Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights of 2021 to Grow Marijuana Indoors: Expert Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

If you want to grow your cannabis indoors but not sure which lights to use for the highest yields, look no further! Our experts have spent five weeks growing with all these Led grow lights to find the Best LED Grow Lights to grow cannabis indoors.

First, let’s have a look at our expert’s choice for the top 2 premium quality LED Grow Lights, and then we’ll scroll over to review the top 10 best LED Grow Lights that are essential to growing marijuana indoors. That’s not all, you will also enjoy exploring the buying guide, facts, FAQs, and image gallery of LED Grow Lights.

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This is the one-stop solution for all cannabis enthusiasts who want to grow cannabis indoors. You will learn different techniques of growing with LED lights, the types and features of LED lights, buyer’s guide, FAQs, and much more!

LEDs are viewed as some of the best indoor grow lights on the market, but there are a number of genuine brands and types out there that can be tough to sort out from the cheap and unreliable brands and models.

Modern LED Grow Lights are so effective that you can use them to replace older, higher wattage LEDs from just a couple of years back. This quantum styled LED has beaten the costly LED, which consumes TWICE the power.

To help you make an informed decision, we have this entire post to help you to pick the right Grow Light to get the best out of it. After exploring the full review, you’ll be able to pick the right one for you.

Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights in 2021 to Grow Cannabis Indoors

#1 – New Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light Review

Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review

New Spider Farmer SF-4000 is a beast LED grow light with super solid powers.


Spider Farmer SF 4000 ReviewThe LED light brings a very durable form produced using light metal. The brilliant light arrives in a quantum design board that looks very alluring.

Unlike many other LED grow lights, the Spider Farmer SF-4000W LED grow light has a fanless design, which decreases the LED’s overall weight.

This is advantageous as the requirement for adjusting lighting while at the same time growing is consistent, and a grow light that weighs less is easier to position inside your best grow tent.

Upgraded SF series LED Grow Lights have a dimming knob and light switch.

Energy Efficiency:

Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review

The light uses the latest driver technology in its Mean well driver. This driver assists with regulating the flow of light for a consistent full spectrum balance.

It also assists with its overall efficiency by not wasting energy when it does not need to.

By consuming only 450 watts of electricity, the Spider Farmer SF-4000 watt LED grow light also offers better micromoles/joules as compared to the grow lights in the market.

The current quantum lights also use brand-new versions of diodes that do not consume as much energy as the traditional diodes.


The way the Spider Farmer SF 4000 evenly spreads light over its coverage area, we think this is an extraordinary feature compared to other LED grow lights on the market.

It has excellent full-spectrum-white, blue, red, and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and IR 760nm). 3000K diodes are providing more reddish light and 5000K, providing more blueish.

The 660nm red and IR light is especially useful during bloom, where it speeds up flowering time and boosts yields.

Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review


Watts 450W
Weight 18.91 pounds
Product Dimension 25.3 x 21.1 x 2.3 inches
Vegetative Footprint 6x6ft
Flowering Footprint 5x5ft

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 SF4000 LED Grow Light
  • 2 Stainless steel hanger hook
  • 2 Adjustable rope hanger
  • 1 User manual for installation
  • 1 Power cord(US, UK, AU, EU plug available on request)
  • Gives full-spectrum and uniform light coverage to the growing space and yields
  • High-energy efficiency with a consumption of just 450 watts of electricity
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • The large and bright lamp
  • Gives high yields
  • Long-lasting as the lights can go for 50,000 hours which is proportionate to five years
  • Brings a 30-day unconditional promise and a three-year guarantee
  • Has adjustable rope hangers and hanging hooks
  • Does not have internal fans to help with heat dissipation
  • Lights can get too hot
  • Poor customer support


Check out the latest price and best deals on other New Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights from the official website.

Best Indoor LED Grow Lights in the market Watts Price
New Spider Farmer SF-1000 100W Check Price
New Spider Farmer SF-2000 200W Check Price
New Spider Farmer SF-4000 450W Check Price

#2 – PhytoMAX-2 600 LED Grow Light Review

Phyto MAX 600 Review

The PhytoMAX-2 600 watt LED by Black Dog will definitely give you the best results within its category.

The 5-watt diodes have incredible heat management as well. You will be most likely to have high-yielding plants in just a short period of time with this product.

At 630 original watts and 961 μMol/s total photon flux, the patent-pending PhytoMAX-2 600 LED growing lights will outperform any single-ended 1000W HPS light.


Phyto MAX 600 Review

The ultra-quiet, long-life fans give the best dynamic heat management in the industry, which is crucial to maximizing LED life and spectrum stability.

PhytoMAX-2 600 uses 5-watt diodes spread evenly over the PCB, which ensures even light distribution and coverage.

This design reduces hot spots and leaf burn, compared to other LED grow lights, which contain less powerful LEDs over the equipment and can prompt hotspot issues.

The power-packed design of this model offers great results, and you won’t think of changing it soon enough.

Energy Efficiency:

Phyto MAX 600 Review

At 630 watts, this light uses less power than its competitors. But Black Dog lights do not have an adjustable spectrum or even separate modes for veg and bloom.

