Top 12+ Most Beautiful Cannabis Strains Of 2024

If you are fond of looking at beautiful weed strains and are unsure what they are, then you’re just in the right post! Not only are we going to give you a list of the most beautiful cannabis strains, but we will also lay the details out of what they are, what their standard effects are, and who they’re perfect for!

Out of the many colored weed strains, there are, the best and most beautiful cannabis strain would be the Purple Berry Kush. This Granddaddy Purple x Blueberry Kush strain has these vivid purple, blue streaks with violet types of buds that are naturally laid out in style.

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Most Beautiful Weed Strains of 2024


Cannabis plants are known for their uniform existence, but did you know that there are a lot of colorful strains, too? Of course, you will never leave out gazing at these colorful buds! Lo and behold, the 12 prettiest weed strains!

Purple Berry Kush: Editor’s Choice

Purple Berry Kush

The Purple Berry Kush is considered the top in the prettiest weed strain because of its beautiful pink stigma. A cross between the ever-famous Blueberry Kush and Granddaddy Purple, you can consider this a strain resembling Sakura in Japan during autumn.

The plant grows tall, completing it with dense buds and bright green leaves that alternate around the primary stem.

This indica-dominant strain is mainly known and identified because of its underlying pleasant effects of helping you sleep, and keeping you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Northern Lights: Runner-Up

Northern Lights

Coming in as the 2nd most favorite out of all the beautiful weed strains out there is the Northern Lights. Concocted and produced by combining Afghani and Thai strains, this strain is popular not only because of its parents but also because a lot of cannabis users and enthusiasts did reviews about the cannabis plant having crystal-covered leaves that reflect and shine during the day.

The Northern Lights strain does well for its color as it has light green buds with hints of orange hairs; it has little yellow hairs, but the orange color it has are more vibrant and noticeable.

Many users and consumers say that this particular strain has been reported to have a sweet flavor with a kick of spiciness in it. A lot of medical marijuana patients patronize this because it can assist patients who are looking for relief from stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Pink Kush: Best Beautiful Strain For Insomnia

Pink Kush

Pink Kush, also commonly called Pink OG, is an exclusively beautiful strain that was created at Barney’s Farm. A lot hasn’t been discovered about the genetics or the parents of the Pink Kush, but what’s known is the fact that the Pink Kush is about 90% Indica, with OG Kush as one of its known parents.

Upon first glance, you will see and notice that it looks candy-ish with hints of a slight pink shine, especially when it’s grown outside and the sun shines on it. It’s one of the most colorful weed strains, as well as the most eye-capturing.

It may look sweet, tasty, and luscious, but it actually has this earthy, citrusy scent that has hints of berry taste on it. You’ll be able to taste the spicy, herbal suit into it, thanks to the beta-caryophyllene and pinene content it has.

For its effects, it gives a mix of slight head high with body high, which is perfect for people who find it difficult and challenging to relax and sleep.

Mimosa: Best For Focus and Concentration


Also commonly referred to as Purple Mimosa, this strain has very high THC levels, with moderate CBD levels at about 0.05%. These are perfect and made specifically for people looking for “happy and merry” strains.

The strain looks like it came out of an alien movie — but in a good way. It has these bright orange pistils along its orange and purple buds. It has a nice set of dark green leaves, complementing the entire plant structure.

Among its most common usages would be for migraines and fatigue, which are helpful if you are trying to look for focus and concentration in whatever you’re doing.

Other than those, this strain’s primary terpenes are linalool, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene, which help elevate the user’s mood.

Rainbow Kush: One of the Best Pretty Weed Strain For Arousal

Rainbow Kush

If you don’t think of this particular strain as one of the most colorful weed strains of all, then I don’t know what is! From the name alone, it’s called Rainbow Kush because of the wide array of colors, it has, approaching the final stages of its growth.

During its life cycle, when approaching the flowering phase, it would not produce not many side branches, which makes the perfect sense for its overall tall stature.

Many users report that this strain tastes like somewhat tropical candy, with its sweet and spicy, fruity taste and flavor. The aroma is close to tropical pineapple, with it being pungent and almost sour.

While it’s popular for giving you the effect of happiness, merriness, and some tingly sensations, it’s also a strain that is popular for heightening and increasing arousal.

Don’t be surprised when you see hints of purple, blue, and light green to red and orange colors on the buds because that is its natural color!

Black Russian: Best For Appetite Loss

Black Russian

Also referred to as DS29, this Indica-dominant cannabis strain is one of the most colorful weed strains you can find that are light and glimmering in color. Bred by Delicious Seeds by crossing White Russian with Black Domina, this particular cannabis strain will leave you breathless with the red and purple colors and hues it has.

The Black Russian has this tropical mango, citrusy aroma that bumps perfectly with lemon candy, giving that sugary taste.

Having about 16% THC with 1% CBG, it’s an extremely relaxing and tranquilizing strain. According to users, about 28% of them said that it helped a lot with their anxiety, and almost all of its users said that it could really be on the list of pretty weed strains, thanks to the hints of orange and yellow along its buds…

The Black Russian is one of the best colorful weed strains you can get if you want a better, stronger, and much more focused appetite!

Super Silver Haze: Best Beautiful Strain For Creativity

Super Silver Haze

Just because there’s “silver” in its name doesn’t mean that it is entirely silver. The Super Silver Haze is part of this list because it is one of the strains that contain condensed buds with pale color to them.

