10 Best Soil to Grow Cannabis Indoor Review in 2024

Soil is the most important factor when growing cannabis plants.

And for the best results from your garden, you need the best soil for cannabis.

Even cannabis soil is so important that it can decide the success or failure of your garden.

Therefore, for the best growth of cannabis plants, you need the best quality soil mix to boost your weed garden’s growth.

And as per my personal experience, I used Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and got excellent results.

So, today, we will cover all types of the best soil for cannabis plants, from organic soils to super soil and all others you can use for a cannabis plant.

Let’s get started:

Soil For Cannabis Plants That Give ‘Best’ Result!


#10. Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil – Suitable For All Growing Environments

Mother Earth Terracraft

Want the overall best potting soil?

Get Mother Earth Terracraft potting soil!

It is one of the best soil for cannabis plants. Thanks to its 8 different ingredients that super strengthens the soil for sky-rocketing the growth of your weed plants.

That means you get this super soil full of organic matter for your young cannabis plants, from sphagnum peat moss and forest humus to bat guano and earthworm castings.

Just start feeding 2 or 3 weeks after planting and watch your cannabis plant getting super growth.

The best part?

The Mother Earth Terracraft Potting soil provides moderate aeration leading to retaining water.

Hence, it will save you a lot of water in the long run.

Also, the soil fetches a balanced pH level, a must for an ideal organic soil for plants.

Therefore, it makes it easy for the plants to get nutrient uptake and quick growth.


  • High-quality soil with 8 different organic ingredients
  • Better aeration for water retention
  • Balanced pH level with buffer
  • Saves water
  • Perfect for all types of environments (Indoor, outdoor, containerized)


  • Not for auto-flower cannabis plant

Overall, I loved the Mother Earth Terracraft Potting soil because of its strength to boost the growth of any plant.

And its various ingredients, like worm castings, bat guano, etc., make it the right soil mix for your cultivation project.

No doubt, if you will be using this organic soil for your upcoming cultivation session, you will see much better results in your garden than before.

#9. Big Rootz All Purpose Potting Soil – High-Quality All-Purpose Potting Soil

Big Rootz

You need to water a cannabis plant a lot.

But, with Big Rootz All Purpose potting soil, you may not need to water them more often.

Thanks to the formulation of soil mix that helps in water retention and better nutrient uptake for quick plant growth.

Backed by research and experiments, Big Rootz All Purpose soil consists of ingredients derived from seabird guano, rock phosphate, worm castings, and other organic material.

Hence, you get better strength and sturdiness in this soil than in the other.

Also, it provides the essential nutrients to the plant in the early stage for strong growth.

Above that, the adjusted pH level in the Big Rootz soil mix ensures you get the maximum output from your garden.

However, I will highlight here that better water retention through this soil means you need to be aware of when you have to water and when not.

Otherwise, it may lead to the fungus gnat infestation, which no grower will want in their garden.


  • All-purpose soil mix
  • Consists of nutrients, organic matter
  • Better water retention
  • Less water requirement
  • Balanced pH level


  • Water carefully to avoid any fungus issues in your plant

Big Rootz all-purpose soil mix is best if you want to have big roots for the rapid growth of your cannabis crop.

The perfect nutrients and organic mix give the soil enough nutrients to boost root growth.

And the best part is that it retains water excellently so that you don’t have to bother about that much.

#8. Purple Cow Indicanja – One Of The Best Organic Soil Mixes

Purple Cow Indicanja

Want to know the secret soil that professional growers use?

Purple Cow IndiCanja is one of them!

It is the best organic potting soil if you want a water-only mix.

Build with organic matter and formulated ‘cleanly,’ Purple Cow organic potting soil gives your cannabis plant a healthy soil environment to thrive and grow beautifully.

Above that, this is water-only soil, so just drop the soil in the containers, plant your seedlings, and just water them.

Nothing to do next.

Therefore, this soil mix is best for novice cultivators who don’t want to be bothered about their garden.

Additionally, the natural composition of this soil mix makes it perfect for providing maximum nutrients to your plants.

Many Purple Cow IndiCanja soil users have reported a better harvest every time.


  • Water-only soil mix
  • Consists of organic matter for higher nutrients
  • High water retention
  • Cleanly made up for no effect on human health
  • Provides a fast growth to the plants


  • Most growers overwater, which may lead to fungus gnat infestation.

Summing up, you must start your weed cultivation journey with premium soil like Purple Cow IndiCanja.

It is perfectly made for highly efficient output.

