11 Best Seed Banks That Ship To Australia Fast!

Seed Banks That Ship To Australia: Are you looking for budget-friendly and reliable seed banks that ship to Australia?

Now, look no further!

With the finest of marijuana seeds, I have brought my personal favorite and cannabis connoisseurs’ recommended seed banks that ship to Australia fast.

Whether you need the finest feminized seeds, fast-growing autoflowering seeds, or even medical marijuana seeds, you are now covered!

Crop King Seeds remains the top Australian seed bank on our list. However, ILGM used to be my favorite one, but now they have stopped shipping to Australia for some reason.

The list contains more seed banks according to the budget, quality of cannabis seeds, shipping services, and more features.

Let’s get started to find the perfect one for you:

Legit Seed Banks That Ship To Australia 2023


So, here is the list of top 10+ seed bank which ships to the AUS!

#11. Neptune Seed Bank – A Store Beyond Weed Seeds

Neptune Seed Bank is one of the reliable US seed banks that ships internationally. The seed bank has its own cannabis seeds lineup.

And apart from the cannabis seeds, Neptune Seed Bank also sells some high-quality marijuana products.

The best part is that you get everything in one place. Also, there are weekly drops under which you can access their latest products in the list.

Moreover, you get regular deals, offers, and promotional sales which can get you marijuana seeds at discount rates.

The clearance sales are available to get you the best cannabis seeds at very cheap rates here.


  • One of the finest marijuana seeds
  • International shipping
  • Weekly drops
  • Regular offers and deals
  • Multiple breeders


  • No international order guarantee
  • No germination guarantee

Neptune Seed Bank is great for those who want to buy marijuana seeds and hemp products in one place.

However, this seed bank has a lot of space for improvement. Therefore, you can choose this seed bank for small purchases.

#10. Mary Jane’s Garden – 90% Delivery Rate

Want some top-notch marijuana seeds genetics?

Visit Mary Jane’s Garden!

Limited, but some of the finest marijuana seeds can be found at Mary Jane’s Garden seed bank.

The store ships worldwide and has a 90% delivery rate. That means you are more likely to get your order.

Coming to the inventory then, the seed bank has indoor, outdoor, feminized, autoflowering, and medical marijuana seeds.

There is no germination guarantee; however, the quality of seeds is great at such a low price.

Further, the website interface is quite old-sch00l, but you get a decent experience ordering marijuana seeds here.

The best part?

You get instant support from the backend team of Mary Jane’s Garden. Also, the website’s chat support is available for its customers, which is quite helpful.


  • Free shipping worldwide above $200
  • Multiple seeds variety
  • Fast support
  • Reliable seed bank
  • Limited but quality strains


  • The website interface is quite old-school
  • Premium seeds are a bit overpriced

Mary Jane’s Garden is a great choice for buying cannabis seeds in Australia. The store is filled with various seeds, which allows you to find your favorite weed strains in one place.

Also, instant customer support works as a cherry on top.

#9. Nirvana Seeds – Seed Bank With Lot Of Offers

Established in 1995, Nirvana Seed Bank is the store where you will find tons of offers.

By subscribing to the company’s newsletter, you can get a new pack of marijuana seeds for free with your order.

Also, there are regular offers on the store, making it one of the most affordable online seed banks.

The store has high-quality cannabis seeds that are directly sold from the sources.

Also, with multiple payment methods and quick shipping services, you will surely get one of the best buying experiences here.

On top of that, the Nirvana customer support team has always got your back for order queries.

Whether it is about high CBD seeds or high THC seeds, Nirvana Seeds has the best genetics and seller available for you.


  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • Get seeds directly from the sources
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Regular offers, discounts, and deals
  • Reputable seed bank


  • Delivery time is more than some other seed banks

Nirvana Seeds is the first seed bank for many professional buyers. Thanks to their huge inventory of high-end cannabis seeds.

Also, the affordable pricing at Nirvana Seeds makes it more attractive for weed lovers.

Visit Nirvana Seeds Now!

#8. Mediseed Man – Free Delivery Australia Wide

Get quality cannabis genetics at Mediseed Man.

Mediseed Man is one of the new but higher-end seed banks. It has a great inventory for buying marijuana seeds.

From auto, feminized, CBD, indoor, and outdoor to Indica or Sativa, Mediseed Man has everything you can look for.

Also, the website interface is unique. The best part is that you can search for your favorite marijuana seeds from the various filters.

Therefore, your overall experience becomes great at the Mediseed Man shop.

The best part?

This dedicated seed bank offers free delivery to Australia-wide buyers. That means you can save a few bucks on the delivery charges.


