BC Bud Supply Review 2024 – Is it legit?

BC Bud Supply Review 2024: Greetings! Do you want to know which dispensary I have recently tested? It’s BC Bud supply! It is one of the top online dispensaries in Canada. Want to know more? Read along…

As I was extensively researching and testing the best online dispensaries in Canada, I came across BC Bud Supply and ordered weed from there. The article describes my experience and also the experiences of real users of this dispensary.

BC bud supply is well known for its premium cannabis strains. Their hard work and high-quality weed selection helped them attain a top place among cannabis dispensaries. It is interesting to write reviews about such many awards winner seed banks.

Let’s find out how BC bud supply is. Is it as great as it is mentioned over the web?

You ought to know everything. Let’s get started.

BC Bud supply: Let’s explore!


BC bud supply review

First, it is better to know the dispensary’s background and market reputation. Then, I will explain their product selection, prices, and more later.

BC Bud Supply: Market Reputation

BC bud supply offers top-quality buds to its customers. Its market reputation can be understood because it has won 35+ awards for its excellent contribution to the cannabis industry.

Best Seed Bank- Grow Up Awards, 2019.

#3 Sativa Cup- Canadian cannabis awards, 2017

#1 Indica Cup- High Times Cannabis Cup, 2014

These are some of the prestigious awards this Canadian seed bank has won. Their strains have been featured in various magazines like Grow Diaries.

Certainly, BC bud supply has a respected position in the cannabis market.

BC Bud Supply: History

Established almost two decades ago, BC bud supply’s mission was to provide Canadians with the best cannabis strains. The company has been operating from British Columbia, Canada, since then,

They have come a long way since then. They stock only the naturally grown cannabis plants from their strong network of local farmers to keep the stock afresh. The company makes sure to use chemical and pesticide-free great-quality cannabis strains only. They are working directly from valuable suppliers all over Canada.

BC bud supply: The Website

BC Bud Depot has a spotless and straightforward to-explore site displaying their weed blossoms with backgrounds of lovely British Columbia views. The website is very informative, with a lot of supportive data about the strains of your interest.

They made their website functional and valuable by including tips to grow cannabis. I recommend you to read their blog. I find it worth spending my time on!

The strains are arranged to their quality like AA, AAA, and AAAA, so you will get them quickly. No wonder their website is user-friendly enough. The weed pages are exceptionally itemized, showing all the information regarding what the strain contains, clinical purposes, and flavors. Isn’t it splendid?

Further, the client surveys on the strains are exceptionally clear. Also, the site allows them to post their photographs. This is a genuinely easy-to-use include. Also, the growing tips are handy. You will know the deals, coupons, and everything on their website.

I hope you also liked the website of BC bud supply. If you have not visited yet, Click the link below:

BC Bud Supply Website

BC Bud supply: The Products

The main strength of any seed bank lies in its products. It is good to know that BC bud supply has a wide selection of top-quality marijuana. They have more than 500 strains. Excellent weed concentrates, magic mushrooms, CBD products, high-quality edibles, buds, and flowers; are all you can get from BC bud supply.

If you look at their catalog, it is divided into featured products, Premium strains. Hot products, Popular products categories. This makes a user comfortable scrolling through their webpage. They have top-grade shrooms in their product list. I think you don’t need to search anywhere else, as BC bud supply’s massive selection from the best local farmers is enough to serve you.

Their premium strains include- White Runtz, Pineapple express, Thin Mint, Gelato, Purple Urkel, Lindsay OG, and skywalker OG.

Popular Strains have- Rockstar, Tom ford, Purple Kuch, and Bruce Banner. You can choose your strains and buy them.

Overall, I can say one of the best mail-order marijuana selections in BC bud supply. So, if you are considering buying something from there, go ahead!

BC Bud supply: Affordable prices?

Don’t worry! BC Bud Supply offers competitive prices. So, you are getting budget-friendly strains. Even sometimes you would wonder to see such great prices.

BC bud supply was formed to provide the best weed at affordable prices. They are living up to their mission. Whether you buy cannabis concentrates or edibles, you might have them at unmatchable prices.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. That’s why you can purchase the best weed from Canada’s suppliers.

