Top 10 Best Online Weed Dispensaries USA 2024

Top 10 Best Online Weed Dispensaries: American cannabis marketplace has been on the verge since 2016. We have witnessed a surge in demand ever since the legalization of recreational and medical use of cannabis. With an increasing number of the best online weed dispensaries, buying flowers, edibles, and accessories is getting quicker and easier in the USA.

If you ask me which one is my favorite dispensary In Canada, then it’s wccannabis.

Here you go!

I have listed the top 10 best online cannabis dispensaries that provide high-quality products, exotic Sativa and Indica marijuana strains, edibles, and accessories to American customers.

If you ask me to pick my favorite marijuana dispensary in the USA, the only name that comes to my mind is ILGM! – Visit the official website:  

Having first-hand experience in researching cannabis products and online dispensaries for several years, I’ve had all sorts of experiences that you can imagine! That’s what triggered me to pen down this highly informative guide so that you can’t go wrong with your weed purchase.

It seems like you’re curious to explore those best-selling products from reliable online weed dispensaries.

So, let’s get started!

Best Online Weed Dispensaries USA

Here you will explore the reviews of the authentic and advanced cannabis marketplace. If you reside in the USA and wish to own premium quality marijuana buds and accessories, the weed stores described below should be in your bookmarked collection.

Whether it’s a variety of strains, customer service, lab-tested phenotypes, smoking accessories, or deals and offers, buy weed online from these exclusive online weed dispensaries and enjoy one heck of a satisfactory experience.

Let’s begin!

#1 – I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) | The World’s Best Online Weed Store

ILGM - best online weed dispensaries

No words can describe the authenticity of the ILGM seed bank. I can only say that ILGM is the best online weed store in the world. Be it customer service, quality of buds, discounts, or growing assistance, ILGM excels on all fronts.

Visit the official website of ILGM.

Based in the Netherlands, this seed bank offers high-grade marijuana seeds to the USA. However, you won’t find any smoking accessories or fancy pot gadgets in the store. But the high THC, high CBD, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid seeds of unmatched quality.

That’s great!

The seed bank also runs a fantastic blog to make its customer aware of different topics, including strain information, growing guides, grow gears, business, lifestyles, and news.

A genuine online weed dispensary that really cares about customers!

The ILGM web store is easy to use and provides a clean surfing experience with valuable information.

Genuine refund policy, lab-tested seeds, discreet shipping, stealth package, reward points, and affiliate programs are the foremost features that attract thousands of consumers every day.

#2 – My Weed Seeds | Happy Customers All Over the World

My Weed Seeds logo

Located in Canada, My Weed Seeds is a top-rated marijuana dispensary that sells a wide variety of top-shelf buds worldwide to recreational and medical users.

This online store is known to offer premium quality feminized seeds, beginner-friendly strains, indoor and outdoor strains, and recreational and medical cannabis seeds.

Visit the official website of My Weed Seeds.

The company offers a wide range of weed accessories and growing tools in its online store. Here’s the list:

Grow Boxes, Grow Tents, LED Grow Lights, Air Flow & Ventilation, Ballasts, Books, Cloning & Propagation, Garden Accessories, Grow Media, Grow Lights, Hydroponic Systems, Meters, Nutrients, Pest/Disease Control, Pots, Pumps & Irrigation, Reflective Films, Trays and Reservoirs

You will have an option to pay through any of their multiple payment options. The “how to grow marijuana” guides by MyWeedSeeds are helpful to novice and expert growers.

Each pack of MyWeedSeeds contains 10 seeds. You will get your package discreetly, and it’ll take between 6 to 28 days for your parcel to arrive.

#3 – Eaze | Largest Legal Medical Marijuana Marketplace

Eaze online dispensary logo

Are you in need of vapes, edibles, concentrates, and buds? Eaze online dispensary is the place to get them. They offer highly curated varieties that provide excellent value for money.

Visit the official website of Eaze.

Eaze is California’s largest legal cannabis marketplace. With Social Equity Partners Program, the company brings many solutions to the surface to make cannabis legal across America.

Having fulfilled more than 7 million legal weed deliveries, Eaze works with 100+ compliant brands, licensed retailers, and partners.

They are committed to promoting the safe and proper use of cannabis. And that’s why the company only delivers to customers who verify their ID. The company enjoys a huge customer base of around 800,000!

Ranging from 1g to 7g, they sell some of the best exotic flowers like Orange Sunset, OG Kush POD, Pink Lemonade, Wedding Cake, Champagne Confetti Classic, and so many more.

