Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review in 2024

Having conquered no less than seven Cannabis Cup awards for Best-In-Class Flower, it looks apt that the Jack Herer marijuana strain was explicitly created to admire one of the most iconic cannabis activists in the past. Read on our Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review to know many interesting facts about Jack Herer Strain.

Jack Herer Strain ReviewJack Herer is a potent cannabis strain with a unique quality and excellent psychotic effect. The glorious history of this strain has been at the top of the marijuana strains chart since its occurrence.

Apart from its energizing impacts, this strain can heal many severe medical ailments and elevate users’ moods. This marijuana strain has revolutionized the marijuana world with its extraordinary traits.

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review in 2024


Jack Herer, the strain, was produced in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where Dutch pharmacies later distributed it as an approved medical-grade strain. Since then, this spicy, pine-flavored strain has taken home many awards for its features and potency.

Jack Herer got its name after the author and marijuana activist Jack Herer. This strain is one of the most typical Sativa strains you will ever discover.

Jack Herer, the man, was known as the “Emperor of Hemp.” This promising cannabis flower pays tribute to him and his great achievements.

Herer was sometimes called the “father” of the constitutional cannabis movement, he began in 1973, along with his companion Ed Adair, who fought with him for the legalization of marijuana.

He published a book in 1985 called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” one of the most famous and often quoted historical readings of the cannabis factory.

If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you’ll add eight to 24 years to your life.Jack Herer

Like the man himself, Jack Herer marijuana strain holds a unique yet refined flavor, an excellent, mind-boggling high, a productive medicinal potential, and is a master of uplifting, energizing effects. Let’s dig deep into its qualities.

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Genetics of Jack Herer

It was cultivated in the Netherlands by famous breeder Sensi Seeds. This strain was created by cross-breeding a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk hybrid, foreseeing to produce both, cerebral high and large resin production.

Although the roots of this strain are not 100% verified, it is commonly accepted that Jack Herer marijuana highlights a THC content of around 18-24%, making it a great option to create the effects you want.

Jack Herer has been cultivated to be one of the most used cannabis strains with a significant user base worldwide.

Various breeders have produced many phenotypes of this Sativa dominant strain. The top Jack Herer marijuana strains include:

  • Pineapple jack strain
  • Jack's cleaner
  • Critical Jack
  • Jack Skellington strain
  • Jack Flash Strain

Being a well-balanced hybrid, Jack Herer usually tends to be 55% Sativa to 45% Indica. Jack Herer weed is actually much simple to grow and gives a medium-sized yield that gets less than average for the flowering time to come. Keep reading below to find out more about cultivating Jack Herer.

Cultivation of Jack Herer

Jack Herer Strain ReviewJack Herer, being one of the most grown and most admired strains around the world, is every grower's dream.

Its prompt flowering period and excellent yielding characteristics genuinely represent the quality it stands for. It is easy to rise and repellent to many prevalent bugs, making Jack Herer a classic staple.

This strain is a middle-range yielder with medium crop and average growth, but that doesn't overcome its worth as it gives the most exquisite high effects.

Growing Difficulty

Jack Herer cannabis strain is regarded as a comparatively easy to nurture, even proven to be fit for absolute novices.

Regardless of how or where you plant these seeds, however, make sure you have enough space available as this strain can get above two meters height.

Jack Herer also offers a conventional resistance to diseases and bugs, powdery mildew, molds, pests, and more, making the strain very low-maintenance strain overall – or at least as close to "low-maintenance" as marijuana plants can possibly be.

Since Jack Herer is Sativa prevailing strain, the buds of this strain will be more broadly aligned, which means that the harvest will be more convenient.

Also, you will have more chances to cut down those fan leaves and trim those dense buds, as well as there will be fewer chances of molds in those buds.


Growers can cultivate Jack Herer both indoors and outdoors. Jack Herer usually flourishes in hot, Mediterranean, or tropical environments.

If you are planning to cultivate it outdoors, then the cultivation of this strain demands the perfect atmosphere – in simple words, a consistent dose of dry, gentle, bright, warm climate.

Expert growers can optimize their yields with a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) growing methods to increase the plants' yield and reduce their height gain.


Jack Herer Strain ReviewJack Herer has a great skill to create high quantities of resin, making it crystalline and sparkling cannabis strain whose buds shine like diamonds in the sun – causing 'connaisseurs' who need a bit of the frost to drool with child-like joy.

The excellent resin production of this marijuana strain surprises even proficient growers. At their peak of the growing cycle, the buds are so dense with trichomes that they seem as though they have been polished.

This diamond coating reaches to the spear leaves, fan leaves, and even the central stems and stalks.

Flowering Time

Whether planted indoors or outdoors, Jack Herer marijuana is presently recognized for its surprisingly quick flowering stage.

Due to numerous such factors being in favor of the grower, Jack Herer strain is actually considered a will-o'-the-wisp to grow, which is probably why it has become a staple product for medical dispensaries, recreational stores, and commercial growing facilities globally.


When grown indoors, Jack Herer is appreciated for its short flowering stage, measuring in at an approximated 8-10 weeks on average.

Jack Herer provides around about 18 ounces per square meter. Do not under-estimate the pre-flowering period because the plants can grow up to 16 inches high!

Don't forget to trim and cut the branches to ensure that the buds on the lower side get sufficient light to grow it indoors.


In outdoor surroundings, Jack Herer is best planted in dry Mediterranean weather and can produce about 18 ounces per plant. It is typically ready for yield around late September to early October.


