Ministry of Cannabis Review 2024

Are you out on a hunt for a good online marijuana dispensary? Check out the Ministry of Cannabis Review below to discover a great seed bank that will help you out with its expertise in choosing and buying top-quality marijuana strains. From the city of Barcelona, this online webshop ships out marijuana everywhere. Did you know? Spanish weather is really good for marijuana plants. Marijuana sold on the Ministry of Cannabis is highly recommended regarding the quality of cannabis seeds and customer experience.

People at this Spanish seed bank are truly devoted to maintaining and growing strong marijuana genetics. All of their marijuana strains are hand-picked from the breeders to give a good and wide variety to all their customers. They have been present at a lot of Top 420 Events all over the world. Let’s explore detailed information about the Ministry of Cannabis.

Ministry of Cannabis Review in 2024


Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank Review – 15+ Years of Selling High-quality Cannabis Seeds

Is the Ministry of Cannabis a Legit Seed Bank?

The reputation of this vendor is really good amongst the marijuana community. The reasons for that are, they grow their own marijuana and focus strongly on genetics. All of the orders at any time have only the top-quality cannabis seeds in the. They even take care of their customers in a very nice way. A few of their cannabis strains are counted among the most smoked and loved strains in the world.

History of the Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis started in the year 2000. Still, if you check out the list of all the old players in the online marijuana selling market, we are sure you would find their names there. They used to have their office in Amsterdam, later in 2014, they shifted it to Barcelona, Spain.  This dispensary has set up growing laboratories in 3 different countries. They grow autoflowering marijuana in Spain and feminized marijuana in Amsterdam. White Widow Feminized is a popular strain in the company’s catalog.

After selling marijuana for 15 years, they have become expert growers as well as capable of earning loyal customers after years of loyal customer service. One thing that they focus on is, searching for the best strains and adding them to their already well-maintained marijuana strain stock. They are also expert on carefully breeding the best marijuana varieties, two of their most famous and most smoked marijuana strains on the planet are Carnival strains and the Zensation strain.

Ministry of Cannabis Website

On first look at their website, you would see it’s really eye-catch and simple in the best way. You get menus for browsing feminized seeds, autoflowering, and high CBD strains along with a merchandise page where they sell T-shirts and herb grinders. As they have a low number of strains on their online store, it is very easy to find your favorite strain.

Quality of Marijuana Seeds

The biggest point telling us all that the Ministry of Cannabis wants to preserve quality is their commitment to keep all the classic marijuana strains alive and to maintain a good stock of only top-quality cannabis seeds. They even focus on breeding and inventing new, much better strains for the marijuana community. The reviews on the internet show us that the customers are really satisfied with the quality of their strains. Ministry of Cannabis guys have worked with the topmost seed banks and expert breeders of the world, and they know what they are doing. You can find and shop for your favorite strains and products from this Spain-based company to make edibles like weed cookies, CBD chocolate, and many different things.

Selection of Strains

Currently, they have two projects going on. One project focuses on making a super awesome autoflowering hybrid strain selection. The requirement for this strain is to reach THC levels of 20%. Another thing they are working on is the CBD project where they are trying to breed and make a CBD dominant strain selection that can offer CBD levels of up to 5%. No matter if you like pure Sativa or Indica, you are going to get a marijuana strain that fits your requirement criteria. They sell bulk re-distribution packages, individual packages, and even mixed cannabis seeds pack for people who want to try a bit of everything.

They breed their own marijuana to ensure that genetics is strong and of top-notch quality. Breeding and growing marijuana is a tiring and long process, which is why you won’t find a particular collection of thousands of different marijuana strains on their online store. There are about 26 marijuana strains on their store while writing this post. These 26 new strains are all very famous and well known in the marijuana world. If you want a sure shot of good quality marijuana strain, then these 26 are one of the ideal choices that you can find online.

All of their marijuana strains are tested and inspected to keep the quality excellent. The Ministry of Cannabis is very consistent in providing top-quality marijuana. So, if you are going to stick to a strain for a long time, this is your go-to place. The most selling strain are shown below:

Strain Information and Germination Guarantee

They have a very big Blog, where they share a lot of information related to marijuana. Some of the articles on their official blog are about how you can control the smell of marijuana, how to mix marijuana and food, indoor growing guides, and many more. If you like to read about marijuana, this is a great place to find new knowledge.

Ministry of Cannabis officially states that they have more than 90% germination ratio on their seeds. That means that every order that you buy will have more than 90% of high-quality strains, remember that for a lot of customers, this ratio is 99%. When a company, along with the positive customer reviews, tell that the germination is more than 90%, you ought to try them once to see for yourself. You will get an option to select the bag of 2 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds, and 25 seeds when buying your seeds. The bundle of 10 seeds is popular among users.

Shipping Rates and Delivery Time

Ministry of Cannabis ships all around the world. You will receive a free shipping offer if your order total is above 75 Euros. You would have to pay a standard 8 Euros charge for getting delivery in the EU whereas all the deliveries outside the EU will set you back 10 Euros. Depending on the post-service Ministry of Cannabis uses, you might get a tracking code to track the delivery. You can also get a registered mail which will require a signature and comes with a tracking number. A lot of the customer reviews we read about this best online dispensary, stated that they are satisfied with the quick delivery timings. The following are the different delivery timings for different countries:

  • Europe: 7 to 10 Days
  • Europe but not EU: 7 to 14 Days
  • North America: 15 to 20 Days
  • Middle East: 15 to 20 Days
  • Rest of the World: up to 4 Weeks

Unfortunately, with the Ministry of Cannabis, there is no guaranteed delivery service. Still, looking at the hordes of positive reviews, we don’t think you are going to have any problems with the delivery. One thing you have to be careful about is to read the laws of your country because if the officials intercept the parcel, you won’t be getting another one. If you want to know more about the shipping, then go to their official shipping page.

