Top 10+ Best Exotic Weed Strains 2023 # Most Premium

Do you know what the meaning of an exotic weed strain is? Are you aware of the different weed strains that are tagged and labeled as exotic or rare? In this guide, we won’t just flood you with information about different exotic weed strains, but we will also go through a needle’s hole for you to understand it easier, better, and more conveniently.

Probably the best of all the exotic strains available on the market is the Strawberry Cough. Many cannabis users and enthusiasts consider it the best because of its sweet scent, as well as its fame in pop culture. We’ll get more to that later!

If you ask me which one is my favorite and most exotic weed strain, then it’s Strawberry Cough.

What is an Exotic Weed Strain?


Have you ever wondered where the term exotic weed came from? Are they just like other strains? What makes weed exotic, rare, and unique?

Your hunch is right — exotic weed strains are strains that are not common in a particular location. For instance, if you’re in the U.S. and you’re looking for the most exotic strains, your eyes should be on locations in Asia, Europe, as well as Africa since they’re not always readily available in dispensaries and shops in the country — the same goes for people in other countries.

Exotic weed, on the other end of the spectrum, is slang for cannabis strains with high potency and efficacy.

From here, we can deduce that exotic weed strains are those that have high potency and are not readily available in the region where you are.

11 Best Exotic Weed Strains of 2023

This year has been a blast for cannabis enthusiasts, growers, and users. A lot of potent strains have come out and dominated the cannabis industry. But don’t worry, we have gathered the eleven (11) most exotic strains on this list!

Strawberry Cough: Editor’s Choice

Strawberry Cough Feminized

The top pick for this list’s exotic weed is none other than Strawberry Cough. This strain smells and feels like actual fruits; it’s entirely fragrant and aromatic with a hint of a sweet taste.

This strain is perfect if you want to feel euphoric, focused, happy, and uplifting all at the same time. The strawberry flavor greatly complements its beautiful buds.

It has a THC content of 22.8% and is sativa-dominant.

Ice Cream Cake: Runner-Up

Ice Cream Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The rich, creamy, and pastry-like aroma of the Ice Cream Cake strain is something you ought to get if you’re more into rich, creamy tastes. Many enthusiasts label it as “ultra exotic” because of its calming and relaxing nature.

Produced from its parents’ strains (crossing of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33), you can expect this to have effective sedating effects.

It has subtle hints of vanilla and sweet dough, which can be an unusual taste for marijuana buds.

Ice Cream Cake has a THC level of 23.7% and is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Blue Cheese: Best For Muscle Spasms and Injuries

Blue Cheese Feminized

Are you feeling fatigued and tired because of strenuous activities, and you’re trying to look for exotic weeds to help alleviate that feeling? If so, then the Blue Cheese strain is the perfect exotic weed strain for you!

More than 40% of people have successfully relieved their stress and anxiety because of it, and the majority? — they felt sleepy!

Don’t worry, though, because the word exotic in this context is not boring. Users also reported having experienced laughter and giggles when they chose this exotic weed strain.

With an 18% THC level and its preceding strains being Blueberry and UK Cheese, it will leave a sweet, creamy, unique flavor and aroma.

Sweet and Sour Widow: Best Strain For the Lightest Feeling

Sweet and Sour Widow CBD Feminized

This indica-dominant strain (70/30) is produced by an unnamed sativa strain (hybrid) and the White Widow. From its name alone, you would already know that it has a sweet and sour profile.

Its psychoactive effects are perfect for people who use it medically and recreationally. It can make you feel relaxed, sleepy, and a bit tingly because of Myrcene or the dominant terpene.

Having low THC levels at just about 6%, it is a beautiful strain if you want to have a balanced and tranquil experience.

OG Bubba Kush: Best For Medical Patients and Insomniacs

OG Bubba Kush

Produced by crossing Ghost OG and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, the OG Bubba is an extremely potent indica strain with a sweet scent and sweet earthy flavors. 40% of its users claimed that it tremendously helped in coping with their stress, while a little over above 34% said that it was effective in treating and easing pain.

The OG Bubba Kush is typically the strain given to medical users, but it can be used for recreational purposes, too.

It has about 17% THC, but nonetheless, it is a perfect strain if you’re looking for something close to OG Kush and others of its similar kind.

Snowcap Strain: Best Exotic Strain For Anxiety and Depression

Snowcap Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Out of all high THC buds out there, Snowcap is among the most pungent of the most exotic strains on the market. Made from the combination of Snow White and Haze, this great strain delivers excellent cerebral effects, triggering creativity, talkativeness, and even happiness.

It has a similar feel, look (with all its orange hairs), and taste to the lemon skunk, but I guarantee you that it’s entirely different.

Snowcap can leave you breathless and overly enthusiastic, thanks to its 20% THC!

Diablo: Best Out of All Blueberry Strains

Diablo OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Directly bred from blueberry and grapefruit, Diablo is among the most potent sativa-dominant hybrid strains available. It has a hint of grape taste while smelling earthy and pungent — with a kick!

It leaves you with a happy and euphoric experience, making it the perfect strain for people suffering from ADHD, ADD, depression, insomnia, and PTSD.

During the flowering stage would be when you will notice and find out what makes this strain of weed exotic.

It has a 19 to 20% THC level with a fruity and lemony aroma.

Pinkman Goo: Best For Beginner Growers

Pinkman Goo

Probably the strangest and newest strain you’ve ever heard, the Pinkman Goo is a creation by Thompson Praeter. It has an unusual flower built, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Ghost Train Haze and the Purple Kush.

Its resin is thick and, highly viscous, unique, and it typically has big buds. The taste and smell have hints of lemon and appear to be more citrusy than the majority of exotic weed strains.

