5 Best CO2 Regulator Reviews in 2024 [Must Read]

Hey mates! I have brought the Best CO2 Regulator Guide Review for you. We are ready to cover a necessary perspective today, and if you read this review entirely, you will bring huge benefits to your plants.

Carbon dioxide is a necessary thing for your plants, and if you are growing cannabis in a controlled environment, then you definitely need to take care of proper carbon dioxide supply. Now, if the percentage of carbon dioxide is sufficient in your grow room or tent, then the photosynthesis activity will receive support.

Now, for light, you use grow lights. Similarly, to fulfill the carbon dioxide needs of your plants, you need to use a carbon dioxide regulator!

Now, as it is a basic need of the growers, several companies are manufacturing Co2 regulators, and the market is full. That increases your confusion, but don’t worry, we are here!

We have done experimented with more than 30 Co2 regulators, and now we are present with the best five.

Best CO2 Regulator Review in 2024: Top 5


NameWhy you should buyCheck Price
Vivosun Hydroppnics CO2 Regulator table.jpg
Vivosun Hydroppnics CO2 Regulator

Highly durable
Check Price
Titan control preset CO2 Monitor and regulator table.jpg

Titan control preset CO2 Monitor and regulator

Easiest one
Check Price
CO2Meter RAD-0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller
CO2Meter RAD-0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller

Best automatic
Check Price
Manatte Co2 Regulator Hydroponics Emitter System table.jpg
Manatte Co2 Regulator Hydroponics Emitter System

Best cheap
Check Price
SPL CO2 Regulator Emitter System table.jpg
SPL CO2 Regulator Emitter System

Budget pick
Check Price

1) Vivosun Hydroppnics CO2 Regulator – Highly durable

Vivosun Hydroppnics CO2 Regulator

Now Vivosun is probably the world’s number one brand when it comes to manufacturing hydroponic equipment. This CO2 regulator consists of extraordinary features. The item is made of excellent quality brass, which guarantees that it will serve you for very long.

Now, you certainly need some essentials for monitoring the CO2 level. No need to buy anything additionally, as a kit already comes with this Hydroponics CO2 regulator. A solenoid, plastic tubing, and a flow gauge are also included in this package.

The high-pressure gauge is 0-4000 PSI. You can use it at a number of places, and the makers claim that it is capable of increasing your yield upto 40%.

2) Titan control preset CO2 Monitor and regulator – Easiest one

Titan control preset CO2 Monitor and regulator

This CO2 monitor and regulator managed to grab a spot in our Best CO2 Regulator review because it is the simplest one to use. You just need to plug it, and the device is ready to rumble. It consists of an in-built photocell. During daylight, it provides your plants with a sufficient amount of CO2.

When the CO2 level is pretty good, it automatically shuts down. So, nothing is to go the wrong way even if you are not at home. The built-in self-calibration feature is present.

3) CO2Meter RAD-0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller – Amazon’s choice

CO2Meter RAD-0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller

Many of the growers like to control things on their own fingertips. This device is especially for them. You can set the CO2 level as per the need of your grow tent.

Now, when there is less CO2 in the air, it is so smart that it will automatically start its function of CO2 generating. Besides that, when it finds that the CO2 level is good now, it automatically shuts off. There is a sensor, which makes it shut down when there is darkness.

As it generates CO2 only when there is a need, this is a big power saver. The price is low, and besides that, it is easy to operate the device. The device includes mounting hardware and installation, and assembly is never a fuss.

4) Manatte Co2 Regulator Hydroponics Emitter System – Best cheap

Manatte Co2 Regulator Hydroponics Emitter System

This device makes sure the CO2 percentage in the air is adequate to sustain your indoor plants. This highly promising device is used by a number of indoor cannabis cultivators. The making of this device is done with brass which makes it highly durable. The solenoid valve, plastic tubing, or whether you talk about the flow gauge, everything is included in the pack.

Over 400 reviews on Amazon plus 4+ star rating reflect its abilities. It supplies the perfect amount of CO2 and enhances metabolism in plants, which further results to their better health.

5) SPL CO2 Regulator Emitter System – Budget pick

Now this one is a pick for those, who are not having a big budget. Solenoid valve, air line, flow gauge, and a power cable already come with it. You can generate carbon dioxide anywhere from 0.5-15 standard cubic feet in an hour with the help of precision flow gauge which already comes in the kit. Inlet connection is cga-320.

However, while testing, we found that the pressure gauge which the company is providing with it is not of good quality.

Best CO2 Regulator Review: The guidance and tips

Here comes the portion of this review where I have explained certain things regarding the importance of controlling CO2 levels in the grow room, usage of CO2 regulators, how to use them, and what to avoid. In addition to that, I have put light on the factors that every single buyer out there needs to concentrate upon before purchasing a CO2 Regulator.

Why is it necessary to control the carbon dioxide?

That is probably the first question that might hit your mind if you are an inexperienced one in indoor growing. Including CO2 in a grow room can be over the best, particularly if you are a business creator. It can cause important harm to your cash-related plan over the long haul.

