How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt: 5 Steps to Wrap Like a Pro

Do you want to learn how to roll a Backwoods cigar and fill it with marijuana buds? Explore this step-by-step guide to be an expert in just 5 minutes.

Blunt wraps come in different materials, sizes, qualities, and techniques. Not all rolls are the same, and not all deliver the same effect.

If you are a regular smoker, you might know the popular blunt wraps brands like High Hemp, Backwoods, Dutch Masters, Swisher Sweets, and Tropical Fusion. 

Introduction: How To Roll Backwoods Cigars

How To Roll a Backwoods

While natural blunt wraps deliver diverse effects with pure taste, some prefer tobacco-infused wraps to get the next-level high.

Backwoods tobacco cigars are a premium range of smoking cigars out there. They are expertly crafted with high-quality tobacco inside them. 

Now, smoking a blunt filled in this Backwood blunt can give you an electrifying smoking experience. All you need to understand is getting the tobacco out and filling your weed inside the Backwood blunt roll so the wrap doesn’t get torn apart. 

Why Do People Prefer Tobacco Leaf Backwoods for Blunts?

While backwoods are all-natural cigars in the market, it is made from 100% raw tobacco leaves. Moreover, it’s a top-class smoking product as it is made in the USA. 

The manufacturer keeps the tobacco for one full year for the aging process and then uses it to make these cigars. Such curing methods enhance the quality, taste, smell, and overall effects of the cigar much richer.

As Backwoods cigar wraps feature these highly sought-after traits, what could be better than fusing it with your favorite strain? Now that you know why cannabis connoisseurs use Backwoods, let’s explore an easy way to make a Backwoods blunt for your fun sessions.

Let’s get rolling, shall we!

How To Roll A Backwoods Cigar? Step By Step Guide

Rolling a blunt seems frustrating at first, but you will get it right if you keep trying with the proper technique. So, follow the given steps and see how it works for you.

Step-1: Grind your weed:

It’s the easy one. You don’t need learning on how to grind the weed. There are many top-quality grinders available in the market to make things easy and quick. You may need around two grams of nugs to fill in the backwoods cigar. 

Break your sticky nugs into smaller chunks and make sure the herb is crushed thoroughly and evenly. Consequently, it will give you smoother smoke on each puff.

Step-2: Opening up the cigar:

Backwoods takes patience to open it up and empty the tobacco. Do it slowly, or you might tear the wrapping leaf. Do not hurry and foul up because the wrapper is tightly packed, and you need the patience to open it up. 

Use a small knife or blade to open the cigar, but take care at the places where the leaf is brittle. After all, gentleness is the key to success! Don’t worry if it takes time, but you can do it fast once you practice it more.

Step-3: Empty the tobacco:

It’s comparatively an easy step as once you open the roll, you can carefully empty the tobacco from the cigar’s wrapper. The tobacco leaf itself is a luxury to roll with your crushed weed. So, no additional tobacco is required. You can keep the tobacco for later use or get rid of it. 

Step-4: Fill the flattened leaf:

When you empty the tobacco leaf, get ready to fill it with the herb. Flatten the leaf carefully and load your crushed marijuana nugs into the roll. The filter is necessary to enjoy smooth hits, so I recommend placing a smoke filter at the end of the leaf wrap.

Step-5: Packing the Backwoods blunt:

The packing is another careful part of art where you need patience and practice. Initially, fill as much crushed cannabis into the leaf as you can. For doing that, you can hold the filter with one hand. 

Besides, use your other hand to keep the herb in place while slowly rolling the wrap around buds. Roll it slowly and accurately until you get a cylindrical-shaped roll. 

When the roll is ready, apply saliva on the edge of the leaf wrap and seal it so that the herb doesn’t fall out. Just take care of the rounded edge while you begin rolling.

As the Backwoods leaves are thick, they need some extra saliva to stick together. You can also use cannabis-infused oil to moisten the edge.

The final note:

You don’t need a perfect tube-shaped roll to light it up. After all, we do it to enjoy weed in a cigar blunt, and uneven shape doesn’t make a difference in effects or taste.

Moreover, dry down your Backwoods blunt a bit by providing quick flames from the lighter (without burning it down yet, of course!). 

Watch this fantastic video to understand all about rolling Backwoods:

Things You Need to Wrap a Backwoods Blunt

Here’s the list of things you need before you start rolling your Backwoods with weed nugs.

  • Backwoods cigars
  • Blade or small knife
  • Paper towel and water
  • Marijuana buds
  • Grinder
  • A clean tray to work

After you gather all these supplies, all you need to do is keep practicing until you get it right. You might fail in your first attempt, but patients make a human perfect!

Keep trying, and you’ll get it right!

Get High With Backwoods Blunts Like Never Before

Now, as you know how to roll a Backwoods blunt, simply blaze it up and start taking your puffs. Smoking weed in a Backwoods wrap is really fascinating.

Not only that, some hardcore marijuana connoisseurs only prefer Backwoods to roll their joints. 

It’s like smoking a luxurious weed cigar!

Once you do it, you will cherish your efforts and be happy when smoking that bizarre blunt you just created. 

Final Words on Rolling a Backwoods Blunt:

The machine-made cigarillos of Backwoods are made with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos, high-quality tobacco in the world. Unwrapping this cigar and filling it with your favorite strain sounds so much fun and alluring. 

On top of that, if you are a purist, you will appreciate the chemical-free and toxin-free materials of Backwoods cigarillos. The all-natural tobacco leaf provides a classic blunt wrap for your high sessions.

If you don’t succeed on the first attempt, do it gently and let your expertise come naturally. Once you get good at it, you can roll a Backwoods blunt in no time. 

Backwoods offers high-quality cigars that are mostly demanded due to their premium range of tobacco leaf wraps. Mixing weed nugs with such a high-grade tobacco leaf provides an unforgettable weed smoking experience.

FAQs on How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt:

Why are Backwoods cigarillos so popular?

The Backwoods cigarillos are made with high-quality tobacco wraps. They do not contain heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, or other harmful elements.

Further, the brand uses high-quality and cured Cuban tobacco to fill the cigar roll. It burns slowly and enables you to enjoy steady and constant whiffs. 

Is it hard to roll a Backwoods blunt?

Not really; it’s easy to roll Backwoods blunt once you practice it. Some can do it expertly on the first try itself.

The steps are simple: open the leaf, empty the tobacco, grind your weed and fill it in the wrap, pack and seal the roll, and enjoy your perfect Backwoods blunt.

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