And the best part is that it is safe for human health.

Made by a grower, Purple Cow IndiCanja is one of the best potting soil mixes that can lead to better gardening results.

#7. Coast Of Maine Stonington – One Of The Best Organic Soil Mixes

Coast Of Maine

A soil with organic and natural nutrients can only make your plants thrive and produce a high yield.

And Coast Of Maine Stonington Blend is one of the perfect solutions if you want your soil to have a nutrient mix that can boost the yield.

The blend consists of natural ingredients that help plants boost their growth and spread their heavy branches.

Additionally, the slow nitrogen release works perfectly to feed your plants the required nutrients accordingly.

Moreover, this soil mix is OMRI organic certified. Hence, you have one of the premium soil mixes for your plants.

The best part?

This soil mix works perfectly for all potted plants as it has most of the roots organics for healthy plant growth.

Coast Of Maine is one of the favorite picks of most home-based and professional growers.


  • Fast-growth soil mix
  • OMRI-certified organic soil mix
  • Slow-release chemical nutrients
  • Provides faster plant growth
  • One of the most popular solutions


  • Works only as of the potting mix and for the potted plants

Once you have the Coast Of Maine natural blend nutrients in your pot, you will watch the rapid growth of your garden like never before.

This organic potting mix works like magic and provides all the nutrients your weed plant needs during its crucial stages.

#6. Miracle-Gro – One Of The Best Indoor/Outdoor Potting Mixes


Do you want a potting mix that can work for indoor and outdoor plants?

Get Miracle-Gro and see the magic!

This superorganic mix allows you to feed your cannabis plant for up to 6 months and helps result in a high yield, full of colors, and a beautiful garden.

The company claims to result in twice as big plants as those not fed with Miracle-Gro.

Therefore, once you put this mix into your plants, be assured that you will have one of the best outputs from your garden.

However, make sure you use it for only the container plants.


  • High-quality organic mix
  • Twice big plants
  • Provides all the natural nutrients for the growth
  • Works for both indoor and outdoor container plants
  • Highly affordable


  • Works only for the container plants

If you need an affordable yet long-term nutrient supplement for your cannabis plants, then there is no better option than the Miracle-Gro organic mix.

It comprises nutrient-enriched microbes and organisms that boost the plant growth for colorful and heavy yield.

If you are starting your cultivation project and want a budget organic mix, don’t miss Miracle-Gro.

#5. Good Earth Organics – Premium Potting Soil For Professionals

Good Earth Organics

Are you a commercial grower?

Do you want premium organic potting soil?

Buy Good Earth Organics premium potting soil that works for the seedlings to give them rapid growth.

The organic ingredients in this soil give a rapid root growth that leads to strong and healthy plants.

The soil is built with low-salt coco fiber, perlite, worm castings, sphagnum peat moss, and alfalfa meal that easily boosts the yield of your garden.

Therefore, Good Earth Organics has all the natural resources in its soil to provide ample nutrients for a plant to thrive and yield great.

Especially when the plant is younger and requires balanced nutrients to grow, this soil works perfectly.

No doubt, this soil is OMRI listed and clean green certified.


  • Premium quality soil for seedlings
  • Consists of natural and organic ingredients
  • Ideal for professional growers
  • Provides rapid seedling growth
  • OMRI clean and green-certified product


  • Works for potted plants

Get this soil if you want to head-start your professional journey of weed gardening.

Good Earth Organics has one of the finest soils that provide the right nutrients from seedlings to maturity.

If you have already invested in various professional grow equipment, invest in this right quality soil.

It will be 100% worth it.

#4. Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate – Best Soil For Auto-Flower Plants

Super Soil Autoflower

Do you want a super soil power for your autoflower plants?

Look no further!

Grab a bag of Super Soil autoflower concentrate and watch your plants shoot up to the sky.

This ready-to-use concentrate needs to be put in the soil medium of your choice, and then just water your garden to see the results.

That’s how powerful it is!

This 5-pound bag has a secret formula that boosts autoflower growth.

From organic microorganisms to beneficial microbes and fungi, this concentrate is a one-time solution for the growth of your cannabis plants, from seeds to harvest.

It is why it is one of the most popular solutions for your autoflower garden.


  • One of the best super soil organic concentrate mixes
  • Has all the beneficial organic content and microorganisms
  • Provides rapid growth
  • Works from seedling to harvest stage
  • Ideal for autoflower cannabis plants


  • Does not work well with regular plants

Very few autoflower concentrates work, and Super Soil Autoflower concentrate is one of them.

