Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Panic Attacks 2024

Psychological conditions are a growing concern in the whole world lately. Around one of every five adults in the United States, or roughly 50 million individuals, experience psychological instability every year. Explore this fantastic article to learn how medical marijuana can alleviate pain and other symptoms of panic disorder. Also, browse through the best cannabis strains for panic attacks.

When discussing the best medical marijuana strains for panic attacks, the cannabis that comes to mind is the Blueberry CBD cannabis strain; visit the official website.

Most psychological conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorders, are usually treated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), and shockingly, numerous individuals are resistant to these medications. 

Many people are interested in finding elective approaches to help with their emotional wellness concerns, and they’re exploring medical cannabis and CBD oil products as a likely treatment. 

What is a Panic Attack?


A panic attack is an anxiety disturbance characterized by recurring severe panic strikes. It might also incorporate significant social change lasting for a month and ongoing stress over the implications or worry about having other attacks. The latter is known as anticipatory anxiety disorders. 

Panic dysfunction is not similar to agoraphobia (fear of public places). Although numerous people with panic disorder also have agoraphobia. One cannot predict panic disorder ahead of time. Therefore, an individual may get stressed or anxious when a panic attack occurs. 

There are other thoughts that panic attacks are different as an ailment or chemical disproportion. The DSM-IV-TR describes Panic disorder and nervousness separately. Panic disorder has a swift or out-of-blue condition that lasts shorter with more severe symptoms than nervousness attacks having stressors that work to less severe reactions and can last for quite a long time or months. 

Panic disorder can happen in kids, as well as adults. Furthermore, panic in young individuals might be incredibly distressing because they have less insight into what is happening. His/her parent is also prone to experience distress when attacks occur. 

Screening tools like the Panic Disorder Severity Scale can help detect possible disorder cases and suggest the requirement for a formal diagnostic assessment. 

Causes for Panic Attacks

There is no sole cause for a panic attack. However, it has been found to run in the blood and suggests that inheritance plays a crucial role in determining who will get it. It exists as a co-horrible condition with numerous hereditary disorders, such as bipolar disorder and a genetic predisposition to alcoholism. 

Psychological factors, stressful life events, life transitions, conditions, and thinking that exaggerate moderately normal real reactions are also accepted to assume a job in the panic attack. Often the initial attacks get triggered by bodily illnesses, stress, or certain medicines. Individuals who will generally take on excessive responsibilities may build up an inclination to suffer the panic disorder. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patients also show a lot of higher panic disorder than the general populace. 

Proof suggests hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, labyrinthitis, pheochromocytoma, and respiratory conditions aggravate the panic disorder. Prepulse inhibition is less in patients with Panic Disorder. 

Stimulants like caffeine, in excess, are a somewhat reasonable cause for panic attacks. Numerous SSRIs also have stimulant side effects during treatment that may exacerbate the condition and have caused first-time panic attacks in contrarily healthy people who get treatment for depression. 

For What Reason Do You Get Panic Attacks from Cannabis?

Individuals who are now inclined to nervousness or panic disorder might probably experience them when using marijuana. Paradoxically, numerous individuals with nervousness disorders often use weed to “self-sedate” their symptoms. One survey of California clinical marijuana users showed that 16.9% of respondents used weed expressly to calm panic attacks. 

There are a few circumstances that can increase the risk of a panic attack while using medical cannabis: 

  • Being in an anxious or generally negative mood
  • Smoking weed in an unusual situation or among strangers
  • Using weed alongside alcohol or other mind-altering substances
  • Taking a dose of marijuana that has more THC level
  • Novices in use cannabis
  • Having concerns about using marijuana among individuals who disapprove of it or in a region where it’s not legal 

How Can You Prevent Panic Attacks from Medical Marijuana?

There is no foolproof method to forestall a panic attack from occurring – other than altogether avoiding all medical cannabis containing THC (including cannabis-determined CBD products). If you use marijuana, the following tips can reduce the odds of having a panic attack. 

  • Keep your body very much nourished and hydrated. A body in a more suitable condition will be ready to process cannabis. 
  • Ensure that you are agreeable to your condition and the individuals in it. Being in another place or around strange individuals or individuals you don’t trust, like conservative relatives or even law enforcement officers, can cause nervousness. 
  • Know about your mental condition. If you feel uneasy about using cannabis, it might be smart to avoid it.
  • Arrange a place in advance where you can enjoy and relax after having weed, whether it’s your bedroom or a lawn in your house. Consider watching your favorite genre film, TV show, or music if you need entertainment. 
  • Call a friend – if you need someone to incline toward during a panic attack. 
  • Take some extra CBD oil before using cannabis. Consider subbing out your weed for hemp-inferred CBD products if you are looking for unwinding or alleviation from pain or insomnia and couldn’t care less about getting high. 
  • Go slowly – especially with edibles! You can always take more later on. But once you take a lot of cannabis, you might stay high until the THC works out of your system. 

