Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) Seed Bank Review in 2024

MSNL Seed Bank Reviews In 2024 – Is it legit? I loved three things about MSNL seed bank as per my personal experience:

  • Seed quality
  • Free seeds with every order
  • And, the price.

However, there are certain things that I didn’t like.

For instance, I bought their medical cannabis strains a few months back but got a lot of hassle while paying them.

Similarly, there are many things to know about the MSNL seed bank that I am sharing with you today.

And I promise, after this MSNL review, you will be 1000% sure whether you should buy marijuana seeds from this one of the oldest seed banks or not.

Let’s get straight into it:

Is MSNL Seed Bank Legit?


Yes, marijuana seeds nl is a 100% legit seed bank.

It has been one of the market’s oldest and original seed banks since 1999.

Therefore, the MSNL seed bank has a great reputation among weed growers. MSNL seed bank sells high-quality marijuana seeds.

Also, the seed bank got a 5-star rating from 2200+ reviews on its official store.

Hence, with a consistent quality of seeds, great customer service, and with years of experience in the cannabis industry, MSNL is a legit seed bank.

Therefore, you can completely trust MSNL seeds for your next weed cultivation project.

A Quick Marijuana Seeds NL Overview

Before I dive deep, let’s have a quick overview of the MSNL seed bank:

Established: in 1999 and located in the United Kingdom

Seed Selection: regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds, high THC, high yield, medical seeds, along with many award winners varieties

Shipping Service: ship worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, everywhere)

Customer Service: great customer service team, replies within 24 working hours

Reviews: 5-star rating from 4300+ reviews on the website

Complete Marijuana Seeds NL Review [Updated 2024]

It’s time to dive deep!

Let’s get to know everything about the MSNL seed bank:

MSNL Seeds History

Marijuana seeds nl or MSNL seed bank was established in the United Kingdom in 1999.

The seed bank was started to provide the growers with the best possible original genetics and high-quality weed seeds. And since then, the company has been working on it every day.

Two friends started MSNL in the late 90s after traveling around the world and collecting the genetics of different strains.

After years of growing cannabis seeds and research, the company MSNL was built.

And by providing consistent quality and services for more than 20 years, MSNL cannabis seed bank is now one of the world’s top seed banks.

What I appreciate most about MSNL is that they never ran after having a large quantity throughout their years of journey in the cannabis seed industry.

Instead, they focused on keeping the quality of seeds their priority, which reflects their collection of seeds.

Therefore, MSNL has limited but premium quality marijuana seeds, making it a better source for weed seeds than other online seed banks.

The best part is that with more than 20+ years of experience in the weed industry, MSNL is still evolving to provide the best possible cannabis seeds to growers worldwide.

Strain Selection

What I liked most about strain selection at MSNL is their huge variety.

MSNL has all the popular:

  • Feminized Seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • MSNL Autoflowering Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner Seeds
  • MSNL Value Packs

And the list goes on.

However, you will have around 200+ strains to choose from; it is because MSNL is the seed bank that keeps on pushing the quality instead of its quantity of seeds.

The best part?

You can selectively filter your favorite or required strain from the MSNL inventory.

Therefore, you can quickly get your favorite seeds according to high THC, yield, flowering time, indoor/outdoor conditions, Indica/Sativa, difficulty level, and many more varieties.

One more thing that is appreciable at MSNL is that they have a separate section for medical seeds for medical weed users.

You can buy high CBD and low THC marijuana seeds there.

Summing up, the top strains at the MSNL seed bank are:

MSNL Seeds Quality

MSNL seeds are just awesome!

The company’s founder was a geneticist; therefore, the seeds genetics of MSNL inventory are top-notch because the company regularly inspects the seeds’ quality.

Therefore, all MSNL seeds are tested for consistency and a higher germination rate.

Also, the MSNL brand has several quality breeders under it.

You can find various favorite breeders’ seeds in the MSNL inventory.

Although you don’t get any germination guarantee here, which is disappointing, if you want a germination guarantee, check ILGM. They provide a 90% germination guarantee.

However, MSNL promises the original genetics and high-quality strains as other seed banks on the market.

And with thousands of growers’ reviews around the web, it is clear that MSNL is selling top-shelf weed seeds that grow beautifully and yield excellently.