As such, you have to control the part of carbon dioxide, making it stop when the reasonable estimation has come to. The vitality expenses can, in a way, be irrational to oversee for a couple, which is the reason you have to control it.

While CO2 is fundamental to keep the plants solid, there is no denying that the earth can be terrible when it is uncontrolled. This can accomplish more mischievousness than anything to your plants. A CO2 level that is too high can affect plants similarly as animals and people.

Indications that your Grow Room requires More CO2

Do you require more CO2 in the make room? These are a section of the things that will be typical for the need to develop its estimation:

The plants are not making paying little respect to the critical number of efforts that you have made as a grower.

You may have introduced the advantage grow lights and gave the critical upgrades, at any rate, if a solid enhancement is as of recently not self-evident, more CO2 may be required. A similar thing can be guaranteed when it is requiring a long theory before the plant achieves the blossoming stage.

Precisely when the yield is underneath the whole that you are expecting, recognize this as another sign that the grow room needs more CO2. In the event that the CO2 level is lifted at the correct estimation, the yields can increment by as much as 25%. Plants die terribly enough when they have low CO2 levels, in spite of how you are giving it remarkable thought.

The Right Level of CO2 in a Grow Room

Outside, the normal CO2 level is 400 fragments for every million or PPM. This can be higher or lower, which will rely on whether you are living in an urban zone.

As indicated by creating experts, the perfect component of CO2 is someplace to the extent of 1,000 to 1,500 PPM. In any case, remember that this will rely on various variables. A victor among the most fundamental is the scope of the make room that you have. The more prominent the make room is, the higher is the extent of the CO2 that you will require.

Right when the CO2 level is underneath 200 PPM, it will highly impact the headway of the plant. Obviously, when it is more than 2,000 PPM, it would starting at now have the ability to execute the plants. On the off chance that it comes to more than 5,000 PPM, it may be ruinous to people.

Broadening CO2 in the Grow Room

To make the most out of the CO2 in the make room and to guarantee that it will have an enormous valuable outcome, here are undoubtedly the most major signs to review:

Relative saturation ought to be kept up at an ordinary of 40 to 60%. Right when the moistness is low, the leaf stomata will close and this will result in the decrease of carbon dioxide affirmation.

On the off chance that you are utilizing composts, it will in like way help in the event that you will produce the degree of ammonium to nitrate.You ought to correspondingly focus on light power. The assimilation of CO2 can benefit from outside assistance if the lights are logically extraordinary, yet you need to ensure that they don’t pass on extravagantly warm.

Utilizing air-cooled lights outfitted with glass increments will be a significant help. In spite of to what degree you leave the light turned on, it won’t pass on an excessive amount of warm. Truly, the glow age can be limited by as much as half, which will in like way keep the carbon dioxide level from dropping.

Keeping the correct temperature in the make room is in like way principal to encourage the CO2. It would be best for the temperature to be not lower than 18 degrees Celsius and not in excess of 30 degrees Celsius.

Considerations regarding a CO2 regulator

Following things you need to consider before buying it:

Comfortable in using

A CO2 controller is just a single a player in a structure. With this, guarantee it is anything but difficult to utilize. The grower should give broad headings with the objective that you can make the most out of the apparatus.

A self-calliberation feature is one thing that will make the thing straightforward as you won’t have to make adjustments in solitude. Sometimes you get some additional smart features as well.

Create Room Size

Before you pick which one to get, you first need to know the estimations of the grow room. CO2 controllers have obliged the extent that the proportion of the zone at which they can pass on perfect convenience. If it is more prominent, you may need to present more than one CO2 screen.


You definitely need a durable item, right? Brass is the essential material that is used in, by far, most of the things that will be recorded in whatever is left of this guide. Pick one that is made of a splendid material that won’t be viably hurt by external components. An exceptional bundling is an outright need as security from buildup and clamminess.


The display should be anything other than hard to see. Despite whether it is day or night, it should be adequately right with the objective that you can, without quite a bit of a stretch, choose whether the CO2 level is right. If not, you need to incorporate more or have it decreased.


One of the most basic parts of the CO2 controller is the sensor. This guarantees the unit will turn on exactly when basic, which is in the midst of the day. Amid the night, it should, therefore, shut without any need of another person to do that. Else, you will simply wrap up wasting CO2 and essentialness.

Certification and warranty

At the correct least, you need to pick a thing that goes with a one-year ensure. The more assurance incorporation, the better. This will guarantee that the thing is anchored against defects and malfunctions and that you can rely upon fix or substitution from the maker once an issue arises, as long as it isn’t a direct result of your lack of regard.

Best CO2 Regulator Review: The verdict

If you didn’t skip anything in this review, then congrats, you know everything about the CO2 regulators, and you are also knowing which are the best picks for you available in the market.

If you don’t find anyone good among the five which I have suggested here, then you can follow the guiding portion of this review and buy the thing of your choice. Before that, let me mention that these five are the outcome of the vast testing of 30 such CO2 regulators! The choice is yours!

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