Top 10 Best Strains for Pain and Fatigue in 2024

You will find a lot of people claiming that they know what the best strains for pain and fatigue are, but none of them ever seem to work! So don’t worry, because, in this article, you will get all the information you’re looking for!

These will be accurate because they’ll be from peer-reviewed studies, as well as direct personal experiences we had!

Out of all the claimed best cannabis strains for pain relief and fatigue we’ve encountered, we saw the best results from the Purple Punch. It gave out a sleepy effect, which helped out a lot in giving much-needed relief from pain and tiredness!

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Can Cannabis Treat Pain and Fatigue?


Medical marijuana has been one of the most controversial debates about the cannabis plant that hasn’t been finalized in many nations yet. In the United States, however, several states allowed medical marijuana patients to make use of this magical plant to treat pain and other health conditions.

Many of you might not know this, but in our time today, chronic pain is an unseen battle. This is due to the fact that not every condition is seen and monitored physically. From usual pain to heart diseases, and diabetes to different types of cancers, chronic pain can be seen anywhere.

A study done by the University of New Mexico said that particular cannabis strains had been an effective treatment for chronic pain. Sarah Stith, Associate Professor in the University of New Mexico (UNM) Economics Department, said that this result had been positively shocking.

One of the most surprising outcomes of this study is that cannabis generally yielded improvements in symptoms of fatigue, rather than just a subset of products, such as those with higher THC or CBD levels or products characterized as sativa rather than indica.”

How Does Cannabis Relieve Pain?

Just like over-the-counter prescriptions and medications, medical marijuana works in a number of ways when it enters your system.

Consuming cannabis through inhalation or consumption allows the active components to enter the body, crossing the blood-brain barrier and decreasing the response to pain sensations.

In a more scientifical sense, cannabis utilizes the body’s endocannabinoid system to send and receive messages and/or signals. It’s also important to note how CBD and THC reacts differently with the body.

CBD contains CB2, which are immune receptors, regulating and boosting the immunity of the body, resulting in the reduction of pain by decreasing the amount of inflammation.

THC, on the contrary, binds and fuses with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, containing the active ingredient, producing euphoria and helping dull the perception of pain.

In short, strains with a higher CBD ratio influence serotonin receptors, helping the user boost mood, feel more relaxed and allow better pain management. On the other hand, cannabis strains that have higher THC levels tend to produce euphoria, helping dull our perception of pain. Furthermore, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it helps reduce a person’s pain, effective in treating joint and nerve pain (neuropathic).

The relationship between THC and CBD is a long discussion, but think of it like this — cannabis sativa, which has higher THC content, is more so used for chronic pain relief, while indica strains are for pain such as muscle spasms, treating insomnia, and other sorts of acute pain.

10 Best Strains For Pain Relief and Fatigue Comfort

Basing it on how these two (2) strains for pain were discussed, the common denominator of most marijuana strains for fighting fatigue and easing pain would be cannabis sativa or a sativa-dominant strain.

However, that does not mean that an indica strain or even an indica-dominant hybrid strain wouldn’t help you out!

Without further ado, here’s the list of the 10 best strains you can consider your go-to for pain and fatigue relief!

NOTE: Always remember that these are not a direct alternative to professional medical advice. If you are experiencing chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or any other medical conditions that require the intervention of a healthcare professional, consult with one first.

Purple Punch: Editor’s Choice

First, in this particular list of the best cannabis strains you can use to ease pain and fatigue is the prominent Purple Punch. From what it’s called alone, you would already have an idea of what it’s all about.

This tangy, grapy, tropical, and citrusy cannabis strain has this heavy THC trip that can help with chronic fatigue and chronic pain, making you feel better, more relaxed, and calmer.

Having a staggering 29.8% THC level, you can say goodbye to the usual muscle spasms, fatigue, and pain you are regularly experiencing.

Durban Poison: Runner-Up

Next on the list is Durban Poison. Although known for the increase of energy levels and uplifting effects, this sativa strain is highly used for its chronic pain relief and relaxing capabilities to help with fatigue, thanks to its energy boost and provides.

Having primary terpenes that are pointed to as the best for relieving extreme pain, you can’t go wrong in choosing it for any type of pain or condition you are experiencing!

The unique taste and flavor of this cannabis product are perfect, as it has a spicy, earthy, natural citrus taste! Of course, you can never go wrong if you choose Durban Poison as your strain!

Super Lemon Haze: Best Energizing Strain

This sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is among the many different strains used to provide the necessary lively and energy levels to people who suffer from anxiety, lack of appetite, as well as depression need.

The primary terpenes the Super Lemon Haze has include beta-Pinene, d-Limonene, and beta-Caryophyllene, which are terpenes that contribute to relaxing, calming, and tranquilizing effects that it has.

Sour Diesel: Best Strain For A Relaxing Body High

If you’re suffering from headaches that you don’t understand or several muscle spasms and pains that you have yet to discover, the Sour Diesel, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, is a strain you should use.