The heat output system is Black Dog’s biggest plus point as their advanced heat control is what allows them to pack their fixtures with powerful 5-watt diodes and not endure the consequences of their increased heat output.


Black Dog fixtures distribute their light considerably more evenly throughout the coverage territory.

While you get less power on the inside than some lights, you get more power on the outside of the coverage region and more average power overall.

A typical complaint about most LED lights is poor canopy penetration. Most LEDs genuinely don’t give you a similar penetration as a powerful 1000 watt HPS bulb.

That is not an issue here, however. Black Dog uses just 5-watt chips in their lights, which means they have the intensity to enter profoundly into the canopy, just like HPS light.

Phyto MAX 600 Review


Footprint Area
Average PPFD*
Hanging Height
Max. Recommended Vegetative 6.5 x 6.5 211 47
Max. Recommended Flower 5 x 5 356 36
Medium Recommended Flower** 3.75 x 3.75 634 27
Smallest Recommended Flower** 3 x 3 990 21

* Average PPFD measurements are over the entire footprint, edge-to-edge, and corner-to-corner, depending on intelligent surroundings or contiguous lights.

** When growing in a region smaller than the Medium Recommended Flower Footprint, CO2 supplementation is generally required to utilize the additional light.


True Wattage 630W
LED Wattage 1260W
Number of LEDs 252
Weight 32lb (14.5kg)
Product Dimension 18.75″ x 18.75″ x 5.13″
Vegetative Footprint 6.5′ x 6.5′
Flowering Footprint 5′ x 5′

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 PhytoMAX-2 grow light
  • An 8-foot, 14 gauge 120V North American outlet (NEMA 5-15) power cord
  • 1 pair commercial LED hanger clips
  • 1 pair heavy-duty ratcheting light hangers
  • Very powerful watt diodes that give canopy penetration like to HPS
  • Incredible heat control
  • The spectrum is perfect for vegging and flowering
  • High yields
  • 5-year guarantee
  • The spectrum cannot be changed
  • A bit high in cost


Check out the latest price and best deals on other PhytoMax-2 LED Grow Light models from the official website.

Premium-Quality LED Grow Lights Watts Price
PhytoMAX-2 200 LED Grow Light 210W Check Price
PhytoMAX-2 400 LED Grow Light 420W Check Price
PhytoMAX-2 600 LED Grow Light 630W Check Price
PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light 840W Check Price
PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED Grow Light 1050W Check Price

#3 – PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED Grow Light Review

Phyto MAX 1000 Review

If you want a more powerful indoor grow light, then PhytoMAX 1000 may be the one that you are looking for.

PhytoMAX 1000 is the perfect LED grow light for your favorite plants if you are planning to have a high-yielding plant.


Phyto MAX 1000 Review

It is designed well. It has fans on the sides rather than at the bottom. With glass lenses, the PhytoMAX-2 1000 guarantees durability and cleanability.

Black Dog LED grow lights have the best electric heat board in the industry, vital to increase LED efficiency, life, and spectrum stability.

Moreover, it has the biggest heat sink among commercial LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life.

For the individuals who don’t care for the cost, this is an ultra-quiet model with long-life fans, which has a 70,000+ hour evaluated lifespan.

Energy Efficiency:

Phyto MAX 1000 Review

This beast is designed to distribute light without the light-robbing glass cover, which betters and dissipates heat more productively with the new calmer fans.

The PhytoMAX-2 1000 is more productive and powerful than any double-ended (DE) HPS. These grow lights better penetrate reliable canopies to create a superior yield with higher quality flowers and more trichomes.

Not just that, but it also saves money on the electrical, cooling, reflector, and bulb replacement costs.

PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED grow lights are the best worth per watt of any commercial LED grow lights with a 6-12 month average return on investment.


The PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED grow lights are the most brilliant, highest-power LED grow lights on the market.

It has the most significant proven footprint of any LED grow light with up to 6.5′ X 6.5′ (42 square feet!) of flowering footprint coverage!

Phyto MAX 1000 Review


Footprint Area
Average PPFD*
Hanging Height
Max. Recommended Vegetative 8 x 8 232 57
Max. Recommended Flower 6.5 x 6.5 352 47
Medium Recommended Flower** 5 x 5 596 36
Smallest Recommended Flower** 4 x 4 930 29

* Average PPFD measurements are over the entire footprint, edge-to-edge, and corner-to-corner, based on intelligent surroundings or neighboring lights.

** When growing in a region smaller than the Medium Recommended Flower Footprint, CO2 supplementation is generally required to utilize the additional light.

It is a commercial-grade LED grow light, which is ETL certified to UL health standards. With the unique no-glass design, it conveys up to 8% more light to your plants.


