Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety – HEAL BETTER with Medical Marijuana

Anxiety disorders are states of mind that make individuals worry actively about future issues and become terrified about contemporary issues. This disease can be so tricky that it limits individuals from carrying out day by day activities and leading a healthy life. Explore this article to understand how medical marijuana can reduce pain and other symptoms in chronic diseases. Also, have a look at the best cannabis strains for Anxiety.

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Whether anxiety is in the form of fits of anxiety that make the person sweating and have abnormal heartbeats or social fears that make them stay away from society, certain cannabis strains can adequately handle anxiety. 

Why can cannabis be effective remedy for anxiety?

Conventional medication uses many different varieties of drugs to tackle anxiety disorders, such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tranquilizers. However, numerous subjects don’t react appropriately to these treatments. 

Non-psychoactive cannabinoids seen in cannabis generally used to treat anxiety are cannabidiol (CBD). Various scientists and researchers have experimented with the two animals and humans to test CBD’s effectiveness for anxiety treatment. They have discovered that CBD has a calming effect on the mind and can be used to treat various anxiety-related ailments, including: 

  • Depression 
  • Generalized anxiety disorder 
  • Post-horrible stress disorder 
  • Social fear 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder 
  • Frenzy disorder 

How CBD helps treat anxiety

Taking CBD can diminish frequently reported anxiety symptoms such as dread, worry, and intense stress. In a double-blind study attended by researchers in Brazil, members showed a significant decline in anxiety after CBD. To approve the participants’ subjective reports, the scientists took some brain scans showing cerebral blood flow patterns with an enemy of anxiety effect. 

In another research to recognize the impact of taking CBD on social anxiety disorder, the participants did an open-spoken fake test. Anxiety indicators affirmed decreased anxiety throughout the test. 

The scientists leading the study assumed that taking CBD can decrease anxiety, discomfort in speech, and cognitive debilitation. 

The connection between cannabis and anxiety

Although the media is sometimes bustling with stories that cannabis can have adverse psychoactive outcomes, this isn’t forever the situation. One research from Washington State University unveils that cannabis and anxiety have a real connection. Using self-reported research, the research crew found that anxious reactions reduce short-term results, resulting in brief help for sufferers. It could prevent panic attacks that are elements of anxiety. 

Simultaneously, some forms of medical marijuana can make a couple of symptoms of anxiety worse. For instance, Indica may cause orthostatic hypotension, a form of low blood pressure that is worse when you stand up. For those who undergo from anxiety, the sense of disconnect and wooziness that appears with orthostatic hypotension could worsen their anxiety symptoms. 

It happens to all of us. You’re smoking a bowl, and you understand that you’re suddenly short of breath. You’re starting to feel frozen. It looks like you’re experiencing weed-related anxiety, why is this happening, and what can be done? 

Next time, you might consider smoking less potent buds. Strains with high THC content are more liable to trigger anxiety, especially in individuals who are more prone to anxiety. If smoking Sativa is giving you anxiety, take a stab at switching to an Indica instead. You could also take a stab at smoking a strain high in CBD. The slick thing about CBD is it seems to counteract the adverse effects of THC. 

Sativa vs. Indica for anxiety

Understanding the contrasts between Indica and Sativa is the most reliable way to pick the right sort of strain to manage your anxiety. For now, it’s beneficial to learn more about the primary differences between Indica vs. Sativa. 

While Indica is incredible for generating a quiet and serene effect, Sativa can cause your mind to turn out to be more active. Depending on how Sativa operates, increased activity throughout your brain could make your anxiety worse rather than better. 

However, the differences between the two have little to do with the actual type and more to do with the CBD to THC proportion. While CBD can handle conditions such as anxiety and panic, THC has more psychoactive attributes. On some time, THC’s psychoactive qualities can cause some of the moods that make anxiety more asserted, such as distrustfulness. 

