10 Best Strains for Sex – Experts Reveal The Absolute Best Weeds

Do you know which is the best strain to smoke before sex? I would say Granddaddy Purple is the absolute best weed strain to stimulate your sexual desire, check the best deal right now!

Do you feel like taking a trip to your bedroom with someone special after smoking weed?

It’s because marijuana fosters long-lasting orgasmic power, so having sex after getting stoned is beyond words.

Are you looking for the best weed strains to smoke before lovemaking? Try any of these 10 best strains for sex, make every touch feel heavenly, and relish your sex life.

How to Use Cannabis Strains for Sex?



Choose strains that have anti-anxiety properties.

Take a lighter dose. Overdosing could make you feel sleepy or paranoid. After all, you have to remain playful and need some energy.

Some men reported having erectile dysfunction, resulting in quick orgasm while canna-sex. So, don’t rush and get in the right mindset before you begin.

Extreme use of marijuana tends to affect sperm count. Thus, it’s better to experience this pleasure sporadically.

Do not consume weed and other drugs or alcohol at the same time. It may cause headaches and could affect your long-term sex experience.

Enjoy weed sex only after taking your partner’s consent. You don’t want to blow away a mind-blowing experience with adverse consequences.

You can feel the best orgasm ever while stoned. For that, you have to take care of some essential things.

Best Strains for Sex


Are you looking for the finest strains to stimulate your sexual desires? Sex experts have revealed these top 10 fantastic strains for stoned sex. Buy your favorite flower and skyrocket your sexual pleasure.

#10 – Trainwreck – Spice Up BDSM Arousal

Trainwreck strain ILGM

BDSM (Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission, Sadism-Masochism) is often distinguished by erotic sex practices. As it mainly focuses on intensity, what could be the better weed than Trainwreck! 

This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is a hard-hitting and potent strain for intense sensations. Whether it’s male arousal or female arousal, Trainwreck packs terpinolene, myrcene, and pinene terpenes to elevate your mood—indeed, a great strain for pre-sex and male arousal.

#9 – Skywalker OG – Lost in Your Lover’s Touch, Smell, and Breath

Skywalker OG strain ILGM

Skywalker OG is an Indica-dominant strain that houses some mood-elevating terpenes—caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Such fruity terpenes are enough to linger you and your partner into an uplifting state of wild and crazy sex.

As it offers instant relief from physical discomforts, you can stay away from those negative feelings. The THC content tops out over 24%, making it one of the overpowering strains for arousal. Stay hydrated, hit some whiffs with a low dosage, and bring your inner sexuality to light. 

#8 – White LSD – Erotic Uplifting Sensation

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As reported by many users, White LSD is the perfect strain for love chemistry. It is a potent and psychoactive weed that can stimulate your feelings immensely. If you want a long-lasting session, White LSD is a highly effective weed that can bring the bedroom beast out of you. 

Be it sex, music, chats, games, or parties, the onset of White LSD can intensify your experience. The intense euphoria will transpire into your senses, but it will not make you couch-locked.

Use White LSD strain at bedtime, melt away your stress, anxiety, and fatigue swiftly, have some dirty talks, and rock your night by bringing out your greatest sexual desire.

#7 – Sour Diesel – Lead to Multiple Orgasms

Sour Diesel cannabis strain

If you’re troubling to get into the sexual mood, Sour Diesel might help. This Sativa-dominant marijuana is perfect for inducing a mood-lifting energetic high. With 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, Sour Diesel is one of the top-quality strains for sex as it fosters a balanced mind and body stimulation. 

The energizing effects of an exciting rush will nullify your anxiety. The fuel-like smell is a unique trait of Sour D, and it’s enough to make you and your partner get lubricated all night long.

Inhaling Sour Diesel strain can extend your intimate session as both you and your partner become more aroused and laid down in bed together.

#6 – Blue Dream – Intense Foreplay and Climax

Blue Dream Feminized

Real lovers don’t skip foreplay, but sometimes, you just want to rush it, right? Well, that’s where this euphoric, energizing, and arousal Blue Dream strain comes into play. This Sativa-dominant hybrid calms you down, stimulates your feelings gradually, and leads you to involve in seductive foreplay.

