Top 10 Best Indica Strain For Sleep In 2024

Best Indica Strain For Sleep: A good night’s sleep is a must for having good health.

However, getting proper sleep can sometimes be tough, especially when you have a stressful day or anxiety.

But, now, no more sleepless nights!

Get good sleep with these most recommended Indica cannabis strains for sleep.

The Hindu Kush and Purple Kush are two favorite Indica strains for sleep among veteran weed users.

That means medical marijuana for sleep is a natural way to reduce sleeping issues. Also, medical marijuana can relieve some other medical symptoms as well.

Therefore, recommended by most weed users, experts, veteran smokers, and cannabis connoisseurs, these top 10 cannabis strains can help you sleep better.

Indica Cannabis Strains to Fall Asleep!


These top 10 lists of marijuana strains for sleep are made according to public reviews, THC and CBD content in a weed strain, and recommendations by veteran smokers, medical marijuana users, and cannabis connoisseurs.

#10. ACDC – Medical Marijuana Strain For Insomnia

CBD: 13%

ACDC is a medical marijuana strain with high CBD content.

With little to no intoxicating effects, medical weed users find ACDC weed helpful in getting better sleep.

There is around 1% or less THC, and CBD is around 13%. Therefore, no physical body high is induced.

Rather, you get a complete CBD-induced effect for deep sleep and physical relaxation.

The strain is also helpful in alleviating symptoms of chronic pain with its relaxing muscle effects.

Therefore, ACDC has become one of the best medical marijuana strains for medical patients.

Further, the strain is enriched in the Myrcene terpene, followed by Pinene and Caryophyllene.

Hence, you can expect a woody, spicy, and earthy flavor and aroma from it.

Also, ACDC is the ideal medical strain for people who feel anxious while using THC-dominant weed.

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#9. Granddaddy Purple – One Of The Best Sleepy Strains For Insomnia

THC: up to 22%

Also known as Granddaddy Purp or GDP, Granddaddy Purple is known for its sedating effects and relaxing features.

It is one of the sleepy strains with a THC level of up to 22% and can be highly potent for some consumers.

With a few puffs, get ready to feel the powerful sedative with a mouth-watering fruity flavor. Thanks to its enriched terpene profile.

As you puff GDP weed, you get a deep sense of berry and grape aroma that fills your mouth with blissful taste.

Therefore, the combination of high THC content to produce sleep-inducing effects and a mouth-watering taste makes it a perfect strain to fall asleep.

Get ready to shut the eye with a few puffs of Granddaddy Purple!

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#8. Girl Scout Cookies – Get Full Body Relaxing Effects For Sleep Regulation

THC: around 20%

GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is one of the potent strains made by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison.

The strain produces intense euphoric effects that give full body relaxation and a deep sense of sedation.

Whether you have anxiety, stress, or sleeping disorders, Girl Scout Cookies surely help you fall asleep faster and have a quality sleep throughout the night with its relaxing effects.

The THC content in GSC is around 20% moderate, and various cannabis products are made with this weed.

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#7. Wedding Cake – Indica Dominant Hybrid For Getting Enough Sleep

THC: up to 24%

Wedding Cake is one of the Indica-leaning red strains for insomnia which is quite potent.

With THC content of up to 24%, Wedding Cake produces powerful euphoria that relaxes the body and mind. Therefore, it helps your body induce sleep.

Due to its potency, the strain is also helpful in pain, appetite loss, and anxiety.

Further, the terpene profile of Wedding Cake is strong, and you can feel the intensely earthy and peppery note when you open up the jar of this weed.

With great potency, taste, and medicinal effects, Wedding Cake is one of the best cannabis strains among veteran stoners.

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#6. Tahoe OG Kush – Strain With Strong Psychoactive Effects

THC: up to 22%

A great strain for those who have insomnia, Tahoe OG Kush is a potent strain that you can puff and instantly feel relaxed to sleep.

The strain fetches THC in the upper 20s to produce strong euphoric effects that lead to full body relaxation and calmness.

Stoners report a strong agent of laziness and getting sedated; Tahoe OG Kush is one of the best marijuana strains to decrease rem sleep.

The best part?

Tahoe OG Kush gives a classic earthy and diesel taste, which makes your taste buds dance every time you puff it.

Overall, Tahoe OG Kush is a great weed for those who have trouble falling asleep, and with its great sedating effects, it can surely make you have a relaxing night to get quality sleep.