Even though there is no germination guarantee, the company gives you free seeds with every order, makes you get more seeds than you buy, and ultimately keeps a higher germination rate every time.

Overall, MSNL stands for keeping the genetics and quality of seeds top-notch. Therefore, there are no complaints regarding this.

However, if there could be a germination guarantee, it would have been much better.

But still, MSNL is one of the stores having great genetics of marijuana seeds in 2024.

Pricing Of Seeds

Pricing is one of the factors why most beginner growers love this seed bank.

Even I also love MSNL for its affordable rates.

A general pack of 10 feminized marijuana seeds costs $100 at MSNL, which upon applying the discount code or under the promotional deal, you can get this with up to 15% off the price.

Also, MSNL always gives 15% off on payments through bank transfers.

Your order is always discounted if you pay through a bank transfer.

Therefore, compared to the other seed banks, you can have great deals at MSNL, considering the price factor.

The best part?

The premium free seeds with every order make your overall cost even less. So, that means you have a very affordable deal every time you buy from the MSNL brand.

In short, you will have very affordable deals at MSNL compartively other seed banks.

Check out their promotions tab for huge deals.

Payment Options

MSNL accepts a lot of payment methods.

You can pay via:

  • Bank wire (15% off on top of the sale price)
  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Zelle
  • Venmo and many more options
  • International money order
  • Cash

So, you can pay with multiple payment options available on the MSNL website.

The best part about their payment methods is that they are one of the rarest seed banks in 2024 that accept payment via PayPal.

Along with PayPal, you get a bitcoin payment method, which is quite discreet and safe compared to the other options.

If you are ordering internationally, I would suggest not paying via cash as it is not a safe and faster way.

Instead, you can pay via Credit or debit card if you want.

However, the best method will be bitcoin, as you can get an additional 15% off on order by paying through it.

Previously some customers were having issues regarding payment methods, which the company has now solved.

On top of that, all website payment methods are 256-bit encrypted and super safe, ensuring your payment is getting to the right place.

Also, MSNL claims that all payment options and websites are hacker-safe.

Shipping Service

The shipping service at MSNL is excellent.

The company provides three types of shipping services:

  • Stealth shipping
  • Guaranteed stealth shipping
  • Express guaranteed stealth shipping

Stealth shipping is the standard shipping that MSNL offers. It costs you 12.95 Euros and comes in discreet packaging.

The shipping time is 7 to 15 working days.

Guaranteed stealth shipping is a more secure option, especially when you are ordering internationally.

Because guaranteed stealth shipping works as insurance for your order just in case, it gets lost during transit.

It costs 17.95 Euros.

The express guaranteed stealth shipping option is the third and most premium shipping option.

It will cost you 22.50 Euros, but your seeds will be backed with a guarantee. And the best part is that it is shipped priority within 3-5 working days.

Therefore you can choose the express shipping option e if you want your order for fast shipping and instant decision.

However, I would suggest always opting for the guaranteed shipping option.

You can also get free guaranteed stealth shipping by spending over 150 Euros.

Return Policy

Thankfully, MSNL also gives you a return option if you don’t get your seeds in the right condition.

However, you get a 7-day return window under which you can return the seeds. Though you need to fulfill some conditions for return, such as:

  • The seeds should be in their original packaging.
  • Therefore, you need to show a photo of the damaged product to be eligible for the return.

If you fulfill these conditions, you can return the package. If everything goes right and the company approves the return as a legit case, you will get a replacement package for free.

Therefore, the good part is that you have a back return policy just in case you get damaged products.

Customer Service

The customer service at MSNL is average.

Many previous buyers have faced issues while contacting their backend team. However, the company claims to reply to your queries within 24 hours.

You can directly reach the customer service team through the contact page, where you can fill out the contact form or call on the given numbers.

However, the good part is that if you ring customer service at the mentioned time, they are most likely to be available.

And also, the company is regularly improving its customer service by acknowledging the feedback.

Website Review

Marijuana seeds the Netherlands has a great website.

The interface is quite smooth, and navigation is easy.

The best part about the MNSL website is that they have categorized the cannabis seeds excellently.

Therefore, finding your favorite marijuana seeds is easier.