It is easy to use concentrate that just needs to be added to your soil, and it will have all the nutrients that your plants may need till the harvest stage.

Overall, it is the best nutrient concentrate you can have for your autoflower garden.

#3. Brut Super Soil – A Super Soil For Indoor/Outdoor Cultivation

Brut Super Soil

Need a super soil for your plants to help you achieve desired results from your garden, indoors or outdoors?

Brut Super Soil is the soil that you need!

It is one of the best soil mixes that your marijuana plants need.

From coco fiber, peat moss, perlite, and sand to worm castings, cow manure, and all the beneficial microbes are in this super soil.

Therefore, this super soil easily provides nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, sulfide, and other enzymes.

No doubt why growers achieve faster and healthy growth of their marijuana plant with Brut Super soil.


  • Perfect for faster growth of cannabis plants
  • Consists of all the natural compositions
  • Perfectly balanced water retention and drainage capacity
  • Balanced pH levels
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation


  • Must be mixed with regular potting soil

If you want super soil for your garden, then get the Brut Super Soil. It is perfect for providing the nutrients that cannabis plants require the most.

It consists of the most natural and organic ingredients to the other enzymes and organic matter.

And it is why it provides the ideal underground environment for the roots to develop and grow better.

#2. Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil Mix – The Runner-Up

Fox Farm Happy Frog

If you want premium soil to kick start the growth of your small plants, then Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil is what you need.

It comprises natural and organic compositions like bat guano, worm castings, forest humus, and many other compounds needed in ideal soil.

When the roots cannot fetch the nutrients in the initial growth stage of a plant, Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil helps your root get that.

This ready-to-use potting soil mix has a balanced pH level that helps the plants easily uptake nutrients and achieves better and faster growth.

Ideal for containerized plants, you can use this soil just by taking it out of the bag. Unfortunately, there is not much adjustment you have to make.

Everything is pre-ready for your plants.

Therefore, it is mostly suitable for the growers who want great soil to make their plants happy.


  • The best soil for containerized plants
  • Made with premium organic ingredients
  • Perfect for marijuana plants
  • PRovides a faster growth
  • Balanced pH level for easy nutrient uptake


  • Suited for only container plants

In short, if you are looking for the right soil that your potted plants require, then Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil has all of the right compositions that your plant needs.

From pH level to providing super-fast nutrient uptake to better water retention, you almost may not need anything else once you put this soil in those containers.

#1. Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix – Editor’s Choice

Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Marijuana plants love Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil mix.

It is one of the best organic potting soil mixes you can provide to your loving plants.

Each of the soil bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest consists of earthworm castings, bat guano, forest humus, peat moss, and many other organic matters that comprise the composting process.

In short, it has all that your marijuana plants may need.

The plants are grown in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil grow faster and yield better.

That means you will provide your marijuana plant with one of the best soils.

Further, the pH level is balanced for this soil, and the sandy loam and hints of clit allow this soil to have better water drainage, making it suitable for avoiding any overwatering issues.


  • One of the best potting soils
  • Provides all the nutrients for faster growth
  • Better balance in water drainage and retention
  • Balanced pH levels
  • High-quality nutrient composition
  • Provides healthy plant growth
  • Consists most of the organic soil composition


  • Not for auto-flower cannabis plants

For the best results from your cannabis garden, you need the best soil – and the Fox Farm potting soil has most of that.

From providing better water drainage to having one of the most powerful growth-oriented nutrients in it, the Fox Farm soil mix is the best soil that you can provide to your marijuana plant.

Growing Cannabis In Soil Vs. Other Medium

Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies, growing cannabis plants are not dependent on the best soil or organic potting soil mixes.

Rather, cannabis plants can even be grown without soil with just a mixture of nutrients and water. In short, hydroponic grow systems are also common for cultivation.

But which works the best?

Is growing cannabis in the soil better or other mediums like hydroponics?

Let’s find it out:

Growing Weed In Other Medium

With the help of various grow kits, tools, and equipment, cannabis plants can even be grown in just a soil-less medium full of nutrient water.

Yes, I am talking about the hydroponic growing system.

In the case of hydroponics, the soil is not needed as we use nutrient water as a growing medium.

The plant growth occurs in a pot or water container with roots dipped.

Weed cultivation in hydroponics consists of multiple benefits. For example, the hydroponics grow system uses less water than the traditional soil.

Additionally, as the plants are always dipped into the nutrient water, the growth of the plants takes place faster.

