Is weed legal in Belize? Understand the laws carefully to avoid trouble

Hey! It seems either you are moving to or traveling to Belize. If you are a stoner who can comfortably use cannabis in your country, then ahead of moving to Belize, you must know ‘ Is weed legal in Belize.’ Well, we are trying to answer here. Find out!

Belize: A small interesting Caribbean country located in Central America. Regarding marijuana, Belize has 2 faces: Mostly illegal but sometimes tolerant.

Interesting! Isn’t it? How can a country have so much contradiction? If you want to know, stick around the article until the end!

Cannabis laws in Belize: All you should know about legalizing marijuana


As of now,

Medical Marijuana: Illegal

Marijuana for personal use: Partially legal or largely tolerated

is weed legal in belize

History of weed in Belize:

Belize has a great history of cannabis use. Belize has a populace of 342,092 and has the most reduced populace thickness in Central and South America.[i] Being so little, Belize generally depends on outer assets, for example, remesas (settlement) and abroad exchange, to keep its economy working. This worldwide rise has prompted the ongoing improvement of solid and close binds with its partners yet has likewise heightened the medication dealing issue.

Cannabis development in Belize began in the locale of Corozal and Orange Walk during the 1960s. The industry was on its boom during that time.

There was a time before 1980 when Belize became the 4th largest exporter to the USA. The large-scale production of cannabis brought much monetarily remunerating business.

Sugar stick cultivators went to cannabis creation to make a decent living. In any case, cannabis creation and opiate deals didn’t end there. Belize’s open boundaries, international alliances, and the climate to thrive weed helped the country become the largest producer of weed.

Somewhere around 1994, the Belizean government started regulating drug production and use. This is because the United States supported the drug eradication drive in Belize.

Slowly, the production went down and became almost negligible.

When did Belize legalize marijuana? Evolution of The Drugs Act:

After the 2008 global recession, Belize faced a never-like bad days and never bounced back. Instead, the country’s economy fell badly, and then there were some voices raised to decriminalize the possession and cultivation of cannabis.

Slowly, more people have come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. At that time, they said that marijuana was the hope to revive the country’s economy.

After some time, in 2012, the Belizean government declared that it was thinking about the decriminalization of weed soon.

Following that, the Federal Government passed the drug law Misuse of drugs act in 2017. The bill was transformed into law the same year after the sign of the Governor-general, even after facing some opposition. The news portal breaking Belize news published the breaking news with the headline, “Belize weighs in on world weed list.”

What is the Drugs act?

In 2017, through the Drugs act, Belize put a step ahead in the right direction toward the legalization of weed. The Drugs act allows possession of up to ten grams of marijuana. A person can smoke weed on his private premises or someone’s private property with permission.

Mind that Belize does not allow cannabis use for medical purposes, cultivation or sale.

There were some amendments to the act proposed in July 2021. These amendments make the supply chain strong and legal with the help of eight separate licenses to make weed legal for personal use.

By February 2022, these guidelines were reformatted and introduced to the Belizean national government as the Cannabis Regulation and Licensing Bill.

There is no medical marijuana program in Belize. However, you can go to buy medical cannabis only if you have a doctor’s recommendation.

The Penalties:

  • Any offender, if caught dealing with opium, heroin, cocaine, or marijuana, will be subject to 2 years of imprisonment and a BZD 75,000 (approx. USD 37,000) fine. Sometimes both.
  • Possession of any amount of weed will take you to three years in prison with BZD 50,000.
  • According to the Misuse of drugs act, possession of more than 1 gms of Cacaine, 60 grams of marijuana, 2 gms of heroin, or 30 gms of opium is Drug trafficking in Belize.

The Law Enforcement in Belize

Yes, marijuana is illegal in Belize. And there are very strict laws.

Still, the police usually don’t bother if you are caught with a few grams of weed and are a Belizean. So you can say that Belize is semi-tolerant for possession of weed.

But as a tourist, you should avoid keeping marijuana or buying weed in Belize. Else, police may harass you.

Cannabis Culture in Belize:

Marijuana is normal in Belize, and it can be genuinely simple to track down cannabis even as a guest in the country.

A 2016 UN report published in Breaking Belize News named Belize as #18 among the top 30 weed-smoking nations on the planet. The report further says that an expected 8.5% of the population consumed marijuana. Like other Caribbean nations, young people are continuously demanding to legalize cannabis use. In recent years, a growing number of voices have been demanding the legalization of weed cultivation, use, and sale.

Also, some indigenous cultures in Belize have used weed for religious and spiritual purposes. They believe that marijuana has to be decriminalized as it is a traditional natural healer and can help many.

On the off chance that you are over 18 years of age and you have 10-60 gms of weed with you, the police won’t irritate you much.

You can be sure that pot/weed/Marijuana and hash are unlawful in Belize City, Belize. Individuals here adore to partake in ganja, so you shouldn’t experience difficulty tracking down vendors or significantly different smokers around the city. The police are likewise extremely loose and won’t upset you if you smoke in harmony and do not cause a situation.

As of now, the cultivation of weeds is illegal. But people are making continuous efforts to make cultivation legal. They believe their farming will get a booster dose if the cultivation of at least industrial hemp gets legal. Also, it may help in reviving the country’s economy.


Where do I get marijuana in Belize?

Belize city – the capital of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, streets, and beaches are good places where you can get the weed.

Is it safe to smoke weed in public?

Tell when you are peacefully enjoying yourself, the police won’t be after you. But if you create a nuisance, then you are definitely in trouble.

Can I trust locals for weed?

Locals are good guides. You can trust your cab drivers. They are the best source of getting weed in Belize. You can even make local friends. Once you win their trust, you will surely get some weed.

Is weed tourism there in Belize?

Weed tourism means that the country is weed-friendly or not for tourists. As our research says, weed smoking is highly tolerated in Belize. Though smoking marijuana is a quite local scene in the country, being a tourist, it is always recommended that you must stay with the country’s laws. However, you can enjoy smoking in private properties like hotels wherever you are staying.

Is weed expensive in Belize like other nations in the USA?

No, Belize, a very emerging country, even bargains a lot. So, you can get some gms of cannabis for $10-$15(USD). Talk to your cab driver; he will help you crack the best deal.

What is the future of decriminalization of cannabis in Belize?

Indeed, Belize is moving towards legalization. There are clear indications that people want to get cannabis decriminalized. However, the process is slow. We can soon see the legalization of medical cannabis and the cultivation and sale of cannabis as the country survives economic reforms.l

Will Weed be legal in Belize soon?

Though, Amendments in the Misuse of Drugs Act give hope to getting marijuana legalized very soon. But, until the government makes a law, you should wait for it and follow the laws. The progress is slow, and it will take time to see the legal status like other countries. Belize is struggling to revive back economically. thus, marijuana legalization comes as a concrete hope for them

Well, till then, enjoy the liberty of smoking on your premises!

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