Top 10+ Best Sativa Strains in 2024 – #1 Is Awesome

Looking for some of the best sativa strains of 2024?

Want to get the best out of the Sativa world?

Just check these top 11 Sativa strains that stoners are puffing right now!

If you ask me which is my favorite Sativa strain, it’s sour Diesel. Check it on ILGM.

Sativa is best for getting energy and uplift when you need the motivation to socialize.

Moreover, stoners report that the Sativa dominant strain helps increase creativity and feel the high that can motivate them to do tasks.

If you are also one of those Sativa lovers looking for a morning blast strain that can kick you off for the office, read this stoners’ favorite guide to find some firey Sativa-dominant strains.

What Are Sativa Strains?


Sativa strains are one-of-a-kind marijuana strains.

There are two main strains: Indica strains and Sativa strains.

According to cannabis connoisseurs and stoners, Indica dominant strains are known for delivering full-body effects and giving relaxation.

In contrast, Sativa strains induce head-high and energizing effects when puffed.

However, both Indica and Sativa strains can help with various medical symptoms for medicinal purposes.

Sativa Strains Stoners Puffing In 2024

Now you have got the introduction to Sativa strains, let’s find out some of the best and top 11 best Sativa strains that stoners love to smoke every day:

Sour Diesel – Powerful Sativa Strain

Sour Diesel - Powerful Sativa Strain

THC: up to 26%

Effects: energizing strain with uplifting effects

Medicinal benefits: chronic pain, anxiety, and depression

Want a powerful buzz?

Puff this classic weed with a strong, pungent diesel with sky-level THC.

Sour Diesel is made by crossing Super Skunk and Chemdog strains, resulting in a powerful, almost pure Sativa strain.

A single puff of Sour Diesel is enough to give you a head high that can quickly rush euphoria from head to toe. Thanks to sky-level THC of up to 26%.

With instant and fast-acting effects, feel a deep energy rush to get the work done.

The powerful effects of Sour Diesel can be used for various medicinal purposes, too.

Stoners report strong relaxing effects on the joints and chronic pain, anxiety, and the symptoms of depression as well.

At the same time, this powerful strain is only recommended to veteran smokers.

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Blue Dream – Popular Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Blue Dream - Popular Sativa Dominant Hybrid

THC: up to 20%

Effects: creativity, energy, and relaxation

Medicinal benefits: anxiety, chronic pain, and fatigue

With highly pleasant effects and a unique blueberry aroma, Blue Dream is the fan-favorite strain among weed lovers.

This Sativa strain has a THC content of around 20%, easily throwing out in a zone where you feel elevated and motivated.

Medical marijuana patients love this strain because it relieves anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

Moreover, Blue Dream is always a good start if you want a unique flavor of blueberries with a high THC content.

Further, if you are one of those stoners who want to play the puffing game safely and don’t want to deal with intense euphoria, then this one of the popular Sativa strains can help.

It has a moderate THC level, ideal for recreational use for stoners who are just starting with weed.

All in all, Blue Dream is one of the best sativa strains to give you mesmerizing weed effects.

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Green Crack – Potent Sativa Strain For Experienced Stoners

Green Crack - Potent Sativa Strain For Experienced Stoners

THC: up to 25%

Effects: energizing effects, uplifting, and happy

Medicinal benefits: stress, fatigue, and depression

If you are a regular marijuana smoker, you need a powerful hitter, which Green Crack delivers perfectly.

This Sativa beauty possesses up to 25% high THC level, which may not be suitable when you have a lot of daytime activities left because it can even lead you to stay on the couch for hours if you are not tolerant to high THC.

However, mostly stoners report it gives them energizing effects that help them feel uplifted at work.

Besides enriched cannabinoids, Green Crack cannabis is enriched in the flavor profile.

As you inhale the thick smoke of your first joint, this Sativa beauty fills your mouth with a citrusy and fruity flavor that cherishes your taste buds.

If you want one of the best weed experiences, don’t look further and buy Green Crack!