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#5. Bubba Kush – One Of The Best Indica Strains For Sleep

THC: in the upper 20s

Popular for decades, Bubba Kush is one of the best Indica dominant hybrid marijuana for getting sleepy and sedating effects.

The cannabis plants of Bubba Kush result in beautiful buds with orange hair and terpene-enriched buds that fetch THC as high as 23%.

With a few puffs of Bubba Kush, get ready to feel great sedation for the ultimate relaxation.

Stoners recommend this marijuana as one of the best sleeping aids in a natural way.

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#4. God’s Gift – A ‘Gift’ Strain For Those Suffering From Insomnia

THC: around 16%

Since its popularity in dispensaries in California in 2005, God’s Gift weed strain has been a blissful weed to induce a relaxing and calming high.

The strain fetches moderate level THC not to overwhelm you; therefore, most cannabis enthusiasts can have this weed in their stash.

Stoners report that God’s Gift strain is perfect for having a great time in the evening and relaxing while bursting all the stress and anxiety from your shoulders.

This weed strain is considered one of the best for insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

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#3. Purple Kush – Most Potent Indica Strains For Sleep

THC: around 20%

Purple Kush is the pure 100% Indica strain fetches around 20% THC.

Hence, you get one of the strongest Indica effects with it. The high THC mixes perfectly with pure Indica genetics to induce full body relaxing effects.

The long-lasting euphoria gives a blissful high to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress.

It is why stoners report that Purple Kush is one of the best strains from the Kush family for sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety.

The best part?

You get one of the shortest flowering times of 8 weeks while growing this powerful weed.

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#2. Northern Lights – The G.O.A.T Indica Strain

THC: around 20%

Want to get relaxed and ease your muscles?


Want to burst your stress, anxiety, and insomnia symptoms?

Try Northern Lights!

NL or Northern Lights is one of the legendary Indica strains that are perfect for having a relaxed night and sleeping better. Thanks to its relaxing and calming effects.

With around 20% THC, Northern Lights produces a full body high to make you feel good, relaxed, and sleepy at the end.

Also, the intensely sweet and spicy flavor works as a cherry on top.

Overall, NL is one of the best Indica strains that you can have and alleviate various medical symptoms.

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#1. Hindu Kush – Editor’s Choice

THC: 19%

The Hindu Kush is the pure Indica marijuana strain that produces one of the best Indica effects.

With a high THC level and flavorful profile, Hindu Kush is one of the favorite strains among stoners.

As you puff the Hindu Kush, you get a deep sense of sweetness and earthiness in your mouth while your body slowly starts feeling a rush of high that calms you and relaxes your body.

Once you are into the sedative effects of Hindu Kush, you are more likely to shut your eyes and have a great sleep throughout the night.

With Hindu Kush’s alleviating effects on symptoms of pain, nausea, stress disorders, and sleeplessness, you are sure to get one of the best Indica effects for better sleep.

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Do Indica strains help you sleep?

According to a survey, Indica strains may be considered the best marijuana for sleep due to their relaxing effects.

What is the most relaxing Indica?

OG Kush, Hindu Kush, and Northern Lights are some of the most relaxing Indica strains that marijuana users usually report.

Is Indica good for sleep and pain?

Yes, mostly medical cannabis users report that Indica strains are a good way to relieve symptoms of insomnia symptoms, chronic pain, and poor appetite.

What strain is good for pain and sleep?

Indica strain is considered good for pain and sleep, according to potential weed users.
People report that Indica produces sedative effects that can help sleep better and is also considered a better agent for pain relief.

What is the strongest Indica?

With 100% Indica genetics, Purple Kush is the strongest Indica strain, with around 22% THC content.
However, under the hybrid strain category, GG4 (aka original Gorilla Glue) is the most potent weed, with up to 30% THC content in some of its variants.

Get, Set, Sleep Now!

Now choose your best Indica strain for sleep and have one of the best relaxing and sleepy nights.

The no.1 in our list remains the Hindu Kush, followed by G.O.A.T Northern Lights, and then pure Purple Kush.

Different strains have different effects depending upon your endocannabinoid system.

But, generally speaking, Indica strains are good for physical high and relaxation compared to Sativa strains.

Indica strains are recommended as one of the best strains for sleep by stoners.

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