True Wattage 1050W
LED Wattage 2,100W
Number of LEDs 420
Weight 53lb (24kg)
Product Dimension 21″ x 21″ x 7″
Vegetative Footprint 8′ x 8′
Flowering Footprint 6.5′ x 6.5′

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 PhytoMAX-2 grow light
  • An 8-foot, 14 gauge 120V North American outlet (NEMA 5-15) power cord
  • 1 pair commercial LED hanger clips
  • 1 pair heavy-duty ratcheting light hangers
  • Easy setup
  • The LEDs used in this grow light are under-driven so that its lifespan will be extended and increase its efficiency
  • The fixtures ooze heat that can be used to improve the temperature inside the grow room
  • More than 6 years of exploration and testing
  • Full-spectrum advancement for plant growth
  • Fans are on the side instead of the top
  • Probably won’t be suitable for smaller growth
  • It has bigger fixtures
  • Emits as much heat as a 1000 watt HID bulb
  • The high quality accompanies a higher cost


By taking a good look at these models by Black Dog, we can say that they have been doing the best they can to demonstrate to us. They are among the best full spectrum LED grow lights.


#4 – BESTVA Samsum Series 600W COB LED Grow Light Review

Bestva Samsum Series 600W Review

The Bestva LED grow light is your ball to roll if you have a limited budget but desire to grow high-quality cannabis indoors.

This grow light is especially useful to large scale growers and expert marijuana growers.

Samsum series 600W COB LED grow light by Bestva has twice as efficient covering space than any Reflector Series LED lights, it is perfect for a 2′ x 2.2′ growing tent at 24″ height.


Bestva Samsum Series 600W Review

The use of 5mm thick integral aluminum structure radiators instead of multiple dispersed radiators has better heat dissipation than other lights.

The integral aluminum radiator is in the center of the LED light structure. Part of you might see it, and the whole aluminum radiator that can’t be seen is over the light board inside the luminaire. It cools better than its competitors.

With two separate switches, you can easily adjust luminous power and spectrum by switching VEG or BLOOM.

Energy Efficiency:

Bestva Samsum Series 600W Review

Compared to 400-watt HPS while consuming only 132 watts, this LED not only saves your cash but offers the highest yields!

You also do not have to bother about big electricity bills or constant maintenance as the light does not consume too much electricity and has a quite long lifespan.


Bestva full spectrum LED 600w grow light incorporates optical lens technology. 90 degrees lighting angle feature is much better than the famous market LED grow lights with a 140-degree lighting angle.

Reducing light waste boosts maximum penetration to increase light by 30% with higher PAR values than any other brand.

Bestva Samsum Series 600W Review


True Wattage 132W
Weight 5.71 pounds
Coverage Area 2.0ft x 2.2ft at 24″ Height
Product Dimension 11.4×7.9×2.8 inches

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 ELITE-600W LED grow light
  • 1 6ft Power cord
  • 1 Hanging kits
  • 1 User manual
  • Dual-Chip 10W SAMSUM LEDs
  • Full-spectrum
  • Strong design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Adequate heat management system
  • It is not waterproof
  • For indoor use only
  • Produces an incredibly bright light


#5 – BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light Review

Bestva DC 2000W Review

Bestva Spectrum has been created by indoor growers after much careful experimentation and testing.

It is scientifically engineered to keep the offset with high lumen and suitable coverage.


Bestva DC 2000W Review

The Bestva 2000W LED light features highly reliable and solid quality materials starting from the shell on the outside, all the way to the board, and the LED chips on the inside.

The openings on the aluminum board and the glass make heat convection, running 50~60℉ lower than some other lights.

Keeping heat off of the plants is necessary. It uses self-cooling aluminum and a unique heat sink design, which amplifies the heat dissipation territory. The LEDs used in Bestva maintain a cooler temperature even after 24 hours of continuous use.

Energy Efficiency:

Bestva DC 2000W Review

The inbuilt double chip(10W) LEDs are a lot more bright and more effective than regular 3w, and 5w LED grow lights.

It spares 90% energy compared to HPS or HID. Beat HPS/HID and traditional LED Light with this excellent LED grow light! This LED compares to 1400 watt HPS while consuming just 390 watts!

Bestva DC Series 2000W covers twice as much effective area than any Reflector Series lights. It is perfect for 7.8ft x 7.5ft growing space at 24″ height.


The Bestva color spectrum is actually what plants require for any stage of growth. This model has a dimmable full-spectrum light that is essential for your indoor plants to grow happily and produce high yields.

Full-spectrum 2000 watt LED grow lights are useful to plants, vegetables, and flowers indoor growing at all stages, just like in the everyday sunshine.

The unique proportions of Blue/Red/White Spectrum available in this model are based on 10 years of exploration and testing. The plant can fully absorb it to photosynthesis.

It is the best LED grow light for fast growth and high yield and ensures a high THC ingather.

Bestva DC 2000W Review


True Wattage 390W
Weight 9.61lb
Coverage Area 7.8ft x 7.5ft at 24″ Height
Product Dimension 20.67 x 8.46 x 2.36 inch

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 BESTVA 2000W LED grow light
  • 1 6ft Power cord
  • 1 Hanging kits
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Adjustable rope
  • 1 Grow room glasses
  • Perfect full-spectrum light
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Energy-effective and brighter double chip LEDs
  • Selectable full spectrum
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Accompanies an adjustable daisy chain
  • IR and UV spectrums prevent plant disease and microscopic organisms
  • The light isn’t waterproof
  • Short power cord
  • Likely to lose an entire line of LEDs if damaged
  • Turn off the lights for about 20 mins after 7-8 hours working


#6 – VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light Review

Viparspectra 600W Review


Viparspectra 600W Review

The Viparspectra reflector series uses Bridgelux and Epileds in their light systems. These are well-known LEDs known to offer outstanding results.

