Top 10 Best Strains for Male Arousal | #4 Gives Kick-Ass Orgasm

Have you tried finding the best strains for male arousal to hype up the romantic evening you will be in? It’s not alien to us that sexual satisfaction is crucial, but did you know that there are cannabis categories that can enhance libido and make you feel more aroused?

In this guide, not only will we be giving you the top sexual arousal marijuana strains, but we will also dive deep into explaining how cannabis affects sexual desire as a whole!

If you want the best sexual experiences, you should look for none other than Wedding Cake. Its potency and overall effect on people’s sexual health are so abundant that it’s also considered by many as the best cannabis strain, even for female arousal.

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How Certain Cannabis Strains Affect Sexual Pleasure


How Certain Cannabis Strains Affect Sexual Pleasure

Sexual function is a mystery that is still yet to be solved. However, many cannabis enthusiasts and tokers always point towards an increase in libido when they consume cannabis — or a particular cannabis strain.

John Renko, Co-Founder of GoLove CBD Naturals, together with Jordan Tishler, Harvard physician, and medical marijuana specialist, says that cannabis use has been known to help out with both male and female arousal. Moreover, the best cannabis strains for sex would be those that have the necessary terpenes for it.

In a separate study, out of 216 questionnaires and participants, 202 participants said that cannabis helped increase their sex drive, while 149 said it developed their overall sexual experience.

Overall, different strains have different effects on your sexual experience. However, if we were to generalize it, then yes, moderate cannabis use will heighten and improve your sexual experience.

Can Cannabis Have Negative Sex Effects?

Can Cannabis Have Negative Sex Effects

While talking about this, let us not invalidate the opposite of what you want to experience. For example, using too much marijuana or cannabis, no matter the strain, can do the exact antithesis of what you want to happen or achieve.

Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a medical marijuana consultant and a primary care doctor at the Massachusetts General Hospital Chelsea HealthCare Center said that almost all weed strains could help libido if taken at low doses. However, if the amount consumed and processed by the body is too much, it can do the opposite.

At low doses, cannabis helps libido, but at high doses, it often isn’t as effective. The wrong amount will make some people paranoid and anxious and can also inhibit an orgasm.”

Is Male Arousal Similar to Female Arousal?

Yes and no — let me explain.

They are the same in terms of how people perceive them. Both men and women become aroused, but they do so in different ways. Typically, men are more so aroused when it comes to physical and visual stimuli, while women are more aroused by emotional and/or lingual stimulation.

From those alone, the triggers on the brain to be aroused will be far different, which also points towards the idea that certain strains are going to be for men than women.

10 Best Strains For Male Arousal

The team and I were able to find 10 of the best weed strains, also known for stimulating sexual experiences at the highest level for men. These ten (10) strains for male arousal will definitely press you up on that romantic night!

Wedding Cake: Editor’s Choice

wedding cake

First up is the Wedding Cake. Considered by many as their best and go-to hybrid strain, this Triangle Kush x Animal Mints combination is something you will never be tired of consuming.

This particular strain is known in Canada as Pink Cookies, and it’s due to the hues of pink on its buds. Out of all the cannabis plants you will encounter, the sweet aroma of this strain will leave you not only relaxed and calm but aroused as well.

It is one of the many best strains for sex as it will give you better sensory perception, as well as full-body relaxation at the same time.

Why would they name this particular strain Wedding Cake without any context?

Sour Diesel: Runner-Up

Sour Diesel

Next up is the Sour Diesel or more commonly known and referred to as Sour D or Sour Deez. This energizing strain is a product of the ever-famous Super Skunk and Chemdawg and is known to have natural energizing and socializing effects.

It gives out this creative energy, which is perfect if you’re looking for fast-acting effects from your marijuana strains. Its effects can arrive at the extent of making you feel aroused and affectionate because it gives this perfect mix of a cerebral and a body high.

The Sour Diesel features this skunky diesel flavor with a pungent aroma, sweetness, and heavy, earthy flavor.

Sour Diesel is one of the best medical marijuana categories that are preferred to naturally alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Blue Dream: Best Strain For Larger and Stronger Orgasms

Blue Dream

If weed makes you affectionate, then the Blue Dream will be the finisher of it all. This strain has been once rumored to be an aphrodisiac, as it can largely intensify and enhance male orgasm — talk about having a dreamy romantic night!

Also referred to as Azure Haze, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain is a cross between Blueberry and Haze and is known to have a perfectly balanced cerebral and body high.

At 18% THC, this great strain will leave you in a blissful, relaxing state, not to mention that it will smell and taste berry-like and sweet, too! Just be wary that it can cause you to have a dry mouth, but its overall effects make it one of the best strains for sex.

Atomic Northern Lights: Best For a Dream-Like Sex Drive

Atomic Northern Lights

Originally made for anxiety relief, this cross between the eminent indica Northern Lights with Thai Haze and Afghani landrace. It is a potent strain that is known to deal with anxiety and stress quite dearly.

Apart from its anxiety-attacking properties, though, the Atomic Northern Lights is also an infamous balanced hybrid strain for sexual arousal.

Upon consumption or usage, it will get your mind to the trajectory you’re looking for, following the body buzz that can heighten your physical vulnerability. It is a natural aphrodisiac that can take care of your libido for you.

It has this lime-fruity taste with hints of tobacco and honey for its thickness. Watch yourself as you transform your sex drive into something you have never seen before!

Green Crack: Best For Increased Stamina

Green Crack

Men’s number one enemy when it comes to sexual experience is their stamina. Don’t shy away from it — we have all been there! Not to worry, though, because, with the Green Crack, you will never experience any type of trouble when it comes to improving pleasure.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is said to be a cross between an Afghani landrace and Skunk #1 and is loved by many users because of its prominent sex life enhancement properties.

