Is Weed legal in France?

Can you imagine Europe’s country with the most head counts consuming weed? It’s France! Now you must be wondering,” Is weed legal in France?” Well, read the blog to get the answer. Believe me! Your every second is worthy of spending on this interesting article.

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France is a well-known European country. We all know Eiffel Tower’s mesmerizing, picturesque villages and fantastic culture. Do you want to know what the weed culture in France is? Actually, marijuana is completely illegal in France. Unlike other European countries, France has not legalized marijuana for any purpose. Still, the country holds the top position among other countries in Europe for consuming the maximum weed.

Not to mention that France has strict cannabis laws to regulate cannabis use.

Let’s see how?

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All about Marijuana in France: History, Cannabis laws, penalties, and future


All about Marijuana in France

As we mentioned, marijuana is illegal in France. Here is the current status-

Current Status of Marijuana:

Medical cannabis: Illegal

Recreational cannabis: Illegal

Technically, there is no cannabis market in France from where you can buy weed. Law doesn’t allow to use of marijuana even for medical purposes.

Let’s check out the history of th century weed in France and the laws in our next segment.

History of cannabis in France:

Marijuana in France is not very old.

Cannabis in France was introduced by the soldiers who returned from the famous invasion of Nepolean Bonapart in 1798. That time soldiers carried hashish from Egypt when they came back. At that time, even alcohol was banned in Egypt, and Hashish helped them as a good substitute. As the years passed, cannabis popularity continually rose. And by the dawn of the nineteenth century, cannabis consumption among celebrities was quite common.

Could you remember some famous celebrities in the 19th century in France?

Victor Hugo, Pierre Gautier, Charles Baudelaire, and Alexandre Dumas are some famous names that used to consume weed. These all were associated with the Persian club Club des Hashischins.

Later, in 1953, France, a signatory of the Geneva Convention on drugs, had to ban medical cannabis. Further, by 1970, the government banned the possession and use of weed.

Cannabis Laws in France: Is Medical Cannabis legal?

Cannabis Laws in France

Now it’s time to learn about the marijuana laws in France. Strangely but France has the strictest cannabis laws. Marijuana is banned for medical and recreational use.

Cannabis laws for possession:

French people cannot possess cannabis, irrespective of the reason for keeping it. The law doesn’t bother to ask you for the cause for which you have kept cannabis products or plants. The offense is very serious and may cause harsh prosecution and penalties.

Previously, possession was completely illegal, and the offender had to pay a huge money €3,750 fine with up to a one-year prison sentence.

Isn’t the amount too big?

However, in the year 2020, the Macron government made some changes by introducing the concept of a lump-sum fine. The new law repealed the prison sentence for possession as per the previous law. Now-

An adult person is subject to a €200 fine for the possession. However, the fine would be reduced to €150 if the accused pays within 15 days, whereas the penalty can go up to €450 if the accused pay it after 45 days.

Cannabis laws for Selling weed:

It is illegal to sell cannabis, and the subject is exposed to more penalties. However, cases involving small amounts would mostly end with a warning.

Individuals indulged in dealing face as long as 10 years of jail sentence and a fine of €7.5 million. Moreover, the fine gets doubled if accused of selling weed to minors or near the school.

The law seems unpleasant to weed lovers who are visiting Paris shortly. But the French government has taken tough stances to regulate drug trafficking and consumption. The lump sum fine is also there to tackle drug dealing.

You will not find any licensed dispensary to get your weed!

It is illegal to sell cannabis, and the subject is exposed to more penalties. However, cases involving small amounts would mostly end with a warning.

Cannabis laws for growing weed:

Despite the way France has a flourishing hemp and weed creation industry, it is as yet unlawful for individuals in the country to develop marijuana plants. No doubt the wrongdoer has to face very harsh penalties.

Whenever involved in doing as such, the wrongdoer could be responsible for as long as 20 years in jail or a fine of up to €7.5 million.

Regardless of whether the individual purposes of the pot developed for individual recreational use, it is as yet viewed as a guilty offense. Be that as it may, not many weed cultivators have gotten the most extreme punishment. The adult found indulged in getting huge jail sentences are typically the people who are associated with enormous scope developing action.

Can Cannabis seeds be bought or sent to France?

Despite rigorous laws, French law allows buying and selling cannabis seeds like in many other European countries.

However, you cannot germinate these seeds for any purpose, nor can you grow cannabis plants out of them. It’s illegal, and you may face very severe consequences.

Is Medicinal cannabis legal in France? The evolution of the French national agency

France has consistently adopted an exceptionally safe strategy for medicinal cannabis yet has no perceived program.

In June 2013, French Paris leaders made medicinal marijuana legitimate, yet the law’s circumstances seriously limit who can and can’t utilize the subsidiary-based drugs.

In 2014, the French Ministry of Health endorsed the utilization of Sativex, a 1:1 THC: CBD cannabis derivative for various sclerosis (MS) patients, as it were.

MS patients should display muscle fits not eased with medicine or treatment that the doctor described. Instead, they have to get recommendations from authorized specialists.

Following this, A national French national agency for Medicines and Health products came into existence in France.

On 9th October, 2020, Health Minister Olivier Véran declared in Paris approving the principal trials with marijuana for medicinal use. Yes, it’s France’s experimental medical cannabis program.

The basic aim behind the trials wasn’t to decide the remedial adequacy of weed for medical use. Still, it was to judge the supply chain system of medical cannabis, which includes the availability to distribution and monitoring.