The Viparspectra 600W LED grow light is scientifically designed in order to benefit as much as possible from it in the indoor spaces of the growers where they intend to grow their indoor marijuana.

The Viparspectra 600W Reflector grow light has 120 LED bulbs, which are 5W each on its board in order to enlighten your grow tent to the most extreme conceivable extent.

It is vital to furnish your indoor cannabis plants with as much light as they have to grow into high-quality plants.

Probably the best element of these lights is that it has bloom and veg switches. This means you don’t need to change your lighting system with each pattern of your growth. Just flip the switch, and your lights adjust to the plant’s growth cycle.

Energy Efficiency:

Viparspectra 600W Review

All of the Viparspectra reflector models are ideal full-spectrum LED lights that accompany the veg and bloom switches.

They also have power cords as well as aluminum cooling heat sinks, and 4.72-inch high speed cooling fans that keep temperatures low and improved heat dissipation.

When it comes to power consumption, you may think that a 600W grow light is going to actually pull the entire 600W from the wall and going to give you a migraine with the electricity bills for the remainder of your lives.

However, this may be correct in the cases of cheap and low-quality grow lights available in the market, but won’t be true for the Viparspectra 600W Reflector grow light! This one is the real bargain!


The Viparspectra 600w LED grow light offers a light spectrum that includes infrared as well as 3000K, 7500K. These lights also include 440nm – 730nm.

The shade of light created by Viparspectra’s 600W reflector is purple, and a hint of pink can be seen with bloom mode on.

These spectrums are essential for your plants to grow and flourish while copying typical sunlight. You can use similar lights throughout their lifecycle, which is an extraordinary benefit and sets aside your cash.

Viparspectra 600W Review


True Wattage 260W±3%
Weight 11.6 lbs
Vegetative Footprint 3×3 ft
Flowering Footprint 2.5×2.5 ft
Product Dimension 15.3×12.8×3 inches

What’s in the Box:

  • Viparspectra 600W Reflector grow light
  • A daisy-chaining cord
  • A hanging kit
  • A user manual
  • A power cord
  • Full-spectrum
  • Well-adjusted PAR output
  • Spares electricity
  • Long-lasting
  • Need to wear insurance glasses if you need to take a gander at the light directly
  • Doesn’t have a clock
  • The device isn’t waterproof


As far as the Viparspectra 600W LED grow light is concerned, it is one of the best LED grow lights. If you are a learner in the indoor cannabis-growing business, we highly suggest the Viparspectra 600W LED grow light for you.


#7 – Phlizon CREE COB Series 2000W LED Grow Light Review

Phlizon COB Series 2000W Review

Phlizon CREE Cob Series LED grow lights are the best low-budget lights on the market these days. They are almost like the Optic LED lights, but they cost you less and deliver more output.


Phlizon COB Series 2000W Review

Cree COB LEDs- Cree COB is appreciated for its high power and durability. Cree COB offers more brightness, less thermal resistance, less light attenuation, and longer lifespan.

One point in favor of this model is that it arrives with everything you require to set up the grow light for the first time.

For instance, it comes with the hanging kit, power cables, and temperature sensor. You also get a pair of protective glasses to secure your eyes.

Energy Efficiency:

Phlizon COB Series 2000W ReviewPhlizon brand grow lights are high powered, yet they consume very little power. This is one of the most energy-efficient LED grow lights in the market.

The output on this light is pretty unique, primarily when you run it at full power. It is nearly equivalent to an 800 watt HID system.

Cut down the power usage and lower your bills!

Eliminate the consumption of supplying spectrums not required for a plant-specific growth cycle. The LEDs by Phlizon allows you to save maximum at the actual power of the only 450watt!


The two most compelling points of the Phlizon COB lights are the high output and the entire spectrum for plants.

This model features 4 COBs: two release a warm white light with a color temperature of 3000K, and the other two emit a cold white light with a color temperature of 6000K.

10w diodes supplement the COBs:

  • 68 are red (660 and 630 nm)
  • 10 are blue (470 nm)
  • 6 are cold white (6500K)
  • 4 are warm white (3000K)
  • 4 are UV, and 4 are IR

They collectively form a color spectrum with peaks in the red and blue wavelengths and the right amount of light in between.

This is the perfect light for plants and will take them through every growing stage of development.

Phlizon COB Series 2000W Review


True Wattage 400W
Weight 15.51 pounds
Coverage Area 3.9×3.9- 4.1×4.1ft
Product Dimension 12.2 x 3.15 x 21.26 inches

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 Phlizon CREE Cob Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light
  • 1 Power cord
  • 1 Protective glass
  • 1 Humidity meter
  • Hangers and hooks
  • Well-arranged Cree COBs
  • Full-spectrum ability
  • Best PPFD values in the section
  • Highly effective light
  • Huge coverage area
  • Easy to replace modules
  • Not waterproof
  • No remote control
  • Cannot be daisy-chained


#8 – KING PLUS 3000W

Top 15 Best LED Grow Lights Reviews That Will Make Your Marijuana Thrive - FREE Buyers Guide Included!

