hundreds of individual marijuana strain information. Not only they provide a basic summary of the strain, they even give out wide-ranging explanations on the following things:

  • Growing the strain
  • Origins of the strain
  • Effects, fragrance, and flavor of the strain
  • Medical usages
  • Germination and flowering period
  • Adverse reactions of the strain
  • Additional information table regarding THC and CBD content, yield, the month of harvest, and more

Really cool, eh?

No matter what strain you are after, if you search the name in the ILGM blog, you will find the strain’s complete information jotted down for you.

This is one of those rare features that you do not get anywhere else other than at

Does ILGM Offer a Germination Guarantee?

ILGM germination guarantee

Well, if you trust us, believe it when we say the germination guarantee of this online seed bank is really, really authentic.

ILGM offers a germination guarantee, so if your ILGM seeds don’t get germinated, even if you follow a growing guide, they will free seeds without any additional payment. The customer service representative will contact you, help you every step of the way, will send you replacement seeds, and you are good to go!

All of the customers are very happy with the germination rate of all the marijuana seeds bought from the ILGM.

The proof of them sending only the best seed is that they give a germination guarantee on every single seed they sell. Whether you buy White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, AK 47, or any other popular strains from the strain selection, rest assured that you always get the highest quality seeds with a high germination rate.

Apart from that, whether you buy feminized seeds or autoflower seeds, the growing process will be easy with their growing guide.

If the marijuana seed did not germinate by any chance, marijuana growers could send it back to them, and they will give the money back without asking a single question.

That is fantastic, isn’t it?

Sending back the seeds will cost you under $3, and in return, if more than 50% of your seeds did not germinate, then they will give you a new free package altogether.

You even have another option of getting double amounts of seeds on your next order if you don’t want to ship them the non-germinated seeds.

All these guarantees definitely make them the best cannabis seeds seller online.

Shipping Rates

ILGM fulfills hundreds of orders of the USA customers every single day.

However, ILGM only ships to all the US states and Australia as of January 2022. If you order your seeds from the USA, they will not charge any shipping fee regardless of the total amount of order.

On the other hand, if you order from Australia, there will be a shipping charge of US $25 if the total amount of your order remains below the US $150. But if your order amount is above the US $150, the shipping charge will be none.

On the negative side, ILGM does not ship to any other country other than the USA and Australia. ILGM customers from the UK, western Europe, New Zealand, and Canada have to find other options to buy seeds online. But we hope that they will start shipping soon when the law surrounding marijuana reforms and barriers start to vanish.

How Long Does it Take for the Package to Arrive?

ILGM shippingIf your order is to ship marijuana seeds to the US, it will take 2 to 10 business days for the parcel to arrive. However, the general time people get their parcel is just 4 working days.

As soon as you pay, the order will be shipped within 2 weekdays. Sometimes, it may take longer if they have to restock their supply. But don’t worry, they will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure you get your order.

Orders from Australia may take longer to fulfill, and once they ship your package, you’ll get it between 2 to 10 business days. To be on the safe side, they currently maintain a waiting period of 3 weeks.

The tracking feature is available on their shipped orders, but you will need to pay the extra US $25 for that.

Note: The nutrients and the CBD products are shipped separately from the cannabis seeds, and they may within 25 days to arrive.

Package Protection

The orders are sent out with a delivery guarantee. Didn’t we say that ILGM is the best?

They will ship within 24 hours or 2 weekdays after payment confirmation. Well, if the parcel does not reach you by any chance, then they will send another one for free. ILGM offers free shipping for all US orders as well.

Isn’t this one of the best things ever!

If you don’t receive your order within 25 days, contact them before the 60th day. They will mark your order as received if you don’t contact them within 60 days.

Additionally, you can even get your second free shipment to another address if you want.

Is Ordering from ILGM Seed Bank Safe?

We understand that you might ask this question. There are so many fraud marijuana seed banks online.

We agree with you that one should not order marijuana seeds from any seed bank without prior research. But with this seed bank, you can blindly trust them and order your seeds today!

With the germination guarantee and the shipping guarantee, there is no risk associated with purchasing seeds from Germination guarantee ensures that your seeds will get germinated easily.

Is ILGM Parcel Discreet?

With so many years of experience, ILGM guys have become experts on the discreet packaging of marijuana seeds and sending them to the United States and Australia. However, they are currently not shipping seeds to New Zealand, Western Europe, Canada, or any other country.

The parcel that you will receive has no marijuana-related text or images. There will only be your name and returning address on top of it.

The seeds are well hidden inside every item like pens, t-shirts, books, etc. This is done to hide the seeds from prying eyes.

What Are the Different Payment Methods?

Paying for marijuana is still in people’s minds because of the complicated policies of some countries. Everyone wants a very safe and secure way to pay for their seeds without getting caught, right?

Don’t worry!

Payment methods for USA customers:

ILGM gives you plenty of payment options. You can choose whichever mode of payment. These options include the following methods for US customers:

  1. Online bank transfer using an email address
  2. ACH or WIRE bank transfer
  3. Check or Bill Pay
  4. Bank deposit
  5. Send a cash
  6. Bitcoin (get 10% discount when you use this method)
  7. Credit cards (not recommended)

The chance of successful payment for cannabis-related products by credit card is less. The reason behind this is that most credit card companies block payments that are related to cannabis.

If you are ordering from the US, then you can send money to their US-based account directly. You can either send them the money through an online bank transfer or by WIRE transfer. You can even use Bill pay or send out a check.

Payment methods for Australia customers:

Modes of payment for Australian customers include:

  1. Bank deposit to ILGM’s Australian bank account
  2. Bitcoin (get 10% discount when you use this method)
  3. Send as cash
  4. Credit cards (not recommended)

For Australian customers, you can calculate your order in the Australian currency by using this calculator. You can pay directly to the seed bank’s Australian bank account as it’s the quickest and easiest way available. An Australian ILGM customer can also pay with bitcoin get a 10% instant discount. Always remember that you can pay with a credit card, but it’s not recommended as most card companies reject marijuana-related transactions. But if you want to pay with a credit card, do not mention anything on reference or ask ILGM to explain how to pay with the card.

Apart from that, if you want to pay via cash for your order, it’s the best way to stay anonymous.

When an ILGM customer sends them cash, they will deliver their order. Once you place the order, they will instruct you on how to send cash to them. Furthermore, they will also instruct and verify shipping details and payment details. Interestingly, ILGM accepts all currencies in a cash payment. If you need to know your order’s total amount in your local currency, visit to calculate the exchange rate.

Promotions and Discounts

If you go to the Deals option of the ILGM website, you will see that they have fantastic offers and deals available all year round.

There are great discounts on buying in combinations. The latest deal offers you ten free seeds if you buy ten seeds.

Really amazing, right?

There is also a VIP program on their website, which can be joined to get additional rare benefits.

Is ILGM’s Customer Service Good?

The customer service and care offered on ILGM are some of the rarest in this business. They are professional in solving and helping people with questions, problems, and queries.

You can contact them with whatever question/query you like, and they will always be helpful and polite to you.

The customer service staff is available 24/7. You can check out their active forum to get in touch with their expert breeders, staff, and other members and buyers.

On a scale of 1 to 5, we would give them all 5 stars for their customer service.

Last Words

Marijuana grow bibleWell, we are sure that you are in love with ILGM already after reading this ILoveGrowingMarijuana review.

When you check the About Us page of ILGM, you will come to know that Robert Bergman founded this company in 2012 with a mission to ensure that all the marijuana enthusiasts can have access to the best marijuana seeds and growing information with a high germination rate. He has started growing marijuana from a small setup and then expanded his interests to develop industrial-sized plantations.

He has always been passionate about sharing useful things with people who want to grow marijuana and had plans to develop a website that can connect all of them. Further, he chose to write about his experiences to inspire other newbies and fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Interestingly, he has done it all, and more!

Suffice to say, his hard work pays off, and the ILGM website is now among the most popular seed banks in the industry with top-notch customer support. To do that, he partnered with some of the top cannabis breeders in the industry to attain and share essential information and products.

Most customers from the United States prefer ILGM first when they look forward to buying a specific strain with excellent customer support and free shipping. This is the perfect place to buy your high-quality seeds,

Even if the company is 9 years old today, Robert Bergman’s experience makes it 25 years old! And thus, now they can give the germination guarantee, which is crucial when we talk about growing high-quality cannabis. The good thing is that if your seeds fail to grow, they will refund your money or send another package of seeds for free without asking any questions.

We hope this ILGm (ILoveGrowingmarijuana) review helps you to make an informed decision. Over these years, we have really been a loyal buyer of marijuana seeds from the ILGM. You can try them today! We promise you will not be disappointed.

If you need to ask any questions, then feel free to use the comments box down below.

Happy Shopping – Healthy Growing!

Frequently asked Questions

How long does ILGM take to ship?

Because ILGM maintains a warehouse in the United States, they can ship rapidly to US destinations, with delivery periods averaging 4 to 6 days. In addition, depending on the conditions, you should receive your marijuana seeds anywhere within 6 to 12 days.

Is ILGM legal?

ILGM is a respectable and risk-free organization. ILGM has been in the cannabis seed industry for a long time. Robert Bergman launched the firm in 2012, and it has risen in popularity ever since. Bergman has been growing marijuana for more than 25 years.

Is legit?

Yes! ILGM is a legitimate seed bank from which to place orders. ILGM has been selling cannabis seeds for over 7 years and is known in the cannabis world for its exceptional customer service and germination guarantee.

What’s better: Autoflower or feminized?

Autoflowering seeds are excellent for indoor growing, while feminized seeds are better for outdoor growing. Feminized seeds, on average, produce plants that are larger and taller than autoflowers.

Where does ILGM source their seeds from?

They both cultivate their seeds and buy them from reputable breeders worldwide. They collaborate closely with these breeders throughout the breeding and seed selection process. To assure quality, ILGM seeds are hand-picked by professionals in the field, including Bergman himself.

Where does ILGM ship from?

ILGM ships seeds from its headquarters in Amsterdam to customers across Europe. They do, however, have a warehouse in the United States, which allows them to distribute seeds to US consumers considerably more quickly.

Why is ILGM So Expensive?

Because you get a service other seed banks don’t, ILGM seeds are a little more expensive. ILGM offers a 100 per cent germination guarantee, speedy shipping, outstanding customer service, and high-quality strains.

Does ILGM Ship-To Illegal States?

Yes, ILGM will export seeds to states where growing cannabis is illegal. However, in their terms and conditions, they expressly declare that the buyer must verify state legislation before purchasing.