Other amazing Eaze products include Cann (cannabis-infused drinks), vaporizer cartridges, pre-rolls, gummies, mints, chocolate, baked goods, concentrates, and a wide range of accessories.

#4 – Crop King Seeds | Selling Premium Weed Strains Worldwide

Crop King Seeds logo

Crop King Seeds is one of the biggest online dispensaries in Canada that has been providing high-quality marijuana since 2005.

Visit the official website of Crop King Seeds.

Crop King Seeds is the cannabis industry leader when it comes to seed genetics quality, potent strains, and company reputation. The company enjoys top ratings and amazing customer reviews.

You can buy a wide range of premium quality seeds. Some of the best-selling strains include Blue Cookies, White Widow, Purple Kush, Green Crack, and Northern Lights.

The classic website of the Crop King is smooth to surf and order. You can pay them via Visa card, Mastercard, or Bitcoin.

Moreover, you can also subscribe to their newsletter for discounts. Plus, joining their affiliate program can help you make money.

The seed bank offers worldwide weed delivery services. Rest assured that your package will be shipped discreetly. You can also choose express shipping for an additional 30-60 USD.

Furthermore, Crop King Seed’s customer assistance team is very professional. Overall, it’s one of the best online places to buy weed online. Learn more

#5 – Green Goddess Supply | Authentic Marijuana Supplier the USA

Green Goddess Supply logo

With 25+ years of experience, Green Goddess Supply is one of the top cannabis dispensaries that sell a distinctive range of high-quality accessories.

Visit the official website of Green Goddess Supply.

Here’s what you will find in the product lineup of Green Goddess Supply:

The Armoire, CBD & Flower, Grow Chambers, Accessories, Grinder, Metal Pipes, Dugouts, Wax Tools, Boxes & Trays, Apparel, Vaporizers, Glass, Ashtrays, Bundles

One-stop weed store for all your needs!

Green Goddess Supply spends painstaking time researching and improving its products. And that’s why the company enjoys an outstanding reputation among USA cannabis users.

This USA cannabis supply store focuses on quality products and reasonable prices. Green Goddess runs separate websites for wholesalers and direct consumers. You will enjoy surfing its clean website and get all the information you need.

If your order is worth more than $50, you will be eligible for free shipping. Overall, Green Goddess Supply is one of the best marijuana accessories markets in the USA.

#6 – Kushfly | Doorstep Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

Kush Fly logo online dispensary USA

Kushfly is by far the expert and highly-rated cannabis store. The 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot itself reflects its popularity and professionalism.

Visit the official website of Kushfly.

Whether you want to buy the mix and match flowers, delicious weed edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, disposables, syrups, chocolates, concentrates, or accessories, Kushfly is truly unmatched!

If you live in California, Kushfly should be your go-to online dispensary. They believe in delivering only the best quality marijuana-infused products to their adult customers. The company accepts credit cards and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), cash, and bitcoin.

The company works with the best cannabis cultivators to improve its product lineup. Some of their potent strains are popular around the Los Angeles area. Furthermore, you will also get daily deals from the online store to save your money.

The weed store uses the live GPS tracking system to deliver products, which makes them unique from others. You can order your products and check your package’s live location and ETA.

That’s something unique in the world of weed, isn’t it?

The customer service team is highly responsive and friendly, making users visit and order from the store frequently. However, you have to verify your ID before purchasing. And if you are buying from Kushfly for the first time, you can place a maximum of $200 worth of orders.

#7 – Seedsman | Thousands of High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

ILGM logo

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Seedsman is one of the best online cannabis marketplaces globally, delivering high-grade marijuana seeds for the last 18 years.

Collecting seeds from around 65 seed banks, the online store of Seedsman has over 1500 strains in its vault.

Visit the official website of Seedsman.

Seedsman consists of the largest selection of cannabis strains as they sell their own as well as other brands’ top-quality strains.

No matter where you live, the worldwide shipping from Seedsman ensures you get your package. But make sure to check the laws surrounding cannabis in your country.

The brand lets users pay through various modes of payment. You can also get huge discounts and offers from the company.

They work with many reputable brands, including T.H. Seeds, Greenhouse Co, Serious Seeds, DNA Genetics, Dinafem Seeds, Buddha Seeds, and Cali Connection.

Users worldwide appreciate the company’s efforts to legalize cannabis. Seedsman has undoubtedly earned the top spot in the cannabis industry with sincerity and quality.