It gives you a happy, euphoric, and relaxed feeling, which is perfect if you are experiencing anything from stress, migraines, excessive fatigue, and even psychological conditions like depression and anxiety.

You’ll want the Sour Diesel if you’re looking for that body high you’ve been chasing for a while now!

Bubba Kush: Best Earthy Flavor Strain

Bubba Kush can be your go-to strain if you’re looking for something to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Many experts and enthusiasts compare the Bubba Kush strain to a tranquilizer because it has substantial amounts of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids that are often identified as cannabinoids for sleep, relaxation, and tranquility.

The natural, earthy flavor that the Bubba Kush has is what gets people going!

Blue Dream: Great Strain For Depression and Stress Relief

If you’re looking for a sativa strain — or more like a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain to ease stress, depression, or anything that bothers your mental and psychological being, the Blue Dream could be the fittest and best strain for you.

Unlike many sativa strains (or sativa hybrid ones), Blue Dream is a strain that has decent and standard CBD and THC content. It produces a balanced high that perfectly fits the relaxation and calmness you’re looking for.

You’ll definitely enjoy the sweet and pungent blueberry taste that Blue Dream has!

GMO Cookies: Best Cannabis Strain For Mental Uplifting Effects

For an extremely relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric effect, GMO Cookies is a strain that is just fit for you. Bred by crossing Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), the lasting effects of GMO Cookies can help you alleviate stress and pain, fight fatigue, and positively sedate you to get you that more relaxed feel.

The skunky and pungent smell is what makes people ingest it more and better! It is alluringly appetizing and will always leave you wanting more!

Ice Cream Cake: Best For Deep Relaxing Effects

Enough of all those sativa strain selections — now, let’s try to delve more and deeper into the ever-famous Ice Cream Cake. Categorized as one of the most popular and most famous indica strains (indica-dominant hybrid strains), the Ice Cream Cake is a cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33.

It has a fruity, subtly citrusy flavor with a hint of cream that will definitely leave you wanting more.

Thanks to the effects that its parents have, the Ice Cream Cake is an effective strain if you’re looking for one that can relieve symptoms of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress, nausea, and other experiences of the like.

White Fire OG: Best Cannabis Strain to Battle Anxiety

Probably one of the cannabis strains that have high THC content, White Fire OG — or also commonly referred to as WiFi OG or simply WiFI — is a sativa-dominant hybrid that gives users a strong and dominant euphoric and energizing effect.

Several researchers found that it was one of the most effective strains that help alleviate symptoms of cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, and depression. But wait, there’s more! Not only does it treat pain, but it also helps in keeping you calm, relaxed, and ultimately satisfied.

Jack Herer: Best Strain For Chronic Fatigue

If you ever find yourself needing peace and tranquility after a long day, Jack Herer can be one of the cannabis strains you want to try out. You might have encountered this already, as it is thrown and discussed differently in the cannabis industry.

Being a combination of the ever-famous Northern Lights #5, Haze hybrid, and Shiva Skunk, it can give you relevant experience, which helps in canceling the pain that you’re feeling out.

Its pine, woody, and natural flavor is just right in making sure that you won’t get enough of this particular strain.

This post just outlines the right strains for some of the pain, fatigue, and uncomfortability episodes you could be experiencing. It is going to be your discretion if you’re going to follow them. Our advice would still be to consult wellness professionals regarding your situation, as well as the perfect and most appropriate resolution to your condition.


Still not sure about what the best cannabis strains are for pain management or relief of fatigue? Here are more frequently asked questions about it!

Which is Better to Relieve Pain, CBD or THC?

Both are exceptionally good factors in relieving pain, but they each have different effects. For example, CBD is more of a pain reliever that eases pain directly from the local source, while THC has a greater effect on how the mind and body perceive pain.

What Strain Helps With Pain and Anxiety?

You’ll find not a single cannabis strain that can help out with pain and anxiety because there’s a lot. However, as enthusiasts, users, and experts suggest, Blueberry is considered the most effective strain that works to relieve pain, anxiety, and fatigue — and they have been for 50+ years!

What is the Best Strain For Sleep and Pain?

A lot of marijuana strains battle when it comes to their effectiveness to achieve better and more convenient sleep and relieve crucial and chronic pain at the same time. The best ones, though, include Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), ACDC, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Harlequin, and Pink Kush.

How Do Various Cannabis Strains Help With Pain and Fatigue?

Different strains have different effects that help out in easing and alleviating pain. For example, there are some that have extremely calming, relaxing, and uplifting effects, covering up the signals and receptors that perceive pain, while there are some that trigger particular responses in the brain that lessen pain directly by targeting it from the source.

Final Verdict

You’ll find a ton of different marijuana strains on the market, but if you want nothing but the best and the most effective against chronic pain, fatigue, and stress, you can consider these!

Never worry about doing more research on where you can find the best strains for pain and fatigue any longer!

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