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Super Lemon Haze – High THC Sativa Strain

Super Lemon Haze - High THC Sativa Strain

THC: uppers 20s

Effects: focused, creative, energetic

Medicinal benefits: stress, anxiety

Two-time cannabis cup winner, SLH or Super Lemon Haze is the sativa strain that is perfect for daytime use when you want to kick start your day.

The highly energetic Sativa dominant strain is one of the popular strains for getting an intense euphoria, which can motivate you to get the work done.

As you puff it once, you feel a strong head high with a THC level in the upper 20s.

Due to its strong effects, medical marijuana patients use this weed to relax the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

On top of that, SLH possesses a citrusy, sweet, and lemony blend of aroma, making it a unique weed in your stash.

So, Super Lemon Haze is a full package of high THC, powerful effects, and medicinal benefits.

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Super Silver Haze – Award Winner Sativa Strain

Super Silver Haze - Award Winner Sativa Strain

THC: up to 23%

Effects: creative, motivating

Medicinal benefits: anxiety, loss of appetite, depression

If you ever want to grow Sativa plants in your garden, SSH or Super Silver Haze is one of the best sativa strains.

Best grown in hydroponics but suitable to grow even in outdoor conditions with some regulated factors, SSH needs just 11 weeks to yield heavily, around 800g indoors and 1500g outdoors.

Thanks to the SSH genetics.

Coming to the cannabinoids it possesses up to 23% THC to give you mind-boggling effects.

As soon as you puff it once, you feel a cerebral high lasting longer and gives you full body soothes.

Enjoy this strong Sativa weed with your friends and chill on weekends.

No doubt why this Sativa beauty has won several awards, including High Times Cannabis Cup three times.

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Durban Poison – One Of The Strongest Sativa Strains

Durban Poison - One Of The Strongest Sativa Strains

THC: upper 20s

Effects: uplifting, energetic

Medicinal benefits: stress, anxiety

Get this powerful, hard-hitting weed to socialize or be more active.

Durban Poison is one of the strongest marijuana, which is very popular among weed lovers.

The high THC in the upper 20s gives you a big punch of euphoria as you smoke it. You will feel a rush of euphoria from head to toe and feel more energy to do the work.

Expect a decent yield with a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. However, growers report that this Sativa beauty can go up to 12 feet when grown outdoors.

Therefore, if you are an experienced grower and want to level up your puffing experience, then grow Durban Poison.

Durban Poison prefers a Mediterranean climate, and with the right temperature and humidity levels, you can get one of the best yields with this beauty.

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Jack Herer – One Of The Best Sativa Weeds

Jack Herer - One Of The Best Sativa Weeds

THC: up to 20%

Effects: focused, energetic, creative

Medicinal benefits: stress, anxiety, and depression

Named after the cannabis activist, Jack Herer is the all-time favourite cannabis sativa strain. It is a cross of one of Haze hybrids with Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5.

This strain gives you a beautiful blend of balanced euphoria and the classic flavour of woody pine. Thanks to the enriched terpenes that allow you to have a flavorful smoke.

The best part?

Jack Herer is a hybrid having some genetics of Indica as well, which leads to some common effects like body high and focus.

It is why stoners report Jack Herer makes them feel more energetic and focused, making the most of their creative juices flowing throughout the day.

Overall, the Jack Herer strain was introduced in the mid-90s, and since then, it remains one of the classic cannabis sativa strains that anybody can puff to have a balanced experience.

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Strawberry Cough – Almost Sativa Weed Strain

THC: up to 26%

Effects: happy, relaxed

Medicinal benefits: loss of appetite, depression

This marijuana is a cross of Strawberry Fields and Haze.

For Sativa lovers, Strawberry Cough brings almost pure Sativa genetics, making you give one of the most powerful puffs.

Strawberry Cough has THC as one of the dominant cannabinoids, up to 26%. Stoners keep this strain for the evening session when they want to chill.

The strain is also enriched in terpenes, giving you a delicious taste and aroma of strawberries and earthiness.

Strawberry Cough is one of the best Sativa varieties for having a fruity blend with marijuana.