For a detailed guide, you can read our hydroponics grow guide here.

Further, there are also drawbacks to the hydroponics grow system. First, it requires skill to do a successful harvest with this system.

In hydroponics, you need to take care of your garden more. Otherwise, it can completely ruin all of your time and hard-work investment.

Therefore, newbie cannabis growers need to go for the traditional soil method.

It is simple, easy, and requires little skill compartively hydroponics to grow a plant. Also, the plant growth failure risk is low.

Growing Cannabis In Soil

Cultivating cannabis plants in soil is the traditional method of cultivation.

It is simple.

You put your cannabis plants into the soil, water them and provide proper drainage along with sunlight, and it grows beautifully.

However, you must also consider some environmental factors for some rough climate regions.

But, for the best output, you need the best quality soil.

Whether you choose organic or super soil, you need soil that consists of all the nutrients that can help grow marijuana plants easily and rapidly.

So, before we can find which potting soil is the best and how you can find them for your grow project, let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of cultivation in soil.

Advantages Of Growing Cannabis In Soil

  • It is the traditional method and easier than hydroponics or other complex systems that require some cultivation skills.
  • Good cannabis soil consists of all the nutrients; therefore, you don’t have to be stressed over choosing the nutrients in the case of hydroponics.
  • Natural soil consists of mineral particles, air, organic matter, water, and biological organisms, which are best for a plant to thrive naturally.
  • It is less costly in terms of investment for the supplies.
  • It is a natural way.

Disadvantages Of Growing Cannabis In Soil

  • The main drawback is that in the soil mix, there are natural bugs that live. Therefore, your plant might have the risk of them.
  • Also, compared to hydroponics, growth in soil medium can be slow.
  • You must choose a good potting soil for cannabis plants to thrive easily and rapidly.

What Is The Best Soil For Cannabis?

Now, you know the pros and cons of potting soil for growing cannabis plants.

Therefore, it is time to look around for the best soil for cannabis plants.

Various types of soil mixes and types exist, but you need to find the right and best one for your plants.

Unless you are not buying a specific potting soil, you need to check for some specific requirements that must be in the best soil for cannabis.

So, let’s check out those requirements you need to find an ideal soil for weeds.

Features Of The Best Soil For Cannabis

  • Nutrients

It is the most important factor.

Cannabis soils must-have nutrients so that they can help cannabis plants to grow.

Initially, the cannabis soil will have sufficient nutrients if you have a quality soil mix.

However, within 3-4 weeks, as your plant starts to flower, fewer nutrients will be left in the soil to help the plant thrive further.

It is where you should start manually putting nutrients into your soil mix.

The most common organic nutrients are bat guano, bone meal, earthworm castings, blood meal, coco fiber, sandy, loamy soil mix, etc.

These can help you generate plenty of plant nutrients in the existing soil through composting and quickly improve soil quality.

  • Drainage Capability

Good soil has drainage capability. You should be able to pour water into it and have it drain out within a few seconds.

That means that when you water your plants, the water should not stay on the top. Instead, it should drain completely. Otherwise, poor drainage can make your plants sick or even die.

  • Water Retention Ability

Water retention is the soil’s ability to hold the water for the plant to fetch for survival.

The best soil mix must have water retention capacity, too, because to let the plant thrive, the soil must have water in it.

And there must be a good balance between water retention and drainage.

  • Dark Appearance

Good potting soil will have a dark and rich appearance that will not be muddy.

  • Texture

The texture of a quality potting soil should be light and loose to allow root development.

An optimal loose soil allows the root to fetch oxygen and water and easily grow rapidly. Also, it helps in nutrient uptake as well.

  • pH Value

Good weed soil has a pH value between 6 and 7. It is not considered good soil if it is more or less than that.

pH fluctuation can affect the yield negatively, which you should avoid.

So, in short, good soil will have the correct texture, water retention, drainage capability, and balanced pH level for plant growth in the best way.

What Makes A Soil ‘Not Good’ For Cultivation?

As of now, you know what makes soil ‘good.’ So, so you should also know what factors make soil quality poor or not fit for cannabis cultivation.

Sandy Soil

The soil with most sand as its composition is not good for growing cannabis plants.

The main drawback is that sandy soil loses water at a higher rate. That means it will not have good water retention.

And as cannabis plants require water for nutrient uptake, it is not suitable for cannabis crops as it lacks nutrients.

Clay Soil

Like sandy soil, clay soil can not be your potting soil for cannabis cultivation.