Being one of the best marijuana strains for sex, this strain is also known to be an effective natural remedy for fatigue, depression, stress, and anxiety.

The strain is also known and sometimes called Mango Crack because of its mango, citrusy flavor profile topped off with a fruity, tropical aroma.

Mimosa: Best Viagra Strain For Both Male and Female Arousal


Mimosa is such a sophisticated name for a cannabis strain, isn’t it? Well, this particular category is rare and unique in itself. Also referred to sometimes as Purple Mimosa, this hybrid marijuana strain is definitely far from other strains you have ever tried.

The Mimosa is a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine, two (2) of the most popular cannabis to achieve a happy and uplifting feeling in quick moderation. Unlike many other cannabis products relative to it, the Mimosa tends to make you feel a little bit sleepy and relaxed — thus, it’s categorized as one of the best cannabis profiles to enhance your sex drive.

The Mimosa has hints of fruity, citrusy flavors and a rich tropical aroma that will leave you wanting more. If you are on the hunt for an excellent strain for male or female arousal, the Mimosa could be the strain you’re looking for.

Strawberry Cough: Best to Increase Sexual Pleasure

strawberry cough

It wouldn’t be known as Strawberry Cough if it didn’t smell of sweet, seasoned strawberries. Among its long lineage of cannabis strains, the Strawberry Cough is one that will shower you with curiosity.

Known to be a product of the cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze, the Strawberry Cough is this skunky, sweet, and berry-like strain that is popular for its cerebral and uplifting effects.

Be prepared for the bump in your arousal after taking this strain, because a lot of males (actually, even females) reported to feel a euphoric sense of urge run through their veins.

In all fairness, the strain will never leave you disappointed with all of the effects it has.

Girl Scout Cookies: Best With Inflammatory Properties

Girl Scout Cookies

If you haven’t heard of Girl Scout Cookies or GSC yet, then you’re new to the cannabis industry. The GSC is a pioneer, indica-dominant strain known for its uplifting euphoric effects, leaving the user stress-free.

From the cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, the Girl Scout Cookies is a sight to behold.

The GSC is one of those marijuana categories labeled viable for medical and medicinal purposes because of its ultimate anti-inflammatory effects.

Just like most, if not all indica strains, the GSC has this abundant THC content that you might not be familiar with if you’re new to the industry. Its effects are similar to many indica-dominant strains, giving the user happiness, lightness, and arousal at its finest.

Granddaddy Purple: Best Cannabis Strain With Relaxing Properties

Granddaddy Purple

Also known as Grand Daddy Purp, Granddaddy Purple Kush, or GDP, the Granddaddy Purple is an indica-dominant strain that has been circulating the industry for more than a decade now.

It is one of the most popular categories as this strain is a cross between Afghanistan, Mendo Purps, and Skunk — three (3) of the most powerful and most-sold marijuana products in the western hemisphere.

It is known to scurry you with calming and relaxing effects, as one of its primary purposes is to keep you comfortable and tranquil. When it comes to sex drive, however, the GDP is also a staple of many males.

The calmness and relaxation it offers will swing you by and grant you an experience you have never tried before. You will be as relaxed as a plant, and thus, your sense of touch and smell amplifies, steering your sex drive to a whole new level.

Bubblegum Kush: Best Strain That Has a Blissful Buzz

Bubblegum Kush

Last and most definitely not least is the Bubblegum Kush, which is the strain people go for if they lack sexual desire. Crossed between Bubble Gum and a top-secret Kush strain, this plant boasts its 18% to 22% THC levels, perfect for a relaxing, radiating, and romantic night.

Its sweet aroma will go to work, partnered up with its flowery, herbal aroma. Every year, the Bubblegum Kush sales amaze many growers because it’s one of the categories that have extremely effective arousal effects with snoozy and calming vibes.

Thanks to its flowery, herbal type of scent and sweet, spicy taste, it does not go unnoticed. The Bubblegum Kush is the strain that will light up your sexual arousal in ways you never imagined.

These are the cannabis strains considered by many frequenters and enthusiasts to be the best aphrodisiacs for men. But, day by day, this number is growing. So, if you find other categories that have sexual arousal increase effects, let us know!


These cannabis variations are quickly gaining popularity, especially in the world of marijuana. So if you think you need more research, guidance, and information, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about it!

Is Sativa or Indica Better For Male Arousal?

Based on anecdotal evidence and peer-reviewed feedback, sativa-dominant hybrid strains or sativa strains have been found to be better for male arousal. The reason for this is that sativa strains are known for cerebral experiences and energy amplification, which are all the better for sexual activity.

What Terpenes Are Good For Arousal?

Out of the hundreds of terpenes in the market, the right strain for sexual activity would often be comprised of caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene. These terpenes, if used in moderation, can get you sexually aroused without exerting any effort.

Is Do Si Dos Good For Arousal?

Yes, Do Si Dos is one of the best marijuana strains that are known to be the most effective in heightening sexual arousal because it can relax you, as well as offer pain-relief properties naturally.

Can CBD Topicals Make You Aroused?

Yes, just like when you smoke a cannabis flower, a topical product derived from hemp or CBD can improve your libido by decreasing your anxiety levels. However, do note that the area of application will usually be the one sensitized, not the entire body.

The Bottom Line

So, what can we concur from this? Simple — smoking cannabis, especially if done in moderation, controlled amounts, can help a lot in male arousal. However, these best strains for male arousal should never go unnoticed as they have been the products considered by many users and tokers as their go-to.

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