Nearly 400 buyers on Amazon have rated this high output LED grow light at 4.4 stars!


This one of the most popular Grow Light when it comes to choosing high-power LED grow lights online. It features dual 10 Watt LED bulbs which produce more brightness than the regular 3W and 5W ones.

Any grow light becomes best when it has a delicate balance between the Lumen and PAR ratio. The manufacturer has specially designed this grow light so that this ratio stays balanced all the time, and you get the best optimum light for your weed plants.

Furthermore, King Plus 3000 W grow light is a full-spectrum light, which means that it will provide your plants light, which is very similar to the sunlight.

You will get an overall warranty period of 3 years with this grow light, along with that, you will also get great and very helpful customer support.

If you compare this grow light with a regular 3000 Watt HPS or MH lighting system, this Grow Light uses only 615 Watt. This means that replacing your old lighting setup with this best indoor LED grow light will save you money on your bills.

Lastly, there are 3 cooling fans installed in this grow light, which will help keep things on the cooler side. These are high-speed fans that will work alongside the aluminum heat sinks to push out the hot air continuously when the light is running.

Usage Instructions
  • Hanging height: 4.5 feet to 5.5 feet
  • Vegetative stage duration: 12 to 14 hours
  • Flowering stage duration: 9 to 12 hours
  • Fruiting stage duration: 7 to 8 hours
Best things about this grow light?
  • The lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • High ratings on Amazon.
  • Full-spectrum light along with UV and IR LEDs.
  • All the LEDs are made by reputed company Epistar.
  • Saves electricity.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Brighter, efficient, and cooler than other similar lights.
  • Huge output power capacity.

If you are looking to buy the best high-power LED grow light, then this an ideal choice for you. It has got an output power of 3000 Watts along with a great cooling system and full-spectrum light. With the 3-year warranty, you can use it without any stress. Check out the price today on Amazon.


#9 – Roleadro Galaxyhydro 2000W

Top 15 Best LED Grow Lights Reviews That Will Make Your Marijuana Thrive - FREE Buyers Guide Included!

One of the great things about this high output LED grow light is that it can be daisy-chained. So, if you have a huge indoor marijuana growing facility and your existing lighting system does not cover it, then you can buy a few of this Roleadro grow lights and use them with a single electric outlet.

The 2000W output is thrown out by 200 pieces 10 Watt LEDs which include white LEDs, IR LEDs, and UV LEDs. The mixture of all kinds of LEDs is very important for the plant to grow healthy and quick.

Roleadro has also added more RED LED diodes to ensure that your indoor cannabis plants are stimulated and give you more than the usual amount of harvest.

This is the best LED grow light for a 3X3 Grow tent. You can even increase this coverage area to 4X4 if you like.

To make sure the grow light does not overheat during the operational period, the manufacturer has added 2 high speed controllable fans inside it. These fans are also accompanied by an aluminum heat sink to enhance the airflow.

The grow light is very quiet when it’s running, along with that, it is efficient and cooler than other similar lights as well.

The overall lifespan of this light is 50,000 hours. Additionally, you will get a 2-year warranty period along with a 30 days guaranteed return.

What are the best features of this grow light?
  • Includes white, red IR, and UV LEDs.
  • Full-spectrum light, same as sunlight.
  • Affordable Led Grow Light considering the huge output.
  • Daisy-chaining available.
  • Very efficient cooling system.
  • 50,000 hours’ lifespan.
  • CE, RoHS, and FCC certified for safety and performance.
  • 4 stars rating on Amazon.
  • 200 pieces of 10W bright LEDs.

Roleadro has done a great job at pricing this LED grow light. You get a huge output power capacity, great cooling system, and your money’s worth when buying this good LED grow light. This grow light is suitable for everyone, including those who want to daisy chain multiple lights and increase the effective coverage area for their indoor marijuana plants.


#10 – Yehsence 1500W LED

Yehsence 1500W Review

Yehsence is a well-reputed brand as LED grow light manufacturer in the market. They are always keen to deliver a high-quality product.

Many growers have already operated this comparatively new and upcoming brand.

If you want an affordable, but the best LED grow light for your marijuana, then the Yehsence 1500W is one to consider.


Yehsence 1500W Review

The design is well-constructed with the 3 pcs cooling fans and aluminum LED mounting board heat sink. The thermal silicone-coated LED sources also work hard to manage efficient heat dissipation.

Yehsence has a daisy chain functionality to scale up your garden easily. This feature allows you to connect multiple lights simultaneously. Therefore, you can place them equal to each other, working at 2.3A each.

Energy Efficiency:

Yehsence 1500W Review

The most common objection of indoor growers is a light with high heat emission. With the Yehsence 1500w, you won’t see significant temperature variations.

The 1500w LED grow light input voltage AC85-265V. The LED grow light can easily beat the traditional 1500 watt HPS/MH while using only 265 total watts!

