High, Happy & Hilarious! Explore Funny High Thoughts & Stoner Questions

There’s a hidden philosopher inside every one of us. But only when we smoke weed and get high, we know our true thought potential! What are your “High Thoughts,” and how do you process them?

Explore some of the hilarious stoner thoughts and get to know the science behind them.

When you are lying at your home, inhaling your favorite weed strain, and getting high, it feels pretty relaxing, and for a good reason. And why not? We smoke the herb to keep our worries and daily-life troubles at bay, right? 

When we smoke cannabis, our brain does different tricks and ticks with our senses to make us feel like we’re in a different world!

Usually, our brain becomes temporarily active when we live happy moments. But the intensity does not stay for a long time.

Do you ever wonder, “Why does smoking weed make me high?” The answer lies in understanding how the brain works when interacting with cannabinoids, the main element in the cannabis plant.

High Thoughts and Stoner Questions

Why Do We Think Differently While High on Weed?


Here’s how it works:

When you smoke weed, the brain temporarily becomes more active. In fact: 

it’s like the neurons are on fire!

When you smoke marijuana, the neurons get exposed to cannabinoids, and certain parts of the brain amplify their performance.

High Thoughts Herb

Whether it’s your imagination, grief, happiness, munchies, or relaxation, smoking cannabis most probably intensifies that feeling. 

Sometimes, you may feel like you are thinking at a whole new level. And sometimes, you might not be able to control your racing thoughts. It’s all about an individual’s mental stimulation. 

Besides, you might quickly go off on a tangent about anything that’s pushing your philosophies. On top of that, giggly, trance euphoria, and munchies are common you feel after getting high.

It’s because the endocannabinoid system (ECS) gets exposed to THC, the psychoactive element in the marijuana plant.

When the ECS is filled with THC, our cannabinoid receptors interfere with the body’s natural functions that may put any user off balance.

What Are High Thoughts?

Think as you have never thought before!

Hilarious High Thoughts

Cannabis buds have the ability to take your ideas to a new level. That’s one of the many reasons people enjoy marijuana recreationally. 

Just a whiff or two, and you know you are on a different path already! Buddies who smoke weed together become more flexible to open up their minds before their friends.

While it’s all about fun and food with close amigos, that’s the right time when you come across hilarious high thoughts.

Snoop Weed Meme

The “What if” views of 360-degrees are just exploding your mind to put some creative ideas out. You may get lured to think about something that is not completely realistic. 

It’s like living in a parallel universe!

We know the concept of a parallel world where the same kind of people and resources are there, but they act and work differently. (yeah, exactly like that Source Code or The One movie)

So, when your mind’s algorithm starts making you think the same situation in different scenarios, you can easily know that you’re tempting to have high thoughts.

Hilarious High Thoughts That Boggle Your Brain

The new world order:

If you are a first-time user, you know what I am talking about. If beginners smoke weed, they mostly tangle into the idea of how the world works and what can be done to change the way people live, work, and trade.

Well, that’s not new; it’s the toughest question even for a geopolitics expert, let alone users who are not in their true senses!

>> A new business idea for your ultimate startup:

Business never gets out of style, even when you are high! As smoking ganja makes you creative, especially with Sativa strains, the brain just can’t stop dreaming about sparkling business ideas.

If you’re an experienced smoker, you may have thought about starting an online shop or a brick-and-mortar store. And that’s not the first time, right?

>> Falling from height:

Yeah, here it comes! Most of us have pictured this in our dreams where we suddenly fell from a tall building or any high place. If your mind is full of THC, you may experience this feeling quite intensely.

>> Accumulating movie scripts to illustrate different climax:

When you watch movies while high, you stare at all the tiny details that come across each scene. Naturally, it’s not you, but cannabis makes your mind scan everything.

Above all, weed with friends is an all different level. Every one of them comes up with various scenarios and imagine how the story would go if that would happen.

>> How can we ignore ghosts?:

Ghosts are real! Oh really? No? Well, who cares when you are high!

Thousands of incidents are happening around the world where a group of friends enjoy weed, get high, and talk about different ideas on solving this deep, dark mystery.

Smell Weed in Public

>> The thought just crossed my mind:

Well, it’s the most popular high thought that most people have experienced after smoking pot. When you are high, it seems like you just had an idea, and suddenly it wipes out from the face of the earth! 

Ahh, what an embarrassment!