As Sativa emphasizes more THC and has a more moderate CBD to THC balance, there’s a discussion to state that this indicates Indica is a better strain for anxiety. Although this is reasonably clear in most cases, it’s essential not to write Sativa off completely. It still has a spot in anxiety medication; it’s just a bit more cramped than Indica. 

THC vs. CBD for anxiety

When it comes to deciding, “Is Sativa or Indica best for anxiety?” the immediate answer is that it depends on anxiety symptoms. If you’re going to take a generalist procedure, the lower THC content of Indica may make it a more beneficial medication. 

As THC is the psychoactive segment of medical marijuana, it’s the same part that can make your mind excessively active. It means having a higher CBD to THC proportion means you’ll feel the soothing results of your anxiety medication, but with a reduced risk of doubt. 

There is a study to propose that Sativa has the same outcomes on worry as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It is useful to handle mellow to moderate patterns of depression, and its method of action prevents serotonin from being reabsorbed too swiftly in the brain. 

Depending on the pattern of your anxiety, different Sativa or Indica strains can be beneficial. A study from the pharmaceutical exhibits, SSRIs can heal OCD and generalized stress disorder. However, they also take several weeks to work. If Sativa is similar in the duration of time to perform, you may notice that it doesn’t deliver instant relief. 

As Indica-dominant cannabis strains can appear in a less rationally active high, they could relieve some of the traits that make anxiety so pronounced. For instance, numerous individuals who suffer from anxiety experience palpitations. 

As palpitations also arise when someone feels a sense of frenzy, their presence can make the condition feel worse. If you suffer from anxiety and allow your palpitations to induce panicking sensations further, it can prompt a fit of anxiety. 

Marijuana produces different reactions in individuals concerning anxiety alleviation. For some individuals, a little puff can give instant help from anxiety and other signs of stress. But others state the exact contrary. So, what’s the basis of these different effects? 

Overall, when considering Sativa vs. Indica, you have to consider whether you need immediate alleviation. If immediate help is necessary and you’re treating your medical marijuana in the same way you’d treat a beta-blocker, attempt Indica. Otherwise, you might need to consider either Sativa or a hybrid. 

Top 10 best cannabis strains for anxiety

Here are the top 10 best cannabis strains to help you alleviate your anxiety: 

1 – Girl Scout Cookies from ILGM

Girl Scout Cookies GSC

Named in light sarcastic wit, Girl Scout Cookies are undeniably more intense than its name might imply. A slightly Indica-dominant cross strain, GSC is known for its power and flavor. It is mainstream in the scene for its effectiveness and clean high, but is a generally low yielder contrasted to other strains – but its one of a kind strength makes it worth the wait. 

A strain that is named misleadingly, Girl Scout Cookies, is notably potent. Those exploring a predominantly happy, cerebral high have obtained their match. It eases the body without making it heavy. 

It has been commended for providing an energetic boost of creativity and sociability, a high best enjoyed in good organization. Other effects introduce a sense of self-esteem and unwinding, causing fresh vibes and the excitement to laugh and flub around. 

The high is said to start in your mind, stimulating the temples and spreading into the body. While the head becomes euphoric, the body slowly follows by delving into a general feeling of relaxation. 

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2 – Harlequin from ILGM


If you’re scanning for something a little distinctive, Harlequin is Sativa-dominant CBD-heavy cannabis. It possesses up to 10% CBD, with fewer than 7% THC on average. Sativa is renowned for giving users with focus, strength, and productivity. If you’re excited in CBD for a little aid getting out of the depression, Harlequin is a great cannabis strain. 

Some users say it assists decrease pain and soreness, so if you’re administering with chronic pain, Harlequin can be beneficial. A hit of sweet, homegrown Harlequin can be an excellent strain to start the day. The smell is less intense than most Sativa strains so that it won’t accompany you all day. However, the taste is spicy and homegrown, almost reminiscent of a strong chai. Its earthy undertones numerous individuals find appealing.

