About Us

Who We Are?

420 Expert Adviser is your one-stop solution where you find the most trustworthy and reliable reviews of almost everything related to cannabis. The firm is all about 420!

We test each marijuana strain into our set of parameters and write a genuine review about it. The expert team also looks out for the best sources for you to get the highest-quality seeds so that you get nothing but the best results.

420 Expert Adviser is a team of dedicated members who care about you and want only the best for you. That’s why we write honest reviews about the cannabis industry leaders and products to save your time and money.

Here, you’ll find the most genuine reviews about online seed banks, marijuana strains. We also write blog posts about growing guides for the newbies to make the cultivation easy. We also write about the legality of cannabis in the different countries of the world. In short, you will find a whole new world of marijuana at 420 Expert Adviser!

Our Story

Hello there, my name is Christopher. I started 420 Expert Adviser in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have been in the marijuana business for about ten years now. I saw that cannabis had become a hot topic since its legalization. Even though it is not fully legalized, people are passionate about it. Many legit and illegit sources started emerging online, which created a problem for the buyers to choose the right one.

I myself wandered here and there in search of the best strains and seed banks, and I didn’t want others to roam about having any idea who is right and who’s not. That’s why I decided to write reviews and blogs about the strains I tested myself.

The team of expert writers and industry specialists joined me on my voyage. Currently, 420 Expert Adviser covers a wide range of posts, and it has become one of the most trusted sites by the readers and cannabis lovers.

420 Expert Adviser, the name itself indicates what it stands for. Here, you’ll get the expert reviews regarding almost anything related to cannabis. Our highly qualified reviews are what we are proud of, and millions of our beloved readers are the ones who fulfill our story.

Our Vision

I didn’t want others to get confused and troubled when they think of getting into the cannabis game. That’s why it is our top priority that we work with the trend and present honest and reliable reviews to our valuable readers.

If our readers get satisfied with what we offer, we’ll be more than happy. Our vision and mission at 420 Expert Adviser are that we spread the awareness related to cannabis in a world where there are many misconceptions hovering around.

We want people to get themselves acknowledged with marijuana benefits and what are the possible ways they can take advantage of it. That’s why we write honest and trustworthy reviews without being partial.

We really hope that people do identify the benefits of marijuana and try taking its advantage. What we do not recommend is that you break the law to do so.