A clay soil mix holds too much water, leading to water logging and damaging your crop.

Therefore, clay soil does not fit for cultivation.

Not Having A Good pH Level.

Even if you have one of the best organic soils for your project, it can affect plant growth and health if it does not have a balanced pH level.

That can ultimately lead to less yield from your garden.

If your potting soil is more or less than the balanced limit, it will be either alkaline or acidic, which cannot suit for healthy growth of marijuana plants.


How to choose the best soil for cannabis?

In high-quality soil for cannabis, there will be better texture, dark appearance, water retention, and drainage balance like Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.

What is the best soil for cannabis?

The best potting soil for cannabis is loam, as it is for various other plants. It checks all the required boxes for an ideal soil for cultivation, like a good texture, balanced pH level (5.8 to 6.3), and better water retention and drainage capacity.

Can you plant cannabis in any soil?

If you are a yield or result-oriented grower, you should ideally prefer soil that can get you the highest possible results.
You can either go for your soil like super soil or buy any premium organic soil like Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic soils.

How to make your super soil?

You can make your super soil using 8 bags of coco fiber and mycorrhizae-rich cannabis soil. Add 25 to 50 pounds of earthworm castings to it.

Then take:

3/4 cups of Epson salt
1/2 cup sweet lime
3 lbs. rock phosphate
5 lbs. bloom bat guano
5 lbs. blood meal
1/s cup azomite
5 lbs. steamed bone meal
2 tbsp. powdered humic acid

Add all these together and mix them well, and voila! You have prepared your soil or super soil.

Can I grow exotic cannabis strains using this soil?

Yes, you can grow exotic marijuana using this soil!

How do you grow cannabis seeds using the direct soil method?

When transplanting seeds to moist soil, use tweezers on the seed body or cotyledons. Do not plant the seed in the ground. Instead, dig a hole large enough for the entire root, keep it in place, and gently cover it with the earth. If the seed has genuine leaves, ensure they are visible above the earth. Gently give water.

Can cannabis grow in compost?

Straight compost may still be too rich in nutrients, so combine it with some peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite, which will aid aeration and water retention. The compost will include some healthy organic nutrients, but you may still need to add some fertilizer with the water if you notice any shortages or maximum development.

How many cannabis seeds can you put in a pot with soil?

They will develop into individual soil pots that you may use as a growth medium. Plant a seed or two in each container, keeping the pots wet. Once the seedlings have sprouted, move them to a container, raised bed, or garden space in their Jiffy Pot.

What is the best soil mixture to grow marijuana?

If you are growing cannabis, you will almost certainly be providing a nutritional basis of fertilizer to the soil regardless. In terms of nutrients, you just want high-grade, all-purpose soil.
The most delicate soil combination for producing marijuana plants is loam. Loam is a blend of clay, sand, and silt that combines the most remarkable aspects of these distinct soil types while reducing their worst characteristics.

How does cannabis rejuvenate the soil it is grown in?

Hemp improves soil health by shading out weeds, lowering the need for synthetic pesticides, and bringing diversity to crop rotations. Hemp is also a marketable product with thousands of seed, oil, and fiber applications. Cannabis, too, has the potential to thrive in nutrient-depleted soils. In addition, the robust root system of industrial hemp may break up compacted soil, giving aeration and porosity while also stabilizing the ground, which aids in erosion management.

Can I grow weed without nutrients?

Marijuana is a versatile plant that may be grown in various ways. However, all plants require nutrition. Hemp and cannabis are high feeders for a high-quality product. Cannabis, in particular, requires more nutrients and different nutrients during different growth cycles. Not to mention the need for light, evaluating the pH of the water, careful trimming, and so forth. Check out your local indoor horticulture store or a cannabis-growing explosion.

How many cannabis seeds can you put in a pot with soil?

They will develop into individual soil pots that you may use as a growth medium. Plant a seed or two in each container, keeping the pots wet. Once the seedlings have sprouted, move them to a container, raised bed, or garden space in their Jiffy Pot. After being wrapped in a moist towel for a few days, you also plant your seed. As a result, it takes less time to grow.

Final Words

Soil is a crucial part of any cultivation project.

And now, you know what is the best soil to grow cannabis.

If you are residing within a location where the soil is of good quality and fertile, then surely you should go for that or prepare your super organic soil by taking help from the internet.

However, if you choose from the internet, I recommend going for Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic soil.

They are worth investing in. Tried and tested.

Happy Farming!

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