The trial:

You must be wondering what happened in this trial. Then, read the story below-

The trial includes 3,000 medical clinic patients in an exceptionally controlled ad closely monitored environment. Previously, it must start in September but was postponed to January 2021 due to the pandemic outbreak.

This experiment would run for two years with 170 hospitals. The trial avoids marijuana smoking from the experiment. However includes dried flowers, CBD oils, and capsules. Patients with severe circumstances like epilepsy, Chemotherapy, palliative care, neuropathic pain, and multiple sclerosis who have not done well with pharmaceutical drugs are part of this trial.

A government agency called the French National Agency researching trials claims that almost 300000- 1,0000,000 medical cannabis patients will get benefits of weed for therapeutic purposes. But, it is impossible to make weed available on prescription to everyone. However, the experts believe this would increase the habit of black marketing in the country.

Can CBD products be available in France?

The Interministerial Mission Against Drugs and Addictive Behaviour (MILDECA) allows CBD products only-

  • when the product contains THC levels up to 0.2%
  • the products are cannabis derivatives of low THC hemp plants

Therefore, you can see that France allows the use of CBD oils and products but in a restricted mode.

Is there a Hemp Industry in France?

Is there a Hemp Industry in France

This question arises in my mind after knowing about the tough laws on marijuana. Luckily, the answer is Yes!.

The Hemp Industry in France doesn’t only exist but also stands out from the other countries of Europe. Most of the hemp is used to produce paper and fiber. So it’s time to peep into the French Hemp program.

France has been cultivating hemp for centuries. As per the French hemp program, over 100,000 hectares of French land were producing hemp till the year 1800; and the harvested hemp was turned into linen, rope, natural oil, and fabric.

Soon after, hemp production declined and reduced to 700 hectares in 1960. There main reason for this is that Sailboats were no longer widely used. That was the time when synthetic fibers started dominating the market.

In recent years, the industry has recovered. A report says that at the start of the 21st century, there were around 6,000 hectares of hemp plantations, mostly in La Loire and La Sarthe.

France’s hemp strains yield (on average) eight tonnes/ hectare. According to Prohibition Partners’ European Cannabis Report, the country is now the world leader in hemp seed production and is responsible for producing 59%-60% of the world’s seeds.

Quite huge!

Furthermore, It also dominates the hemp fiber market. A recent survey in Paris and other places claim that producing over 50% of all hemp-based pulp and paper in Europe.

Public Mood on Legalization: The Hope

Public Mood on Legalization

As the world’s seventh-biggest economy, France legitimizing for personal use of weed would be immense. There have been constant demands from the public to legalize cannbis in the country. Germany sanctioning would put the discussion to the front of people groups minds.

In a data published from European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in 2019, shows that marijuana utiilization is pervasive in France. Adults between the age group from 18years to 34 years have used pot until then.While France’s public support is huge as a poll in France’s last official elections found that 52% of people favored the legalization of weed.

With the massive number of cannabis users, France has been facing continuous demands to decriminalize cannabis.

Will France move towards the legalization of weed?

Though the laws don’t show signs of legalizing marijuana any time soon, we can say it can happen in a few months. There are several reasons behind this:

  • France shares the border with Spain and Luxembourg- These countries have already legalized cannabis.
  • Similarly, in Netherlands and Connecticut- These countries may not have legalized yet but will legalize very soon. Here law enforcement is on the weaker side. Likewise, medical cannabis patients in Massachusetts go to find cheaper weed to use.
  • These situations led the government to take public opinion ahead of the elections of 2022. Where 33 parliament members asked the public about what they wanted? Surprisingly they received 200,000 responses, out of which mostly favored decriminalization.
  • One of the reasons you can hope for legalization is that the hemp industry is growing like anything in France. Legalization would lead the country towards generating more revenue and thus would support economically.
  • In a recent report, The Interministerial Mission Against Drugs and Addictive Behaviour showed signs as they said that cannabis could be legal if they contain THC upto 0.2 % only. They were just concerned about many dealers selling weed with high THC.
  • Also, government officials agree to use cannabis health products due to their unavoidable benefits.
  • In July 2018, various LREM agents, other political pioneers, and doctors distributed an open letter in Le Parisien newspaper requiring the authorization of weed, at least for medical purposes. The drive has the support of President Macron’s wife.


What type of quality of cannabis do we get in France?

The potency of weed varies but is very high.
For herbal cannabis- 0 to 28%, and for resin (hash)-0 to 70%.

Can I travel with weed to France?

No, It is illegal. You may be deported or may be sent to prison.

What if police sees me with weed?

In general, cops used to ignore unless you are indulged in some serious offense or you look extreme stonned. Court usually forgive specially the tourists.

Where to get weed in Paris?

Luckily, there are many places in Paris where you get weed. Chatelet / Strasbourg Saint-Denis, Pigalle / Blanche, and many other hotspots. try to find some potheads around.

Is weed expensive in France?

Yes, you will barely get a gram in exchange of 20 euros!

Final Words:

If we summarize the whole thing, we would say that though Paris is standing tough with marijuana by the law, there is a bright hope of getting the legal status for marijuana.

France stands fourth in the world and tops in Europe in the consumption of weed. This definitely clarifies that law enforcement is quite weak. Or we can say, from inside, somewhere, France supports the legalization.

So, there is always hope, and here it is bright enough for all pot lovers. However, wait and follow the rules to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. This is the golden rule you must follow everywhere!

So, there is always a hope and here it is a bright enough for all pot lovers. However, wait and follow the rules to avoid any unpleasant cicumstances. This is the golden rule you must follow everywhere!

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