Top 10+ Highest Yielding Strains You Have Ever Seen

Every marijuana lover wants a high yield from their garden.

However, many factors come into play regarding getting a high yield from marijuana plants.

But everything starts from having a high-yielding strain.

And choosing the right strain that produces yields to impress is tough.

Though now, you don’t need to be worried.

If you ask me which one is giving me the highest yields, it’s Big bud. Check it on ILGM NOW.

Today, we will share one of the highest-yielding strains that will make marijuana buds rain!

Let’s go:

15 Highest Yielding Strains Of 2023


Here are the top 15 cannabis strains which give the highest yields!

Big Bud – One Of The Highest Yielding Strains

Yield: up to 600+ g/square meter indoors and outdoors

Strain Type: mostly Indica dominant hybrid

THC Content: in the upper 20s

As the name suggests, Big Bud is among the highest-yielding cannabis strains.

Loved by commercial growers to get one of the highest yields, Big Bud seeds can make weed buds rain if you grow them well under optimal conditions.

This beauty prepares for harvest within 10 to 12 weeks of flowering time. That means there is less waiting time while growing Big Bud seeds.

The best part is that whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, this cannabis strain will thrive beautifully in different climate conditions.

And if you provide the right nutrients and environment, this high-yield marijuana can reward you with more than 600g + yield.

No doubt why commercial growers prefer this marijuana strain for their cannabis garden.

Further, the Big Bud cannabis strain is also enriched with THC content. It fetches up to 22% THC, which is more than enough to give you a roller coaster euphoric ride.

If you are looking for a potent strain with an amazing yield during indoor or outdoor growing, Big Bud is an ideal strain you can’t miss!

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White Widow – One Of The Most Famous Strains

Yield: up to 900 grams per plant outdoors

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC Content: around 23,%

If you are into marijuana, you must have heard this legendary name – White Widow!

This beauty is a cross of a Brazilian Sativa landrace and a South Indian Indica. And with the genetics of both worlds, you get one of the most powerful strains ever.

White Widow is one of the strains that can even produce up to 900g per plant massive yield outdoors.

White Widow is one of the highest-yielding marijuana strains if you want to grow it outdoors.

Further, this beauty produces beautiful resinous buds that appeal to your eyes, while the taste of this bud is just fabulous.

The classic hit of woodiness, earthiness, and spicy combination is what makes your taste buds blessed with every smoke.

Above that, the THC levels in the upper 20s are what make you feel energetic, uplifted, and creative after smoking.

With this potent strain, you get an instant rush of euphoria and energy that makes you feel uplifted and creative.

Medical marijuana patients use this strain to treat stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

White Widow is one of the highest-yielding outdoor strains that can even be grown indoors and produce a big yield to enjoy everyday puffing for several weeks.

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Super Silver Haze – Sativa Dominant High Yield Strain

Yield: up to 600g/square meter, 600g/plant outdoor

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC Content: upper 20s

Are you a Sativa fan?

Don’t miss this strain, then!

SSH, or Super Silver Haze is one of the highest-yielding indoor strains known for its potency and yield.

Super Silver Haze has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards. All thanks to its potency and high-yield combination.

Green House Seeds bred the strain in the 90s; it has remained one of the favorite cannabis strains among growers.

Super Silver Haze is made by crossing legendary Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze genetics that fetches a high THC content and beautiful aromatic buds.

Further, even the appearance of the Super Silver Haze is just amazing.

The sticky buds with crystal coating will be a treat to your eyes, while as you puff Super Silver Haze, you get an instant rush of uplifting euphoria from head to toe.

It is why medical marijuana patients find this strain to be helpful in symptoms of stress, anxiety, nausea, and appetite loss.

Also, veteran smokers treat this beauty as one of the potent strains on their weed list.

So, if you want one of the potent and high-yielding strains for indoor cultivation, then Super Silver Haze is the strain to choose from!

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Strawberry Kush – High THC Strain With High Yield

Yield: up to 650+ grams per square meter

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC Content: up to 23%

Strawberry Kush is made by breeding powerful OG Kush and Strawberry Cough.

With Indica dominant genetics, Strawberry Kush is one of the high-yielding strains that has a beautiful taste and aroma.

With a single puff, you feel a burst of sweet, sour, and earthy blend in your mouth. Also, you get a strawberry aroma as you open the jar of Strawberry Kush buds.

Thanks to the enriched terpenes in it.

Further, Strawberry Kush is a highly potent marijuana strain. Therefore, it is best kept for experienced smokers.

With around 23% THC, you get a fast-acting euphoria that affects your mind and body.

Coming to the growing profile, then Strawberry Kush is an easy-to-grow strain.

However, you need to keep environmental control to boost indoor yields.

Also, this lady has a fast flowering time of just 8 to 9 weeks.