That’s just the beginning, folks! The aphrodisiac properties of Blue Dream terpenes are sure to rev up your sexual drive beyond your wildest fantasy. Just like a nonstop buzz, your mind will stay astounded even after the climax. It will feel like forever! Suffice to say; Blue Dream pumps a truly satisfying orgasm!

#5 – Chocolope – Exciting and Heavenly Boost

chocolope cannabis strain

Chocolatey sex doesn’t always have to involve chocolates when you can simply hit a Chocolope bong to connect with your partner intimately. Share this pot with your companion, have a good chat, listen to some wicked music, and start building steamy intimacy while you’re high.

Joyful euphoria and upliftment are irresistible after you smoke Sativa-dominant Chocolope in the daytime. Whether you are a lover, artistic genius, or sports player, consuming this Sativa-dominant strain in the morning will make you eager to get things done when inspiration strikes. 

#4 – Green Crack – Late-night Rushing Sensations

Green Crack

Green Crack is a perfect daytime strain for adventures and a nighttime strain for entertainment and arousal. I noticed that smoking a blunt of Green Crack turned me on in a snap. I couldn’t resist but was simply lured into sensual fantasies that were beyond my control.

Whether it’s morning sex or solo sex, Green Crack is the right strain in the weed world to get creative energy, euphoric feelings, and overall sexual experience.

The terpene profile of Green Crack primarily includes myrcene, but it also incorporates caryophyllene, pinene, humulene, and pinene. With such rushing springs of mood-elevating ingredients, your wicked game is surely on!

Get energized with Green Crack Sativa-dominant hybrid and be ready to burst your bubble of hot and steamy orgasm.

#3 – Strawberry Cough – Enhances Tactile Pleasures

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a Cannabis Cup-winning strain that produces a gentle rush of euphoria. Enjoy strawberry-flavored smoke and get yourself into a blissful state of mind. Sex relies upon both mind and body, and Strawberry Cough might be that perfect pre-sex strain for you. 

You will feel like having erotic sensations trickling down from your head to your neck and all the way towards the lower extremity of your body.

You will enjoy a type of sex where you can feel your skin getting rubbed with uncontrollable excitements and your heart beating 100 times per minute with electrified breaths! The way I see it, Strawberry Cough is indeed the best exotic weed for sex, period.

#2 – Cheese – Intensify Lovemaking Mood

Cheese strain

When you need a mental boost to get in the sexy mood, this Indica-dominant hybrid strain is all you need. It helps you ease your mind while stimulating your sexual senses. Cheese is one of my favorite arousal strains to intensify my bedroom pleasure.

Smoke Cheese with your loved one before taking a trip to intergalactic bliss. With 60% Indica, 40% Sativa, and a moderate level of 14% THC, it offers a great fusion of full-body relaxation, energy, pain relief, stress relief, and a heightened sense of intimacy.

Suffice to say, this is one of the best Indica-dominant strains for sexual partners. Have some Cheese around; who knows when it comes in handy!

#1 – Grandaddy Purple – Intense Arousal Day & Night

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a 100% Indica weed that can seriously make you and your partner involve in an intense session. If you want to feel that keep-going-don’t-stop type of heated intimacy, believe me, Granddaddy Purple can help you turn up that heat.

That said, I have found Granddaddy super helpful. Turning on didn’t take too long as my vivid erotic feelings took me with surprise after just a few puffs. Many call this strain “Green Viagra” just because of how expertly it can make you aroused. 

Does Smoking Weed Make You Horny?



Marijuana intensifies lots of things, including relaxation, creativity, sleep, conversations, and sensations. Naturally, it can also make sex better!

According to one research, daily marijuana users tend to have 20% more sex than those who don’t consume weed. This outcome is not surprising as we know that marijuana has been utilized among civilizations for many centuries as they carry aphrodisiac properties.