CBD Oil for Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are intense episodes of fear, nervousness, stress, and various physical symptoms such as shortness of breath and an increased pulse. Studies have classified pathways in the brain that regulate these emotions, which CBD also influences. Clinical studies and current proof support CBD oil for panic attacks because of its enemy of tension effects; however, more human studies are necessary. 

CBD products are becoming mainstream among Americans seeking better treatment approaches such as dull pain, tension symptoms, and sleep issues. Researchers are searching for all the possible health benefits of CBD products, along with CBD oil for panic attacks, signs of tension, and other psychological disorders. 

Fear, panic, and nervousness are unmistakable symptoms of panic disorder. Also, it’s regular for individuals with panic attacks to take hostile to nervousness medications. It means that managing stress is an integral piece of treating panic attacks. 

Terpenes in Hemp Flower for Panic Attacks

Additionally, terpenes may also assume a significant job in easing panic and uneasiness related symptoms. One study observed that terpenes are useful all alone for eliminating stress. While also pointing out then when they are present with all of the cannabinoids in hemp, they make a synergistic connection known as the entourage effect. 

Moreover, terpenes significantly impact how a hemp flower strain smells, looks, and tastes and how it affects the user. 

For instance, marijuana strains higher in the terpene beta myrcene may make the user drowsy while providing a malty, hoppy fragrance. In contrast, limonene gives a strain lemony, diesel smell and often creates an uplifting, calming effect.

Best Cannabis Strains for Panic Attacks

Marijuana strains that have high CBD are the best for reducing social anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Most of the stoners are searching for high THC cannabis strains. However, consuming more THC isn’t always the best way; it can increase anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks. It limits you to think straight, which can lead to unpleasant feelings.

Here are the top 10 best cannabis strains that can help you in conditions such as anxiety disorders and panic attacks:

1 – Cannatonic from ILGM


Cannatonic is one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety relief. Cannatonic is a hybrid strain that can reduce anxiety and panic attacks. This hybrid strain results from MK Ultra and G13 Haze strain. Cannatonic holds nearly 6% THC and 17% CBD, which qualifies it to be medical marijuana.

The high CBD content allows you to use this for improving medical conditions, including muscle spasms, stress, headaches, and anxiety. You can also use it to manage anxiety, sleeping disorders, and panic attacks.

Cannatonic needs to be made use of with caution. It has high CBD content and has adverse effects such as red eyes, cottonmouth, and dehydration. You may likewise deal with slight anxiety or fear if you’re a beginner.

2 – Blackberry Kush from ILGM

blackberry kush cannabis strain

This strain is excellent for therapeutic use and is usually beneficial to patients coping with anxiety and insomnia. It will provide you a fantastic high for a minimal dosage. Blackberry Kush feels like its name, with hints of berry in your mouth, providing a smooth, relaxed, and sleepy feeling. Blackberry Kush is one of the best cannabis strains for anxiety relief.

This strain for anxiety relief also delivers a deep body-high. It is excellent for managing OCD since a small quantity will reduce stress and pain, and higher doses will make you sleepy. Like other Indica strains, it is most satisfying for the night but might leave you with a cottonmouth and dry eyes. Thus, make sure to keep some water and refreshments nearby.

3 – Blueberry CBD from ILGM

Blueberry CBD cannabis strain

Indica strains are penetrating and sedative, and the Blueberry CBD is a high-CBD Indica-dominant strain. It delivers an unusual euphoria while also giving pain relief. Besides, it’s prevalent due to its tantalizing blueberry taste and fruity fragrance. This variant combines all the most beneficial characteristics of Blueberry with high CBD content and the least amount of THC.

Blueberry CBD is the ideal strain to encourage you to unwind. This high CBD strain delivers a pleasant tranquilizing feeling. Users state that it helps them relax better, making it a great strain to consume after a long and busy day. Blueberry CBD is one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety relief.

Some of the effects that the users of this Indica-dominant strain experience are happiness, motivation, and relaxation. Also, Blueberry CBD could assist you with anxiety, PTSD, inflammation, insomnia, stress, and pain. We can say that Blueberry CBD is probably one of the best Indica-dominant strains for a panic attack.

4 – Northern Lights from ILGM

Northern Lights Best Strains for Pain

Northern Lights is one of the purest Indica cannabis strains globally and has accomplished legendary status among recreational and medical marijuana users. Unlike Sativa cannabis strains, Northern Lights is highly recommended for nighttime use because it contains sedative Indica properties. If you suffer from anxiety, keep the dosage low to overcome psychoactive effects and get anxiety relief.

After smoking a joint, you will feel sleepy, and your body seems to relax. Because Northern Lights is so relaxing, using it in moderate dosage will cripple your social anxiety disorder or panic attacks. However, if you use it in excess dosage, you will feel headaches and light anxiety.