Moreover, the Indica dominant genetics allow this lady to produce compact plants with thick stems and bigger yields.

It is why it performs impressively even in a limited space.

Therefore, Strawberry Kush is a package of potency, delicious taste, high yield, and perfect grow profile for cannabis enthusiasts.

Hence, it is an ideal strain to start your cannabis cultivation journey when you need high-yielding strains.

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Northern Lights – Pure Indica Strain For Indoor Growing

Yield: 550-650 grams indoor and outdoor

Strain Type: 100% Indica

THC Content: around 20%

Northern Lights is for Indica fans!

NL, or Northern Lights, is one of the most legendary marijuana strains ever made in the cannabis world.

It has 100% Indica genetics, made by crossing Afghani with Thai.

Northern Lights is a perfect combination of potency and yield because this beauty has moderate potency to fit every marijuana lover’s tolerance level.

However, still, you need to start slow with it.

Even though Northern Lights is a pure Indica, it has compact plants to fit in limited space, but when grown outdoors, this lady blasts off its branches to produce a big yield.

With a short flowering time of 45 to 50 days, it produces an impressive yield of up to 650 grams.

Further, don’t take this strain lightly regarding potency.

With moderate THC levels, it gives a firm euphoria that settles in your body to make you feel the energy and high that enhances your mood and creativity.

It also boosts your mood and relaxes you at the end.

It is why medical marijuana patients find this beauty helpful in treating stress, pain, and initial symptoms of depression.

Hence, if you are looking for a high-yielding strain that can thrive whether grown indoors or outdoors, then Northern Lights is the ideal marijuana strain.

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Blue Dream – Beautiful Sativa Dominant Strain

Yield: 600 grams

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC Content: around 20%

Want beautiful, sweet, flavored cannabis seeds that can yield up to 600g?

Grow Blue Dream!

Made by crossing Blueberry with Haze, Blue Dream produces enormous yields when cultivated outdoors. However, this powerful strain can grow indoors as well.

Growing Blue Dream is easy; even novice growers can get the most out of this beautiful strain.

With optimal growing conditions, Blue Dream can produce up to 600g of yield which is more than enough for any heavy smoker.

Besides this, Blue Dream is also known for its mouth-watering sweet berries taste, making your taste buds dance with every puff.

Additionally, the THC level of around 20% is enough to get you on a roller coaster ride of euphoria.

The full-body high will make you feel energetic, uplifted, and relaxed.

In short, Blue Dream is one of the delicious weed strains every marijuana lover must try at least once!

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Amnesia Haze – Cannabis Cup Winner High Yielding Cannabis

Yield: around 700g

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC Content: 21%

Want to kick-start your day?

Amnesia Haze can help!

A powerful and energetic euphoric buzz is what this potent weed delivers to you when you smoke it. And, to start your day with energy, Amnesia Haze has all those qualities.

It has earthy flavors to a blend of lemons and citrusy hints to bless your taste buds.

Thanks to the genetics traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican Landrace strains.

Coming to the growing profile of this beauty, then it is impressive.

You get a short flowering time of just 9 weeks while the yield expectancy is around 700 grams which is excellent.

Growing Amnesia Haze is compartively easy.

No doubt why this beauty has won several Cannabis Cups.

In short, if you love growing marijuana indoors, Amnesia Haze is the best way to start your cultivation journey.

From a short flowering time to a high yield, great potency, and delicious taste, Amnesia Haze is an ideal strain for indoor growers.

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Super Skunk – Classic Delicious Strain

Yield: around 600g

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC Content: around 20%

Are you a fan of classic weed?

If yes, you will love Super Skunk!

This high-yielding cannabis strain produces an intense skunky fragrance that gives you a classic taste of weeds.

However, around 20% THC works as a cherry on top!

Further, with a short flowering time of 8 weeks, Super Skunk is one of the favorite strains of growers because it produces massive yields of up to 600g indoors.

And, as you puff Super Skunk once, you can feel an instant rush of euphoria from head to toe which gives an intense relaxation after a buzzy rush.

Summing up, Super Skunk is a great strain to have in your stash if you love the skunky flavor and potency combined. At the same time, this strain grows beautifully to produce large yields.

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Green Crack – Potent Sativa Strain

Yield: around 550g indoor and outdoor

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC Content: up to 21%

Want a highly potent Sativa weed that also produces a heavy yield?

Grow Green Crack!

Most marijuana enthusiasts must have heard this name because Green Crack is highly potent and popular among experienced smokers.

Green Crack’s sharp energy and uplifting effects make smokers fan of it.

Additionally, its tangy, fruity flavor works as cherries on the top.

Also, Green Crack is one of the cannabis strains that helps relieve stress, chronic pain, and anxiety symptoms.

Therefore, it has medicinal benefits as well.

