Buying Marijuana Seeds with PayPal in 2023

buying-marijuana-seeds-with-paypalToday there are just a couple of seed banks worldwide that acknowledge PayPal. There are considerations that a few online seed banks are not approved because the payment system may not trust these. Always double-check the website if they acknowledge PayPal before wasting your time choosing the perfect strain to purchase. Then if not, there are other ways to purchase your seed securely and safely. Go through this article to learn about buying marijuana seeds with Paypal.

Ecommerce is an emerging sector in 2020. Individuals go online to purchase everything from furniture to clothing, digital books, and electronics. They also go online to purchase cannabis seeds. However, you don’t need to travel over different websites to obtain information about buying cannabis seeds with Paypal. This article will cover all the essential details, direction, facts, and know-how that you want to know.

When shopping online, most stores give you an assortment of payment methods, from credit cards to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Another mainstream payment method is PayPal. It leads numerous cannabis connoisseurs to ask: “Would I be able to use PayPal to purchase cannabis seeds?” The answer is yes, and no. Peruse on, and we’ll explain in more detail. 

Can you use Paypal to buy marijuana seeds online?


Have you ever thought of getting marijuana seeds from online seed banks? If you have, how do you willing to pay for your order? Will you pay by a credit card, debit card, bitcoin, Paypal, bank deposits, or cash on delivery? 

Do you know that you might be apt to pay via your Paypal account while ordering cannabis seeds online? PayPal is a trusted online payment method, and you can use this to order cannabis seeds online. However, there’s a thing; finding these seedbanks is quite a tough task. It’s because Paypal has strict guidelines concerning selling goods online.

The online payment systems examine members and hold stringent controls on payments and trading goods utilizing their services. And of course, cannabis and its products are not straightforwardly welcome all over the world. PayPal will assess these cannabis sites’ authenticity and allow its members to purchase just from safe and secure sites. 

Cannabis payment processing: current laws

As of 2017, around 300 out of 11,000 operational banks in the US comply with legal marijuana companies or vendors. Three hundred may seem like a grand and fair number. Still, these institutions often require extra fees or further efforts on the vendor’s side, to allow with defending the firm and its decisions.

Federally, marijuana is in the list of the Controlled Substances Act. These significant banks typically would provide readily available financial support and loans. They even make themselves off-limits to any businesses related to marijuana. They generally state that if they are a federally controlled company, they don’t accept payments for institutions engaging in federally banned activities. Of course, it incorporates cannabis and any cannabis-related activities.

Moreover, if a bank opens its doors to a business entity in the cannabis industry, even a company that is legal on the state level, these institutions take the risk of being caught by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It is a risk that most well-known financial institutions are not willing to take.

Why don’t some online seedbanks support Paypal payments?

There are considerations that some online seedbanks are not PayPal accredited as the payment processor may not trust them. Although there is no proof, this is so, having the Paypal logo on the website shows that you can trust the seed bank. 

Some seed banks do not acknowledge PayPal payments because not everyone can transact using PayPal. As of 2013, Paypal is still incapable of transacting business with more than 28 nations, including Libya, Liberia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Iraq. Because numerous online cannabis sites serve all countries around the globe, not accepting payments from the referenced countries would be quite undesirable. 

Buying Marijuana Seeds with Paypal

PayPal allows a safe way to buy anything online. You can ensure that a site that accepts this payment system is safe. PayPal lets you purchase from various online sites from most countries around the globe because you can spend in any currency. You just need to set your Paypal account for the currency you need to use. Besides, as long as you hold funds, you can make a transaction. 

How to pay someone using Paypal?

How do you pay someone using Paypal? First, you need to create an account on Paypal and set up your bank account. When Paypal verifies each detail, you are ready to go. After that, you need the payment receiver’s Paypal email address. Check out this video to learn how to send a payment to someone using Paypal. 

Pros of Using Paypal

Continue reading to explore some of the main reasons to use PayPal: 


PayPal is a huge, respected brand that numerous consumers trust with their transaction process and money. It is a given that Paypal preserves these bits of information and keeps all relevant details private

When all your bank or card information is verified, Paypal stores the information securely in their system. You do not have to return your details each time you log in. It means that you do not need to uncover your information all the time, thereby keeping your information secure. 

PayPal never gives customer information that does not apply to its possession. Therefore, if the seed bank’s site or database suffer cyber attacks, hackers and malicious bugs won’t access your information

If you are working with Paypal, you can quickly transfer money from your bank account and then spend on your cannabis seed using the balance that your PayPal account just got from your bank account. This way, your bank statement will show that you transferred a certain add up to PayPal, but it won’t say what you bought. 


Elon Musk, probably the brightest mind in the world, established the Paypal, along with Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, and Yu Pan. PayPal has been around for about 20 years. This organization was the pioneer in its field and remained the undisputed industry pioneer. 