The strain's ancestral lineage allows for a quick production, and this, united with Jack Herer's legendary strength, makes it a popular option for private and commercial breeders alike.

When raised with care and attention, indoor plants of Jack Herer can rise up to six feet tall, blooming over a period of 8-10 weeks.

It flourishes well in a SOG or ScrOG settings, but the strain gets into its own when cultivated outdoors in soil, given ample space and a few more weeks for the roots to expand fully.

A ready Jack Herer plant grown in this way is an impressive beast that can raise eight feet tall and provide up to a whopping 500-600g/m²!

Flavor and Fragrance of Jack Herer

Jack Herer plant will begin to produce aroma almost as soon as the first pre-flowers will arrive.

You will surely need a carbon filter or other filtering methods to hide that rogue and herbal smell. Some people say that Jack Herer can give a rich cake-like whiff in the air, combined with a hint of pepper.

When you squeeze the buds a little and pull, Jack Herer will undoubtedly release a tropical frost fragrance so intense that it will have you craving to give it a few more sniffs.

The zest of Jack Herer feels much like creme brulee, blending rich, nutty flavorings with a rich, creamy texture, and both haze and skunk after tones.

You might be able to recognize at any moment on your tongue that suggests a herbal taste may be related to one of your favorite leafy green teas.

Despite its essence being light and its look certainly like your average marijuana plant, it is ideal for cannabis lovers that are in search for the stability of effects.

Effects of Jack Herer

The smoke of Jack Herer will be a blend of both that body high as well as a head high. After using, you will initially feel a great uplifting feel and a big wave of energy.

But shortly after 20 to 30 minutes, you will start to feel that body high that will overcome you to sit down and enjoy life.

As a high-THC cultivar, users can expect changes in judgment and insight after engaging with Jack Herer. In particular, THC can momentarily cause sentiments of pleasure, relaxation, and euphoria.

It can also alter your understanding of time, which several consumers find useful in appreciating the present moment.

While this distinct cultivar isn't usually known to offer sedation, research on THC implies that it arouses the production of melatonin that supports control of the body's inner clock, encouraging feelings of drowsiness at nighttime.

The Jack Herer strain can also be an incredible mediator for deep, significant conversations as well as happy, passionate, light-hearted talks.

You don't need to worry about losing awareness, as it will keep you wary and on your toes at all times.

You might end up believing like you are floating over the clouds later on throughout your high, as when Jack Herer starts to wear down, it takes about a fantastic wave of euphoria.

It isn't assured that every time it would be relaxing, but surely offers absolute pleasure and often a swift flow of creative or artistic energy.

Jack Herer is one of the unique ways to start your day- the uplifting qualities are best for project or exercise, and medicinal patients have stated that this plant is effective in fighting with many ailments.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer

Jack Herer not only offers all of the cerebral effects that one might encounter from a potent Sativa but also carries sufficient Indica genetics to give a host of excellent, medicinal healing advantages.

Jack Herer cannabis has a relatively sizable variety of potential medical benefits, with the majority lying in the psychological disorder spectrum.

The strain has been widely known for being particularly useful in helping people who cope with distress and anxiety and controlling chronic pain, PTSD, or ADHD.

By understanding that Jack Herer contains a high level of terpenes, one can discover which terpenoid is responsible for the chilling effect so engaging to those who have asthma or other lung-related diseases.

Since it produces a healthy boost of energy, Jack Herer can be practiced in the fight against chronic exhaustion and apathy.

It delivers a pleasant, lightly numbing high, that can help reduce feelings of physical and emotional pain.

Moreover, another medical practice for it is to treat constant headaches and migraines. It is more potent than your normal strain. As it has been happily used in providing a cerebral relief, linked with a productive, gentle release, it promises to put you at ease.

Jack Herer usually helps bring back concentration and alertness while soothing the stomach, improving appetite, not making you munchie enough, and dulling any underlying pain that you might be feeling.

Side Effects of Jack Herer

As you might assume, the most typical unfavorable reactions reported after utilizing Jack Herer are dry mouth and dry eyes.

Both of these situations are quickly solvable by staying hydrated beforehand, during, and after the high, as well as possessing moisturizing eyedrops on-hand anytime you make a program to consume weed.

Although somewhat rare, Jack Herer can possibly produce seizure of anxiety in those prone to THC-induced paranoia.

If you are starting to feel yourself falling dark or illogical tunnels while you're high, it is best just to close your eyes for a while and take a deep inhalation.

What We Liked

  • Easy to grow
  • Perfect for morning use
  • Highly resistant to diseases
  • An excellent strain for medical patients
  • Excellent strain for beginners
  • Seven times winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup

What We Didn't Like

  • Anxiety or paranoia as an adverse reaction

Final Thoughts

The Jack Herer strain is genuinely different from other cannabis strains. Jack Herer provides the classic Sativa reaction in both body and mind, and the hybrid effects are more than evident after you take your first few puffs of this strain.

Overall, Jack Herer is a pick for both newcomers in the cannabis world as well as expert users.

There are four phenotypes of this strain available in the market, making it one of the most distinct strains you'll ever find with two leaning towards Indica features and two leaning towards Sativa qualities.

It's been named a "wake and bake" strain and is believed to boost energy level while easing the body just enough to keep moving.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Jack Herer cannabis strain review. For more exciting reviews of cannabis strains.

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