  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • Multiple varieties
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Unique website interface
  • Free delivery Australia wide


  • New seed bank
  • Fewer reviews available

Mediseed Man is a great option for Australian weed lovers, offering free delivery to country-wide buyers.

Also, the store mainly has top-notch weed seeds, making it one of the best options.

Overall it is a great seed bank if you are looking for free delivery.

Visit Mediseed Man Now!

#7. My Fast Buds – 8.8/10.0 Store Rating At Grow Diaries

One of the high-quality marijuana seeds sellers, My Fast Buds, is a relatively new but reliable seed bank.

The store has some new and rare marijuana strains that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

Also, the company promises one of the finest marijuana plants through their seeds that grow huge and bigger buds.

It is why the company holds multiple awards for cannabis seeds.

Coming to the inventory then, My Fast Buds has a great selection, but they have only autoflowering seeds in stock.

However, weed lovers who always seek something new to puff will love this store. Thanks to the frequent new releases of marijuana seeds at My Fast Buds store.


  • Reliable seed bank
  • Premium quality Kairouan seeds
  • New releases for the 2022 year
  • Multiple award holder
  • Impressive website


  • No discounts or offers
  • The standard shipping option is only there

My Fast Buds is the store for having new buds in your stash and buying some marijuana accessories.

The store has new and top-of-the-line marijuana strains that can get you one of the best puffing experiences.

Visit My Fast Buds Now!

#6. Seed Supreme Seed Bank – Top Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Australia

You must have seen this brand if you buy marijuana seeds regularly.

Seed Supreme is one of the popular brands for top-notch weed seeds.

And this seed bank has a huge strain inventory from the top seed banks worldwide.

Whether it’s about the feminized, auto, regular, high CBD, high THC, medical, or even wholesale seeds, Seed Supreme seed bank has covered you.

However, there is no germination guarantee like Crop King Seeds.

The seed bank has a great shipping service under which it delivers the orders discreetly and privately.

Therefore, your order information is safe with the seed bank.

Additionally, you get regular sales, discounts, and offers at this cannabis seed bank. That means you can have great deals every time you visit the store.

However, you will have limited payment options to buy marijuana seeds online at Seed Supreme.

But the good part is that you can reach out to the backend team for help in any case.


  • One of the most popular seed banks
  • A large variety
  • Consistent top-quality seeds
  • Seeds at wholesale price available
  • Discreet delivery


  • No germination guarantee

Seed Supreme is one of the top brands that growers look for. And buying marijuana seeds from Seed Supreme gives you access to a large seed inventory and varieties with top-notch genetics.

Even at Seed Supreme, you can access the seeds at wholesale price, which is not easily available at some other cannabis seed banks.

#5. Ministry Of Cannabis – Superior Quality Seeds

Ministry of Cannabis has a limited marijuana seeds inventory, but all of their seeds ensure high-quality genetics.

The Ministry of Cannabis is one of the first choices when buying premium weed seeds that grow.

The best part of ordering marijuana seeds from the Ministry of Cannabis is that they discreetly and privately ship to Australia.

Therefore, no one except you will know about the content of the box that you will be receiving.

Orders, once placed, are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

However, if you get stuck at some point or need help regarding your order, you can reach out to the company’s customer support.

The supportive, reliable, fast, and friendly customer support team will help you in the best way.


  • Superior quality weed seeds
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Discreet packaging and delivery
  • Excellent customer support
  • Trustworthy seed bank


  • The website interface needs improvement

Buy marijuana seeds from the Ministry of Cannabis if you need full privacy and fast delivery of your order.

The company is an expert in delivering orders discreetly along with one of the greatest customer services.

Visit the Ministry Of Cannabis Now!

#4. Seed City – Up To 40% Off Sales

Seed Banks That Ship To Australia

An old-school virtual seed store – Seed City, has your favorite breeders list in its inventory.

From A to Z breeders in inventory, Seed City is the seed bank that you might be looking for right now.

Whether feminized, auto, regular, or breeder type, Seed City has always got something for weed lovers.

If you cannot find a marijuana strain of a breeder somewhere else, try to search at Seed City. You are more likely to get that here.

Also, the prices are quite low for some top-notch strains. Moreover, the deals, discounts, and offers make this seed bank even more affordable.

During some sales, you can even get up to 50% off. Isn’t it amazing?

The best part?

For great pricing, you can approach the backend team if you buy cannabis seeds in bulk at Seed City.

Coming to the services section, then, it requires improvement.


  • A to Z breeders
  • Huge discounts and offers
  • Free seeds
  • Large Inventory
  • Reliable store


  • Poor website
  • No germination guarantee

Overall, Seed City is a trusted seed bank offering impressive cannabis strains packed with many offers, discounts, and deals.

If you are into cannabis cultivation and want to start your journey of growing marijuana, then you must buy marijuana seeds from Seed City.

