Can You Be Allergic To Weed? [Everything you need to KNOW]

Yes, you can be allergic to weed. Marijuana allergy is as common as other allergies. And it can occur due to any cause. Whether your skin gets in contact with the marijuana plant or you consume weed, it can easily trigger symptoms of weed allergy if you are sensitive to it. Therefore, in this guide,

Best Veg Light: Do you know the Best 10 of Expert’s choice ?

The best veg light for the vegetative growth of marijuana plants is the need of every grower. So here, I am telling you the best options available in the market. The expert team of 420expertadviser recommends Mars Hydro TS 600 W LED grow light as the best veg light. You can buy it now from

10 Best Strains for PTSD and Anxiety that Everyone Must Know In 2022

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and anxiety are some of the most common sicknesses in most people worldwide. While anxiety has affected almost 60% of the world population, PTSD is undoubtedly less in number yet a matter of great concern. Indeed, we all have the primary responsibility to keep ourselves healthy. And for the cause,

Most Famous Top 10 Strains for Depression in 2022 [ Must check]

best strain for depression

Life Calling!!! If you want to get away with your Blues feelings, Welcome to the blog! A very important topic is getting discussed- best strains for Depression. Let’s find out medical marijuana solutions to the very common mental health disorders. Astonishingly but true more than 300 million people in the world are going through Depression.

Top 10 Best Strains For Sciatica: Say Good Bye to Your Pain NOW

Read this article to get rid of your sciatica pain. Again, marijuana strains are here to help you out. We at 420expertadviser are committed to giving to you the solution for your holistic life. We all are witnessing distinct body pains at some point in our life. The most common ones is headaches and back