Best Stoner Questions to Ponder While High

High Thoughts Confused

When you browse about #HighThoughts, #StonerThoughts on online cannabis social networks, you will come across varieties of hilarious ideas.

Most of all, unsolved questions are primary thoughts that render in our minds. Some of the most hilarious, funny, and mind-boggling questions formed in a stoner’s mind are:

  • Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
  • What if there are aliens?
  • Is it the “s” or “c” silent in the word “scent”?
  • What if the universe has no end?
  • How did the Big Bang happen?
  • What’s the purpose of life?
  • What are some of the best life hacks?
  • Can we acquire superpowers like Avengers?
  • Who put alphabets in alphabetical order?
  • How did they capture the first photograph of the world’s first camera?
  • Did Neil Armstrong actually land on the moon?
  • Who was in my past life?
  • Who created God?
  • Is there a life after death?
  • Can dogs and cats understand our language?

Well, the list is endless!

If you don’t think about any of these questions, don’t worry, I am sure you will always come across a new thought to consider.

Indica vs. Sativa in Producing High Thoughts

High Thoughts Dog

Indica and Sativa are two primary subspecies of the cannabis plant. As we all know, Indica strains are known to provide relaxation and body-high.

On the other hand, Sativa strains can render energetic and cerebral effects accompanied with head high.

When you smoke Indica or Indica-dominant strains, the effects puts your body in a calm state. You might want to binge-watch your favorite web series in one sitting.

Some high-THC Indicas are also capable of fostering extreme sleepiness. 

When you are into spiritual thoughts or talk about life and philosophy with your buddies, you may want to try Indica weeds to explore your ideas in a deep sense. 

When you smoke Sativa strains, it will make you feel energetic. Plus, you might want to complete all your pending tasks as fast as you can.

Sativas are your genuine best friends when it comes to the inspiration of tackling your daily chores. 

420 Time to Weed

Final Words on High Thoughts:

High thoughts have been discussed, and some are even appreciated. Besides, it’s the time when your mind is full of innovative ideas. After all, smoking weed is all about fun, isn’t it?

If you come across any spectacular thoughts, share your experience in the comment section below. Let’s see what you have got to make the surroundings more interesting.

Have happy and hilarious high thoughts!

Frequently Asked Question

How does weed make you feel emotional?

Weed elicits a variety of emotional responses in various people. Some people experience happiness and relaxation, while others experience anxiety, dread, and even paranoia. As a result, people can become disoriented and have difficulty concentrating.

What do your high thoughts mean?

Using cannabis can result in a wide range of sensations. However, one of the most visible effects of cannabis is how it alters our thoughts. High thoughts, or how we think when actively high on cannabis, can catch us off guard with their abrupt changes.

How does smoking weed make you feel the next day?

After smoking marijuana, some people suffer a hangover effect, including fatigue, nausea, headache, and a sense of “brain fog.” There is little scientific evidence to support this phenomenon, and moods the day after smoking pot might be influenced by whether the weed was mixed with alcohol or another substance, dehydration, lack of sleep, binge eating, and other factors.

How does medicinal weed make you feel?

Medical marijuana users indicate that it aids in pain alleviation and relaxation. However, coughing, “brain fog,” increased hunger, and anxiousness are frequently reported as side effects.

Does smoking weed cause you to feel relaxed?

Some people experience a peaceful, tranquil, and joyful state after smoking marijuana. For some, though, smoking marijuana is unpleasant and causes anxiety or hostility.

Can you think when you are high?

When stoned, most people notice alterations in their sensory impressions. While marijuana does not frequently induce true hallucinations in the same way that hallucinogenic substances such as LSD do, people who are high on cannabis tend to view the world differently than they usually do.

Does taking a shower take away your high?

THC’s euphoric effects can be mitigated by taking CBD or eating foods high in terpenes. Drinking water, taking deep breaths, and bathing can also help you get through an intense high.

What type of drug is a weed?

Marijuana is a psychoactive (mind-altering) substance derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Marijuana has nearly 480 different components. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is thought to be the primary component responsible for the psychoactive effect.

What does weed do to your brain?

THC, the primary psychoactive element, activates the area of your brain that reacts to pleasure, such as food and sex. This causes a dopamine chemical to be released, giving you a euphoric, relaxed sensation.

Does weed shrink your brain?

Marijuana does not appear to decrease crucial parts of users’ brains. Still, research released Wednesday suggests something more subtle and essential: individuals who use marijuana may have smaller brains.

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