Wedding Cake: Best For Relaxing and Arousal Effects

Wedding Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Also known and commonly referred to as Triangle Mints, Wedding Cake is one of the most potent types of indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain and is produced by crossing Animal Mints and Triangle Kush.

The strain delivers explicitly relaxing, tranquillizing, and calming effects, with undertones of earthy, peppery, and sweet.

Part of the things that might throw this product off would be the fact that it can make you terribly dizzy and nauseous because of its Limonene dominance.

Malawi Gold: Most Fragrant Strain

Malawi Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds

One of the oldest and most popular exotic strains of all is the Malawi Gold. This is a fabled landrace strain that has grown in Malawi naturally. The strain has natural, invigorating effects that can be the answer to laziness, loss of appetite, and stress.

Since Malawi Gold is usually grown in natural areas, they have tar and menthol tastes with a hint of tropical and floral aromas.

NOTE: The Malawi Gold strain is one of the most difficult strains to get by because of its naturality.

Granddaddy Purple: Best For Loss or Lack of Appetite

Granddaddy Purple Feminized

Last and most definitely not least is the OG Kush of all OGs — the Granddaddy Purple. This strain is a cross between its bug bud purple urkle parent strains. This particular strain’s natural growth and development grow to the best and most beautiful purple buds you haven’t seen before.

It might not be 100% purple like the purple Kush, but it will catch your attention, and it will give you the sweet and earthy aroma that you’re looking for,

How to Tell Exotic Cannabis Strains From Standard Ones?

A seasoned cannabis user or an expert would know and be aware of whether a cannabis plant is considered exotic or not; the same goes for botanists in identifying exotic plants. But what if you are a newbie or a beginner and just starting out?

In what ways can you identify certain strains from being exotic or standard? Unless you are breeders and cultivators with an experience like Jungle Boys and DNA Genetics, you will find it difficult to see with the naked eye.

Luckily, here are a few things you can consider to ease and solidify the identification procedure.


Usually, an exotic weed strain has a distinctive appearance compared to a regular or a standard weed strain. If we put it in a visual perspective, exotic cannabis strains look more visually appealing as they look different.

This appearance is usually due to stickier trichomes and more distinctive colours available in different hues such as purple hues, indigo, and bright and dark green hues.


The fragrance or the aroma is another feature of strains that are considered exotic. There are many strains that have varying aromas, but typically, the name or the classification of these strains are taken from their aromas —they’ll usually have a sweet, earthy smell with a hint of acid or fruity types.


If the aroma is a distinctive factor, then so is flavor. Buds or strains that are considered exotic would usually have pine and lemony flavor tastes and accents. This is because of the high THC levels, as well as the high terpene content.


Tokers and enthusiasts weigh the quality of buds via the effects and believe me when I tell you that experienced smokers would know the differences between regular or standard strains from those that are exotic.

Exotic strains, since they have higher potency (thanks to high THC levels), would typically have stronger and more intense highs than your usual strain.

Using them without moderation can leave you ultimately stoned. On the contrary, several exotic strains are also used for medical and medicinal purposes because of their intense effects.

NOTE: Medical patients and users of exotic weed choose stronger marijuana buds as it helps fight against anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, as well as alleviate pain and stress and ease loss or lack of appetite.


Following the effects of an exotic strain, of course, would be the potency. Potency is the indicator of how strong and how effective your cannabis strain is. The more potent a strain is, the more effective its effects are.


Last and most certainly not least is availability. Of course, being rare and exotic means, it is hard to find — it might not be that hard, just challenging. As an enthusiast, though, you need to remember and consider the fact that where you are, affects the availability of certain strains. Therefore, it changes whether a particular strain is exotic or not.

These are all things that we’ve come and experienced as a category. We are, in no way, implying that they are the things you should follow religiously. You may have other ways to identify, but these are just the more common and practiced.


Learning about exotic strains is complex, and that is understandable. However, we know that you may have a couple of questions up your sleeve about it, so here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about exotic weed strains!

What is Zaza?

Zaza, taken from its terminology, is a word that means “exotic.” It is, therefore, a blanket term for high-caliber cannabis strains. In slang, the term exotic weed is usually pulled out from Zaza. It started on the East Coast, as they consider their cannabis exotic when it’s labeled as Zaza.

What Strains Are Zaza?

Zaza is an indica hybrid strain that is known to produce an extremely invigorating body high. It’s made and taken from the ever-famous Blue Dream and Rare Darkness.

Is Purple Punch Considered an Exotic Strain?

Yes, the Purple Punch is considered one of the best and most exotic weed strains in the country. It is the perfect mix match of sweet, pungent, with a highly sedating effect.

What is the Strongest Sativa Strain?

According to a large number of users and enthusiasts, the best, strongest, and most potent sativa strains are Durban and Super Silver Haze. The former is considered the more potent, having an average of 20% to 22% THC.

What Strain is 100% Sativa?

Out of all the many different strains offered in the market, the Panama Red is the strain that is known to be 100% Sativa. Panama Red is known to be the purest sativa strain and has been since the 1960s.

What is the Strongest Indica Strain?

As of writing, the indica strain that’s considered the strongest is the Grandmommy Purple. It is 80% indica with THC levels that are about 33%. It can give you a buzz that will last for hours, and it can give you palpitations.

What Strain is 100% Indica?

If Panama Red is the perfect embodiment of sativa, Hindu Kush is known as the purest and best indica category. This is truly one of the best, as it’s one of the classics in the cannabis industry.

Final Verdict

Which exotic cannabis strains fit you best? Getting to the bottom of the best exotic weed strain can be entirely stressful, but you don’t have to, as we’ve done all the work!

Get the fullest out of your cannabis strain, and never worry about quality and potency!

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