The growing profile of Green Crack is impressive. It is easy to grow and produces immense yield whether you want to grow it indoors or outdoors.

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THC Bomb – Strain With UP To 1000g Yield

Yield: High

Strain Type: balanced hybrid

THC Content: around 22%

THC Bomb is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain that can produce a decent yield if grown in a controlled environment.

The strain produces beautiful heavy buds with orange hairs.

THC Bomb is not typically one of those indoor strains or outdoor strains. But it is compatible with thriving in both environments until you provide the right conditions to grow.

THC Bomb can reward you heavily with a capacity to produce up to 1000g of yield outdoors.

It is why professional growers love THC Bomb to produce heavy buds.

The short flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks makes this strain more special.

Further, the balanced THC level is enough to get you a balanced euphoric high, while the citrusy and piney flavors will make you a fan of it.

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Critical Mass – Strain For Experienced Growers

Yield: up to 750 grams indoors, 650 grams outdoors

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC Content: around 22%

Critical Mass cannabis seeds are for veterans cannabis growers who can showcase their gardening skills to make this lady reward them the most.

Critical Mass is the cannabis strain that produces a heavy yield with super dense and heavy buds on its branches.

However, growing Critical Mass requires slightly advanced cultivation skills and care because it is susceptible to moulds when grown outdoors.

Therefore, outdoor growers with growing skills can make this weed beautiful to rain buds if provided with the right conditions.

Made by crossing Afghani and Skunk #1, Critical Mass cannabis seeds produce plants that reward with sticky, dense, and beautiful buds every time.

Apart from the growing profile of this weed strain, don’t take its potency for granted. Because it produces a very heavy high that is more likely to give you couch-locking effects.

Especially if you are a novice smoker, don’t fall for its beauty; it can make you feel heavy and dizzy if you are sensitive to high THC.

However, on the other hand, veteran smokers enjoy this weed the most.

They love the earthy, spicy, and herbal blend of its smoke.

So, overall, Critical Mass is a strain made for veteran smokers and growers.

If you want to grow cannabis plants indoors and expect a high yield, then Critical Mass is an ideal option for you.

But make sure to consider the potency of this strain as well when smoking because it is highly potent.

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Power Plant – Strain WIth High THC And CBD

Yield: 600g indoors, up to 1kg outdoors

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC Content: under 20%

If you want a balanced strain that has the best of both the Cannabidiols (THC and CBD), then Power Plant is for you.

This strain fetches a decent THC level of under 20% and CBD > 1%.

It is why medical marijuana patients love this weed.

Because it has higher CBD levels compared to the other marijuana strain.

The best part is that the Power Plant strain results in massive indoor or outdoor yields.

Power Plant is one of those certain strains that features a balanced high and also produces enough yield to enjoy for several weeks every day.

Above that, this beauty has a very short flowering time of just 7 to 9 weeks.

Therefore, it gets ready for the harvest in no time and produces up to 1000g yield when you grow it outdoors.

Even indoor growers get around 600g yield, which is excellent by providing a decent indoor environment.

And with balanced cannabinoids, the Power Plant strain induces cerebral and body high that calms you and gives relaxation in the end.

Medical marijuana patients recommend this strain for stress, pain, and anxiety.

In short, if you love growing cannabis and want a strain that possesses balanced cannabinoids and can produce high yields indoors or outdoors, then the Power Plant strain is made for you.

Don’t wait and buy Power Plant cannabis seeds right now!

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Sour Diesel – One Of The Most Potent Strains

Yield: 500g per square meter

Strain Type: Sativa dominant strain

THC Content: around 20%

Most veteran smokers love Sour Diesel, a highly potent and high-yielding strain.

It is a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. The strain features an intense flavour profile of a diesel-like aroma.

The taste of this potent strain goes with classic earthiness and skunkiness that cherishes your tongue every time you inhale the Sour Diesel.

Therefore, classic marijuana lovers love to puff Sour Diesel.

However, the main catch of this strain is that it is a highly potent weed. Therefore, the effects are much stronger.

As you puff Sour Diesel once, euphoria will cover you from head to toe, and if you cannot tolerate high THC, you are more likely to be stuck in one place, wondering about your surroundings.

Moreover, grow Sour Diesel indoors as, in outdoor conditions, this strain is slightly sensitive to powdery mildew.

Sour Diesel can produce attractive high yields without training when grown indoors.

With an average plant size, the strain will fit into the limited space that you provide. Therefore, indoor growers love Sour Diesel for indoor weed cultivation.

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Pineapple Haze – A Delicious Fruity Strain With Heavy Yield

Yield: up to 550 grams per square meter

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC Content: around 19%

If you have been a fan of fruity marijuana strains, then grow Pineapple Haze in your cannabis garden this time.

Pineapple Haze is a cross of Pineapple with Haze marijuana strains, which resulted in a Sativa dominant strain.

