Weed Strains 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Strains

This guide will be all about what you need to know about marijuana strains. We’ll discuss what a marijuana strain is, its types and categories, uses and functionalities, and many more!

Whatever essential information you need about weed strains, this weed strains 101 articles has got you covered!

Weed Strains 101
What is a Marijuana Strain

What is a Marijuana Strain?

A marijuana strain is a reference to the category or type of cannabis. Strains differ in many factors, such as appearance, aroma, taste, effect, the region where it grows –most notably, pricing.

There are more than 700 different cannabis strains in the market circulating today. Of course, this number is growing due to further experimentation and innovation of growers and cultivators.

Different Types of Weed

Different Types of Weed

The primary categories or types of weed are cannabis Indica, cannabis Sativa, and cannabis Hybrid. This is how these strains are divided and classified, differing from one another.

Cannabis indica is the category that grows virtually shorter with a much denser structure than its counterparts. This category is known to have a body-centric effect, is used for soothing pains and muscle aches –also improves sleep and comfort.

Cannabis sativa grows tall with big pointed leaves topping it off. This particular strain is known for its focused head-high and increased energy and emotional levels.

What is the Best Strain of Weed

What is the Best Strain of Weed? 

The “best” strain of weed is relative to what the user wants to experience. However, the vast majority of users and enthusiasts consider the following as the best weed strains:

More strains and combinations are emerging. So, be sure to check them all out, so you can point 

Medical Purpose Weed Strain

Medical Purpose Weed Strain

Originally, weed or cannabis has been used for medical purposes —it’s just recently when it was considered a narcotic, hence deeming them illegal in the consumer market.

In our time, though, a few weed strains are viewed for their medical benefits and advantages. Let’s go over and discuss the most significant and sought-after ones!

There are far more medical strains you can go for that would have concise and straightforward effects.

Weed Strain Comparison

Weed Strain Comparison

Comparing weed strains encompasses the visual representation of each of them. There are many different factors that revolve around marijuana, so, let’s jump into it and unravel how these strains are compared and differentiated.

List of Popular Weed Strains

There are tons of weed strains that could be popular in one region, but rare in the other. According to the majority of enthusiasts and consumers in the Western hemisphere, though, the most common and most popular weed strains are: