(ILGM) SEEDS BANK REVIEW in 2020 – #1 Premium Seeds Bank

If we have to say something about we would just say one phrase:

“ILGM Seeds Bank is the King of ALL Seed Banks”

I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA REVIEW in 2020 seeds review seeds review

We always buy our seeds from ILGM seeds bank. You can find the very best and high-quality seeds no their online store.

Additionally, they have a huge forum where they have written extensive guides on topics like Beginner growing instructions, Indoors and Outdoors cannabis growing, Medical marijuana advice, Plant care articles, and many more.

Another great thing about them is the ILGM Discount Codes. You can find so many different offers on their online store.

Overall, if you are looking for a one-stop marijuana-related destination to satisfy all your cannabis needs, then Seeds Bank is the ideal place.

We have made a very broad Review and posted down below for our readers. After reading this post, we are sure that you will fall in love with ILGM Seeds Bank.

The reputation of ILGM Seeds Bank

Customers all over the world have been favoring for all their cannabis seeds needs.

We too, have had a fabulous and satisfying experience of doing business with ILGM. They are professional, and most importantly, they care for their customers.

On Trustpilot, ILGM Seeds Bank has received 5-star ratings. There are more than 3,700 reviews by customers, 88% of which have given this seeds bank 5 Star Excellent ratings.

Really impressive, yeah?

Even Reseller Ratings have given ILGM a rating of 9.45 stars out of 10.

ILGM Seeds Bank is unquestionably the most trusted marijuana seeds bank on the internet right now.

History of

ILGM was founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman.

Although he had been growing marijuana for many years before he started a blog. Slowly and steadily, the blog turned to a great online store of the very best marijuana strain seeds.

During the ’90s, he was growing marijuana in small rooms in Amsterdam. After that, the interest grew, and Robert started growing commercial marijuana growing operation in big grow rooms.

He even has a great amount of knowledge and understating of cannabis breeding. With more than 25 years of experience under his belt, his ILGM Seeds Bank helps thousands of new marijuana growers understand the process and provide them with the highest quality marijuana strain seeds.

ILGM Online Store Website

The layout of the website is really cool, clutter-free, and attractive.

The main menu has options like:

  • Seeds
  • Nutrients
  • Offers
  • Forum
  • Grow Guides
  • Usage
  • Grow Support
  • Shop Support

You can see from the basic menus that ILGM has everything that you would need to know about growing marijuana on your own.

If you go to their Cannabis Shop Homepage, it will show you the most selling strains along with all the latest promotions and offers.

There is also a great filter system on their seeds page by which you can filter out the marijuana seeds by categories like:

  • Marijuana strain type
  • Yield levels
  • THC levels
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Plant size
  • Many more

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

The marijuana strain seeds that you get from ILGM online store are not branded. BUT that does not mean they are of low quality.

All the customers swear by the quality of the seeds provided by this seeds bank.

Every single weed seed they send out goes through an inspection check to see if the seed is up to the standard. The seeds that you get are going to be of very high quality.

Each seed has been bred by their experts and stored for sale, after getting an order, ILGM quality control team makes sure that the order has top quality seeds only. Strains Variety

At the time of writing this post, there are 116 different types of marijuana strains available on ILGM seeds bank online store.

These 116 strains include Feminized, Regular, Autoflower, and Medical marijuana. Amongst these 116 strains, 58 are feminized seeds, 17 are autoflowering seeds, 36 are fast growing seeds, and 5 are regular cannabis strain seeds.

The following are the Best-Selling cannabis strain right now on ILGM online store.

ILGM seeds bank has all of the great strains that are used by every cannabis grower in the world.

Although you won’t find a huge strain collection like some of the other seed banks, we are sure ILGM keeps the most selling and the best cannabis strains in their stores.

The beginner growers generally have no idea about what things to buy to grow marijuana at home indoors, so for those people, sells complete grow sets on their shop.

Buy those sets to get fertilizers, Plant protector liquids and marijuana seeds all in one package. So, when the parcel arrives, all you will need to make is your own organic super soil and find a place to grow your marijuana indoors at home.

Vast Amount of Individual Cannabis Strain Information

ILGM seeds bank has a huge collection of posts on their BLOG.

Who doesn’t love reading about their favorite marijuana strain, right?

This blog consists of hundreds of individual marijuana strain information. Not only they provide a basic summary of the strain, they even give out wide-ranging explanations on the following things:

  • Growing the strain
  • Origins of strain
  • Effects, Fragrance, and flavor of the strain
  • Medical usages
  • Flowering times
  • Adverse reactions of the strain
  • Additional information table

Really cool, eh?