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3 – Blueberry CBD from ILGM


Blueberry CBD is an incredible, Indica-dominant strain that can make anybody’s day a little better. With a CBD level that is up to 16 percent and less than 1 percent THC, there’s little psychoactive influence. Its Indica share helps those with stress to relax and let go of their upsets for some time. 

Users state that it produces a euphoric high that leaves them happy and comfortable for hours. The Blueberry title is well-earned. The bud is strikingly purple, and the flavor is sweet, fruity, and just a slight tart. The fragrance is thoroughly blueberry – something the user will find appealing. 

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4 – Strawberry Kush CBD from ILGM

Strawberry Kush cannabis strain

If you like to commence your day with a breakfast of berries, Strawberry Kush CBD might be a part of your morning cycle. On average, the CBD ratio in this strain can be up to 15 percent. THC stays beneath 1 percent, making it a fabulous start to your morning. It’s excellent for helping somebody relax and find a more laid-back nature of mind. 

Moreover, individuals with anxiety and stress note that it’s helped them find peace for some time. It’s mellow, quiet, and will assist you with chilling out. The fragrance puts you in a strawberry garden, with natural, earthy tones and just a hint of sweetness. It’s the flavor that reminds individuals of strawberries and just a hint of pine. 

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5 – White Widow from ILGM

white widow cannabis strain

Individuals who’ve gotten the opportunity to visit an Amsterdam coffee house are almost certainly acquainted with White Widow. It’s a relaxing, fun strain that is just as supportive medically as it is recreationally. Both the THC and CBD content fluctuate from 6 to 9 percent. The cannabis strain is 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa, so it’s the best of the two genetics. It has the uplifting, productive influences of Sativa, while still encouraging individuals with anxiety relaxation. It’s a splendid strain for everyday use. 

White Widow is a tasty, sometimes pungent cannabis strain. There’s a taste of earth and pepper that you’ll see towards the end. The natural taste comes out instantly when you take your first puff. The aftertaste comes out sugary and woody, making it attractive all around. 

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6 – Purple Punch from

purple punch cannabis strain

Purple is the color of power, and this cannabis strain is one of the leaders of Indica crosses. When it’s an ideal excuse to relax, one puff of this strain might be all you want. Purple Punch provides blueberry-grape flavored flowers that hit quick and robust, leaving your mind and body feeling a floaty high. 

When you first use Purple Punch cannabis strain, it kicks you between the eyes. You’ll observe an initial intense cerebral stimulation that will whir from your temples down through the spine to your limbs, leaving you feeling loose, relaxed, and floaty. THC levels are reasonably high, between 18% and 20%, and CBD is nearly 1%. As a result, the sedating outcome is obvious, and inexperienced users can easily fall asleep if they take an extra puff. 

It is a superb strain for weekends on the lounge chair. Euphoria starts gentle and slowly develops, making everything more relaxed and a little more amusing. The couchlock is intense, but hunger isn’t. If you need a chill night and don’t have to do a lot, Purple Punch Indica is your perfect buddy. 

7 – Blue Cheese from ILGM

Blue Cheese cannabis strain

These gorgeous plants create striking blue buds with up to 19% THC and a usually high 2% CBD content. The beautiful blue flowers are the exceptional, rich aroma that combines a sweet fruity fragrance with a profound, rich smell to make a marvelous and unforgettable fragrance and flavor that will keep you repeating. 

Blue Cheese gives a well-balanced high, which renders the Indica body buzz with uplifting cerebral euphoria. It produces waves of mental stimulation. It’s a long-lasting high which can be enjoyed by fans of Indica and Sativa the same. 

Growing Blue Cheese is pretty straightforward. It gives natural endurance to parasites and illness, making it well-suited for indoor and outdoor conditions. It favors colder climates, but can also grow in warm weather. 