5 – OG Kush CBD from ILGM


This high CBD strain is CBD-dominant cannabis with less than 1% THC and up to 15% CBD, making it a great medical marijuana strain with a 15:1 CBD to THC ratio. This strain holds all the benefits of original OG Kush while helping in PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and chronic pain due to its high CBD level. OG Kush CBD is one of the best CBD strains for anxiety relief.

If you love citrus flavors, OG Kush CBD might become your favorite go-to strain. The smell is a fresh, bright mix of wood and lemon with hints of pine. It’s one of the best CBD strains to deal with panic attacks.

6 – Lavender from Soma Seeds

lavender cannabis strain

Lavender strain also goes by another title — Soma #10. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that has won many awards. Moreover, this unique variety holds high THC content of up to 19%. If you crave high THC strains, Granddaddy Purple is a fantastic strain to ease your pain and depression. Granddaddy Purple holds nearly 26% THC, and unlike Sativa strains, this much THC makes even experienced users feel sedative.

Its aromatic Afghani hash-like flavor is smooth and comes with a mighty euphoria. Its cerebral high is accompanied by a body stone that soothes and relaxes your muscles. Beginners may quickly fall asleep after smoking a couple of puffs. Unfavorable effects may include cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dehydration.

You can use Lavender strain at any time of the day. Still, some use it in the evening or at night to ease insomnia. The strain is often useful for pain relief due to its strong Indica-dominant genetics. It is an effective remedy for nausea, stress, anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). 

7 – Doug’s Varin from BuyMarijuana247

dougs varin cannabis strain

Indica and Sativa strains have their own traits. A big reason why Doug’s Varin gives energy is because of the high amount of Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) it carries. Most marijuana strains are an appetite booster. However, this one is an appetite suppressor strain. This unique trait makes it a potential aid for weight loss.

Doug’s Varin is one of the hybrids with high THCV, which is the highest in the world. It has as much as 24% THCV, which is psychedelic enough to surprise those who underestimate it. It is a fast-acting cross strain that renders energizing cerebral episodes. It helps users to promote mental health and amplifying their nerve sensations. Besides, it’s one of the perfect wake-and-bake cannabis strains that can let you do your work without disturbing thoughts.

Three main compounds add value to Doug Varin’s medical benefit – THCV, THC, and CBD. Most users are familiar with CBD and THC, but THCV remains somewhat unknown. Nevertheless, THCV offers potential therapeutic benefits in several diseases. It can help relieve panic attacks and tremors as well as arouse the brain and support bone growth. 

8 – Green Crack from ILGM


Sativa strains are energizing and uplifting, and the Sativa-dominant Green Crack is another excellent cannabis that can be used for daytime medication. This Sativa-dominant strain is unparalleled in its energy-boosting traits. If you can’t sleep well, the effects of Green Crack offer peaceful relaxation to help you sleep. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, keep the dose low to enjoy its effects.

It’s also a brilliant strain for depression by giving users bursts of happiness with a mango flavor and sharp-citrus smell. Green Crack is one of the finest Sativa-dominant strains to manage symptoms of panic attacks.

9 – CBD Chronic from Dinafem Seeds

CBD chronic cannabis strain

CBD Chronic is one of the best strains for anxiety relief with lower THC content. CBD Chronic is a cross strain between Remedy and Chronic strains. It holds high CBD content. And, the overall ratio of CBD to THC provided by the plant is 1:1.

CBD Chronic can have up to 7.88% THC content and 6.93% CBD content, making almost even CBD to THC ratio. Same as the original Chronic strain, CBD Chronic is very easy to grow. Besides, it’s one of the CBD strains that beginners can try to grow and use. 

Moreover, it’s a weed strain that first gets trials into medical marijuana research. Along with that, the high- CBD strain is also useful to make extracts such as ointments, cremes, lotions, and CBD oil. 

10 – Critical Mass from ILGM


Critical Mass is an excellent relaxant and is a suitable strain to consider when you need a relaxed night. This strain is quite complex on the body, so as long as you don’t want to work much, this should be a good ride as the strain can make you sleepy.

Critical Mass CBD has a healthy body high that is said to last for a couple of hours, keeping you in a giggly and euphoric temperament for the rest of the night. This hybrid is delightful for those who need an enhanced state of mind as it can keep you in good spirits and make you feel thoroughly uplifted. 

Final Verdict: Strains for Anxiety & Panic Disorder

If you undergo panic attacks and do not obtain relief with a standard treatment regimen, you may be biased in using cannabis or CBD oil for your panic attack relief. There are many best cannabis strains for anxiety disorder and panic disorder relief. It’s always best that you always speak with your doctor to discuss if it is appropriate for you and make sure it won’t clash with any prescriptions you are currently following. 

Although CBD products are accessible for purchase, the FDA does not legalize them at this time. It suggests that lower-quality products or contaminated products can make their space in the marijuana market. Ensure any CBD products you acquire come from a vendor that employs third-party testing to guarantee a safe, high-quality cannabis product.

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