No matter what strain you are after, if you search the name in the ILGM blog, you will find the strains complete information jotted down for you.

This is one of those rare features that you do not get anywhere else other than at

Do all of the cannabis seeds germinate?

Well, if you trust us, believe it when we say the germination ratio of ILGM is really really on the high side.

All of the customers are very happy with the germination ratio of all the marijuana seeds bought from ILGM seeds bank.

The proof of them sending only the best and highest quality marijuana seeds is that they give germination guarantee on every single seed they sell.

If by any chance, your marijuana seed did not germinate, you can send it back to them, and they will refund your money without asking a single question.

That is awesome, isn’t it?

Sending back the seeds will cost you under $3, and in return, if more than 50% of your seeds did not germinate, then they will give you a new free package altogether.

You even have another option of getting double amounts of seeds on your next order if you don’t want to ship them the non-germinated seeds.

All these guarantees definitely make them the best cannabis seeds seller online.

Shipping Rates

ILGM seeds bank has shipping orders to the US, Australia, West Europe, and New Zealand every single day.

If you are requesting seeds to the US or Europe, then you do not have to pay anything. The shipping will be free of cost.

However, you have to pay a $25 USD shipping charge to ship the order to Australia and New Zealand.

But wait!

If your order is of more than $150 USD, then you get free shipping to Australia and New Zealand as well.


How long does it take for the parcel to arrive?

If your order is to ship marijuana seeds to the US, then it would take 2 to 10 business days for the parcel to arrive. However, the general time people get their parcel is just 4 working days.

As soon as you pay, the order will be shipped within 2 days.

The tracking feature is available on their shipped orders, but you will need to pay extra $25 USD for that.

Note: The nutrients and the CBD products are shipped separately from the cannabis seeds, and they may take up to 25 days to arrive.

Package Protection

The orders are sent out with a delivery guarantee.

Didn’t we say that ILGM is the best? Well, if the parcel does not reach you, then they will send another one for free.

Isn’t this one of the best things ever!

If you don’t receive your order on the 25th day, contact them before the 90th day. They will mark your order as received if you don’t contact within 90 days.

Additionally, you can even get your second free shipment to another address if you want.

Is ordering from ILGM Seeds Bank Safe?

We understand that you might ash this question. There are so many fraud marijuana seeds banks online on the internet.

We agree with you that one should not order marijuana seeds from any seed bank without prior research. But with ILGM, you can blindly trust us and order seeds today!

With the germination guarantee and the shipping guarantee, there is no risk associated with purchasing seeds from

Is ILGM seed bank parcel Discreet?

With so many years of experience, ILGM guys have become experts on packaging marijuana seeds and sending them everywhere in the world.

The parcel that you will receive has no marijuana-related text or images. There will only be your name and returning address on top of it.

The seeds are well hidden inside every item like pens, t-shirts, books, etc. This is done to hide the seeds from prying eyes.

What are the different Payment Methods?

Paying for marijuana is still in people minds because of some countries policies. Everyone wants a very safe and secure way to pay for their seeds, right?

Don’t worry!

ILGM seeds bank gives you plenty of payment options. You can choose whichever you feel comfortable with. These options include the following:

  • Credit card
  • Bitcoin (Get 10% discount when you use this method)
  • Cash (Just send them the money in an envelope, and they’ll send you the seeds)

If you are ordering from the US, then you can send money to their US-based account directly. You can either send them the money through an online bank transfer or by WIRE transfer. You can even use Bill pay or send out a check.

Same as the US, if you live in the EU, then you can directly pay money to their US-based account.

Promotions and Discounts

If you go to the Deals option of the ILGM website, you will see that they have fantastic offers and deals available all year round.

There are great discounts on buying in combinations. The latest deal offers you ten free seeds if you buy ten seeds.

Really amazing, right?

There is also a VIP program on their website, which can be joined to get additional rare benefits.

Is ILGM’s Customer Services good?

The customer support and care offered on ILGM are some of the rarest in this business. They are professional in solving and helping people with questions, problems, and queries.

You can contact them with whatever question/query you like, and they will always be helpful and polite to you.

The support staff is available 24/7. You can check out their forum to get in touch with their expert breeders, staff, and other members and buyers.

On a scale to 1 to 5, we would give them all 5 stars for their customer services.

Last Words

Well, we are sure that you are in love with already, yeah?

If you go out and research about online seeds banks, you will notice that all the review would be great and highly rated by customers.

Over these years, we have really been a loyal buyer of marijuana seeds from ILGM seed bank. You can try them today! We promise you will not be disappointed.

If you need to ask any questions, then feel free to use the comments box down below.

Happy Shopping!

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