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8 – Martian Candy from Seedsbay

martian candy cannabis strain

We can categorize the Indica leaning Martian Candy as a minty treat that users can use whenever. It gives a euphoric head high, which could increase the clarity of users. Besides, its body buzz enables one to move like a well-oiled engine to perform light physical jobs. Eventually, its Indica genes take over and quiet users to bed like a magnet. 

This strain has a slow-acting high that usually takes around 20 minutes to achieve. It starts with a soft rush of euphoria that elevates the pleasure, eliminates upsets, and inspires a sense of calm. It reduces burdens so users can go about the day tasting cheery. 

Casual users will find mental clarity and a positive mindset to be of great use. It creates a space for ideas to a recurring pattern, but it also increases inspiration and sharpens the minds. In this way, users can remain focused while performing tasks. 

Clarity and a positive mindset to be of great use. It creates a space for ideas to a recurring pattern, but it also increases inspiration and clarifies the senses. In this way, users can stay centered while completing tasks. 

Thirty minutes to an hour after the initial onset, a tingling sensation complements the head high. 

It makes the body flexible by releasing tension from the muscles, relieving tightness around the joints. Taking a couple of additional puffs intensifies the relaxing body high into a sedating buzz. Without a doubt, one will need to search for a comfortable spot to lounge in or move around. After all, the weight that settles into the limbs could assist a profound sleep. 

9 – Master Kush from ILGM


Originally named “High Rise” because of this strain being yielded in an Amsterdam, Master Kush is the best Indica strain. It is probably one of the most famous strains, having received shoutouts from Snoop Dogg and became the winner of Cannabis Cup awards. 

This Indica is no starter-strain. Master Kush is thoughtfully potent and doesn’t require many puffs to take effect. It will lead you into a profound love seat lock, relaxing your entire body, and creating striking visuals that will make you joyful. 

Master Kush will make your body feel relaxed and mood happy. If you are returning from a long day at work, you will enjoy the effects of Master Kush. This almost untouched Indica will slightly affect your cerebral buzz, making your body relax completely. 

Furthermore, you can feel an absolute euphoria when smoking Master Kush. It will keep you happy and uplifted for some time, eventually suitable for your bedtime to have a long night of sleep. 

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10 – Remedy from Pacific Seed Bank

remedy cannabis strain

A misconception about strains that possess almost no THC is that it does not have any ”high.” Hybrids such as Remedy still do, but it is usually gentle. A fantastic way to describe its effects is: 

“Getting high without the psychoactive effects.” 

Such is the experience induced by this strain to users. At its onset, a gentle buzz induces a euphoric sensation that uplifts the mood. If you feel lightened or unburdened, it is normal for you to feel a sense of happiness. For some individuals, Remedy can also help clear and purge the mind of sick thoughts. Instead of troubles, a new sense of expectation and inspiration becomes more apparent. You can also feel a warm buzz ebbing down to the body. 

As Indica traits take over, it does not cause individuals to have dull thoughts or result in mental confusion. Instead, a profound sense of relaxation puts users at ease without the numbing effects of others. Feeling relaxed, most individuals also will, in general, drift off to sleep. 

Final Verdict

If the world has you stressed, allude back to these 15 best weed strains for anxiety disorders. Some simple ways to calm your anxiety include exercise, socializing, laughing, profound breathing, practicing mindfulness, and numerous other methods, including consuming marijuana. 

Cannabis is gainful with conditions such as social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Marijuana also reduces pain and inflammation and induces sleep for patients that has insomnia. You can feel more relaxed, which can help you lower your anxiety. 

Overall, doing a little analysis and seeking information is always desirable when managing anxiety with medical marijuana. Although Indica shows to be the best when producing calming effects, you might need to try Sativa strains to make sure your mind remains alert. 

If you find that the strain you use isn’t better, you should stop it and opt for other strain. If you encounter signs of anxiety, always talk to a medical expert before self-medicating with medical marijuana.

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