Is Weed Legal in Greece? Know the laws before your visit

Is weed legal in Greece? Yes, but partially. Want to know more! Read ahead!

Greece has moved its steps forward in legalizing cannabis in Greece. And now weed is half or partially legal in Greece. So it was a long battle to make marijuana legal.

According to Wikipedia, in 2017, the Greek government legalized medical cannabis. However, recreational cannabis in Greece is still prohibited. After making medical cannabis legal for one year, the Greek government made cannabis production and cultivation legal though the right to cannabis cultivation is restricted to only pharmaceutical companies.

Do you know that Greece is the sixth Eu country among European country that have made medicinal cannabis legal after the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain?

Whether you’re a Greek occupant or arranging a visit, this guide will give you all you want to be familiar with the legitimate and down-to-earth parts of purchasing seeds from seed banks and developing marijuana seeds in Greece.

Cannabis in Greece: What the Greek government made legal?


is weed legal in greece

Unquestionably, the Greek government’s softening attitude towards medical marijuana has received a warm welcome from the citizens of Greece.

But how was it started? Let’s see the journey.

History of weed in Greece

As per the records, ancient greeks used hemp fibers a lot for garments and other products. In the 1890s. Greece outlawed the growing of cannabis plants and their use, buying and selling cannabis in any form. During the Greko- Turkey war and World war I, Soldiers and people in Turkey started using cannabis to find solace and rejuvenate themselves from chronic pain and depression.

Marijuana plants thrive in Greek hot, dry, and humid climate. People observed its benefits on animals and humans healthwise. Also, they knew that cannabis in Greece could make them wealthier.

Legalizing cannabis products in nearby Greece countries has also played a major role.

Then, many Greek soldiers and the people who returned from Turkey after the war brought the culture of hashish and weed to Greece. And the local people started enjoying it despite the ban.

Therefore, they started demanding legalization. In fact, in 2015, ‘a prostetival’ was organized in Athens, where hundreds of people participated and demanded to make marijuana legally permitted ultimately.

In 2017, Deputy Minister for Agriculture Yiannis Tsironis favored cannabis for personal use. And, then in the following year, Tsironis and Economy and Development Secretary-General Efstratios Zafiris joined in and talked at the very first pot exhibition held in Greece.

Also, Prime minister Alexis Tsipras hinted that very soon, medical cannabis will be prescribed by doctors. And after that, the Prime minister declared a joint ministerial decision to legalize medicinal cannabis.

After this, marijuana was shifted from Table A to Table B drug, which is less dangerous. This class b drug got a legal status for medical purposes like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases.

Greek Drug Law: Legalize Medical Cannabis in Greece

Current Status of marijuana in Greece:

Medical cannabis: Legal

Recreational cannabis: Illegal

Making Medical cannabis legal doesn’t mean you are free to use these illegal drugs. Instead, Greek law permits the use of medicinal marijuana on a basis prescription-only.

This way, they allowed the import and industrial hemp suppliers to grow cannabis legally for medical use, only enabling pharmaceutical companies to grow weed according to the medical use.

Also, they made CBD legal in Greece, provided it must contain THC up to .02 % only.

According to the government travel laws in Greece, “Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. Marijuana is illegal in Greece.”

Remember that other than prescribed marijuana, you cannot possess, germinate, sell, or grow cannabis of any type.

Punishments for drug addicts and dealers:

Punishments for drug addicts and dealers

Though, as of today, a good percent of the Greek population uses these illicit drugs, the government has authorized only limited personal cannabis use.

However, they did not mention how much weed one can possess with a prescription.

Greek policemen usually don’t bother to arrest you, but if you have a previous criminal record and having caught with unprescribed cannabis, you might get arrested.

However, greek drug laws have become lenient, and they reduced the minimum sentence to 5 months for possession of marijuana.

However, if you are lucky enough to get the recommendation of the particular treatment unit, you can have a conditional release, and your jail time will be suspended.

But, jail time for drug users involved in drug trafficking will be from three to five years. It may also exceed 8 years if a professional like a professor, teacher, or medical professional is involved. They could get as severe as their whole life in prison.

