Is weed legal in Iceland?

Iceland is much more than the iconic Northern Lights, glaciers, and gorgeous landscapes. The country that everyone would love to visit once. Is Iceland a weed-friendly country? Is weed legal in Iceland? Let’s find out the answers.

Iceland is a beautiful country located in North Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. And you will be surprised to know that Iceland smokes weed more than any country worldwide, even though marijuana for recreational use is strictly prohibited. And laws are very strict towards cannabis usage.

So how did it become possible for Iceland to smoke so much weed? What are the cannabis laws, and how about the law enforcement in Iceland?

Marijuana Laws in Iceland: Is cannabis consumption internationally the highest?


is weed legal in Iceland

Iceland has more cannabis consumption internationally, and still, cannabis is illegal in the country. Do you want to know what weed is called in Iceland?

“marri” – low-quality bud, “polli” – mid-grade bud, and “rigor” – high-grade bud.

The current status:

Medical marijuana: illegal

Recreational marijuana: illegal

Iceland is an open, mined, progressive nation, and it is illegal to consume marijuana, sell, buy, or use marijuana in Iceland. However, offenders have to face rigorous jail time for all these offenses.

In contradiction, the country consumes more weed than any other country. So, not Amsterdam, the US, or Canada, the world’s smoking capital (per capita) is Iceland. Surprised!

Icelandic Legislation History:


It was 14 October 1969 when the Iceland government officials passed the law to ban cannabis use in the country. There was a need for an anti-drug movement as the younger generation was rapidly moving towards smoking weed. There has been a complete ban on weed since 1975.

The law didn’t see much change ever since. But in the year 2017, when MP Pawel Bartoszek set forth a bill for people above the age of 20 years to allow the cultivation, utilization, and sale of weed in Iceland.

In 2020, the Icelandic Medicines Agency (IMA) was authorized to import modern hemp seeds for cultivation. The seeds might be utilized to develop hemp plants with 0.2% THC or less.

Iceland Marijuana Laws:

Iceland’s laws are simple, as everything about weed is illegal.

It is illegal to buy, grow, or sell cannabis. If you go against the laws, strict jail time and heavy fines are there for you. Even if you are a tourist in Iceland, laws show no mercy.

For first-time offenders with a small amount of weed, a heavy fine is for you, like $500. Jail time is not there for a first-time offender. Keeping 0.3 gms of marijuana would bring you 3 months of jail time. And if one’s criminal record says about the repetition of the offense, the fine will take your all money! So, beware!

Also, if the amount is large, punishment gets harsher, especially if you get caught smuggling the drugs.

Law Enforcement in Iceland:

Icelandic police keep their eyes on growers and drug traffickers, so if you are smoking in small amounts that are too peacefully, then there is a chance that the police won’t be after you.

If Iceland smokes the most weed, there has to be a high tolerance for weed, But you should not take the laws and cops lightly until legalization.

Don’t even think of transportation of weed to Iceland. As the number of tourists increases yearly, Iceland’s security has strengthened very strongly. Your luggage will be checked very carefully, and you must face jail time if caught. The Iceland government can also ban you from entering the entire Schengen region (Schengen area)for your lifetime.

So, it’s not great to mess with the laws.

Medical marijuana in Iceland:

First of all, there is no medical marijuana program in Iceland. Rather the authorities have permitted a few cannabis uses for medicinal purposes. But, for this also, you must go through a strict regime that is costly enough.

Indeed, the government doesn’t want to encourage marijuana usage. However, it is still a hard drug in European countries and thus cannot be consumed for personal use.

The only medical marijuana allowed to be used in sprays is called ‘Sativex.’ You will also not find it so easily. For example, licensed neurosurgeons prescribe the spray to treat ‘Muscular dystrophy.’

You must go through the customs laws if you use medical cannabis in your country before moving to Iceland.

Are our CBD products legal in Iceland?

CBD products are widely available in Iceland. For example, one can buy or sell CBD-infused products unless they are THC-free! Do not expect to get your favorite type of CBD product in Iceland.

Quite insane! So strict!

Weed Tourism and culture in Iceland: Do Iceland smoke weed so aggressively?

Iceland is all about natural beauty, the ring road, only four hours a day, and long-lasting nights. The average temperature goes around zero degrees Celsius, much below it in winters.

Such a country is a place to roam around for sure. And the general conception is that it is great to smoke in cold countries. But, in a country like Iceland, where everything related to weed is illegal, we cannot recommend breaking the laws. One interesting fact about Iceland is that it banned Alcohol from the 1910s till the late 1980s. So, you can judge that weed tourism is something that is not a cup of tea in Iceland.

If we discuss the marijuana culture, we already mentioned that Iceland is the weed capital. People, especially young adults, love to smoke weed; however, we can see that the government and its officials, among a majority of the public, are against legalization.

According to the data available, more than 30% of the population has tried cannabis, and most people smoke weed regularly. However, there was a piece of inaccurate information about people smoking weed regularly in Iceland. The correct data shows almost 6.6 % of people use cannabis regularly.

Where to buy weed in Iceland?

Remember! Possession or selling weed is a serious crime. Hence, you will not get the pot so easily. If you find a person smoking a joint or drinking vape, you can go to him and start a general conversation. Please wait till he feels comfortable talking to you. But, if he seems uninterested, leave and don’t force.

If you search for weed in Iceland’s capital-Reykjavik. or any other city, try to make a local friend. He is the only one to best guide you.

We are recommending you for breaking the laws. In any case, the safest is to stand with the country’s laws. But, of course, being a tourist, you should be more careful.

FAQs: Is weed legal in Iceland

Is marijuana cultivation legal?

It is strictly prohibited to grow cannabis in Iceland. Moreover, it is not that successful as there is less Sunlight.

What is the legal age for using medical marijuana?

It’s above 20 years.

What is the general price of weed?

Depending on the bud quality, it is around 1500-3500 IKR or $20-50 USD.

Can I bring weed via cruise?

We are afraid you cannot. However, per people’s reactions to the Quora and Reddit, transporting weed is not recommended.

Can Iceland legalize weed in 2023?

Well, we cannot see the legalization will come so soon in Iceland.

How can Iceland be a top smoking country despite such strict laws?

Here, cops usually ignore the stoners who are smoking a little. They are after growers, smugglers, and sellers. So, people take out some moments to enjoy themselves.

Conclusion: Will Iceland make marijuana legal?

Iceland is a complex country with very strict laws. Still, people enjoy weed a lot. So if you are going there for some time, staying friendly with the laws is better.

There is much more to see in that beautiful Iceland than to chase weed. So stay aware, follow the rules, and enjoy your time.

If you are a local citizen, then abide by the laws and wait for the legalization. Marijuana legalization is keeping pace around the world; sooner or later, it will be yours.

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