Every 15w valve holds 3 LED chips (5w each), which are brighter than those of single or double chips. This gives more usable light for plants and is much brighter and productive than double and single-chip LEDs.

Let your plants experience the closest possible option to natural sunshine.


Every time you buy an LED grow light, make sure it has a full-spectrum for the proper growth of your plants, and you get high yields.

The other LED lights usually reach 5.4 X 5.4 feet, but with this light, it can cover a maximum of 6.5 X 6.5 feet. As an indoor grow light, it has a perfect coverage area.

Yehsence 1500W Review


True Wattage 265W
Weight 6.5 pounds
Coverage Area 64″*64″(5.4*5.4ft)
Product Dimension 15.7×8.2×2.9 inch

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 1500W LED grow light
  • 1 US Plug power cord
  • 1 Adjustable hanger
  • 1 Hanging kit
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • Enough PAR value
  • Triple chip LEDs
  • Daisy-chaining socket available
  • Integrated growing stage switch
  • Suitable for small, medium and large grow places
  • Intense and central focused light output
  • Relatively high power draw
  • Efficiency needs improvement


Black Dog PhytoMax-2 Series Review

Best LED Grow Lights - Black Dog Series Review
Black Dog PhytoMax-2 Series Review

PhytoMAX-2 is Black Dog’s most recent product offering, and it’s available in various power settings.

Black Dog LED’s patent-pending PhytoMAX-2 range of LED indoor grow lights expands on more than 6 years of experience with indoor greenhouse lighting, incorporating various mechanical and engineering advancements to convey remarkable PAR levels and efficiency to increase growth.

The PhytoMax – 2 series includes:

  • PhytoMAX-2 200
  • PhytoMAX-2 400
  • PhytoMAX-2 600
  • PhytoMAX-2 800
  • PhytoMAX-2 1000

Features of the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® of PhytoMAX-2 Series Models:

  • The most proficient spectrum for growing plants, based on more than 6 years of research and testing, outperforming HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, fluorescent, and “white,” so-called “full-spectrum” LEDs in equivalent wattage tests
  • One perfect spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages reduces stalling associated with spectrum changes, for example, switching from MH to HPS
  • True full spectrum ranging from UVA to NIR (365-750nm) goes Beyond PAR™ for extreme flowering and vegetative plant cycles
  • Appears white to natural eyes, allowing easy determination of the health of the plant
  • Targets not just photosynthetic (chlorophyll/carotenoid) tops but also:
  • Increases THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants/vitamins, and pigmentation with UV light
  • Includes close infrared (NIR) light to help photosynthetic efficiency through the Emerson Effect
  • Reduces internodal spacing to direct more of your plants’ vitality to flowers and leaves, instead of stems

How to Set up PhytoMAX-2 Grow Lights?

Hang it up. Plug it in. Turn it on. It’s that simple. There’s no additional preparation or setup required!

Black Dog Series Review

The PhytoMAX-2 series includes an adaptable driver evaluated for 120VAC or 240VAC. The unit is delivered with a 120VAC power cord, so if a 240VAC cord is required, you need to mention it at the time of ordering.

Hanging stature varies for every one of the different lights and for the vegetative and flowering footprint. As stated previously, it ensures you have enough freedom to hang the PhytoMAX-2 grow light in your grow room or tent.

You can use the flowering footprint sizes for vegetative growth. However, you may need to increase the use of fertilizer and CO2 to utilize the additional light if you are vegging in an area smaller than the medium recommended flowering footprint.

New Spider Farmer SF Series Review

Spider Farmer was established in 2015. It has progressed significantly since then, always being committed to giving its customers the most recent and best technology for indoor plant LED grow lighting.

They also design and sell grow kits systems and grow tents, to achieve their name as a farmer.

New Spider Farmer SF series includes:

  • New Spider Farmer SF-1000
  • New Spider Farmer SF-2000
  • New Spider Farmer SF-4000

How to Set Up New Spider Farmer SF Grow Lights?

The SF-1000 is incredibly easy to set up and get running. No assembly is required, as you can remove the grow light directly from the crate; everything is prepared to use right away.

You just have to plug it in and turn it on. It uses high-quality Samsung LED diodes. The grow light board can be situated in several different angles or styles.

This probably won’t appear a very serious deal, but it means you won’t need to supplant the LEDs very often since the parts are so well made.

Besides, the Samsung diodes make better canopy light penetration and furnish 40% higher yields with less energy, even compared to other red and blue light boards.

It’s also designed without a fan, which creates less commotion and makes it perfect for indoor cultivation.

LED or HPS — Which One is The Best?

There’s a lot of dispute among growers about whether HID lights (HPS and Metal Halide) are better than LEDs. But the truth is, one isn’t holistically better than the other; it just depends on your requirements and preferences for your growth.

In the photometric study, LED grow lights seriously beat HPS grow lights. This is mainly down to the wavelengths of light the grow lights offer.

Plants need light beyond the red and blue spectrum to fulfill all of their biological functions. LED grow lights mostly have the full-spectrum designed, including infrared and ultraviolet, with up to twelve distinct colors of diodes.