#8 – Pot Shop Seattle | Popular and Genuine Cannabis Dispensary in Seattle

Pot Shop Seattle logo

If you’re a recreational user, you’ll feel right at home at Pot Shop Seattle!

If you live in Seattle, Pot Shop Seattle is the best place to buy your favorite cannabis supply. Pot Shop covers a large inventory of flowers, pre-rolls, vapors, concentrates, beverages, topicals, tinctures, and edibles.

Visit the official website of Pot Shop Seattle.

Pineapple Pucker Fruit Chews, Gelato #41, Orange Blossom, Limoncello, Pineapple Cookies, Watermelon Zkittlez, Strawberry Haze, Malibu Blue, Passionfruit Mints, and Lemon Cheesecake are some of the best-selling products in the pandora box of Pot Shop Seattle.

The customer service team behind the counter is friendly and helpful. If you visit the store, they will do everything they can to find a perfect strain as per your needs.

Moreover, the price of all their products is reasonable, and interestingly, it doesn’t come at the cost of quality.

I would say value for money at its best!

On a positive note, you will get 10% discounts on the regular price if you place your order online. Are you after incredible joints, delicious cookies, and a wide range of other marijuana products? Well, Pot Shop Seattle is highly recommended.

#9 – Madrone Cannabis Club | Oregon’s Top Pick for Quality Weed

Madrone online dispensary logo

Established in 2015, Madrone Cannabis Club is a highly-rated cannabis dispensary situated in Ashland, Oregon, United States.

If you check its review on Google, Leafly, or Weedmaps, you will come to know why this cannabis club is so much praised among cannabis users.

Visit the official website of Madrone Cannabis Club.

The company believes in providing the highest quality cannabis with professional customer service. And it seems that they have done an excellent job of fulfilling this mission.

If you ever happen to visit the store, you’ll be glad to see how budtenders help you find that perfect strain you’ve been striving to get.

Madrone is an Orgon’s “Clean Green Certified’ premier marijuana dispensary that offers award-winning marijuana flowers and products. Cherry Diesel, Madrone OG, Airborne, Shire, Larry OG, Rude Boi OG, Lemon G, Peach Ringz, GSC, and White Tahoe Cookies are some of its best-selling cannabis strains.

Weed for every reason and season!

Other than unmatched quality buds, they sell concentrates, vaporizers, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and weed accessories.

You can place your online orders and get the package on your doorstep or go to the store and collect your parcel.

They receive positive responses and interactions from USA customers on its Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

Whether you have any doubt regarding a strain or a service, the knowledgeable and friendly staff will ensure you get what you want.

Overall, you will be delighted and would love to visit the place repeatedly for any of your marijuana-related purchases.

#10 – Grasscity | One-Stop Online Shop for Top-Shelf Accessories

Grasscity online dispensary logo

Established in 2012, Grasscity is one of the world’s largest online weed dispensaries that sells top-shelf cannabis products online. This company gains a lot of attraction due to its friendly staff and stunning range of marijuana products.

Visit the official website of Grasscity.

You will surely get a great smoking experience when purchasing your accessories with Grasscity. They have been committed to providing top-rated smoking accessories since its inception. Along with that, they give personalized attention to solve any customer’s question.

CBD oils, flowers, pre-rolls, pollen shakers, nectar collectors, carb caps, bongs, bubblers, vaporizers, herb grinders, smoking pipes, dab rigs, and rolling papers are some of its excellent product lineups.

You can get bulk discounts, special member coupons, and lots of other deals to make the most out of it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the delivery as they provide discreet packaging.

If you like to socialize with like-minded people, the huge Grasscity forum has over 650,000 members and more than 20 million posts!

Whether you seek growing tips, edible recipes, or strain information, you can get your solution right away and help other forum members.

The company merged with a Canadian corporation High Tide in 2018, which helped Grasscity to grow even faster.

CBD City is another venture of the company that offers exclusive CBD products, including edibles, relief creams, CBD oils, vape oils, skincare products, and pet products.

You can buy your products securely with debit cards, credit cards, American Express, iDeal,, and even bitcoin.

As the company ships from USA and UK locations, American customers can get their parcels between 2 to 8 business days from the USA location. Moreover, the company provides a tracking number to track the package every step of the way.

Things To Know Before Buying Cannabis From Online Dispensaries

I believe that no one deserves to get frustrated with their online cannabis shopping experience. That’s why it’s recommended to get your weed supply only from top-rated weed stores only.

Poor customer service, low-grade seeds, shipping delays, unsecured payment methods, and legal compliances are some of the main factors of disappointment among genuine cannabis customers.

