Top 10+ Best OG Strains Of 2023

Knowing and identifying what the best and top OG strains are, is more than just having it stocked for knowledge. Different weed strains, OG or not, have varying effects. Therefore, it’s just right for you to know what these are.

In this guide, you will not only learn what an OG strain is, but you will also have the best idea of each OG strain’s effects, how they’re different from one another, and other relevant information about them!

For most cannabis consumers and myself, the OG Kush remains one of the best OG strains. This premium cannabis strain roots in the 1990s and is popular because of its stress-easing and pain-relieving capability.

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What Does OG Stand For?


The term OG stems from a lot of different stories, one of which is Ocean Grown. It is a type of marijuana strain that is said to be grown outdoors, with California coastal roots.

Another would be that it stemmed from the term Original Gangster, popularized and brought about by Los Angeles hip-hop artists like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and more back in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

Out of the many theories, still, the top and what’s considered the best category of this is none other than the OG Kush, which was first grown in Southern California in the 1990s.

Some other contenders for what the term “OG” stands for include, Original Gangster, Original Gangsta, Original Grower, Original School, and many more!

The stronger claim is the former since this is the first spot of the whereabouts of the first-ever Kush strain. But do you know what an OG strain is exactly?

What is an OG Strain?

OG strains are known to be strains that have originated in California. This Californian root is what gave OG strains the potency, smell, and taste that is distinct from other strains; hence the term Ocean Grown.

From here, many cannabis strains have been brought out to the market with different combinations from different sativa and indica-dominant strain categories.

Out of all the many popular and famous OG strains you can find, here are our picks for the best OG strains (whether we’re talking about a hybrid strain or not).

10 Top OG Strains of 2023

You’ll find many different variations in the cannabis community, and you might find it difficult, or rather almost impossible, to differentiate these weed strains. However, when it comes to the best and favorite OG strains, these ten (10) OG strains are what many consider the best.

OG Kush: Editor’s Choice

OG Kush

Known as one of the fathers of the OG strains, the OG Kush is one that we (and many other cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis experts) consider the best. The reasons for it being the best vary, but these reasons mainly point toward the high THC content of the strain and how it helps users and smokers cope with stress and pain.

Its popularity rose when its parents, Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush, were crossed and combined. This strain is what’s mostly recommended to medical users or those who are experiencing mild to severe pain, muscle spasms, and other similar conditions.

With myrcene as its primary terpene, it will really give you the “body high” kick that you’ve been looking for.

Its genetic foundation is rich, and it was when Matt “Bubba” Berger brought it from Florida to Los Angeles in 1996 to Josh D. From there, a lot of phenotypes have been produced from OG Kush seeds, some of which include SFV OG, Tahoe OG, Ghost OG, etc.

Skywalker OG: Runner-Up

Skywalker OG

Coming up next is the Skywalker OG. This indica-dominant hybrid has about 85% indica and 15% sativa (or 80-20). This can give you the explicit head high you’re looking for. Having high THC levels (at about 26%) is more than enough to help you prevent anxiety, stress, and nervousness.

Produced from combining and crossing Blueberry Strains and Mazar, the Skywalker OG has this irresistible citrusy zing that it has. It is potent, intense, and extremely effective in giving you those anti-stress and anti-anxious properties.

The Skywalker OG is one of the best and most popular OG strains you can find in the market!

Larry OG: Best OG Strain For Stress and Depression

Larry OG

You might think of Larry OG as weird because of its name, but it’s actually one of the best and favorites of the majority of recreational and medical users. Also referred to as Sour Larry or Lemon Larry, this Orange County creation will give you that deep body relaxation you’re looking for if you need a break from muscle spasms.

Larry OG is the unique and special combination of the SFV OG Kush and the hybrid OG Kush, responsible for the sedative, calming effect with a blast of creativity.

It’s one of the best strains gotten by people who want anti-stress and anti-depressants. In addition to that, this strain is also helpful for appetite loss as it’ll make you feel hungry.

Get the Larry OG for that deep relaxation to help relieve pain and keep you more relaxed!

White Fire OG: Best OG Family Strain For Anxiety

White Fire OG

Also commonly known as “WiFi OG,” White Fire OG is popular for its cerebral and uplifting effects. This hybrid marijuana strain is concocted by crossing and combining The White and Fire OG, giving birth to the notable earthy, lemony, and citrusy aroma.

Just like the OG Kush, myrcene is its primary or dominant terpene, followed by caryophyllene and limonene.

If you want to get creative, energetic, and uplifting, this strain is the perfect one for you!

Alien OG: Best Cannabis For That Intense High

Alien OG

This Tahoe OG and Alien Kush cross will give you the calming, euphoric high you’re looking for. The Alien OG takes its roots in California and has a reputation for giving the user a high that is “out of this world.”

Also commonly referred to as Alien OG Kush, it is a great daytime strain that you ought to take if you’re feeling lonely, fatigued, and stressed.

The intense high it gives you will free you from the stress and anxiety you are experiencing.

SFV OG: Best OG Strain For Focus


Now, a lot of people think that the SFV OG is the same as the SFV OG Kush, but no, they’re not. The SFV OG strain is the parent strain of the SFV OG Kush, as well as other similar ones. For one, the SFV OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, while the other is an indica-dominant strain.