Visit Seed City Now!

#3. MSNL Seed Bank – Free Seeds With Every Order

Marijuana seeds nl or MSNL is a seed bank established in London, UK.

Feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular strain types, medicinal cannabis seeds, value packs, and much more varieties are available at the store, making it a one-stop destination for all your weed needs.

The best part?

You will find regular sales, discounts, and offers in the MSNL store. That means you will get affordable deals for top-shelf marijuana seeds.

On top of that, you get an additional 15% discount by placing an order through bank transfer.

However, remember that the order is processed only when the payment is received. And the bank transfer option may take up to 7 days to reflect in the receiver’s account.


  • Reputable seed bank since 1999
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Large stock of marijuana seeds
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Regular sales, deals, and discounts
  • 5-star store rating
  • Excellent customer service


  • No germination guarantee

Overall, a great option for buying the finest marijuana seeds in Australia. MSNL seed bank offers you an additional 15% off on bank transfers apart from regular discounts.

Also, the 100% discreet delivery ensures your privacy for buying cannabis seeds online.

MSNL seed bank is one of the first choices when buying marijuana seeds in Australia.

#2. Herbies Seeds – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Herbies Head Shop is one of the favorite seed banks of growers. It has almost everything you can look for in an ideal seed bank.

Herbies Seeds has a wide variety of marijuana seeds covering feminized, autos, high CBD, and more.

The best part about Herbies Seeds is that it has various seed banks in its inventory. That means you can also access the marijuana seeds of your favorite breeder from it.

This feature allows buyers to buy marijuana seeds from breeders they cannot buy directly.

Coming to the service, Herbies Seeds has got ample payment methods. Bank transfer, Credit card, and bitcoin options are available.

However, delivery time at Herbies Seeds is around 20 to 24 days for Australian buyers. Therefore, there is space for improvement in the delivery times.


  • Finest quality marijuana seeds
  • A lot of varieties and seed banks in inventory
  • 4.62/5.0 store rating from 1800+ reviews
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • One of the most reputed seed banks


  • Delivery time needs improvement

Overall Herbies Seeds is one of the top seed banks that has everything up to mark.

From having the finest quality seeds to a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Herbies Seeds will make sure you get your money worth it in the store.

It is a 100% reliable seed bank that every weed grower must visit for one of great experience.

#1. Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Choice

Crop King Seeds wins the race for being the best seed bank ship to Australia in 2023.

Crop King is a Canadain origin marijuana seeds seller that is popular for selling high-quality seeds at reasonable pricing.

I loved their seed selection because it is ample to make any grower find their favorite weed seeds.

Even Crop King Seeds has recently released 500 new marijuana seeds increasing its inventory strength.

Therefore, Crop King Seeds has covered you, whether it is about feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, medicinal cannabis seeds, or even Australian marijuana seeds.

The best part?

You get one of the fastest delivery times in Australia with express shipping and a guaranteed delivery option.

Within 2 to 7 business days, you can receive your order.

Also, the customer service at Crop King Seeds is super fast, friendly, and supportive.

The backend team has always got your back if you are stuck somewhere concerning your order.

Besides, ample payment methods, 24/7 online chat support, and an excellent website interface make your experience great at the store.


  • Large seed strains
  • Multiple varieties
  • Fast ship to Australia
  • Excellent customer support
  • One of the most reputable seed banks
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • One of the best seed banks of 2023


  • Guaranteed delivery costs an extra charge

You need a seed bank that gets you the best marijuana seeds with authentic genetics, multiple varieties, great service, easy payment methods, and the best experience overall. In that case, Crop King Seeds is the seed bank for you.

With an 80% germination guarantee and super fast delivery to Australia, it is the perfect seed bank for you.


What seed banks send to Australia?

Crop King Seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, and ILGM seed bank (now they have stopped) are the seed banks that ship to Australia.

Does ILGM seed bank ship to Australia?

Yes, ILGM used to ship to Australia, but they have stopped for some reason, hoping that IGLM will soon bring the services to Australian customers.

Do Royal Queen Seeds ship to Australia?

Yes, Royal Queen Seeds ship to Australia. They ship to almost every country in the world.

Does Crop King Seeds ship to Australia?

Crop King Seeds is one of the popular marijuana seed banks that ship to every country, including Australia.

Get Your Seeds Fast Now!

These 11 seed banks ship to Australia faster. However, I have also ensured that these seed banks have the finest marijuana seeds.

Crop King Seeds is the #1 Australian seed bank on our list.

However, some other seed stores also made sure that you get your marijuana seeds of the best quality and delivered fastly to your doorstep in Australia.

Go and get your favorite cannabis seeds fast now!

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