Payment Methods:

BC Bud Supply offers various payment methods. For example, there are many cannabis dispensaries in Canada that I’ve tried or visited their store, which offer payments only via Interac e-transfer.

BC’s bud supply allows its customers to pay through credit cards, Bitcoin, and Interac E Transfer. So keep things easy and flexible!

Packaging and Shipping:

If packaging and shipping are your prime concern, stop thinking about them. Parcel safety is the top priority at BC bud supply, and they take care of it very well.

I will tell you about how my package was received.

I received my package in a discreet and smell-proof mylar bag. The bag was in an unmarked box with no signs of cannabis, and the source it was coming from was a heat and vacuum-sealed bag.

The way they ship your parcel saves the stuff from losing its freshness and also kept safe from evil eyes.

BC Bud Supply offers free shipping for over $100. In general, other dispensaries offer free shipping over $150. Also, shipping is done via Canada post’s xpresspost, known for its fast delivery. You can expect to receive your parcel within 2-5 days.

Promotions, Deals, and Discounts:

We are always keen to know about the various ways to save money on our shopping. It is such a pleasing experience.

BC bud supply also understands this mentality and thus offers their customers coupon codes and extra discounts. They ensure to appease their loyal customers through their in-store credits and rewards program to earn points. Also, you can join them as their affiliates and save more.

You can get huge discounts on your marijuana order. Use the BC Bud supply coupon code at the end of the checkout page, and it’s done! It’s so simple to execute.

BC Bud Supply: Customer support Team

The dispensary believes in getting the complete confidence of their customers. Hence they have 24/7 customer support so that you can contact them anytime. This feature makes them highly reliable. Live chat, Social media platforms, emails, whatever the options suit, you can use it to contact them.

So, you don’t need to look at your clock to get your query resolved. The team is professionally trained and can assist you. Even you will get a response within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews:

BC bud Supply lacks in this category. They don’t have reviews on popular reviewing sites like Trustpilot. So when I was searching for their reviews, I couldn’t find much.

But there are enough reviews on Reddit and the BC Bud Supply’s website. Most of them are positive.

“Thanks for hooking me up with my stash for the last year! BC Bud Supply has all the edibles and flowers I need, which are of great quality. Fast shipping and great customer support as well. Can’t go wrong with them”.

Pros and Cons of BC Bud Supply


  • Great selection, over 500 seeds
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Easy sign-up
  • Quick Delivery
  • Discreet shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Great customer support
  • Multiple payment options such as Credit Card, Interac eTransfer, and Bitcoin
  • Clear user reviews with authentic images
  • Great prices
  • Bulk orders are available


  • Lack of customer reviews.
  • Sometimes prices go very high.

FAQs: BC Bud Supply Review

Do they ship all over in Canada?

Yes, they ship all over Canada, including territories and provinces

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping charges are $17.95. However, you can avail of free shipping for over $100.

Do they have a refund/return policy?

Yes, But only if your order received is damaged or defective.

Can I pay through cash?

They accept only through credit cards, Bitcoin, and Interac E Transfer.

What is a safe drop option?

It is an option that Canada Post gives you. If you are not at home at the time of delivery or no one is there to receive your parcel, the parcel is dropped at a safe place near your house. If no such place is found, the order will be taken back, and you can receive it from the office.

How many days will the order take to reach?

Usually, 2-4 days, but it depends upon the location in Canada. But it may reach within a week.

Is BC Bud Supply reliable?

Yes, It is reliable. They have been catering for many years and have so many great strains.

How can I track my order?

With every order, you will get a tracking id with your purchase.

What is the right age to buy cannabis from BC Bud Supply?

You must be of 19 years of age.

What can I do to report my issue with the order?

You can contact their customer support team. You can call, chat or email them to [email protected].

Final Words: BC Bud Supply Review

Great selection, colossal collection, good staff, and competitive prices are some of the qualities one can ask for in Any weed dispensary. Luckily, BC Bud Supply has all of them. So they need to ask their loyal customers to review them on every popular platform.

I would recommend the dispensary. You must try at least once! I would enlist the dispensary in my favorites. Hopefully, you must know how the dispensary works and cater to its clients.

You must try this dispensary if you are staying in Canada,

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