There’s a link between the endocannabinoid system and sexual arousal. It has been observed that cannabinoid receptors stimulate sex hormones. With canna-sex, you feel like every touch is blissful, and it could soon become out of control as things get intense.

How do the best cannabis strains benefit sex?
  • Hyperesthesia: Hypersensitivity due to cannabinoids can drive a pleasure.
  • Boosts libido: It can lead to lengthened arousal period, making sex even more engaging.
  • Emotional ties: It intensifies emotional bonds between companions.
  • Focus: Stoned sex removes performance anxiety.

What Else Can Rejuvenate Your Sex Life?


You can do a lot of things!

Fusing cannabis and sex is fun. Explore some weed-infused products to spur your sex stamina.

CBD & THC Vaginal Suppositories

You can use CBD and THC suppositories, such as Foria CBD Intimacy Suppositories. Using suppositories is the best way to lower pain while having intercourse.

CBD & THC Lube

They are stimulating products to promote your orgasm and have enjoyable sex. If you crave to get a CBD or THC lube to spice up your sexual sessions, here are some lubes that you may try:

— Music To Get You Aroused While Having Canna-Sex —

Don't spoil your moment! Listen arousing songs while you're high and ready for intimate moments. Here I found a tempting playlist to make your surroundings even more romantic. Enjoy!


Final Verdict

Once you get the suitable weed for you and your partner, a long-lasting orgasm is all you feel. Thousands of cannabis users have reported that inhaling weed enhances their sexual pleasure.

Various studies have shown that overdosing on cannabis may lead to a low sex drive. Many have reported getting too high to perform, so use marijuana strains cautiously to enhance sexual pleasure. 

best strains for sex

Enjoy perfect euphoric HIGH
for an EXCITING night ahead!


What’s the connection between weed and sex?

Cannabis has natural aphrodisiac properties that can boost your libido. Like superfoods, it leads to better orgasm and may help you get aroused. 

Is stoned sex much better than sober sex?

Getting high can alter your perception of mindset and time. It stimulates your sensory perception, making every move feel passionate and inviting. Many cannabis consumers have reported that stoned sex feels intimate and lasts longer than regular sex.

Which is the best strain for sex?

Different strains can help you get in the right mood and energy. In general, Granddaddy Purple is one heck of a weed for a long-lasting intimate experience. However, it’s all up to you to try different strains and pick the best one for you and your partner.

Is Indica or Sativa better for sex?

Pure Sativa can be exciting and energetic but could make you hyperactive. Pure Indica strains can be mind-boggling and lure you into deep sex, but they are also sedative. Therefore, a Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant hybrid can be an excellent choice for canna sex.

Does weed help erectile dysfunction?

Many emotional or physical conditions may lead to erectile dysfunction. Not just that, cannabis or other drugs might or might not tend to cause this problem. Some users reported having ED after getting high, while it’s not the case for everyone. Furthermore, there’s no concrete evidence that suggests that weed triggers erectile dysfunction. 

What weed makes you horny?

Strawberry Diesel is commonly used for arousal since it has a euphoric, uplifting impact. It usually produces a clear-headed high with a relaxed body, making it great for sex.

Indica or sativa weed make you feel horniest?

When selecting the ideal marijuana strain to help you feel aroused, finding the correct indica to sativa balance is critical. While sativa broadens your sexual horizons, indica is thought to increase your sensitivity to touch.

Which edibles make you aroused?

Delta-8 Gummies, Sensuali Tea, Cannabis Tea, Recreate Pride CBD + THC Gummies, Urb Delta-8 THC, make you aroused.

Is indica or sativa better for arousal?

Sativa strains are recognized for increasing energy and inducing more psychedelic and cerebral effects than Indica strains. Naturally, energy is excellent for sex. The most satisfactory intercourse relies upon what is happening above in the brain and everything inside your body.

Which are the best strains for female arousal?

Green Goddess, Sour Space Candy, Alice in Wonderland, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Atomic Northern Lights are the best strains for female arousal.

Is weed good for sex?

Weed is widely thought to improve your sex life. However, the study is continued on this.

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