It guarantees that your account and its content are perfectly safe. You are not dealing with a here now gone again later organization that can disappear one morning with a large portion of your savings account. 

Discount Policy

Finally, PayPal has the Buyer Protection highlight that will assist you with shopping comfortably online. Purchaser Protection covers you in case there is an issue with your order. If your order does not show up or is not as described, PayPal will enable its members to get a discount. 

To have the option to qualify for the Paypal protection, you must use Paypal, hold your account in regular standing, and you need to open a dispute in Paypal’s resolution center. If you cannot resolve your problem with the seed bank organization, you can escalate your complaint and get your discount within 20 days of the dispute. 


PayPal is flexible to use because it provides you plenty of alternatives for funding. Nearly all online seed banks accept payments through credit cards, which is a discomfort for few users. They either do not have credit cards or just don’t want to place their cannabis order reference on the statement.

At present, PayPal allows you to stack up your account using credit, debit, and check cards. You can make the last choice by entering your deposit account information to your PayPal account. 

If Paypal successfully verifies your bank account, you can use your funds straightforwardly to pay for your cannabis seeds through Paypal as an outsider. This process takes a couple of days, though, so if you are rushing for purchase and just setting up your Paypal account, you need to skip this alternative. 


If you use your PayPal account for any product, then you are covered by their guarantee. You will get your refund in case the merchant does not deliver as planned, or the product itself is substandard. 

With Paypal, you can also make electronic purchases without showing on your bank or credit card statement. There are various thoughts you might need to cover for your cannabis seed order and legal consequences. 

Mobile Application

You may not think this too big of an opportunity, judging how almost everyone uses mobile for daily tasks. Now you can also use Paypal on a mobile app, but it doesn’t support other third-party payment processors. Consequently, Paypal works smoothly and flawlessly in its native environment. 

Furthermore, a significant part of the essential functions you perform on desktop sites is also available in its app. There will always be barriers, but those in the PayPal app are barely detectable. The missing functionalities are not the things you are most inclined to utilize for your cannabis seed purchases.

Supports only trustworthy vendors

PayPal lets you track your payments and assist you with finding PayPal-suggested sites. If a site shows a PayPal logo, it is a verified dealer. If you check a seller, it is reliable enough to order your cannabis seeds. 

Free Service

PayPal is free to use, and you don’t have to pay a penny to create an account. You can do so much without paying anything. Its main functions are sending and receiving payments, and for that, you just need to pay transaction fees. Apart from that, you get amazing features, security, and peace of mind. 

When you understand how the online payment process works, the following thing to remember is what it all charges and what the fees are. That process can seem confounded, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. So, at a basic level, every time you process a transaction, you pay several fees. 


Discount benefits of Paypal may not apply to you for buying marijuana seeds online. However, this is nonetheless a key factor to consider when deciding over which payment processor to use. 

From time to time, PayPal partners with a wide range of establishments and brands and offers promotions and discounts. You do not need to pay for this component. All you need to do is have a PayPal account. 

Cons of Using Paypal

Unfortunately, as pleasant, private, and convenient as it may sound to buy cannabis seeds with Paypal, in 2020, things became so complicated that it’s not usually possible.

Strict Policy

Most of the larger, more trustworthy seedbanks won’t take Paypal anymore. One reason for this is Paypal has an adequate use policy that every user must agree to when they make an account. The policy says that you can not use Paypal to send or get payments for controlled substances, narcotics, steroids, or drug-related stuff. 

Controlled Substances Act

While marijuana seeds are not precisely a controlled substance in most places, Paypal, unfortunately, gets the discretion to choose what transactions constitute an infringement of their rules. The information is available in Paypal’s user agreement. 

It means that while a seed bank may operate for years accepting Paypal for seeds, it just takes one transaction to be flagged to crash everything potentially. Cannabis vendors risk having their payments freeze, and their accounts suspend

High Fees

There are hefty fees for chargebacks. For seedbanks willing to run the risk of allowing their customers to buy cannabis seeds with Paypal, commissions are very high. In 2019, Paypal charged 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction. It sends some online cannabis seed retailers looking for other more affordable ways to sell their products.

Slow Processing Time

The transaction processing time can reach up to four to six business days for fund withdraw. Numerous individuals refuse to use PayPal, which may result in lost business. Aside from that, you are limited to use and subject to account suspension at any point, which can end in frozen account balance for months. Moreover, it can be challenging to contact Paypal’s customer support. 

How to search for cannabis seedbanks that allow the Paypal method?

To determine which seed banks take Paypal payments, you can simply get the information by asking Paypal about it. It’s the best way to make sure that your fund and account will not suspend. However, chances are less that Paypal supports any cannabis-related vendor. 

Other than that, you can ask around to regular cannabis users or search on online forums or take expert advice from users on Cannabis Social Networks. Simple Google search may also give you lots of results, but you have to double-check with the vendor to save the trouble if they revoke access with Paypal mode of payment.