These plants produce green buds with hints of orange, yellow, and, oftentimes, a white, silvery texture to it. Produced by cross-breeding Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze, this sticky strain is known for the organic energy and happiness it gives its users.

It is a Sativa-dominant strain that contains about 20% THC, which has been reported to help a lot in terms of focus, concentration, and brain creativity.

The Super Silver Haze is so perfect that it’s not only great to be included in the list of the most colorful weed strains but also in terms of the most potent strains, as it promises creativity, uplifting spirits, and energy, all in a single strain!

Pink Flower Shaman: Beautiful Weed Strain to Wake You Up

Pink Flower Shaman

This particular strain has been dubbed by many as one of the most beautiful cannabis strains; there are because of its purple colors (it’s actually pinkish purple). It has this set of extremely colorful buds that you will definitely not forget.

Its plant grows extremely tall, like many other plants in this list, with light green leaves protruding out of its overall stature.

The plant grows wildly tall, with red and orange trichomes coming out of it. You will definitely be stomped and amazed by the beauty of this cannabis plant, like how all users of this cannabis strain were.

Gorilla Glue: Best Pretty Strain For PTSD and Anxiety

Gorilla Glue

Also referred to as the Original Glue or the GG4, this particular hybrid marijuana strain helps in delivering euphoria, relaxation, and ultimately tranquilizing effects. It is nicknamed the Gorilla Glue because users of this strain said that they were glued down to their chairs when they consumed it!

It has an attractive appearance, chunkier and a bit more sophisticated than most colorful weed strains, and it gave out this earthy-filled aroma with a stingy and citrusy texture, which it could have inherited from its parents, which are Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb.

Half of the population that consumed and used this particular strain said that it helped them deal with anxiety and stress by making them relaxed and extremely convenient.

Panama Sedena Red: Best Strain For Almost Psychedelic Effects

Panama Sedena Red

This strain is the true definition of color and excitement, as it is something that has a subtly different and lighter green color than most of your regular weed. It is a densely packed cannabis strain that offers the gift of socialization and creativity.

It is often referred to as the classic, old-school cannabis, and it has been popular since the 1960s. The Panama Sedena Red is an intense strain that offers almost psychedelic effects to its users. Indulge in it as it tastes like your usual cup of tea, with a tropical and fruity hint to it.

It has a lengthy flowering period, which is at least 11 weeks, and it is not the fastest in terms of harvesting plants. But, hey, isn’t that what weed is all about?

It has THC levels at about 17% to 20% and CBG levels at 1%.

The Black: Best Beautiful Strain For a Calming Body High

The Black

Have you ever seen cannabis strains that are so strange in a color that you didn’t expect them to be cannabis at all? The Black is one of the rarest and most peculiar strains you can find.

It is a black weed strain with gorgeous pale flowers with real dark and deep purple buds that appear black when the light shines upon it. Don’t confuse yourself, though, because as the plant reaches maturity, the colors of the buds become deeper and darker, and thus the name.

Bud Depot breeds the 90/10 indica-to-sativa ratio, and its effects give you this soothing, mellowing, relaxed feeling. It’s close to some blueberry strains in terms of relaxing you, as it is also great for muscle spasms and other sensations of the like.

Overall, though, even if it is the darkest of all cannabis strains out there, it has this sweet, sugary with peppery and spicy taste to it.

Granddaddy Purple: Best For Stress Relief

Granddaddy Purple

Last and most definitely not least is the Granddaddy Purple strain. Now, if you’ve been exposed to and been close to the cannabis industry for years now, you would have heard of what the Granddaddy Purple is.

In case not, it’s one of the few purple strains out there that’s considered a staple strain in California.

Among its effects include keeping you feel relaxed, sleepy, and comfortable wherever and whatever situation you are in. This cannabis strain has this grapy, berry type of taste, with a citrusy and earthy aroma.

So, these are some of the world’s most beautiful cannabis strains. While many of you might think that their beauty comes from their external appearance, these colored weed strains also carry potency like no other.


Still, feeling unsure about what strain you want and need? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions you ought to know about it!

Are Beautiful Weed Strains More Potent Strains?

Yes and no — let me explain.

Yes, because the majority of these colorful weed strains are strong and potent, and no because not all of them are.

Just because they breed in many different colors doesn’t mean that they are strong and potent; there are also standard green and light green strains that are as potent, and sometimes even more potent than colorful weed.

What Weed Strains Are Pink?

There are a lot of pink weed strains in existence. The most common ones are Pink Kush, Pink Panties, Pink Mango, Pink Berry, Predator Pink, and Pure Kush. There are other strains that are being bred, cultivated, and nurtured that are pink in color, and they are yet to be introduced to the commercial market!

What Are the Most Colorful Weed Strains?

The strains in this list are among the most beautiful cannabis strains. However, there are other primary mentions, too, including the Forbidden Fruit, Pinkman Goo, Purple Urkle, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Which Beautiful Weed Strains Are the Fittest For You?

There are numerous categories of cannabis buds in the market with varying effects and side effects. But this list of the most beautiful weed strains is definitely one that will captivate and lure you into the industry more.

Do you have other strains in mind that you think are beautiful and colorful? Let us know!

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