Also, there are no irritating pop-ups, which is a good part. However, you get colorful banners on the homepage concerning new offers and sales.

Scrolling down the page, you can access their top-shelf marijuana seeds, sales, and various catalogs of weed seeds.

At the bottom, you can find the FAQ section, contact page, and other important links.

Overall the MSNL website is impressive.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of MSNL are quite mixed, but most are positive.

Some buyers are completely satisfied with the quality and good service that MSNL provides.

However, some growers have been disappointed due to the payment issues and shipping delays.

But the good part is that the company acknowledges the issues of their buyers and improves them.

Although considering the website interface and seed quality, MSNL seeds have earned a 5-star rating from 4300+ reviews.

That means the customers are quite happy with the MSNL seeds.

However, the issues regarding payment options and shipping delays may be avoided by opting for guaranteed stealth shipping or choosing the crypto option.

Though if you somehow cannot opt for that option, you can surely reach out to their backend team. The backend team will help you with your issues.

Discounts And Offers At MSNL

This MSNL seed bank review would not be complete without mentioning the discounts and offers that they offer.

First of all, my favorite part about buying seeds from MSNL is that they offer free seeds with every order.

However, the quantity of free seeds depends upon the amount of purchase, but at the minimum, you get five seeds for sure.

Also, orders above 100 GBP get 10 free seeds. So, in terms of offering free seeds, no one can match the MSNL seed bank.

Further, multiple offers are continuously going on the reward program page of the MSNL.

The best part is that for every 1 Euro on the website, you earn 3 points. That means, for every 100 Euros, you get 300 points.

These points get you discounts on future orders.

On top of that, there is multiple rewards program on payment options, specific strains, and seeds on sales, which you can check from their rewards section.

Therefore, considering all the rewards programs and discounts that MSNL seeds offer, you are sure to get great deals every time from them, which saves a lot of money.

Pros And Cons Of MSNL Seed Bank


  • One of the oldest seed banks
  • For over 20+ years in the cannabis industry
  • Great strains selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Free seeds with every order
  • 100% discreet and guaranteed stealth shipping
  • Regular offer and discount code
  • 5-star rated seed bank
  • One of the most reputed seed banks


  • Payment options require improvement
  • Customer support can be improved more

MSNL Seed Bank Alternatives

Although the MSNL seed bank is great, if it is not fitting or checking most of your checkboxes in your list, then try its alternatives:

ILGM Seed Bank: currently best seed bank in the market, best quality seeds, 24/7 customer support, highly rated seed bank but a bit pricey.

Crop King Seeds: regularly new strains, best customer support, a large seed stock, 80% germination rate, faster shipping to Canada and USA, premium quality seeds.

Seedsman: one of the largest seed stocks, cheap marijuana seeds, affordable price for premium quality strains, fast shipping worldwide, lots of offers and discounts.

FAQs About MSNL Seed Bank

Does MSNL ship to India?

MSNL seed bank ships worldwide. However, they are not responsible for the local laws and actions upon buying marijuana seeds from MSNL.
Therefore, you can buy cannabis seeds from anywhere in the world but make sure to check the local laws before buying from MSNL.

Is legit?

Marijuana seeds nl is a 100% legit store established in 1999.
The company has been in the cannabis industry for over two decades, selling high-quality weed seeds to growers worldwide.

What are the best MSNL seeds?

Do Si Dos Auto-flowering seeds, Purple Lemonade, Purple Hulk, Bruce Banner, and Gorilla Glue are some of the best cannabis seeds at MSNL.
You can check their official website for more best cannabis strains.

Marijuana Seeds NL Review: Conclusion

I 100% recommend marijuana seeds the Netherlands.

MSNL is one of the oldest seed banks with great seed selection and quality services.

Also, thousands of online MSNL reviews are positive. The best part is that the seed bank offers quality marijuana seeds at good prices and multiple offers.

However, there are certain areas where MSNL needs improvement. Customer service and giving germination guarantees are some of them.

Though you can visit ILGM to have a 100% germination guarantee.

However, if you want free seed offers and a solid seed bank with a huge market reputation and great weed seeds, then MSNL is one of the best seed banks in 2024.

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  2. Seems I’m in the same boat i ordered 133 dollars worth and haven’t heard a word, and can’t seem to be able to contact anyone


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