Besides, you can obtain the payment information from a vendor’s supported payment’s webpage section. Above all, you can also search for Paypal support by store name with the Knoji website, which provides a list of authorized vendors that support Paypal. 

Apart from that, before you buy marijuana seeds, make sure that buying cannabis seeds is permitted in your country. Never make a mistake of ordering seeds just to find out that it is not prohibited. So always review regional laws about cannabis before you look for the seeds.

If you are still unclear whether any cannabis seed bank receives Paypal payments, talk to the Paypal’s representative or a cannabis vendor’s support team. If a vendor doesn’t support Paypal, they must have other alternatives to help you find the right mode of payment. Another secure online payment processor for buying cannabis seeds is Skrill, which is similar to Paypal. But again, you should check the vendor’s accepted modes of payment before concluding anything on your own.

Features of the best cannabis seed banks

Purchasing cannabis seeds from an online vendor can be frustrating if you have a specific condition concerning package, delivery, payment, or quality. Unfortunately, poor quality seeds, fumbling packages, and unresponsive customer support are widespread problems when ordering seeds online. Therefore, it’s a great way to go through a vendor’s website or other professional growers forum. 

When looking for a right seed bank, there are several criteria that you should check, that includes: 

Best features of the reliable cannabis seed banks

  • Offers worldwide shipping (including the USA and Canada) 
  • Stealthy, discreet shipping 
  • Reliable shipping – most packages show up on schedule. 
  • A reliable name in the industry
  • Generous refund policy for missing, damaged or lousy quality seeds 
  • Good strain selection 
  • Sale section with discounts 
  • Wide range of buying promotions 
  • Coupon codes, discounts, loyalty/reward programs 
  • High-quality cannabis seeds guarantee
  • Seed germination guarantee
  • Responsive customer service 
  • Useful information provided about each seed 
  • Various currencies acknowledged 
  • Various payment methods acknowledged 
  • Positive customer reviews about each stain 
  • Easy to use website 

Which cannabis seedbanks accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, policy enforcement and high commissions have caused many of the larger, better-known seedbanks to move away from accepting Paypal seed payments. ILGMMSNL, and Crop King Seeds are our trusted and most-recommended seedbanks. However, they stopped accepting Paypal as a mode of payment. Interestingly, they accept credit cards and Bitcoin, making it easy to pay for your cannabis seeds.

The only seed bank we found that accepts payment via Paypal is Weed-crew. But wait, there’s a catch in this situation. If you ask a vendor by phone or email to arrange a Paypal method for your cannabis purchase, they might be able to help. Most probably, they will ask you to pay as a family or friend, as if you are paying for a general, valid purpose. That way, Paypal cannot flag and suspend the vendor as well as you for cannabis purchase. 

Many other smaller shops still accept Paypal, although they try to be discreet about handling the payments to avoid having their accounts flagged by Paypal. Buying cannabis seeds with Paypal is a risky business for both the seed banks and buyers. You and the vendor might get the suspension notice if they catch any marijuana-related transactions. 

If you purchase weed seeds through Paypal and get a group of awful seeds from a little-known seed bank, it’s improbable that Paypal is going to have any sympathy when you call them up or email them to mention to them what you’ve purchased. You could even risk having your account frozen or suspended because of purchasing items that disregard Paypal’s policies. 

Final Verdict

If you’re thinking about buying cannabis seeds with your credit card, and concerned about it showing the transaction on the statement, numerous online seedbanks (such as ILGMMSNL, and Crop King Seeds) presently accept Bitcoin. If you’re looking to make a fully anonymous shopping without leaving any trace, buying with Bitcoin is the safe way to go. 

As mentioned above, if you ask a vendor by phone or email to arrange a Paypal method for your cannabis purchase, they might be able to help. For customers using Paypal to purchase cannabis seeds because of the Purchase Protection promise, purchaser be careful! On the Paypal website, the organization lists specific items that are not covered by Paypal Purchase Protection. Something listed is “Items that violate our policies.” 

Always remember that if you contact a vendor on arranging a Paypal method for your cannabis shopping, they might do it by suggesting you pay them as a family or friend, for a general-purpose payment. That way, Paypal cannot tag and suspend accounts. 

Both the shop and the buyers might have to gamble on getting their Paypal accounts suspended if cannabis-related activities attract notice. Therefore, it’s the best way to buy your favorite marijuana seeds via other modes of payment. If you prefer complete privacy, you should purchase seeds with bitcoin as it doesn’t leave any digital footprints.


The information referenced above is for general instructive purposes and does not provide expert medical or legal advice. We do not promote, advocate, or advance illicit drug use. We are not liable for any illegal marijuana usage that our readers carry out. You should consult your doctor before using any products listed in this article.

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