It can also set its balance of how it creates those kinds of light so that it’s always right for your plant’s growing stages.

The HPS spectrum is less efficient, because plants need very little yellow light, and most of the HPS light output is yellow. This means loss of light and money and lots of extra heat. HID custom lighting, such as metal halide, presents many of the same restrictions.

Find The Best LED Grow Lights for Your Cannabis Growth

When you plan for growing cannabis in an indoor setup, one of the most critical decisions is what kind of lights to use for maximum benefit.

There are many varieties of grow light fixtures, including High-Intensity Discharge or HID grow lights, Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide, and regular old standard Fluorescent Lights.

However, as the best all-around indoor plant grow lights, we recommend LED (Light Emitting Diodes) grow lights.

LED grow lights are comparatively new to the marijuana growing scenario. They have become wildly successful over the last few years with their ability to provide high yields while staying cold and using a moderate amount of power.

LED Grow Lights: Smart and Effective Solution- Buying Guide 2021

LED is a short form used for light-emitting diodes. These lights have swiftly come down in cost, and home breeders have started to switch to use them as their new and better lighting alternative.

These lighting systems create less heat, arrive ready to plug-and-play, and deliver high yields with incredible energy competence. Whereas the competitors of LED grow light need a reflector and ballast to operate, LED lights do not.

LED grow lights can last for a longer period of time, whereas other ordinary bulbs will frequently need to be changed every couple of years.

One of the prime reasons LED grow lights are considered the best is the spectrum they provide.

Features of LED Grow Lights

  • Spectrum/uniformity
  • Power
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability/Durability

Let’s see how LEDs are beneficial and the drawbacks it has.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Grow Lights


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cooler Temperature
  • Longer Lifespan
  • The spectrum
  • Size Variation


  • Power Level
  • Upfront Price
  • Risk of Light Burn
  • Lack of Standard Specs

Why Do You Need LED Grow Lights?

There are definitely many advantages to going with LED grow lights, but whether they’re the best option for indoor cultivation depends on some factors.

For many expert growers, the moderate temperature, efficiency, lifespan, size, and coverage of LEDs make them perfect for the indoor cultivation of their plants.

Types of LED Grow Lights

There are 3 basic types of LEDs that are most generally used for growing marijuana. Each type of model has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are better for some circumstances than others.

1) Spread

Many smaller LEDs reached out over a wide area. Examples of this style involve Quantum Boards, Rack, and Spider style LED grow lights.

  • Quantum Board

The title “Quantum Board LED Grow Light” was introduced by Horticulture Lighting Group, though the name is now sometimes utilized for any LED in this form.

They have comparatively low wattage diodes, which are divided out over a large area on board.

  • Spider LED

The Spider style LEDs are just like Quantum Boards since every single diode is laid out evenly and tends to be on the smaller side. They are fixed on a panel with “arms” like a spider instead of a solid board.

These are typically high in price, but breeders who use them surely get better results than any other type of grow light.

2) Traditional Panel

The conventional panel LEDs have small to medium wattage diodes, and the lights tend to be more compact. Most LED grow lights accessible today are in this style. These are kind of halfway between a Quantum Board and a COB Style light.

There are Hybrid LED grow lights also available in the market that contain a blend of big and small LEDs and unique design factors that combine and match between all the styles.

3) COB Style

These grow lights utilize huge COB (Chip on Board) LED bulbs. Each COB is extremely bright and powerful because they contain many LED chips in a small area. COBs produce a brighter light than other types of LEDs, and each COB uses a significant volume of electricity.

Instead of possessing dozens of small diodes, COB LED grow lights typically only have a few big COBs, each with durable lenses to focus the light down into the plant.

  • AutoCOBs

It’s also typical to see LED grow lights that only have one COB per light. These make it simple to spread your light over a growing area, one lamp at a time. Sometimes they are recognized as AutoCOBs.

Things to Know Before Buying LED Grow Lights

There are so many essential factors while picking the best LED Grow Light. Here are the most significant ones:

  • The Requirements of the Plant

Light cycles can severely affect your plants’ growth and potency. Some plants need full brightness from a high-intensity source, and others might get blotted out or burned with too much, so you need to make sure what kind of output your plants need before buying grow light.

  • Spectrum

Grow light spectrum indicates the electromagnetic wavelengths of light generated by a light source to boost plant growth.

LED grow lights help balance plant production due to their full light spectrum abilities, low heat loss and maintenance, and long lifespan. LED grow lights can efficiently increase yield in plants at particular times in the growth cycle.

  • Energy Efficiency

Full-spectrum LEDs save more energy, too. They are reliable, normally, run cool without extra fans, and cost less in electricity bills.

The higher the output (wattage), the more electricity you’ll be consuming, but not proportionately. If you want 1000 watts instead of 500, you still won’t see double as much power dissipation.

  • Control and Customization

Remember that you need to change the light duration depending on the growth cycle to ensure that your plants flourish.

Don’t go with manufacturer specs, particularly when it comes to the coverage space. Your LED grow light system simply has to meet the right area for your plants.