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Pineapple Express – One Of The Famous Sativa Cannabis Strains

Pineapple Express - One Of The Famous Sativa Cannabis Strains

THC: around 20%

Effects: happy, energetic, and motivated

Medicinal benefits: stress and anxiety

Cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian Pineapple Express is one of the Sativa cannabis strains that is known for its buzzy, alert, and creative effects.

Smoke anytime in the day, Pineapple Express gives a balanced feeling of motivation.

That means puff Pineapple Express and return to work with more energy whenever you want.

On top of that, the pineapple taste with citrus notes is the best treatment for your taste buds.

Further, medical patients can use Pineapple Express for various medical symptoms like stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

So, keep this one of the best sativa strains in your stash and enjoy the fruity-weed bliss!

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Chemdog – A Strong Yet Mysterious Strain

Chemdog - A Strong Yet Mysterious Strain

THC: in the upper 20s

Effects: intense euphoria, uplifted

Medicinal benefits: pain, anxiety, stress

Chemdog is the parent strain for powerhouse cannabis sativa strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

With a mysterious origin, Chemdog is one of the pure Sativa strains with a unique diesel-like aroma that is quite intense.

If you have been a fan of some exotic, powerful, flavorful weed strains, then you must try Chemdog.

It possesses more than 20% THC levels and has positive effects of working as medical marijuana in various symptoms.

All in all, Chemdog is a must-try strain recommended by cannabis connoisseurs.

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Purple Haze – Classic Sativa Strain

Purple Haze - Classic Sativa Strain

THC: around 20%

Effects: euphoria and energy

Medicinal benefits: Anxiety, stress, and pain

One of the classic and best sativa strains which are full of energy. Thanks to the THC level of around 20%.

Purple Haze is a cross of Purple Thai and Haze strains that deliver a powerful euphoria to rush energy through your body and make you focus on your work.

Mostly stoners report this strain as a balanced weed.

Therefore, even if you are a beginner stoner or veteran, you can enjoy this weed anytime for chilling and getting a rush of energy to get back to work again.

Further, the balanced euphoria is strong enough to wipe the anxious thoughts from your mind and burst the stress to make you have a good time.

Get Purple Punch now to start having weed’s classic taste and effect.

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Is there a pure Sativa strain?

It is hard to find a pure Sativa strain, but some strains are “almost” 100% pure Sativa. These are Durban Poison, G13 Haze, Columbian Gold, and Chemdawg.

What is the strongest Sativa strain in 2024?

Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, and GG4 are among the most potent and strongest Sativa dominant strains in 2024.

Is Sativa an upper or downer?

Cannabis Sativas generally produce uplifting effects and give you an energetic high. Therefore, you can understand Sativa strains as an upper or uplifting cannabis variety.

Is Sativa weaker than Indica?

There is no difference between the effects of Sativa and Indica strains. However, the effects of Sativas are generally cerebral high and uplifting, whereas Indica strains may lead you to a body high with relaxing and sleeping effects.

What strain is 100% Sativa?

It is impossible to say which strain has exactly 100% Sativa genetics because most of the strains we smoke are hybrid. However, some weed strains with Sativa dominant genetics include GG4, Wedding Cake, and Purple Haze.

How is Sativa different from Indica?

Sativa produces a mind-high that induces physical energy in you. On the contrary, most Indicas provide complete relaxation with body-high. Along the way, the effects of hybrid strains scatter among these two types of effects.

Are all Haze strains Sativa?

Haze genetics are prevalent among popular Sativa marijuana strains. If you see ‘Haze,’ it’s probably a Sativa strain unless there’s a Haze hybrid with Indica genetics like Haze Heaven.

Best Sativa Strains: Final Words

Finding the best Sativa strains is tough.

It requires various factors to consider before picking a single strain.

However, all of the mentioned strains in this guide are stoners’ favourites and a combination of all the Sativa varieties you can look for.

Moreover, if you are a medical marijuana patient looking for the best Sativa strains for medicinal purposes, in that case, you can use your medical marijuana card and ask the nearby marijuana dispensary.

Tell us in the comment section if we have missed any vigorous Sativa beast that deserves to be mentioned here.

Till then, happy puffing!

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