I have specifically focused on these parameters before hand-picking the best online cannabis dispensaries in this guide.

Nevertheless, exploring the web portal and user reviews of any online marijuana store is the easiest way to verify its authenticity.

When you look into the details of any online weed dispensary, make sure to check the following features.

  • Ship to your country (most important)
  • Stealth package and discreet shipping (important)
  • Customer-centric approach with quick query resolution.
  • Sell lab-tested cannabis seeds (highly recommended)
  • Offer germination guarantee (especially for beginners)
  • A variety of weed strains, accessories, and edibles
  • User-friendly website with sufficient information
  • Have top ratings and great customer reviews (recommended)
  • Accept many currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Secured payment gateway (highly recommended)
  • Provide the best deals, offers, and loyalty programs
  • Genuine refund policy
  • Being recognized as a trustworthy store globally

Recreational and medical marijuana are now legal in many US states. If you ever want to buy your precious supply of mary jane online, I assure you that following this guide will make your weed buying experience rich and smooth.

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Buy Weed Online and Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep

Adult use of marijuana in the USA became legal in July 2017. And just a week later, many vendors ran out of supply due to high demand. Thanks to wide-scale cannabis legalization, buying weed from legitimate online dispensaries is now become more accessible.

You obviously don’t want to waste your money on low-grade cannabis products. Luckily, you don’t have to face such disappointments as we now have a range of online and in-store cannabis marketplace.

Always check the reliability of your online marijuana source. Follow this article and make informed decisions before shopping your weed online.

I wish you a safe and satisfying cannabis buying experience.

Rise & shine; it’s weed time!


Which is the best online dispensary for American customers?

ILGM is undoubtedly the best and most reliable online weed dispensary in the USA.

Moreover, all cannabis dispensaries reviewed in this guide are top-rated dispensaries to buy weed strains, accessories, and edibles.

What are the minimum age criteria to legally use marijuana in the USA?

– If you are 21 years or older, you can legally buy and use marijuana for recreational purposes.
– Medical marijuana is legal for people over 18 years. All they need is a doctor’s prescription.
– If anyone is under 18 years, they need legal authorization from a parent or guardian.

How many weed dispensaries are there in the US?

As more states continue to legalize recreational cannabis, you may find a new dispensary every other day.

Currently, there are over 7500 weed dispensaries in the USA. However, it’s essential to choose only the best stores, such as reviewed in this guide, for high-quality products.

Which is the largest cannabis dispensary in the world?

Based in Nevada, the United States, Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. is the biggest marijuana dispensary globally.

The company opened its Las Vegas store in a 112,000 square feet area! They sell both medical and recreational marijuana. 

Is it safe to buy seeds online from US dispensaries?

There is no risk of purchasing cannabis seeds online in the USA as long as you follow the legal framework. Many dispensaries use stealth packaging to deliver your seeds discreetly.

If you need complete anonymity and privacy in payments, you can order your weed using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What effects does marijuana have on your body?

Marijuana smoke can irritate the lungs. If you use it frequently, you may have the same respiratory issues as a cigarette smoker. That indicates a cough, which can be long-lasting or persistent. It may secrete colorful mucus or phlegm.

What happens if a newborn consumes marijuana?

Children may experience severe and potentially life-threatening effects from marijuana, such as racing pulse, raised blood pressure, seizures, confusion, trouble breathing, and coma, due to their tiny size. Therefore, marijuana consumption to the kids or newborn should be a big No.

Is it true that using marijuana makes you lazy?

We’ve produced some of the first proof that being high makes you lazier after being told it’s true. But, significantly, it does not completely deplete your motivation; instead, it makes you somewhat but considerably more apathetic. 
Marijuana can make you lazy as well as energetic. It all depends on whether you take Indica or Sativa strains. Indica are more restful and can make you couch lock while Sativa can boost your energy level and motivates you to be creative as well. check difference of indica and sativa

What is the most delicate autoflower soil?

Compost and peat moss are required for auto-flowering plants, and utilizing perlite to ensure adequate water retention and drainage can increase yields.

Why should I buy marijuana from an internet store?

Online buying for pot or other goods is significantly more convenient than shopping at dispensaries. It provides a convenient alternative, with hundreds of online stores at your fingertips, allowing you to pick from a significantly more complete product range. Online purchasing also allows you to take your time and analyze every part of your purchase before submitting your order. For example, instead of shopping at dispensaries, where you cannot take your time and research any concerns you may have.