PRO TIP: If you’re growing with a hydroponic method, you need to have access to the real power and water sources for that arrangement and your lights. This might require some planning in a smaller space.

  • Estimating Your Budget

This is critical but obviously necessary. Higher-end lights often provide better results, but a budget only works if each part fits. Beginners may want to select less costly grow lights to get expertise.

The LED grow light is not the only component you’ll require for your indoor grow operation. Your budget also has to include soil, fertilizers, nutrients, filters, grow tents, and various other equipment.

Since quality is the ultimate goal, brand matters, you need to do proper research before going for your final purchase.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying LED Grow Lights

One of the biggest blunder growers do is the absence of research before beginning your marijuana cultivation! The following are the most common mistakes people do with LED lights. Read them carefully and try to avoid them:

  1. Buying the inferior quality lights
  2. Overwater the plants when the cycle changes
  3. Overheating the plants
  4. Adjusting the distance incorrectly
  5. Wrong spectrum
  6. Incorrect schedule
  7. Not maintaining the lights
  8. Focusing only on lights – not on other growing factors
  9. Crowding too many plants under one light
  10. Forgetting to adjust the light

‘DIY’ LED Grow Lights

Are you discouraged by the costs of high-quality LED Grow Lights?

To be honest, some of the Commercial LED Grow Lights work like Christmas lights rather than glowing with full-spectrum photon delivery. So, this article will show you the steps to make your own custom LED Grow Light!

LED Grow Lights In Action!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LED Grow Lights

Q1: How does LED Grow Lights work?

A1: Fundamentally, LED grow lights are unique in that they emit light within the spectrum that corresponds to optimal plant absorption capabilities (red and blue). As they are directional, they need no reflectors or ballasts like HID lighting.

Q2: How many watts are needed per plant for LED Grow Lights?

A2: The number of watts per plant will depend on how many square feet each plant takes up. As a rule, you’ll get the best harvest with about 35 watts per square foot for LEDs, and 45 watts per square foot for HIDs. Keep in mind that these are the actual wattage pulled from the wall; it may vary.

Q3: Are LED lights good Grow Lights for indoor marijuana growing?

A3: Primarily for indoor growers, LED grow lights are the best for weed throughout its growth cycle. They are created based on photosynthetic wavelengths and have the diodes to deliver the right kinds of light.

Q4: How much lifespan for LED Grow Lights is considered reasonable?

A4: It is impossible. Conventional models claim up to 50,000 hours of growing time, while premium LED grow lights can last as long as an astounding 100,000 hours. It all depends on your final goal and how long you use it, but there is no ambiguity that LEDs know to be the best light for growing marijuana.

Q5:What is Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)?

A5: Photosynthetically Active Radiation or PAR denotes the wavelength that plants use to create power. Different plants thrive with different light varieties, so it’s best to cover as many wavelengths that emit PAR as possible.

Q6: Which is the best LED Grow Light for a 4X4 grow tent?

A6: Most of the people who grow marijuana indoors have a 4X4 grow tent. If you’re one of them, then buy the Viparspectra PAR1200 LED grow light today.

It is the perfect LED grow light for a 4X4 grow tent. It has 5 cooling fans and a high power output which will be surely of help during growing marijuana.

Q7: Which is the best LED Grow Light for a 2X2 grow tent?

A7: Recordcent 1000W LED grow light is really great and is one of the perfect LED grow lights for 2X2 grow tents and stealth cabinets.

Q8: Which is the cheapest LED Grow Light?

A8: If you are after the cheapest LED grow light in 2021, then we would recommend the Maxisun 300W grow light.

This is really very cheap and has a very high power output capacity. If you are a beginner and do not want to invest a lot of money at this starting stage, then we would recommend you to go for this Grow Light.

Q9: Which is the overall best LED Grow Light?

A9: Well, if you are not worried about the budget aspect, then it is very wise to buy the very best that you can find. Having the great LED grow light will really show up in the amount of yield and health your plants generate.

We would recommend the Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED grow light. You will not have to worry about a thing after getting this grow light. It is the best grow light on our list.

Q10: How cannabis plants use “man-made” lights to grow and thrive?

A10: Plants make their food by using oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. But to make food out of these raw materials, they will need light. You might already know about photosynthesis, right? Giving a full spectrum light source to marijuana plants will make them start the photosynthesis process and eventually grow and start fruiting buds.

Therefore, giving a proper light source to cannabis plants is fundamental to achieve the highest quality yields and dense, tasty, and aromatic buds.

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Bring Out The Best From Your Cannabis Plant!

If you’re looking for discreet growing light, LED Grow Lights and Fluorescent Grow Lights are the most suitable options. Different alternatives work best for different surroundings, so pick the one that’s best for you and work to its benefits.


Premium Quality LED Grow Lights

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Spider Farmer SF 4000 - Best LED Grow Light

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Phyto MAX 1000 Review

PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED Grow Lights – Best Seller!

Once you have selected the right light for your requirements, you can start growing marijuana after you have decided on the soil type, your fertilizer choices, and a few other things, of course!

We hope that this in-depth article about the best LED grow light for indoor marijuana growing will help you get the best out of it! 

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Because sometimes, a little weed is all you need!