Fortunately, Greek doesn’t have a punishment of life sentence like many other countries for drug peddling for recreational use. Illegal drug dealing may cause a heavy penalty from 50000 EUR to 1 million EUR.

So beware!

Where can you get Marijuana in Greece:

Greek authorities have permitted CBD products, hemp, and medical cannabis for conditions like muscle spasms, sclerosis, cancer, etc. Marijuana for recreational purposes is still illegal.

So, it is clear that you can possess some amount of weed. But where do you get it from? Well, many customers answered this on Quora and Reddit?

The possession of cannabis seeds is also allowed, regardless of the THC percentage, but you can’t plant them legally. The police can’t get into your house without reason, so you can plant them in your home and smoke as much as possible.”

Athens is an excellent place to get weed. Suppose you try to talk to you some drug dealer. There may be a chance to find weed that is of excellent quality.

“Generally, it s Much easier to score during the summer. You can smell hash/weed almost on every beach in & around Athens. A good spot during summertime is Kavouri beach and Limanakia… during summer, it’s for sure that you find people smoking there… and most of the time willing to share or/and sell you some”

Experts advise that try not smoking in public or join a roll; you may be the next target of the Greek police.

How can you get cannabis for medical purposes:

Like many countries, Greece has accepted cannabis use for medical purposes. But where would you get it from?

Though the cannabis industry started thriving in Greece, the country still lacks dispensaries to buy your prescribed cannabis.

In Greece’s current medical cannabis policy, you can get the prescribed medicines from the pharmacist. However, health minister Andreas Xanthos has already made clear that even medical cannabis would not have the benefit of the subsidy. So, you must pay the total price for the weed you buy.

Cultivation of Cannabis in Greece

The cannabis production or growing of medical marijuana has become legal for those with the installation or operational permit and the industries. However, you cannot grow cannabis for personal use.

Due to hot weather and plentiful Sunlight, growing cannabis is fun in Greece. However, according to Greek law, people cannot make it their profession as cultivation is restricted to personal use.

Industrial cannabis production and cultivation is a new industry with many opportunities. In just a few years, this industry has brought more than two billion euros to the country and offered thousand of new job opportunities.

So, the Cannabis industry can grow well in Greece.

FAQs: Is weed legal in Greece?

What type of marijuana is available in Greece?

Albanese, Kalamata, and Red Greek weed are the standard type of marijuana you will find there. And these are worth investing in.

What is the cost of weed in Greece?

10-12 euros per gram of cannabis is the general rate for fine weed. However, you can get from 6-8 Euros, but the quality is questionable.

Can you suggest some online dispensaries that sell in Greece?

Try crop king seeds and MSNL seed banks. They offer excellent service.

What is the future of the cultivation of marijuana in Greece?

Nothing can be said now, but as growing medical cannabis is legal, Greece is witnessing huge profits as the industry is getting huge revenue. So maybe cultivation will be completely legal if Greece legalizes recreational cannabis cultivation.

Can I smoke weed publicly in Greece?

No, It’s a public offense. You can be arrested.

Can tourists smoke weed or use cannabis in Greece?

No, It is illegal. Please don’t risk your freedom and money for marijuana.

Is Greece going to legalize the recreational use of marijuana?

At least not in this year 2022. Though demands are souring, it seems complicated that the Greek government will legalize it soon.

How Can I get fine weed in Greece?

The best practice is to keep asking people. Please make a local friend. Ask him, and he will take you to the place.

Is weed cheap in Greece?

No, the Greek government legalized medical cannabis but didn’t provide subsidies for them. Hence you will not get it at a low price.

For which diseases medical marijuana shall be prescribed?

You can get the prescription for health ailments like muscle spasms, chronic pain, depression, nausea after chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, and depression.


Greece is not a weed-friendly country. Yet, after the legalization of medicinal cannabis, Greece is taking a positive outlook toward cannabis. Still, it is not advisable to break the rules, especially if you visit Greece as a tourist.

There is no point in losing freedom for drugs. You never know when you hit your hard luck. So, enjoy being there and abide by the rules.

Be an intelligent stoner.

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