Is the Ministry of Cannabis Parcel Discreet?

The dispensary does not send packages in the original pack. Instead, they pack it in very simple packaging to avoid detection. People also love the creative ways they hide and use stealth, be it a 5-seeds or 10-seeds parcel. No matter what kind of delivery service you pay for, you will always receive a stealth package. This package will not mention the marijuana-related text of images on the outside. The package will look like any ordinary parcel. You can have peace of mind that the order package is going to be safely and securely delivered to you. The bundle is securely packed inside a padded envelope, which will not let the seeds damage during the transit. You will be happy with the efforts of the customer service team.

Payment Methods

There is more than one way to pay for your products at the Ministry of Cannabis. You can use either a Debit card or a Credit card, both of these will be charged in Euro currency. You can even use bank transfer to order the seeds. Apart from that, a method of the bank transfer and cash is generally an easy option for local customers. Other payment options include Bitcoin, MoneyGram, and cash payments. They do not accept money orders or bank cheques. Do not mention any marijuana-related reference when you pay from a credit card.

Promotions and Discounts at Ministry of Cannabis

You will not find any dedicated promotions and offer page on the Ministry of Cannabis website. Although, you can follow them on social media to participate in freebies giveaways. Moreover, they even send out free cannabis seeds in every order. You can bag 1 free seed for orders that are under 30 Euros. They also give 2 and 5 free seeds for orders of 30-120 Euros and over 120 Euros, respectively.

Is Customer Service of Ministry of Cannabis Good?

Ministry of Cannabis is a well-known brand that focuses on the best customer service. They take good care of all the buyers and their queries/questions. You can contact them anytime you need assistance, and they will punctually reply and solve your issues. They are really efficient at solving the customer’s problems. You ought to try them once, and you will see how good they are.

Last Words

If you are seeking a vendor that gives importance to strain genetics, seed quality, and customer service, this is one of the highly recommended online dispensaries. They have 26 different varieties on sale in their store, and these are all very famous new strains worldwide. You’ll find top-notch seeds of White Widow, Mandarin Gelato Feminized, Northern Lights MOC, Cannabis Light Feminized, Auto God’s Glue Feminized, and other varieties. You are sure to receive only high-quality seeds from the Ministry of Cannabis. Alternatively, you can even order the mix pack for growing different kinds of new strains and try them all. Overall, we highly recommend you try the Ministry of Cannabis at least once.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Cannabis Strain Seeds from ministry of cannabis Rank in Quality?

On an international scale, the seed strains are among the best. Zensation and Carnival are two new strains that the firm has released to the market. Popular strains like Indica, Northern Lights, White Widow, and others are constantly refined and given as premium alternatives by the seed firm. Combination or mixed seed orders are also available if you seek a variety of seeds or desire to cultivate different strains to assess their performance.

Is it Safe to Place an Order with the Ministry of Cannabis?

The firm is a real worldwide organization with good product and service evaluations. All items are thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure that they meet or surpass the highest standards in cannabis seeds. All shipments are shipped through courier or registered mail, with a tracking number supplied so you can quickly check the status of your transaction.
When you place an order, you are guaranteed that your seeds will be shipped within 24 hours. However, the period from shipment to reception might vary significantly depending on where you reside or order from. In addition, the company verifies that no country or legal limits are breached.

What are the shipping deadlines?

Usually, orders get dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your information. However, there is some variation in the time range of receipt. For example, delivery of orders may take from a few days to one week inside Europe; however, getting a package in the United States or Canada might take three or more.

How long will it take for them to arrive in the United States?

Shipments to the United States take about 15-20 days on average.

Does the Ministry of Cannabis provide any discounts?

They do provide occasional reductions, but the prices are essentially the same. You do, however, receive a few complimentary seeds with every transaction.

Can tracking Id will be provided to track my order?

Yes, You can track your order with the unique code you get. 

Is there a germination guarantee offered by the Ministry of Cannabis?

Yes, the firm guarantees 90 percent germination. However, if nine of your ten seeds do not germinate, you can contact them, and they will advise you further.

From where does the Ministry of Cannabis ship?

This company delivers all its seeds from Europe, specifically Spain and the Netherlands. The company’s headquarters, however, is in Barcelona.

Is the Ministry of Cannabis a legitimate organization?

Yes, this is a legitimate organization that has been in operation for quite some time. They have hundreds of online evaluations and a reputation as one of the most consistently great seed banks online. You can check reviews on trust pilot and other platforms where the customer has given good reviews.

What is the finest marijuana seed to start with?

Choosing gentler auto-flowering seeds in their development cycle is critical for a beginner. Look for seeds with features that allow for growth variations, mainly because this is a difficult period yet generates high yields. After mastering continuous farming, you can go to more delicate strains that require precise farming models to get the most outstanding results.

Do they ship all over the world?

Yes, the Ministry of Cannabis ships worldwide. However, it would be best to double-check your local rules and regulations before placing your order. However, if you encounter difficulties with the police because you ordered cannabis seeds, the firm will not be held liable.

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