The perfect combination of tropical pineapple fruit flavor and the rushing energy of haze high makes you a fan of this highest-yielding strain.

The large colas fill the room with pineapple aroma, which seduces your taste buds to puff this cannabis strain repeatedly.

Above that, the high induced by this weed is much stronger and gives you a creative and energetic feeling every time you puff it.

Therefore, stoners treat Pineapple Haze as one of the cannabis strains of break time.

When you need a quick break to regain energy and focus on work, just let this weed help you somewhat.

Further, growing Pineapple Haze is easy. Therefore, novice growers can make the most of this high-yielding cannabis plant.

Whether you grow Pineapple Haze marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors, you can expect around 600g per square meter yield.

However, the outdoor growth of Pineapple Haze is much faster and produces large yields when it gets enough space to spread its branches.

Pineapple Haze is a delicious cannabis strain that produces high yields; therefore, every fruity cannabis lover must have this weed in their stash.

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Chocolope – Almost Pure Sativa Strain For Extreme Yield

Yield: up to 600g per plant indoors and up to 1kg per plant outdoors

Strain Type: 95% Sativa

THC Content: around 22%

Also known as D-Line, Chocolope is one of the most popular Sativa cannabis strains worldwide.

Stoners know this strain as their adult chocolate.

Thanks to the chocolaty hints and strong coffee aroma with little sweet flavors.

The earthy, sweet, and coffee flavor profile makes your puffing weed amazing every time with Chocolope.

Above that, this Sativa beauty is much stronger than any other marijuana strain, so puff with care if you are sensitive to THC.

With up to 22% THC, Chocolope can easily overwhelm you with instant euphoria that will lead to an intense cerebral high.

However, in the end, you will surely get deep relaxation.

It is why medical marijuana patients love this strain for treating stress, pain, and initial symptoms of depression.

The best part?

Chocolope is one of the highest-yielding outdoor strains.

Being a Sativa dominant hybrid, Chocolope can produce up to 1kg of yield outdoors if grown in ideal environmental conditions.

Therefore, outdoor growers love to grow the Chocolope strain.

However, this lady can even perform excellently when indoor growing is your thing, but you must provide optimal growing conditions.

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How To Choose Highest Yielding Strains?

There are thousands of cannabis strains on the market. Therefore, filtering out the best ones for making a list of the highest-yielding cannabis strains is a must.

Let’s check out the factors you must consider before choosing high-yielding cannabis strains.

Yield Potential

Of course, first of all, you need to check for the yield potential of a marijuana strain.

Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors and the yield potential of the strain in both conditions, you need to decide on a strain for yourself.

Remember that some strains only have excellent yield potential in indoor or outdoor climates.

So, you must be careful when deciding on a strain for the highest yield.

Grow Difficulty

If you are a newbie grower, you must also check out the growing difficulty.

Because even after getting the best strain, you need to grow it perfectly to get the rewards.

If you are a newbie, you should ideally go for easy-to-grow strains like Northern Lights, Super Skunk, and Super Silver Haze.

However, on the other hand, veteran growers can go with any strain as they have cultivation skills.

THC Content

Along with other factors, you also need a strain that fetches a great THC for high.

So, depending upon your THC tolerance and needs, you can check for THC levels in a strain that can produce large yields.


You will have a great time with your weed if you choose a high-THC strain that produces heavy yields.

Because effects are mainly dependent on the THC content.

Also, you need to decide whether you want a hybrid, Indica, or Sativa strain.

Terpene Profile

Are you a fan of fruity strains?


Do you love a classic weed that delivers a perfect taste of earthiness and skunkiness?

Also, check out the terpene profile while deciding on the highest-yielding strains.

Terpene profile decides how a marijuana strain will smell and taste, and depending upon what you want; you can go accordingly.

Hundreds of fruity, classic, and tasty weed strains are available that produce a high yield.


What strain produces the highest yield?

White Widow, Big Bud, and Sour Diesel are among the highest-yielding strains.

What strain produces the biggest buds?

Big Bud, Northern Lights, and White Widow produce one of the biggest buds.

Does Indica or Sativa yield more?

Indica plants are short and bushy. Also, generally, they produce more yield compared to the Sativa strains.

Which strains grow the fastest?

Critical Mass, OG Kush, and Big Bud strains are one of the fastest-growing strains.

How much does OG Kush yield?

OG Kush yields around 500g per plant.

Get Your Highest Yielding Strain Now!

Now, you know some of the highest-yielding cannabis strains that are perfect for producing quality weed buds and can also cherish your taste bud while producing intense euphoria.

However, it’s your turn now.

Grow the strain of choice from this list of 15 highest-yielding cannabis strains.

Don’t forget to get a great grow kit and invest in high-quality trimmers for the best results of cannabis cultivation.

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