SFV is short for San Fernando Valley, as it is created by Cali Connection. Its high THC levels are perfect for making sure that you remain focused and concentrated on what you are doing. It has this lemon spicy, herbal taste and a pungent aroma.

Banana OG: Best OG For Appetite Loss

Banana OG

The Banana OG is a great strain if you’re looking for an alternative to the classic OG Kush. It is a stank, highly potent strain that has about 25% THC levels. Many users reported that it is successful in alleviating mood swings for people, as well as keeping them hooked, thanks to its sweet, fruity-like taste and tropical aroma.

Banana OG is known as one of the highest-yielding OG plants out on the west coast.

Fire OG: Best Strain For Creative and Motivation

Fire OG

Just because it’s named Fire OG doesn’t mean it’s spicy. It has gotten its name from how it looks, resembling a vibrant, fiery, and glowing appearance. It has a THC content of 21%, with an indica-to-sativa ratio of 70:30.

Its sweet, earthy flavor willl carry you away. Unlike many different types of weed strains, the Fire OG is one of the perfect strains for motivation and creativity. It helps out with anxiety an awful lot.

Ghost OG: Best OG Strain For Chronic Pain

Ghost OG

The Ghost OG is an indica-dominant strain and one of the most powerful and potent OG strains you can find. Produced from crossing OG Kush and Afghani landrace, this strain is perfect for your chronic pain.

It will give you that warm, fuzzy body buzz with a cerebral high to keep your senses less tingling. A lot of users reported that they felt uplifted, happy, and stress-free as the primary effects of the Ghost OG.

NOTE: Ghost OG has been part of the few OG strains recognized to be effective against fibromyalgia and medical patients with autoimmune disorders.

Tahoe OG: Best Fast-Acting OG Strain

Tahoe OG

Last and most certainly not least is the famous Tahoe strain. This strain is what many people consider the perfect “rainy season marijuana strain” because of the warm bodily sensations it can give you.

It’s treated by a lot as one of the best because it acts faster than most other OG strains. Not only will it give you the calming and relaxing effects you’re looking for, but it can also aid you in initiating sleep!

So, if you are an insomniac, bothered by chronic pain, and want to get rid of it, this strain can be what you’ve been looking for.

These are the top ten (10) OG strains considered by many as the best, the most effective, and the most potent.

Is Kush Similar to OG?

While many people, especially those with little-to-no knowledge about these cannabis plants, consider them the same, they are not. OG and Kush are two (2) different and dissimilar strains that vary in effects, appearance, and overall taste and aroma.

Origin of Kush and OG

OG, whether you believe it to be Ocean Grown or Original Gangster, hails from Florida or California — in the U.S. Kush is originally known to come from the mountains of Hindu Kush,

Composition of Kush and OG

When it comes to composition or what they’re made of, the primary component of Kush is Linalool, terpinolene, a-terpineol, fenchol, and camphene.

OG, on the other hand, is comprised of trans-ocimene, myrcene, guiaol, a-pinene, and eudesmol.

Attributes of Kush and OG

Kush has a distinct smell, taste, and appearance compared to OG or OG Kush. Its aroma varies from earthy, sweet, peppery, and almost herbal, while OG is known to have strong aromas — close to that of fuel or detergent and is very dank.

These are the factors that differentiate Kush from OG and vice versa. Both of them may have reports pointing towards having similar euphoric and uplifting effects, as well as other similarities when it comes to potency, but they are not similar.

Are All OG Strains Indica?

When this is discussed, a lot of people get the misconception that all OG strains are indica when, in fact, it’s not. The reason for this is that OG Kush, one of the most popular and first-ever OG strains in the cannabis industry, is indica.

There are quite a few newer OG strains that are more sativa than indica-dominant hybrid strains. The majority of them are hybrid (having almost equal parts indica and sativa).

However, a big chunk of these OG strains are indica, and thus the “head high” most of them give out.


Feel like you need more information about the best OG strains? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about them!

What Makes a Strain OG?

Marijuana is grown, nurtured, and cultivated in various parts of the world. You can consider a marijuana strain “OG” if the strain has some type of connection with strains that are grown in Californian roots. For instance, if a particular strain is crossbred with a strain that has California roots, that is an OG strain.

Is True OG a Sativa Strain Or An Indica Strain?

True OG has an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It has about 30% sativa and 70% indica and has a THC value of 22%. It is an extremely highly potent strain that can get you extremely sleepy and relaxed.

What is the Best OG Strain to Grow Indoors?

For growing indoors, the best OG strains you can grow indoors would be the Banana OG and the OG Kush, which can yield up to 14 ounces per square yard.

What is the Strongest OG Kush Strain?

While there are a lot of different strains related to OG Kush, the strongest of all of them is the Kosher Kush. Also commonly labeled as Kosher OG, this strain is indica and is highly potent, having THC levels that plateau at about 21%.

What is the Highest-Yielding OG Strain?

Many OG strains have high yields; however, it is known that the highest-yielding OG strain is the OG Lemon. It’s a cross between the OG #18 and the ever-famous Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. It yields about 1,300g outdoors and about 550g/m² indoors.

Final Thoughts

There are mixed opinions about what the best and top OG strains are, especially when new combinations and hybrid strains are formed. But this year, the following OG strains are what’s considered the best by recreational and medical users.

Its high demand and unrelenting popularity make it one, if not the most popular category of cannabis strains in the world.

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